Sullivan arrives in Middle East


U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan and other senators arrived in Saudi Arabia Friday as part of a larger trip to the Middle East, meant to show solidarity and support for Israel and speak with officials regarding current political affairs and ensure stability and security in the region.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have a common interest in preserving the stability, security, and prosperity of the Gulf region and consult closely on a wide range of regional and global issues, his office said. Saudi Arabia plays an important role in working toward a peaceful and prosperous future for the region, he said.

Members of the bipartisan delegation include U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut), Cory Booker (D-New Jersey), Katie Britt (R-Alabama), Ben Cardin (D-Maryland), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Chris Coons (D-Delaware), Jack Reed (D-Rhode Island), and John Thune (R-South Dakota).

Sullivan is a strong supporter of Israel and has advocated for increased conversation with the United States’ Middle Eastern allies to prevent the worsening of the conflict, especially in regards to the role Iran played in the devastating Hamas terror attacks earlier this month.

In a recent appearance on The Fox News Rundown Podcast, Sullivan emphasized the Biden Administration’s dangerous appeasement of Iran and called for freezing $6 billion in Iranian assets and immediate action by the administration in the form of stronger sanction enforcement.   


  1. Can we leave them there? Make them Israel’s problem?

    One will rarely find a more obvious group of dullards than that roster. Our collective IQ goes up with them out of the country.

  2. If they want results send President Trump! You have War Hawks, environmental wackos & amateurs in this bunch of do nothings. In my opinion!

  3. I’m all for helping Israel as we can, and getting our people back while ridding the world of the animals that took them.

    But, is there a reason besides photo ops and campaign points they had to actually go? I’m pretty sure Israel can videoconference.

  4. Next stop…Ukraine??? Did Dan pack suitcases bulging with American greenbacks with which to buy foreign friends? No? Maybe those suitcases will be bulging on the trip home because why should the Democrats be the only beneficiaries of our foreign aid? Maybe Dan will visit home (Alaska, his adopted home) with some of that cash to spend and he can buy some votes here too. One thing is certain…Dan’s overseas junket on our dime is SURE to yield BIG results…hahaha, yeah, right.

    • Yes pj he went with a empty suitcase, it will be bulging when he comes back. If he was going somewhere to get something done he’d have gone to our boarder. There are 18,000 illegals crossing into our country everyday. Our government and the un are organizing the operation. The governments entire role is to protect OUR country and its people.

  5. These are the same turds that trekked to Ukraine. We need to institute a policy of ‘you bought it, you keep it’ and cancel their flights back. These people care NOTHING about this country and are destroying our dollar with their endless warmongering.

  6. I would rather see him at our southern border screaming at the democrats and their dictator about the invasion going on here at home. But no, that’s not important to the republicans.

  7. Traveling with a great crowd Dan. Maybe ole Dick Blumenthal can show ya his scar from Vietnam. I hear it’s a whopper

  8. I sure hope that you know what you’re doing. These folks don’t always play fair. I’ll be hoping for your best. Walk softly and carry a big stick, as they say.

  9. Look….all the grifters are coming to the party! California Gov. Gavin Newsom is traveling to Israel on Thursday to meet with victims of the Israel-Hamas war on Friday, his administration said.

  10. All these politicians flocking to the Middle East, yet our southern and now northern borders are ignored. The same lowlifes that attacked Israel could be strolling in right now, I’m sure they’re here already.

  11. Bargaining with the peace-loving Saudis, the same ones who brought us 911. Not a great crowd. Also one of the countries that engages in slavery. Hope they get out of there safely.

  12. They are all campaigning on the peoples dollars. What a great photo op!
    You can bet they are all heavily invested in Raytheon and all other heavy artillery manufacturing.
    Alaskan Senators have discovered a new way of “Bringin home the Bacon”.
    Murky didnt need to go because she was already installed for another six with a rigged choice computer algorithym selection.

  13. With these culls showing up in the Middle East, Israel will almost surely be guaranteed many more months of instability and war!

  14. Makes me think of the time VPDan Quayle came toAK to tour an Exxon Valdez oiled beach. Lots of posturing, no results.

  15. Sure wish Dan would stay there and maybe Lisa will join him, Mary is probably still on vacation some where The uni party needs to go down in smoke. All three of our so called leaders are spending our money, and more money and more money. We be bankrupt soon if we don’t replace the uni party. Remember Dan says he and Lisa work well together.
    Stop funding Ukraine and Palestine and Iran. We know Lisa and Mary voted for Joe , so they were funding Iran and Palestine and Ukraine. Dan he probably voted for joe too because loves spending money too Ukraine.
    I can’t believe any of them could show there face in public with almost a 33 TRILLION DOLLAR DEDT. SPEND SPEND SPEND

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