Mayor shuts down City Hall on Inauguration Day


Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson has closed Anchorage City Hall on Wednesday, Inauguration Day.

The memo to staff said City Hall is not only closed to the public, but to City Hall staff. Acting Mayor Quinn-Davidson is concerned about the safety of employees, even though there are no known threats to the facility. The closure is “out of an abundance of caution.”

AQD’s memo to staff said:

As I shared last week, APD has been working with our state and federal partners to monitor security concerns at MOA buildings leading up to inauguration day. We have not identified any specific threats at this time; however, since the safety of employees is our first priority, we will close City Hall to employees and the public tomorrow, Wednesday, January 20, 2021. Security will be present on site as an extra precaution.

All City Hall employees should work from home tomorrow. Any requests for exemptions to work in City Hall tomorrow due to urgent needs or deadlines should be posed to your Department Director.

As a reminder, employees who have specific and immediate security concerns should report them to their supervisors, and then to APD. Examples include someone creating a disturbance at City Hall, or a social media post suggesting someone is coming to a MOA workplace to commit an act of violence. Finally, there’s never a bad time to prepare for actions in case of an emergency. Please take a moment to review the security procedures the MOA has in place. You must be on the MOA network to open this PDF.

We will provide timely updates to you as needed. I appreciate your attention and consideration at this time.


  1. Leftist “leaders” are simply using any opportunity to vilify people who disagree with them. This is reprehensible and will inevitably end in social violence at some point.

  2. What a Joke Anchorage has become to the State of Ak! Sadly the Valley will go down the same road as more people run from Anch to bring that mind set here.

    • It’s a pretty sick joke, alright.
      We ran from Anchorage, and I can assure you, we are NOT bringing that mindset. We’ve already seen that coming here in the Valley and are ready to push back where we still can. It’s basically hopeless in Anchorage, especially with mail-in and rank-choice voting, and a population that will drive around protesting but still obediently close their businesses and put on muzzles. The “day of reckoning” was a good example – barely any businesses were willing to stick their neck out and those that did will pay their fines; whereas if even half the businesses would have stepped up, there’s no way the fake mayor and her enforcers could have shut everyone down. Yes, the rule of law is what we want, but following orders from communists isn’t it. We’re hoping to find that people in the Valley aren’t so easily cowed.

    • I think you’re wrong, ken. there’s still quite a large remnant that resides in Anchorage mostly people from here not colonizing transplant southern outsiders trying to force their culture down our throats. my sister already moved, my brother is trying to talk his wife into moving my mother is ready to go and Im trying to decide whether or not to split and I believe this exodus will only strengthen a small government, pro-freedom, anti-totalitarian mindset in the valley and the Peninsula

  3. She is a real piece of work!!!!

    As of the 26th, she is breaking the law of the charter.

    I say, we all throw away the mask & disregard the orders & mandates as of that day.

  4. Paranoia has entered the servitude mindset of our mayor. And I thought she operated with ice in her veins. Unfortunately it trickles down from the top. Bending and tweaking society takes its toll

  5. Wonder if she also lined the swat team up, to take care of any citizens who might even think of uttering the words, “Election Fraud” “Non-elected Mayor” “Bully Assembly”. “Recall Recall”…..

  6. I’m not sure if this is dummer than giving kids the day off of school (when they don’t actually go to school) following the riot in DC, but it’s probably pretty close.

  7. Recall
    She’s not a real mayor, mandates it’s not a law
    No mask ? wearing by me
    Buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride
    Stand your ground!!

  8. Hahahahahaha. In the midst of the misery, you have to laugh at how predictable these people are. Clinging to power and so scared of those they rule over.

    It ought to tell you everything you need to know- they are scared of the citizenry. That’s not the sign of a ruling class that has the consent of the governed.

  9. This is just odd. Pseudo-Mayor Hyphen declares that she has no evidence but then locks the doors anyway? How does that work? Talk about irrational and arbitrary. And childish.

  10. Once again, why has no one in Anchorage sued her and the Assembly for multiple clear violations of city charter?

    Are you all that beaten?

  11. If you shut down City Hall, what’s the cost savings to the tax payer? Surely, you don’t expect the tax payers to fund city government that’s in a shut down and.or lockdown mode, providing ‘no’ services to the tax paying constituents … correct?

  12. She and the former mayor (who was caught with his pants down) have been shutting down the private sector for a year as the citizens in those businesses lose everything. And shutting down a bunch of city bureaucrats for one day is supposed to be news. Don’t pay them for the one day they stay home and then they will be screaming that the sky is falling.

  13. Just so they can all watch lefty TV and celebrate the communist takeover. The destruction of the Alaska economy is just a collateral issue… Of course they will blame Trump and Gov Mike.

  14. At least she’s not calling in the National Guard like here in Juneau. Sen. Hannan has the Guard on standby. I sent her a politely worded email asking if she really considers using a branch of the military on Juneau citizens. I have not gotten a reply so I’m taking that as a yes.

  15. The Mayor is using this because she fears her safety after destroying the small business and the ability for citizens to earn an honest living.
    You sending employee home for their safety out of your own personnel money should pay their salaries, not he cities budget or CARES ACT MONEY

  16. “Out of an abundance of caution” the new catch phrase to ignore people’s rights, do as you please and still seem virtuous at the same time. I guess she felt left out when the governor closed all the state buildings.

  17. When those in office (elected or otherwise like AQD) fear the people, this is a positive lifestyle choice, for it means we’ve gotten their attention at some level. Unfortunately they are poised to do what they never did when their mob (AntiFa & BLM) was looting, burning cities, and beating people, pass legislation designating anyone who disagrees with them as domestic terrorists, which will be a problem. For them. Cheers –

  18. How is this not using ‘safety’ to abuse the Anchorage taxpayer and citizen? She-it even says there is no known threats, but we are going to say it is for safety anyway!? THIS is exactly how this falsely magnified virus threat has been perpetuated. Could this Romper Room Assembly be more dystopian idiocracy?

  19. “Shutdown” the Mayor of Anchorage. It’s the only way we’ll be safe from this juvenile behavior.

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