Two reactions to Biden’s first day in office — one from Gov. Dunleavy, one Murkowski


U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Gov. Mike Dunleavy today issued very different statements about the first day of the Biden-Harris Administration.

Murkowski was gracious and complimented the new president on his inauguration:

“Today, President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn into office. President Biden’s message to the country was filled with hope for a more unified nation and a commitment to work for all Americans. Vice President Harris being sworn in as the first female to hold the nation’s second-highest office is an inspiration to women around the world. I congratulate them both.” – Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Murkowski said she may not always align with the Biden Administration, “but no matter how different our opinions or challenging the subject, I have and always will do my best to build consensus that is in the best interest of all Alaskans. I’m counting on the Biden administration to do the same.”

But Gov. Dunleavy was unimpressed and had a very different reaction. He blasted the Biden Administration for halting oil and gas activities in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and said he would use every means possible to preserve Alaska’s energy economy.

“Today’s announcement to shut down development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) should come as no surprise. As a candidate, Joe Biden campaigned on stopping oil and gas development on federal lands. Make no mistake about it, President Biden appears to be making good on his promise to turn Alaska into a large national park,” Dunleavy said.

The governor noted that Alaska is responsible in its oil and gas development, does it better than anyone, and yet has its future now threatened and its sovereignty challenged by the Biden Administration’s actions.

“During the 20 years I spent in rural Alaska, I saw firsthand the pain we cause when we deny our fellow Alaskans the right to pursue opportunity. Not only do these projects have the potential to responsibly develop Alaska’s abundant natural resources –  of which there is a demand that would be driven to countries with lower environmental standards – these projects bring good-paying jobs, quality healthcare, and lifechanging possibilities to communities who need it most,” Dunleavy wrote. “I’m prepared to use every resource available to fight for Alaskans’ right to have a job, and have a future by taking advantage of every opportunity available to us.”

Among the laws, regulations, and orders from the Trump Administration that Biden will undo immediately are southern border wall construction, travel bans from Muslim countries, and the 1776 Commission, whose report was immediately removed from federal pages today.


  1. 1.) Dunleavy … good job, factual and truthful, spot on message! Keep dropping the hammer as you see fit.
    2.) Daddy’s Little Princess … well, just another day living up to her daily disappointment.
    3.) RE: the expungement of the 1776 Report, this will be common action for the next four years that will be referred to as “smoke and mirrors” and “selective information” as approved by the MSM.

  2. Biden voted against the original pipeline. Not out of any ideological belief- because whoever paid him wanted him to. Same thing here. And Murky is cut from the same despicable cloth. Of course she is gracious; one swamp creature to another- they are kindred spirits.

  3. Lisa Murkowski doesn’t care what Alaskan’s think or need, she has only one focus, herself. Our state is about to be attacked by the democrat party from within and from the outside. If you voted democrat you obviously do care about the states economy and good paying jobs or you are a government employee.

  4. No tourism
    No small business support
    Poor education
    High crime
    Can we at least try to make Alaska a success?
    Jobs are a good start

  5. Lisa says that she may not always align with the Biden administration…
    Goodness, what possible difference might she hold with China joe? Oil? Quick Lisa, the illegitimate pre$ident is owned by the Chi-Coms. Run Lisa Run to one of their many contacts and strike a most favored deal for ANWR oil. Trust me, China Joe will roll. Better yet include Hunter with the standard kick back scenario. It just might work!

    • Good comment Robert Schenker. I wrote a similar one criticizing Biden and Murkowski. I even called them a “disgrace.” Can you imagine that? Gasp! Suzanne actually removed it… or more aptly, maybe she can’t handle it.

      • Good grief Wayne Coogan! I now know how Valerie Plame must have felt after being outed by Robert Novak. My secret nom du plume compromised. In the future to pay my respects to you I think I will assume the nom du plume “shanty a$$ Irishman” .

  6. “…the 1776 Commission, whose report was immediately removed from federal pages today.’…”
    That explains why the link to the 1776 commission report wouldn’t work anymore. Biden pulled a “Twitter” on all of us. Good thing I made a hard copy.
    Biden’s gang plays Tic-Tac-Toe … If both players understand the game, neither can win. Biden’s gang however isn’t playing to win, they’re playing to stop everyone else from winning. The resulting forever empass wears their opponents down, giving them opportunistic moments.
    That’s how most totalitarian leaders get to the top. They just wear everyone out to the point where they get what they want, because enough people simply don’t have that kind of endurance.
    They first worm their way into some minor public office, where they actually get paid to politic all day. We however, individually can’t devote our every waking hour to politicking. How about developing political “tag-teams” instead?
    There are politicians who are trying to work for the people, but the task can be monumental. Why not take turns picking up some of their work loads? Reading lengthy bills for instance. 50 thousand pages can be broken down into a thousand pages per individual. Other things, like research can be divvied up too.

    A lot of MRAK commentators already do this anyway. Why not turn these individual efforts into a guided force?

  7. “During the 20 years I spent in rural Alaska, I saw firsthand the pain we cause when we deny our fellow Alaskans the right to pursue opportunity. ” So says the gov.
    How has that worked out for the past 20 years? The treasury is depleted, the PFD is under attack, native women are at risk now more than ever, the promise of oil being our golden goose seems more remote than ever, and we have leadership in Juneau that continues to try to convince us that doing it the same old way is a good thing.
    I think it is time for innovation, time truly to, “…bring good-paying jobs, quality healthcare, and lifechanging possibilities to communities who need it most,” perhaps by looking beyond the discredited belief that “…every resource available…” is oil and oil alone and by no longer impoverishing the state by starving it of the means to develop the true resource we have languishing here, our people.

    • A lot of those problems existed LONG before Dunleavy was elected but it’s highly convenient TO BLAME HIM FOR ALL OF THEM,!

    • Greg R, I am trying to understand your point above. Is it investing in people? Through what means? Education? Perhaps you are unaware of the vast sums expended in that direction by the State with seemingly poor outcomes. In my 64 years in Alaska I have noticed that people develop quite nicely when they have a good job. This going off to work appears to provide personal satisfaction for people in all of the diverse regions of our State. Oil has historically provided the economic means for the good job described above. However Oil isn’t the only economic engine, mining too has a significant impact on local economies. I hope you find time for a reply.

  8. Senator Murkowski should be asked to make a statement about the new President’s executive order attempting to tie up ANWR 1002 (again).

  9. We need to find somebody new that will represent the Alaskan views. Murkowski does not meet that in any way shape or form. Like Andy said she’s only looking out for herself. Her father was a hypocrite as well.

  10. Lisa = Enemy of Our State. Biden’s first day in office was replete with race-baiting executive orders and a broad range of economic cancellations in the name of Eco Justice – whatever the hell that is. Lisa and Joe are synonymous with weakness, Marxism and economic collapse. To the Alaskan Republican Party: If you give her a nickel in any re-election campaign real or imagined, shame on you.
    To Governor Dunleavy… where are you? No one duct taped your mouth or locked you in a room. Come out, be bold and get busy unlocking the state from the Wuhan freak show.

  11. I’m sure she has know Biden’s position on this from the start and yet she supported him over our own Republican President. She doesn’t work for Alaska or Alaskans. She better run as a Democrat next go around because Republicans in Alaska do not support her. This is going to cause many Alaskans their jobs…….well done.

  12. As a woman, I in No way find a communist leaning Vice President, woman or not, What so ever inspirational.

    One of their big problems is, they make it a race, or gender issue, instead of a constitutional country issue.

  13. Murkowski, “I have and always will do my best to build consensus that is in the best interest of all Alaskans. I’m counting on the Biden administration to do the same….” As the Biden admin proceeds to dismantle the Alaskan economy and lock up our state as a defacto national park.
    Biden cheated with Chinese and Democrat operatives to steal the election from Trump voters; he is a disgrace to this country; his presidency will be a stain that permanently defaces our republic. Murkowski is part and parcel of it. She also is a disgrace.

  14. Those of you concerned about your republic, please consider the following….
    A Democrat campaigns on a communist/socialist platform of wealth redistribution, over-regulation, globalism, environmental zealotry, infanticide, leftist extremism, and a long list of leftist perversions. When elected, the Democrat makes every attempt to deliver on these disgusting promises.
    On the other hand, a Republican campaigns on a conservative platform, patriotism, limited government, respect for life, sovereignty of the individual, economic prosperity with respect for the environment, and a long list of proper conservative values. When elected, the Republican makes every attempt to deliver the disgusting promises of the Democrat.
    Which of the two is more honorable?

    • Wayne, I agree with a lot of your ideology. I also appreciate your emotion and ability to put yourself out there as an agitator.

      I too, communicate as an open book. I do not have hidden agendas and I aporeciate that about you.

      I do not have to “read between the lines” about what your beliefs are.

      This is the same quality that President Trump has – which is unfortunately unique – where it should be the standard.

      And the evolution of leadership has been a downward slide; which has morphed into a “political class” of people.

      Today’s “political class” are separate from the rest of Americans.

      They do not represent individual people.

      They use the Constitution as a tool against each other.

      They do not acknowledge the Bill of Rights.

      The inherent purpose of our democracracy or republic, (whatever term folks are comfortable with) is simple.

      The elected official’s sole purpose is to keep alive individual American people’s freedom to pursue their own personal definition of happiness.

      If that would be the North Star and the collective goal that Americans demand of elected officials, then that would relinquish the power of the special-interest death grip over the decision-making by our elected officials.

      At this point, we as American people, who hold the power way moreso than any structured entity, have not asserted our collective authority to define behaviors, standards of decision-making, and means of accountability.

      We are in an era that we need to to assert, re-assert, affirm, or re-affirm our guiding principles and rules and thereafter tell our governing bodies how to behave.

      Our culture has changed as Americans.

      In order for us to thrive (and also cope) these overarching discussions and concrete outcomes need to take place and be put into place.

  15. Suzanne, are you are deleting my comments which may be provocative and disagreeable to some? They contain no profanity or libel. Isn’t suppressing them in line with Zuckerberg, Bezos and Jack Dorsey. I challenge you to let the readers decide if my comments are inappropriate.

    • No, Wayne, I’m not deleting them. I just took a break from the over 300 comments I’ve approved today. – sd

      • My sincere apology… especially for even thinking you might be cancelling challenging speech. Kindly delete my query to that.

  16. “The 1776 report was removed from the White House website following the presidential transition. It can still be found on the archived Trump White House website.”

  17. Lisa is very happy now that the Democrats are in power again. Because Conservatives are now in the minority, she can go back to pretending she is a conservative instead of being exposed as the liberal hack she is when the conservatives were in the majority and she had to block the conservatives votes.

    • Let’s be honest with ourselves Mike. Lisa is not our problem. Rather, she is a symptom of our problem. Which Alaskans continue to vote in such candidates? Which Alaskans keep chasing the lure of more free stuff in exchange for their vote? Who is it that seeks to embrace the socialist agenda that reduces every Alaskan to equivalent economic misery? As long as this reprehensible ideology is embraced by Alaskan voters we will have disgraceful symptoms like Lisa Murkowski.

  18. Time to rid Alaska of the political class and vote in populists for the people of Alaska and the USA. Murkowoski never stood for the constitution, Alaska or the rule of law regarding the election and now will rub elbows with fraudulent joe.

  19. Lisa Murkowski will never learn. The Democrats will never accept her, even if she is hardcore Rino. She is not one of them and has not sold her soul. They will accept her for now and their mainstream media may even praise her. But in the end, they will banish her and leave her in the cold. She should realize this.

    • Jim, with respect, its not Lisa Murkowski that needs to learn. Its all the leftist voters in Alaska that need lessons.

  20. There was a chiron on NewsMax TV that I recently saw that said Trump was thinking of forming a new political party called the “Patriot Party”. I’m all for it and it can’t come any sooner. The formation of such a party will be highlighted on the MSM as a call to arms for the “Insurrection of America”. Then it will label all who join as “terrorists” and demand the U.S. Government stomp it out immediately. Any who are affiliated with the Trump Patriot Party will need to be wiped out and there will no longer be any mention of the Patriot Party on the evening news, social media or in conversations on local street corners. America will never stand for this and the Biden’s totalitarian regime will rule proudly once again, having silenced the opposition.

  21. Murkowski admires Harris as an inspiration to girls everywhere…an inspiration for what? Sleeping your way to the top (well, almost but give her time)???
    Little Lisa took a different route…daddy gifted his princess a senate seat.
    However they made it neither did it honestly but that’s par for the course with Democrats (and make no mistake, Murkowski is a Democrat at heart).

  22. Murkowski said she may not always align with the Biden Administration, “but no matter how different our opinions or challenging the subject, I have and always will do my best to build consensus that is in the best interest of all Alaskans. I’m counting on the Biden administration to do the same.”

    Lisa is out of touch with Alaska, she has only one interest, her retirement funds!

  23. There are a lot of problems, and I do not agree with a ton of it. But, Lisa Murkowski has been re-elected as a write-in. That is and was a significant achievement.

    She has surpassed the relevance of any “daddys-girl” character assasinations on her own merit.

    If you do not like her policy, that is fair discussion.

    But everyone on both sides of any and all the debates just need to stop crossing the line of minimizing people’s worth.

    I am not innocent by no means, but God help me, I am trying to do better.

    Preaching to the choir is easy, but if any understanding is ever to take place, we all need to learn how to communicate to be heard, not just to speak louder.

    • Murkowski won with the unconstitutional ruling of a judge; the ballots in question came from the villages supposedly (write in ballots).

      Joe Miller won the vote from the people and after the judge ruled against the letter of the law that Joe miller argued in court at that time. The judge stated intent was good enough, when in fact the law clearly stated the writing must be legible. (The name must be spelled correctly.)

      And less than 30 days AFTER the law was amended to state intent. The election was stolen. Get your history right.

  24. Seriously, Murkowski?? The Biden Crime Family is in the White House through voting fraud, and you were impressed with the inauguration? I didn’t think I could dislike you any more than I did, but, that dislike just ratcheted up a notch. Don’t you pay attention? Biden and Harris and their handlers are out to destroy our beautiful country. All you can do is focus on how Trump hurt your feelings, and Biden wants to “heal.” You didn’t vote for your own party’s candidate, and you didn’t support his efforts to put Americans first. You are clueless and selfish. Please resign.

  25. Biden is a real healer alright. He didn’t even know what he was signing. Watch the footage, with Harris egging him on. They are both thieving turncoats. Murkowski is horrible. Like she is surprised that he is destroying Alaska. Give me a break. Apparently it’s ok with “me-too Murkowski” that a transgender can shower in the girls’ locker room with your 8 year old now. How sick are these people.

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