Who is David Chipman?



President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is David Chipman, a longtime BATF special agent and fierce advocate for gun control, the perfect guy to head an agency that enforces gun laws and regulations for an anti-gun administration.

He is a senior policy adviser at the organization led by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who became a gun control advocate after being shot in 2011.

For his part, Chipman says on his LinkedIn profile that he is a “Violent Crime Reduction Strategist,” “Certified Explosives Specialist” and “Interagency Liaison Specialist.” His expertise, he says, includes ghost guns, the gun industry, law enforcement and assault weapons.

Biden has directed his administration to attack so-called ghost guns, which are handmade or self-assembled guns without serial numbers, and pistol braces.

Chapman left the BATF in 2012, and became a senior adviser at Everytown for Gun Safety, then he became senior vice president of Public Safety Solutions before joining Giffords as a senior policy adviser in 2016.

“As a former ATF special agent with more than 24 years of experience at the bureau, I know all too well how serious our gun violence problem is and how desperately the agency lacks for the law enforcement tools that are necessary to help curb this national epidemic,” Chipman wrote in a 2013 Politico op-ed.

The country’s gun safety laws, he wrote at the time, “make it all too easy for guns to fall into the wrong hands – and since Congress has failed to address these gaps legislatively, ATF must chart a new course to combat the scourge of gun violence. This requires strong leadership.”

In a 2019 interview with PBS NewsHour, Chipman also supported limiting high-capacity magazine.

“Talking to any gun owner, a 100-round magazine is just not traditional. It’s not normal. And I can’t think of a purpose, beyond killing a lot of people, for having it,” he said. “So if the debate is, should it be 10 or what have you, it can’t be 100. And so I think there’s room where we can have progress, although we will not have perfection.”

It seems to us Chipman is just another leftist bureaucrat who is quite sure that what he believes is what is best for law-abiding Americans; that the Second Amendment really is just advisory despite the “shall not be infringed” language.

The ATF, an embattled agency constantly under fire because of its war on gun owners and the firearms industry, has been without a permanent director since 2015. With any luck at all, that will continue and Chipman will not be confirmed.

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  1. He is further delusional, repeating and propagating the myth that Branch Davidians shot down helicopters. He belongs nowhere near a position of power.

  2. Reducing the firepower of the civilians so they have no defense against a totalitarian government seems to be the goal of the current administration.

  3. For a so-called “expert”, there is an incredible gap in what he knows and understands about firearms.
    He tries to avoid being confused with facts.

  4. Hey Chipman, the reason for having loaded 100+ round magazines is to give us some capability to fight off mobs when they come for us, and that includes gun-grabbing government agents who think that us law-abiding folk who won’t start anything have to be infringed on while they let criminals get away with their crime. They’re just idiots who can’t understand our Constitution – or won’t because they want to make us their slaves. Chipman is an enemy of the United States. I have the Constitutional Right to not only own, but CARRY, scary-looking weapons with large capacity magazines. I won’t start anything, but if it comes down to needing to, I will bear arms.

  5. Hey Robert Rubey, not only are you correct, but he’s softening the target for the coming Chinese invasion…

  6. Representative Tarr has a so-called Red Flag anti-gun rights bill in the Alaska House right now. It’s in response to that fellow who flew from Anchorage to Florida, legally putting his gun in baggage, and then shooting people when he retrieved it in Florida. That murderer had been detained by the FBI some time before his flight, and the FBI allowed him to proceed with his auto and his infant son. If Tarr’s HB 122 wasn’t just another gun control attempt she would have the red-flagged person lose his passport, knives, driver’s license, and right to be near children. But Representative Tarr and the other House members who have signed on as sponsors want fewer Alaskans to own guns. And they want a pat on their heads from Biden. It’s that simple. The US seems to become more divided on the Second Amendment every day in part because of much of the media. More states adopt constitutional carry, and more states grant reciprocity with Alaska every day, and at the same time other states like CA, MD, DE, WA, OR, MA, NY, and CT further restrict law-abiding gun owners every day. The Biden White House is trying to end gun ownership for the entire country, and we can only hope the US Supreme Court will follow the Constitution as written. Alaska needs to take formal action to be a Second Amendment sanctuary state.

  7. Any gun manufactured, one off, or by the thousands, which is marketed and sold only instate, is a ghost gun. Serial numbered or not.
    Once someone transports or ships one across state lines, that specific one is no longer a ghost gun, sans serial number or not.
    This is what annoys the ATF, guns which they have no jurisdiction over. They can’t do anything about it because the federal government has jurisdiction only over interstate commerce.
    Most everything which doesn’t cross state lines is outside of federal jurisdiction.
    Things like treason, by the fact that it can be committed only against the United States, falls under federal jurisdiction, no matter where committed. Kidnapping and human trafficking has to cross state lines first.
    Trump’s complaints to the US Supreme Court weren’t heard because it has no jurisdiction over strictly state matters. The states formulate their own voting laws, and the states are the only ones who have jurisdiction to enforce them … even in federal elections. The District of Columbia is the only place where the feds have jurisdiction over any voting laws. State rights really rankle the federal control freaks, but they just need to suck it up!
    However, states can pass laws requiring guns manufactured instate, to have serial numbers. That the states have consistently declined to do so, rankles the ATF.

  8. JOSEPHDJ, thank you for knowing the Constitution. Could you take that education to DC? Remember, the Commerce Clause was ‘reinterpreted’ to mean that if you grew food on your own property for your own consumption, that still impacted interstate commerce because you would not be buying food otherwise transported across state lines (Wickard v. Filburn (1942)). I fully expect ‘reinterpretation’ of every other clause by progressives in order to further their cause.

  9. AK: I’ve lived in very rough neighborhoods for the majority of my 75 years. I’ve adapted survival skills to match.
    Were I to go to DC, and try to deal face to face with our current crop of politicians, I would no doubt end up in jail for b***h slapping the s*** out of any that came within arms reach.
    I didn’t know about W v F but I read it, and followed through with NFIB v. Sebelius in 2012.
    I will amend my April 11 posting by specifying guns built strictly for personal use, and not for commercial purposes, nor presented to anyone as a gift.

  10. JOSEPHDJ, I have relatives in DC, working across from the White House no less, and I won’t go there for the same reasons as you. And YouTube took down the video of a bored guy making an AK47 out of a shovel in his garage on a Saturday afternoon. Old guys don’t need no stinkin’ 3D printer!

  11. This guy wants my gun? Tell him to come personally to my door and try to get it. And wear a big badge!

  12. A zealous, anti-gun agent who will mercilessly execute any new anti-gun laws, along with people who violate them? Sounds like a perfect ATF Chief for the Chinese Communist Party.

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