ExxonMobil pulls out of Iditarod sponsorship



ExxonMobil has ended its 40-year sponsorship of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, PETA announced today.

ExxonMobil has sponsored the Iditarod since 1978, and has donated $250,000 per year for the last several years alone, PETA announced.

PETA has been executing a vigorous campaign against Exxon, including an upcoming ad campaign calling Exxon evil.

PETA’s ads were to run in the Anchorage Daily News and the Texas edition of The Wall Street Journal next week, as well as a week of action that would have included more than a dozen protests across the country.

“After meeting with executives, PETA has also agreed to withdraw its 2021 shareholder resolution, which asked ExxonMobil to end all sponsorship of activities in which animals are exploited, harmed, or killed and was apparently the final straw for the company,” PETA reported.

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said, “No reputable company wants to associate with a race that forces dogs to run until they collapse, and PETA is calling on the few remaining holdouts like Millennium Hotels and Resorts to cut ties with this spectacle of suffering.” 

Last year, Alaska Airlines, Chrysler, and Baird Private Wealth Management pulled their sponsorship, following the lead of Coca-Cola, Costco, Jack Daniel’s, and other brands caving to PETA’s pressure.

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  1. Kmb peta, real alaskans dont need you anyways, dont let the north wind kik you on the way out. have a miserable cold day

  2. Nice. We are letting the left destroy literally everything. It should be painfully obvious now that these corporatists are in bed with the leftists and they hate you, and they hate anything and everything about your culture.

    • Correct, they want revenge for us not voting for Hillary and furthering along their communist campaign. Just trying to buy some ammunition in about a year. Wait till they impose their gun tax.

  3. Well, another example of Corporate Fascism. Good thing I don’t drink Jack and Coke. But, Costco? Really? How sad!

  4. The ignorance and hyped prevarication from PETA needs to be slapped down – HARD (hurt and really destroyed?…). Seriously, even wild wolves love to run as a pack. USFWS has radio-collared a pack of them traveling from Stevens Village to Ambler in less than 1 month, and I’ve followed them out our ice road for 10 miles at 25-35 miles per hour – they wouldn’t let me pass. Commies want to make Alaska a park – for whom? Obviously not us. What was that about tolerance? Left way or the highway. Next they’ll have us driving on the wrong side of the road.
    Why do these idiots make me so angry? Thanks Suzanne.

      • I so miss the days in the late 70s and early 80s. My late husband and I were ham operators at the Iditarod checkpoints, and what joy that was – no compensation other than the joy of being of service to this great adventure. The heroes – the dogs – were cared for and treated well way back then. Soon the race became commercialized, technology and big tech and politics took over. That ruined the Iditarod for us. What a great memory of sleeping on the floor with Greg Swenson’s lead dog in Nome. Smile.

    • I guess they would have a problem with people shooting wolves from a snowmobile traveling fast enough to tire them and run them down. Actually I do too and I’ve seen it happen far too often out in the bush. I would say let’s not wait for the next sponsor to bail out, but rather take control of the situation and kick them out and tell them we don’t want their money. There’s enough volunteers around the state to bring in food and some bales of straw and things like that.

  5. This stuff is why every time I start thinking we can all kind of bury the hatchet, I realize there is no way. Somehow the corporate world is becoming the arbitor of social justice through economic sanctions. The calculation must go something like this: AK only has 730,000 some souls in total. Outside there are hundreds of millions. We can afford to piss off Alaskans to keep the other vast masses happy or at least indifferent.

  6. Exxon bent over to let PUTA (People for the Unethical Treatment of Animals) give it to them. Exxon is cowardly. Won’t be buying gas from them again. I travel a lot in the Lower 48.

    Time for Alaskans to take back the race and kick the cowards and PUTA out. They kill more animals than shelters and don’t believe you should even own one.

  7. PETA may have led the charge but this decision to end sponsorship came from a SHAREHOLDER vote at Exxon Mobil.
    Alaska has expected for far too long that everything would remain status quo and that oil would return to $70 a barrel.
    Looking at the activity on Wallstreet, I can tell you that investors are waging their bets on renewables and the EV economy.
    Unless the leadership gets their head out of their ___, the AK economy will continue to contract exponentially over the next few years as hedge funds further divest from big oil.
    Mushers can still run their dogs to Nome any day or the week, there will just no longer be a pile of cash & cameras waiting for them under the arch.
    In many ways, this is preserving the original character of AK that drew many less fame driven souls to the north decades ago.

    • 1-According to the article, the shareholder vote was a PETA vote. Do you have information contrary?

      2-Shareholder votes are steered by the corporate PR department. Every bit of info made available to shareholders is massaged to direct the to vote the way the corporation wishes. IF Exxon shareholders voted for this,, it’s because Exxon wanted them to.

      PR/Marketing 201

    • You’re right; however what we don’t have in place at this moment is an infrastructure along with transportation that can be sustained with just renewables. What I see in the wake of the war on big oil is hardship, especially for rural folks who will endure very expensive fuel, even on the road system.

  8. Could be a great opportunity for the Iditarod race to be returned to something more aligned with its 1925 serum-run roots…
    Like Christmas and state government, this thing’s morphed into a complex, over-hyped production that in the end seems to result in nothing more than moving money among top-ranked participants.
    Wonder what it would take to get the Iditarod back to its historical roots, maybe level the playing field, reduce its size and complexity so complex infrastructure and armies of sponsors wouldn’t be needed…
    Writing might be on the wall: adapt or face extinction.

    • Morrigan,
      I think you miss the point here. The Iditarod is an important event for most Alaskans. It is a link in a sense to the Old Alaska, the one before snow-machines and four wheelers. The race is an incredible display of athleticism for both man and dog, but beyond that it showcases the true devotion that the mushers have for their teams and the love that these dogs have for the mushers. I do not see a need to scale back to appease some out of touch whack jobs. This event will adapt I am sure, it will just mean that more Alaskans will have to open their pocketbooks in support.

      • What typified the Iditarod Race before the age of big sponsorship, if not what you quite rightly mention?
        An incredible display of canine and human athleticism must have big sponsorship in order to exist?
        If PETA controls existence of big sponsorship, must Alaskans concede that PETA therefore controls existence of the Iditarod Race?
        The assumption is that enthusiasts want their Race to continue, and they’re willing to improvise, adapt, and overcome to make it happen
        … possibly in a more economical, publicly attractive, traditional form, with much less dependence on commercialization and definitely without PETA interference.
        What might they be willing to do to make it happen?

    • Yes, I agree. I lived in Nome when they ran the first Iditarod and it was much different. The Nome Kennel Club more or less just decided to have a race, and so they did. There was little mega-dollar corporate sponsorships or government interference that I recall. I think this is all for the better.

  9. What does PETA supporters think when dogs choose living outside -40 degree weather under their hay lined huts ’cause inside a house is too hot for them because of their breed and coats? Hahahaha
    The only reason people cave into others will is because of they rely too much on their own strengths. So when the storms come they collapse.
    Such A discouraging action taken by Exxon Mobil to pull their financial support for PETA executives who dont even live here while even city Democrats enjoy attending, following, and supporting the Fur Rondy and the Iditarod. Now what will Assembly Member Constant’s district Democrats going to look forward to between January and March if Peta forces big donors such as Exxon Mobil scratch from the event?

    • Having lived through -40 temps, actually lower than that, I can tell you no dog in his right mind is out in such conditions. Wind chill plays a roll, but dogs are not frolicking .

  10. Cancel Culture, every tradition we’ve enjoyed for years will be destroyed. They want us sitting in our houses locked down with a mask on. Oil is on the chopping block next followed by fishing and logging. Get ready.

  11. Cowardice seems to be epidemic. “ peta” (lower case intended) has no more power than these wimpy gutless sponsors allow. So what if the run slanderous ads! Let them burn through their funds and ignore them. It is pretty astonishing that a company like Exon, or the others listed, would cave to an illogical cult like peta.

    Disgusting. Maybe the exxon board needs to make themselves a safe space, and we can send them pacifiers and snuggly blankets.

  12. Seig Heil PETA I salute you and the rest of the neo liberal fascists. Soon meat and Oil will be outlawed too.

    Well as for me
    “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

  13. Face it. The Iditarod’s days are numbered. Just like Alaska’s.

    The left is like a swarm of locusts destroying everything they touch

  14. PETA supports killing dogs, since that’s what moves like this do. Does anybody think about what happens to out of work sled dogs? They get taken to shelters or dog yards and neglected or abused! Sadly, many of them wind up getting put to sleep because they’re not wanted- certainly not wanted by yellow, lazy publicity hogs like PETA. If these idiots actually cared about the dogs, they’d want them with the only people who can appreciate and take care of them: mushers. Case in point: the number of dogs who’ve died on the Iditarod is dwarfed by the number of forcibly retired sled dogs put to sleep in shelters because no one adopts them.

    • Can’t blame them. They see what’s coming.

      A state legislature who treats oil companies like a piggy bank and a fascist federal government determined to kill fossil fuels. Plus a state turning bluer and bluer by the day.


    • Ditto!
      Exxon has been removing itself from Alaska for some time. This probably has more to do with our whacked-out legislature and their constant need to change the tax structure or make the oil industry into the bogey man.
      PETA was just a good excuse to cut another tie.

  15. What I find comical is that the same people who pushed Exxon out of the Iditarod are also the same people who fight against oil production/use. So why would exxon cave to them knowing they just strengthened a group who will be going after their main purpose?

  16. I am looking for the day I can harness up 10 RINO’s and race another team off the same to Nome! They are the cause of the state of the Union!

    Anybody else want to.

  17. Obviously, Tracy, of peta, knows nothing about dog sledding. Has she been at any of the check points along the trail and witnessed the care the dogs are given? Has she seen the mushers come in at the finish in Nome with dogs full of energy and still raring to go? In fact, the dogs get better care than the mushers. But most of all, these dogs love to run! It’s up to Alaskans to support this historic race.

  18. What’s up with PETA? It’s a whacked-out organization, yet it has clout. Like to look behind the curtain.

  19. I’m just curious as to why ExxonMobil capitulated to the enemy. Don’t they realize that as an energy company they’re already hated by the enemy left beyond measure? Do they really think withdrawing support from the official sport of a state they operate in is going to win them support from an enemy that openly works to destroy them?

  20. By extension of PETA logic we must shut down the salmon fishing industry. It is murdering millions of innocent salmon annually. Its actually a salmon holocaust.

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