Why did Lisa Murkowski throw an elbow at Al Gross and endorse Dan Sullivan?


Two days ago Al Gross told the Huffington Post that he would not have run against Sen. Lisa Murkowski, if her term was up, because she “stands up for Alaska.”

Today, Murkowski stood up for Alaska and said Al Gross’ “dishonest attacks” on Sen. Dan Sullivan are “just flat-out wrong.”

Sullivan is a great senator, Murkowski said, in a short video ad designed to reach middle-of-the-road voters.

Murkowski has thrown a sharp jab at Gross, who is running for the Democrats against Sen. Dan Sullivan. Outside super PACs are spending millions of dollars attacking Sullivan and lying about his record. Those lies, if left unanswered, could damage Sullivan’s reputation with voters.

Gross presents himself as a moderate. But Murkowski is aware that he would caucus with the Democrats and would put Sen. Chuck Schumer in as Senate majority leader, something that would be devastating for Alaska.

Staunch conservatives may not like the Murkowski endorsement, but it’s not aimed at them. It’s aimed at her supporters. More than 138,000 voters cast their ballot for her in 2016, and every one of those voters is a possible voter for Sullivan in 2020.

In 2018, Murkowski endorsed Republican Mike Dunleavy for governor of Alaska.


  1. Maybe some info on how exactly Dan Sullivan is protecting our fisheries?
    Does this mean he is protecting the commercial hatchery based salmon ranching operations across the state?
    A live debate b/w Gross and Sullivan would be nice to see in the next few weeks, this way we can hear from the candidates what their positions are on the issues instead of hearing from GOP cheerleaders every day.

    • I agree. I want to hear Gross’s thoughts on our 2A rights (I know Sullivan supports the 2A because I’ve communicated with him on this and I can see his voting record). I also want Gross to talk about whether or not he supports school choice options and/or federal DOE reform, or if he’ll be just another government school union tool like most Dems and many GOPers are. How about police reform? I’m curious if they support reforming government unions that have enabled bad cops/teachers to keep their job and/or taxpayer salary. How about whether or not they support Rand Paul’s “Justice for Breonna Taylor” Act to end no-knock raids. And I really want to hear from Gross regarding hunting in federal lands. There’s a lot more issues that are important to Alaska, not just fisheries.
      Gross’s commercials sounds and look nice, but lack any depth of issues.

      • I’ve never voted for her. The whole process of her being put in that position stunk like week old fish. Daddy appointing his daughter after resigning his Senate seat and being elected Governor.

        • Ha yes.. Princess Lisa… “It’s Mine! Daddy gave it to meeeee!!!”

          Before the legislature and Walker’s theft of the PFD, that was the single most corrupt act in Alaska history. The AK SC ruling on the recall, now has it a three way tie.

    • No you are not the only one. I and several friends say she is a RINO. We will NEVER vote for Lisa again. She will run on anything just to get elected. When she can stand up and be the first to say she will not vote on the Supreme Court Justice until after the election , she shows her true self, a Republican in Democrat costume.
      She needs to retire.

  2. Democrats need not worry; their favorite democrat just said she wants to wait until after the election to vote on a Supreme Court appointee. No surprise from Alaska’s super liberal, progressive, pro abortion, senator……….. Remember, she said she would support whomever won the republican primary. Joe Miller won and Nepotism Lisa Lied………………

  3. Sad to say, but I’ve never voted for Murkowski. Didn’t like how she was gifted the seat and despise her RINO politics.
    Gross has nothing to say that I’m interested in hearing. Pompous, deceitful, jackwagon, IMO.

  4. I’ve never voted for her. The whole process of her being put in that position stunk like week old fish. Daddy appointing his daughter after resigning his Senate seat and being elected Governor.

  5. Hear it with everybody I talk to; Lisa Murkowski is finished. Alaska Republican Party listen up: if it comes down to Liberal Lisa or a Democrat, I will not vote. Lisa voted to confirm both Kagan and Sotomayor; two unqualified left-wing nuts. However, Lisa’s “conscience” would not allow her to vote to confirm Kavanaugh? Remember Lisa’s “conscience” also tells her that Planned Parenthood is a worthwhile organization that NEEDS federal funding. Eagerly awaiting 2022 to finally end her career.

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