Breaking: Biden to put moratorium on ANWR on Wednesday afternoon


President-elect Joe Biden is going to sign an executive order placing a moratorium on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Must Read Alaska has learned.

It will be among Biden’s initial acts on his first day of office and will come one day after the Bureau of Land Management finalized the leases for the Coastal Plain, one of the crowning achievements of the Trump Administration.

Biden has the ability to put a moratorium, but he can’t take away the leases that were given out, because that would be a taking. He can put a moratorium on the permits, although that, too, could be viewed as a taking.

This story will be updated.

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  1. 46 is going to go out of his way to kill our Alaskan economy. First oil, then canceling Pebble and other mineral extractions and then timber. I wonder when he will cancel commercial fishing?

    • I know a man in the Yukon who ran an industrial repair shop, now just a small diesel shop. He says that in the 60s and 70s The Yukon was a large provider of mineral wealth to Canada and the world. Then along came Trudeau (the father), who set about to ‘save’ this pristine wilderness. Over the ensuing years essentially all extraction was killed along with the productive jobs it supported. Today the main industry of the Yukon is government related either through public jobs or public welfare. They produce almost nothing compared to the past, and a society which produces nothing cannot long survive when the productive tire of supporting it.

      • Yeah, yeah. Tell that to Parker Schnabel from Haines, Alaska. You know? From Discovery’s “Gold Rush?” The 25-year-old gold-mining prodigy with a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR gold mining company in the YUKON. Canadians are doing MUCH better than we are thanks to the UNAMERICAN Carnage Trump and his terrorists left behind.

        • Obi Wan, the hatred is strong in this one. Wow, Discovery Channel is such a good resource, that’s why they were evicted after only one morning on the North Slope trying to overdramatize normal work conditions. Canadians on the government dole are likely doing fine, but the ones trying to support themselves struggle just like us. We truly live in a two tier society now: those who produce and those who only consume the fruits of others’ labor.

    • The bid leasing indicates that ANWR is not viable under current market conditions.After AIDEA does not meet the lease commitments, DOI will move to terminate the leases. Alaska will sue for revenue lost, after DOJ shows in court that ANWR was not economically viable, Alaska will lose again. More ineptetude from the Dunleavy Administration

    • Usually Democrat Presidents attack mining and commercial fisheries by declaring resource-rich areas as off-limits “monuments”.

    • No it’s all good. Remember he said he was going to be the president for everyone. In reality, he’s going to make Alaskans pay for not voting for him. Your days are done.

  2. That’d be another illegal Leftist action. The Alaska Statehood Act guarantees us the right to develop our resources so we don’t become a welfare state. Maybe somebody should inform Demented Joe Biden that’s the case.

  3. I was talking this evening with someone on the East Coast. That person said to look for a move by the 2nd quarter to put a date certain on shutting down TAPS. These green people taking over tomorrow are very serious in their beliefs and in their power. What are the chances that the Ambler Road, which must cross a National Park, will proceed?

  4. It is NOW time for the States to take control of their own land and economy. It is my understanding that each state has the power, under the Constitution, to override any federal government actions within the state.

    The Governor and State Legislature should insure that drilling in ANWR is protected and, if necessary, this state can take ANWR away from the federal government. Biden will do everything in his power to shut down the economy of this nation; time now for the states to act.

  5. But Lisa Murkowski loves Joe Biden. Her daddy, Frank, worked hand-in-hand with Biden in the US Senate from 1980 until 2002. The Murkowskis should be public enemies to Alaskans.

  6. The Pebble Project is a copper-gold-molybdenum porphyry deposit in the advanced exploration stage. The project is located on state land in the Bristol Bay Region of southwest Alaska, approximately 17 miles northwest of the community of Iliamna. Pebble consists of two contiguous deposits. Responsible development of Resources is a maximum benefit for the people of Alaska and the Leftists who seek to shut down state rights need to be put in check. We can and must develop our resources with or without the support of the federal government.

  7. Yes that’s what, there all about
    More Free stuff
    just shut up and go sit down over there.

    Alaska is in for a wild ride.
    It’s going to be a ghost town here in Alaska

  8. The economics killed ANWR which is why the lease sale generated less than 1% of the revenue Trump budgeted for in his tax plan.

    The state of Alaska should try to gain their rightful land on the Western border of the refuge through legal action.

  9. It should be apparent to anyone paying attention; these people hate you and they want you to suffer. Until the majority of Americans figure that out-It’s going to be a long couple of decades…

    To recap- we have 50% of the country that wants to pin down the other, one way or another, but bring it to heel regardless. Then out of the other 50, we had 10-20% who made excuses for the 1/2 that openly hated them, and 10-20% that just pretended if they kept their head down they would be spared.

    Maybe 20% had their eyes open, saw what they saw, and had the guts to speak up.

    Unfortunately 20% alone can’t save a nation.

    • Yes they do hate us and they want us to suffer. Remember back to the rage of Pelosi tearing up president Trump’s State of the Union speech in front of the entire world. The chick needs to be institutionalized. She’s one crazy crazy chick.

    • $6 a gallon gas is great for Alaska.

      Ya actually can’t have your cake and eat it too. Ya have to choose-cheap gas or high oil revenues?

      • It’s not going to help you any. You going to have to pay more out of your pocket, and the revenue is going to increase more spending by the Democrats on bogus pork products. So unless you’re the recipient of some of that pork it’s a lose lose for you sonny.

      • Jeff….. you assume the price of crude will rise. Have you thought that the price of the refined product is higher because there is less of the crude to begin with. We get money from crude, not refined products.

  10. I recall being in Washington DC years ago in my then-role as the lead legislative voice on statewide native health policy.

    As I was getting ready for the advocacy meetings of the day, I was listening to the DC news on the TV in my hotel room.

    On came a news story about Alaska. The tagline was to boycott tourism in Alaska because of the State of Alaska allowing for aerial wolf hunting.

    There was this expert speaker, who’s name was never revealed, but he hid behind his amply funded national animal lobby organization, and was accepted as the authority on Alaska issues by this main stream media outlet.

    He was addressing and manipulating a wide audience opinion abou a wolf hunt authorized at my hometown of McGrath, Alaska.

    As the mainstream media fails in their research of finding and ensuring quality sources, before publishing information that is harmful because of their lack of commitment to the industty of journalism, so do our government decision-makers.

    This moratorium potentially forthcoming, is not based on quantifiable data, it is based on emotion and appeasing the emotional outcrys from a political base that amply funds them to be where they are as governmental officials.

    We need to do better. I believe it is time for tge indigenous people of the North Slope to reach out as local-to-local people and share their experience.

    Because there is a whole lotta amply funded non-profit lobbying organizations that are making decisions, speaking on our behalf without being ginin permission to do so.

    They are and will continue to because we are not having these discussions at home. We need to be driving the discussion to consensus communication based on real experience coupled with economic data indicators like gross domestic product.

    These are tools that resonate – math is a universal language.

    This epidemic of a few speaking as authorities or experts without oermisdiin, who thereafter drive national and/or global outcomes, needs to stop.

    • Trudy
      It would all work in an honest society. We are in the age of smoke and mirrors and now to completely change history along comes the corrupt Biden administration.

      I hope that at some time the truth comes out and honesty prevails, but not in my life time for sure!

  11. The Republic is dead and the three politicians in Alaska are as corrupt as the perverted usurper who stole the election thanks to another perverted court! Alaska your going to see what real poverty and tax hikes are all about real soon with the cesspool that runs this state. Your going to REAP WHAT YOU ALLOWED TO BE SOWED!!!

  12. Well Now(!!!) … who didn’t see this coming? Probably, folks in-charge had their ‘required’ face mask on up over their eyes! Maybe(?), the leases weren’t a good investment for AK? The State of AK paid what for these leases … How many millions of dollars? What will be the ROI on that investment and what exactly will be the benefit to Alaskans and when?

  13. Thanks Lisa Murkowski for standing in the way of President Trump with every waking breath. You are truly a disaster for Alaska. Voting has consequences and we are now reaping the results of putting you in office… Hopefully we can correct that mistake when you come up for re-election..Enjoy the Joe Biden debacle you helped support so you can hold hands in conformity with the Democrats you love so much singing Kumbiya as they reshape America and Alaska for the worse..

  14. Most of Alaska is Federal land. Does this state right work on Federal land? If you go on this Federal land you have to wear a mask, this is also another mandate of his.

  15. China Biden – may not be able to stop the ANWR lease approved yesterday but – he can add regulations to the drilling permit – increase regulation on the transportation of equipment and support materials, pollution issues and getting the oil out ( the short pipeline out from the drilling site to the main pipeline to get the oil out of Alaska. All of this will delay (for years) getting the project completed and increase costs by 100 of million of dollars.

    My family in KY watch Obama destroy the coal industry this way. Not outlawing coal mining but regulating it to death as not economical.

  16. Biden has authority over only federal lands, from which we get token revenue. This should make state land oil leasing more valuable. Biden may have done Alaska a favor?

  17. It would be a nice if Alaskans had a say in how their resources were to be developed instead of by edict.

    Both parties in Alaska have stewarded this current decline. Please don’t keep voting them into office.

  18. Just wait till they have a chance to input on that proposed AK railroad extension which, among other things, would help get Alberta FF to market via our coastal ports. That will be interesting.

    • Aww….The Chinese extension railroad backed and owned by Chinese money, buffered by Canadian businessmen, to make it more tasteful going down, with a 95 year lease on the Alaska part of the tracks, going to the China/Canadian businessmen. All to which will Not go any further than Delta Junction, so that the Chinese can get their Canadian oil dumped into our pipeline for Valdez shipping out to Asia, hence the Chinese funding aka owning.

      This railroad will have no affect on grocery and goods prices or much on jobs here in the interior, for the track originates out of far Northern Alberta in one of many of their oil patches, which have no grocery and goods warehouses, just Chinese bought oil. If it was about making goods more affordable, they wouldn’t have routed the tracks some 100 miles North of Whitehorse YT, and the Edmonton spur would be more of priority.

      Some believe all this to be just fine, because it’s either an R or a D mind set, however with all the rhetoric of “boo” to China, you would be a hypocrite if you were remotely for this. Selling our state out to China for the hopes of something good, when in fact we are just going to be used as a pass through, and even if something remotely good does come of it, at what price are you willing to pay for it.

      I despise the Democrats and their communist ways, but in no way am I for Red Communist China owning any part of Alaska because it’s the easy way out for us. If you can now see the hypocrisy of it all, you’ve caught on, and by that, a lot of them on each side of the aisle are ready to sell us and our country out to the highest bidder.

  19. On the brighter side, existing homes located within National Parks or very close to them typically sell for 50 to 100% more than identical homes elsewhere. That means when you’re ready to pack up and leave jobless Alaska you will have plenty of money to settle elsewhere. Until, of course, it’s all gone on property (or soon to come) wealth taxes. “Close” is better than “within” though. Perhaps worth a little less now but less likely subject to seizure as time goes by.

  20. I wonder what will become of SEACC and the other anti-development group’s once there is nothing left to oppose. I said nothing when they came for my neighbor, then they came for me.

    • Those kind never sleep. They do victory laps and then find another cause Du jour. All their websites have a DONATE button. That’s what they’re all about … donations. It’s just a business model, designed to make money.

      • It is all about money and control. Several years ago I attended a meeting in McGrath about Donlin Gold development. The Sierra Club rep, dressed in heels and fancy suit, flew her Lear Jet to the village to complain how the development and jobs would ruin the ‘quaint’ (her exact word) lifestyle in the lower Kuskokwim Valley. Luxury for me, poverty for thee.

  21. I’m actually looking forward to the next Alaska economy crash and I also hope it’ll make the ‘80’s look like a picnic. I’m hoping half or more of the population leaves resulting in what could be called a reset. With any amount of luck, the far leftist loons will all disappear leaving it up to the real Alaskans to roll up their sleeves and get our state prosperous again.

  22. Is anyone really surprised?

    Well….maybe a little feigned surprise.

    Look at “Our” senior senator. The perfect RINO crying crocodile tears.

  23. Murkowski said she was “astounded” that Biden signed it. Really!!?
    ASTOUNDED!? Where the heck have you been?
    So ambiguous.. a party of not one, is a party of none.

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