Who is Darin Schilmiller and why is he part of this murder investigation?


The sixth person associated with the cold-blooded execution of 19-year-old Cynthia Hoffman is an out-of-state 21-year-old man now under lock and key in Indiana: Darin Schilmiller is a porn addict, police say. He is especially addicted to child porn, even infant porn, according to the investigation. He enjoys directing it from afar. He knows it and admitted to it in text messages.

During the investigation of Hoffman’s death, Anchorage police confiscated the cell phone of suspect Denali Brehmer, 18, who police have said was intimately involved in the death and disposal of “CeCe” Hoffman. What they found was deeply disturbing.

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On Denali Brehmer’s phone, investigators were searching for clues to the murder. They found them. They also discovered child pornography involving Denali sexually abusing two children.

Brehmer and Schilmiller were sending text messages back and forth to each other. The messages contained Brehmer engaging in the sexual abuse of an 8- or 9-year old and rape of a 15-year old, all at the urging and specific, graphic instruction of Schilmiller, who admitted in a text (going by the name “Tyler”) that he has a child porn addiction.

Although it’s unclear if he directed the killing at Thunderbird Falls, his text makes it apparent that he knew of the killing of Hoffman.

The texts between Brehmer and Schilmiller are highly pornographic and not suitable for family reading. The investigation report and all its disturbing and graphic detail are linked below. (Editor’s warning, this will deeply offend your sensibilities):


While investigators were interviewing Brehmer, the young woman said that the contact on her phone that was listed as “Babe” was a man named Tyler living in Kansas.

But police were able to track the phone down to Schilmiller, although police did not evidently find the pornographic videos on his phone. They had enough text messages between the two to call for his arrest.

The graphic texts and video activity between Brehmer and Schilmiller took place around the time of Schilmiller’s 21st birthday, which was June 3. That was also the day that CeCe Hoffman was killed.

The other arrests in the case are Caleb Leyland, 19, who police say provided the vehicle used to take Hoffman to the place where she was killed. He is facing Murder 1 and Conspiracy to Commit Murder 1. Two minors were arrested and are in McLaughlin Youth Center. The details on their involvement have not been released due to their ages.

Denali Brehmer, 18, and Kayden McIntosh, 16, were the two who are accused of taking Hoffman to the park, where they bound her and where McIntosh shot her.

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  1. Man, this is so, sooo f—d up. I went to an all white school where I was bullied, one of many was him. I’m mixed. I never thought one of my torturers would one day do the same to the extreme. My sympathy and prayers go out to her family

  2. Like I told your brother Isaiah I wish you would’ve told us. We would’ve went to war for you! Love you kidd!

  3. Sounds like it was a birthday snuff film for her boyfriend ? I hope they all get what they deserve. Any word on the juvenile female suspect and her sexual assault? Was she the 15 year old they had videos of on the phone? ?

  4. My mom was married to his father for like 3 years. He abused our pets, broke my stuff, pretty sure he tried to kill me once pushing me off our bunk bed. His father didn’t care, because he was “special.” No, he is a [edited].

    I’m not surprised he ended up behind bars.

    • I also remember the time your mom was married to his dad. I remember you and your sister locking him out of his own home, spitting on him, treating him poorly. I remember your mom making him sit for hours on a chair until his dad came home because he didnt bring a school book home from school. Darin is and always has been special needs.

      How much did you and your family contribute to make life easier or harder for him? THINK ON THAT!

  5. Not sure what all events are scheduled, but if you look on Courtview:
    3AN-19-05725CR State of Alaska vs. Brehmer, Denali Dakota Skye MLW
    Case Type: Crim Dist Ct Felony (3AN) , Case Status: Reopened , File Date: 06/07/2019
    Case Judge: Wolverton, Michael L
    Next Event: 06/19/2019
    Pre-Indictment, Block Judge: 06/19/2019 08:30 AM
    Anchorage Jail Courtroom, Rule 5 Hearing

  6. Do the young adults who took part in this cold-blooded murder have parents? On the 1 hand, I think ‘normal parents’ can sometimes have a kid who has no moral sense or compassion. On the other hand, I wonder what kind of environment could have produced such ‘soulless’ kids. Did anybody around these kids notice that they had no moral sense?

  7. As a resident of New Salisbury, Indiana, I just would like to say, “Cynthia Hoffman is a HERO!! I am so terribly sorry that she lost her life!!”

    I can not stop thinking about this. Every moment of the past few days I have been thanking her. She saved so many lives in our community from, Darin, the hidden 21 year old boy, that I now know was very sick and demented.
    I can’t stop thinking about what if he hadn’t been caught!! He lived right up the road from my home. He lived right next to my 10 year old daughter’s favorite fishing hole. She was just there fishing June 10th. He could have taken notice of her in the past or future. I passed his house every time I drove my daughter to after school practices. All unknown to me, that he was right there.
    In my heart I know Cynthia Hoffman is my hero. She is my daughter’s hero. Our community’s hero.
    Her tragic death is horrible. It’s sickening and just completely uncalled for. But she saved lives.
    She saved other little girls from Darin Schilmiller. She saved family’s from the aftermath pain of what he would have done to little girls and women in his lifetime.
    He just became legal to drink alcohol 2 weeks ago. He had been a chicken, in person, in our community as far as I can tell, but alcohol changes that.

    We have been saved by The Beautiful Angel Cynthia Hoffman, from the Baby Beast!!

  8. There’s no way Denali Brehmer isn’t mentally handicapped in some way. I assume everyone else involved in this is retarded too?

  9. I think if someone is telling you to kill someone for money, something should click and tell you there’s something wrong with this person. There is no amount of money that I would ever take to take the life of another human. You all are sick and hope you all rot in hell. Watch your backs in prison because it literally life or death in there but enjoy it because you will never get out.

    A bunch of degenerates. Sickos and losers. I know the parents of the suspects must be in shock and appalled as well as embarrassed that they raised killers and rapists.

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