With Biden in, Democrats turn their focus to Dunleavy, with petition, lobbyists


The Democrats in Alaska are rattling their chains to take out Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

On the eve of the inauguration of Joe Biden as president, the Recall Dunleavy Committee relaunched its campaign to get rid of Dunleavy. They called it a reboot.

The press event was a done via virtual press conference, and was picked up by the usual media outlets.

“There is no legal barrier remaining to the recall. There is no legal recourse to stop it,” said Scott Kendall, the group’s lead attorney and advocate.

Recall Dunleavy Committee has hired signature gatherers to finish off the 22,000 signatures needed on the petition to get recall of the governor to a special election in July.

Coincidentally, at the same time a group of Democrat women in Alaska signed a letter opposing Dunleavy’s pick for Attorney General. Ed Sniffen, the AG-elect. It’s a do-damage operation, since Sniffen was assistant Attorney General under the now-resigned Kevin Clarkson, who got involved in a texting relationship with a state employee.

The letter-writers included people like Beth Adams, who recently told Must Read Alaska‘s editor … well, in her own words …

Other women who signed the letter condemning Ed Sniffen included former Sen. Berta Gardner, AFL-CIO’s Joelle Hall, and Anchorage political operative Amber Lee, most recently with the Liz Snyder for House campaign.

But wait, there’s more. At the same time, Kendall, the lawyer and mastermind behind the Recall Dunleavy Committee, has hired two lobbying firms for his other project, the dark-money operation called Alaskans for Better Elections. Those lobbyists are Kris Knauss and Jerry Mackie-Mike Pawlowski.

It’s looking like Kendall is creating a wrap-around recall operation, and that Alaskans for Better Elections is morphing into a new mission. Its original mission was to get Ballot Measure 2 passed, but that’s now done.

What the lobbyists will do for Alaskans for Better Elections is unclear, but but with Kendall as the force behind it, the group will be doing what ABE can do to help recall the governor.

There is no firewall between Alaskans for Better Elections and Recall Dunleavy, because both go back to Kendall and his $7 million Outside-money funds for ABE (the budget he has had for the Recall Dunleavy Committee is his closely guarded secret). If Kendall were two people, rather than one, this would be blatantly illegal coordination.

Kendall has not shown the fund source for the lobbyists’ ABE contract but will able to hide the dark money — both incoming and outgoing — for months.

MRAK pulled the lobbying contracts to get a better idea of the money being spent by Kendall on lobbyists.

ABE, having drained at least $6.2 million from its account to get Ballot Measure 2 passed, has a lot of money left over, and committed $150,000 to Confluence Strategies and Strategy North Group work on “Matters relating to Elections in Alaska.”

How is Must Read Alaska sure that ABE is operating with Outside dark money? Of its $7 million budget, total contributions from actual Alaskans for ABE was only $40,000.

Now that Trump is gone, Outside interests see Alaska as an easy pick-up, to get rid of a Republican governor and prepare to do battle in the next election cycle, which culminates with the midterm election in 2022.

Jerry Mackie at Strategy North says his company’s contract has nothing to do with recalling Dunleavy and is only focused on any election issues that come before the Legislature.

He said that if there was an effort to overturn Ballot Measure 2, his client ABE would certainly have interest in that.

Kris Knauss said, “Last thing me and my clients are going to do is work to recall Governor Dunleavy. He’s doing a good job, and I support him. My shop is hired to work on Prop 2, which already passed.”

Dunleavy opposed Ballot Measure 2, and likely opposes his own recall as well.


  1. Is that really what we’ve come to now, alleged professionals resorting to the ugliest vulgarities as a public response to anything they don’t like? Seems like you could have used a little more training in how to behave, Beth Adams. Your ugliness does nothing to enhance your cause. It just identifies you as trash, being cheered on by more trash.

    • Trump was such a polite, unifying presence nationally. It’s amazing how Democrats refused to follow his lead…

      • Trump defiantly has a brash personality but it was the leftist media that portrayed him dishonestly and you willingly bought it. When it comes down to it, the true Marxist left does not care a wit about you. You are nothing but a pawn in their game that puts those leading the destruction of our republic in the global elitist seat. Pay attention, you have no more advantage than us awful conservatives. And FYI – entitlement is bondage.

      • Because Dems were almost destroyed when Hillary lost. Hate grew in their hearts. They welcomed all comers who would side with them or they could influence. Now the Democratic Party is an Oligarchy of politicians, special interests, MSM, Big Tech .social media, teachers unions and colleges, BLM and Antifa. They all defend, protect and attack as one unit. They have the same face but with different names. Democrats betrayed the soul of this Nation in order to regain and keep power. Biden is it’s unofficial leader. Biden is an old school racist who now indulges in identity politics to redeem his faults. Racism was never an issue but you will not hear a single dem say that racism is a serious issue in the U.S…
        it is not.

  2. If I was Mike I’d give it to them Lock stock and barrel. let him screw Alaska so badly that no one would want it then. But in reality this is all been tried before and they found out not very many of them have a backbone and it just fizzled like a Korean made fireworks. He can’t win. He might be able to stay in office but they’re never going to let him win. The only way there is a snowball’s chance in hell is if the Alaskan voters vote every one of those HD liberal Democrats and fence sitters out of office. Then and only then can Alaska get back to business on budget and bring back businesses. Right now Alaska is a laughing stock and nobody in the right mind would want to go there to start a business. all the liberals are going to do is shut you down.

  3. Is the image of recall operations at Sullivan Arena recent? How is that being done on Municipal property that’s been hijacked for the homeless population?

  4. Can the residents of Alaska petition to recall House Speaker Bryce Edgmon! He was derelict in his duty, as Speaker of the House to schedule a vote for confirmation of Governor Dunleavy’s appointments. Adjourned without doing this prescribed duty and then would not call a Special Session to have the State Legislature perform this duty.

    The State Supreme Court ruled that a Governor is derelict in his duty and can be recalled for making a Court Appointment 30 days later than the Constitutionally prescribed process.

    Does this shoe fit both feet!

    • Democrats have little feet inside their big shoes. A device to attract attention to another illusion. It’s not what you see, it’s what you end up getting. Others call it the ‘Scott Kendall syndrome.’

  5. The Dems are playing Tic-Tac-Toe … if both players understand the game, neither can win. They’re not playing to win. They’re playing to stop their opponents from winning. We need to force a change in which game is being played.
    Instead of constantly responding to what they’re doing, Maybe we need to start giving them something they can’t ignore, and have to respond to?

  6. Might be worth seeing if our actual elections process is fair and accurate before we dive into this debacle and wrestle in the mud with these particular pigs. Could be the outcome is already pre-determined..

  7. This is a very steep, long uphill battle. The Liberals have had California for decades, got Oregon and Washington and Alaska is in the crosshairs. With Prop 2, mail in voting, and the Dominion machines in place, I see little hope in stopping this onslaught. Don’t mean to be negative but this is a very organized and well funded foe we face.

  8. Dunleavy started out okay and then disappeared. ‘Do Nothing’ Dunleavy seems to be the order of the day now. He put a wooden stake in the heart of what was left of our tourist industry with the moronic mandates for covid tests before traveling to our state. Anyone with a first grade education can see that it had no effect on the virus since all the states have the same curve for positive tests no matter the mandates and/or lockdowns. He’s doing a great job at handing the enemy all the ammo they need to scuttle his administration.

    The Alaska Republican Party is, again, doing all they can do to sabotage any hint of conservatism that may happen in Juneau.

    • Jim,
      I agree…limiting travel to U.S. citizens should never have happened.
      Our free travel across state lines was protected in the U.S. Constitution and the fact that elected leaders no longer stood behind this time honored principle was a major red flag to where our Democracy was headed.
      For over 10 months we kept hearing that COVID mandates were caused by Democratic leaders in cities like Anchorage, yet there was a Republican governor & Republican president who stood by and did nothing to change the course of action while small businesses failed across the state.

      • The only caveat I would add, is that I understand the governor’s concern for the people of rural Alaska. They don’t have the facilities to handle an outbreak, their native populations have been decimated before by similar outbreaks (and the Navajos and other Native American tribes took a very hard initial hit from this virus), and transportation out of those villages would have been almost logistically impossible had a big outbreak occurred. I think that, and the fact that the big hit to the industry had already been done by the cruise lines, are all factors in the decision—still- with mask mandates, mandated school and business lockdowns, by many other governors, this ones track record on maintaining civil liberties during this time, looks very good by comparison. He also has the best stats in the country on containing the outbreak. So while I’m not in favor of the travel restrictions, I’ll take them, with the low fatalities and the lack of state wide mandates and lockdowns.

        Now, Anchortown.. that’s another story..

  9. If these *public employees* who’re perpetually on the *public teat* will say this publicly to the people paying their salaries, just imagine what they’re up-to behind their employers (our) backs!
    Conservative is the new black with these rebooted bigots.

  10. Now that the corruption is exposed the lost souls got nothing to hide. The same people can openly act as wetched as they desire.
    Democrats even hate rino republicans, Gov. Dunleavy bent over backwards complacent to the Democrats since July 2019, and the Democrats hatred still can’t make them happy what he done so far.

  11. Now that the corruption is exposed the lost souls got nothing to hide. The same people can openly act as wetched as they desire.
    Democrats even hate rhino republicans, Gov. Dunleavy bent over backwards complacent to the Democrats since July 2019, and the Democrats hatred still cant make them happy what he done so far.

    Maybe the Republicans should turn themselves into Democrat-in-name-only? Hahahaha

  12. Now that the corruption is exposed the lost souls got nothing to hide. The same people can openly act as wetched as they desire.
    Democrats even hate weak republicans, Gov. Dunleavy bent over backwards complacent to the Democrats since July 2019, and the deeprooted democrat hatred still cant make them happy what he done so far.
    Maybe the Republicans and Governor Dunleavy should turn themselves into Democrat-in-name-only? Hahahaha

    • We have about the 2nd or 3rd least amount of statewide mandates, of all the 50 states, and the lowest fatality ratio. Before that, he made the largest budget cuts in the history of the state, and fought consistently for the PFD. His cuts weren’t undercut by him cowering from the Dems, but rather acknowledging that he would have his veto overridden by craven GOP legislators. He’s argued for a balanced budget amendment, no taxes without a vote of the people, and the PFD formula to be protected. If you think Mead Treadwell would have stood up to the unions, the Dems, the establishment cabal (Giesell et al) and the media, you are sorely mistaken. If you think a far right mouthpiece from Eagle River could win a general election, again, I think you have miscalculated. This guy isn’t perfect, but he’s fought more for us than any other gov in my lifetime. He doesn’t tweet outrageous things, but other than that? The closest parallel is President Trump.

  13. Listen everyone, here’s the deal: “You see, the great US Democratic Republic experiment where there are individual liberties and responsibilities has failed. Its time for true, unfettered 100% socialism. Our government needs to provide everything we need to survive and set all wages/pricing as they deem fair and equitable. Join me in embracing and ushering in Democratic Socialism.” AS I SAY this in a satirical way the truth is that the far left Democratic Socialists have nothing to lose and will not stop until they completely rebuild the USA in their image. THE COUNTRY WE’VE KNOWN IS OVER.

    • Um what?
      You do realize that people from socialist countries are leaving to come to the U.S.? You do know that our government and Washington DC is ripe with corruption. You really want these people controlling every aspect of your life? it’s been said before, you can vote for socialism but you have to shoot your way out of it. socialism is not for America. If you really want socialism then move to Venezuela or China.
      The deal is, socialists do not want you to have individual freedoms. They simply want their power unfettered.

  14. Irrespective of what happens with Dunleavy between now and 2022, the big goofball has been a monumental disappointment over and over again and we need to draft and back a more principled and scrappier candidate NOW!

    Lora? Mike Shower? Someone else with a proper mindset and thick skin?

    I’m certainly not the only one who’ll vote third party if Big Mike is on the ballot next time. Far from it.

  15. You guys need to lighten up and take the dem’s as the agents of change that they are. Even Sleepy Joe has a sense of humor. Don’t believe me? Type www dot antifa dot com in your web browser and see where it takes you.

  16. I voted for and supported Dunleavy thinking he was not part of the Alaskan republican establishment. So, he gets this recall him petition going and his knees fall out from under him and he gives back most in not all of the money he cuts from the budget. Then the liberal judges say it is ok to process illegal ballots and even though the US supreme court rules that those type of ballots are illegal (Pennsylvania case) he does nothing to stop what happens in this state. Bring out the petition, I will side with the liberals to recall him. Come on Republicans, wake up. Is there anyone elected in this state with a backbone beside Mike Shower and David Eastman. Mercy be upon you if I would get elected.

  17. So what happened to respecting the will of the people? Can’t disenfranchise the voters after all.

    That was the big push back against auditing the POTUS vote.

    If not for double standards the left has none at all

  18. Suzanne, you keep working on that money trail for ABE and the Strategy North Group. I’m sure when the light shines on it, there’ll be linkage to Soros and China. They’re the ones who want turmoil in Red state legislatures and look forward to seeing us destroy ourselves from within.
    That’s so true with what has happened in this fraudulent 2020 election.
    We’re on the edge of a physical confrontation with an ideology that’s bent on eliminating conservative voices … FOREVER!!!

  19. The will not rest until Alaska once again a colony.
    This time a colony of China.
    Where freedom of expression is FREE and secure.
    Like in Hong Kong.

  20. I really don’t understand why people are sticking up for a governor who has been so weak. And why would the liberals want to get rid of him. He’s their patsy. And with Ben Stevens advising him, he will never take a stand. I’m sure we can do better than that if conservatives bothered to vote. And we got rid of liberal voting practices, that encourage fraud. But why support someone just because he has an “R” in his name? We need a strong leader, especially now. Someone who will stand up for our freedoms, and have the guts to stand up to the government of our states largest city when they bend the rules for their own agenda, and put over 70 businesses out permanently ( so far) . Did I mention weak? So long, Gov.

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