Will Felix Rivera be on the ballot for recall?


A judge in Anchorage will rule on Monday whether or not Assembly Chair Felix Rivera will stand for recall on the April ballot for the Anchorage municipal election.

Judge Dani Crosby heard both sides of the argument today, as the Municipality was in the awkward position of having to defend its decision to approve the recall petition signatures.

“Our petitioners agree with the arguments that Muni Attorney Ruth Botstein presented today in Superior Court. Those arguments validated that our recall petition of Felix Rivera for violation of the emergency mandate is supported by current case law,  and the recall is both legally and factually sufficient and should be placed on the ballot in April,” said Russell Biggs, one of the petitioners.

Botstein argued that Rivera, in allowing his chosen people to remain in an Assembly meeting in violation of the mayor’s emergency order for crowd limits, made a decision to ignore the law, even after it was pointed out to him. It’s up to the voters to decide if the violation of the law is sufficient enough to justify a recall.

The lawsuit against the recall effort was filed by a group of supporters of Rivera, led by Peter Mjos and fundraised by Rep. Andy Josephson, Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson and Assembly member Meg Zalatel.

Rivera represents Anchorage Assembly District 4, Seat G. He was reelected last April and his normal term would not end until 2023. If the judge agrees with the Municipality, Rivera will be the only Assembly member on the ballot, which includes a race for mayor and four school board seats.

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  1. As usual, I expect the judge to contort herself into a pretzel to find a way – any way – to block the recall from going on the ballot. Conservatives must always lose and the Left must always win. It is the beginning of totalitarianism. Marx would be so proud. (Vote “no” to retain all judges before it is too late.)

  2. It might not matter as Tuesday night the Assembly passed AO 2020-131(S) which tweaked rules for mail in ballot elections to encourage more fraud. Likely aimed at getting Forrest elected and keeping Felix from being recalled. Believe both also voted for it. Still researching. Cheers –

  3. One can hope- but With mail in ballots, probably won’t make a difference if he is or not. The only elections the people will win going forward, are the ones the establishment (left) want them to. You let them take over the elections system, a people who crave only power, then you think they’ll just willingly give it up?

    Good luck with that.

  4. Sadly it is like Joe Stalin said “it is not who votes that matter it is who counts the votes that matter..” and the far left is doing all it can to make sure it is they that do the counting..!!

  5. These democrat leaders are very nice people when they don’t listen to one another. Hahaha. Get them together and they form a gang agianst anyone who appears against them.
    When I first saw Felix Rivera across the library’s cafe wearing his trademark checkered dress jacket, which isn’t bad, while Forrest likes wearing his Carhartt jacket, and like Mike Dunleavy likes wearing his black jacket with that little Native ribbon across it. Before he was Chair Rivera, he looked like a nice man and a strong man, but a strength that has not been really recognized all his life like most quiet and sweet teen boys.
    The Alaska Democrats seem to be raising up men leaders too feminine, when there is nothing wrong with a man being masculine whether or not the man or boy is a meeker version of masculinity or its a robust version masculinity.

  6. Do we have a receipt? Maybe we can take him back for a full refund. A cash refund please, no identical replacement. He’s proven defective in design and performs way under expectations.

  7. I hope the hard work of the petitioners is successful.
    Looks like they did their work and did it well.
    Many thanks belong to them for taking on this fight for Anchorage, in the face of what many residents now feel to be insurmountable opposition – at the least they are doing something.
    Perhaps the signatories of his district will find and elect a better candidate.
    PS – we need a strong group to form to oppose the mail in ballots. Any ideas? Where do we sign up?

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