Galvin loses first round in court


Alaska Superior Court Judge Jennifer Henderson delivered a blow to the Democrats and their candidate Alyse Galvin today, as the judge refused to stop ballots from being mailed to overseas voters while Galvin sues the State of Alaska.

Galvin wants the courts to force the Division of Elections to put an N by her name on the ballot, even though she won the Democratic Party primary, was endorsed by the Alaska Democratic Party, receives money from the Alaska Democratic Party, and has the blessing of the top elected Democrat in the country, Nancy Pelosi. The matter will be decided in the Alaska Supreme Court this afternoon, but meanwhile, overseas voters will not be denied their ballots — not by Judge Henderson, anyway.

The argument is over a change made in 2018 by the Division of Elections under Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, which allowed candidates to have their party affiliation next to their name even if they won in the Democratic Primary.

The Division of Elections this year went back to the way it had been done prior to the Walker-Mallott Administration, where people who ran and won under the Democratic Party were listed thus on the General Election ballot.

Galvin wants to return to the Mallott ballot style, shown on the left here:

Galvin demands that the State of Alaska reprint over 800,000 ballots, so that the letter “N” would appear next to her name.

Meanwhile, the Alaska Supreme Court heard both sides of the lawsuit today and will issue an order by the end of the day, presumably by 4 pm.


  1. The Alaska Supreme Court did not sound very favorable to the State’s position during oral
    Arguments this afternoon. Regrettably the State’s attorney did a very poor job advocating for the division of elections. She was not articulate and used the phrase “you know” countless times, trailed off at the end of her sentences leaving no clear meaning to them , and said “um” all the time. Heaven help us if we have to depend on her when it comes to a significant matter. I say that because it makes no difference what happens in this case because Galvin has no chance of prevailing. Zero!

  2. Alyse Galvin is an Independent candidate for Congress and I am the Emperor of Austria – Hungary. Perhaps the esteemed Alaska Supreme Court will put an end to the charade, but I would not count on it.

  3. IMHO, I believe that state ballots have made it easier for voters to do so without engaging in the entire political process. The voter simply votes for the party and refuses to educate themselves on where the candidate they’re voting for stands on the issues. I would love to see ballots with names only, and no party affiliation. I know that we are often duped when a candidate is voted in by a particular party and then change stance or affiliation. I also know that there are those promoting these 3rd grade attempts to simplify voting, who say that it “decreases voter apathy, or nullification.” I promote all candidates on one ballot, no party affiliation and let the voters have their say.

  4. This story would be better if it also mentioned that the state took away “Libertarian” from the ballot for Scott Kohlhaas, Libertarian nominee for State House district 16. That is strictly illegal. The statute says plainly a petitioning general election candidate can have his or her partisan label printed on the petition, and the state must print it on the ballot.

    also the story’s ballot is from the past. The letter is no longer “N” (for nonpartisan). It is “U” for unaffiliated. If the story had chosen a 2018 ballot that would have been more accurate.

  5. Ahhhhhh, the kind left, throwing another temper tantrum. She needs to get a life, and understand if you aren’t an R, and you are being supported by D, you are a D. If it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, it is a duck….

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