MRAK poll: Police should back Bronson; Mike Robbins endorses Bronson


Mike Robbins wasted no time after last week’s election in throwing his support to Dave Bronson for Anchorage mayor in the May 11 runoff. To his supporters on Saturday night, Robbins wrote a letter of endorsement, thanking them for their support and encouraging them to vote for Bronson.

Meanwhile, a Facebook poll by Must Read Alaska asked the public if the Anchorage Police Department Employee Association should endorse Bronson or the Democrat who trails him, Forrest Dunbar.

The 18-hour result of the poll is 480-4 in favor of Bronson. The Must Read Alaska poll, while unscientific, may represent a more pro-law-enforcement audience of conservatives. Take the poll at this link:

Robbins was gracious in his support of Bronson.

“As the election dust settles, and it’s clear we didn’t reach the municipal run-off, Tetyana and I convey our deepest appreciation, humility, and respect for your time, resources, and support of the mayoral campaign. Every one of you meaningfully contributed to our momentum and it’s endearing to our family. The journey of the last eight months has been amazing, especially because of people like you. Tetyana and I could never have guessed we would meet and form relationships with so many new friends and reconnect with so many old friends. We feel much richer for the experience,” Robbins said, adding that he was inspired by all the people he has met during the campaign season.

Robbins and Bronson met on Friday, and Robbins pledged his support, he said.

“Dave Bronson is the last man standing of the conservative candidates. He is the candidate voters chose to defeat Forrest Dunbar, and he must win – to ensure we don’t plummet into further socialism and the anti-business, anti-American-values abyss we’ve suffered the last 5+ years. To do this we need to come together,” Robbins wrote.

“I encourage you to connect with Dave and his campaign, dialogue on his plan, and your priorities. If you deem his mission for our city, and his management team, to be in concert with your vision and desired outcome as I have, please donate to the cause and support him. A Dunbar Administration will be a disaster for the GOP, conservatives, faith-based, education system, businesses, entrepreneurial growth, housing and urban development, and the needed efficiencies to help reduce our tax burden,” Robbins wrote. 

Bronson said, “Mike and Tetyana Robbins’ endorsement means the world to me. As I’ve gotten to know Mike through the campaign, he has won my admiration and respect, and I’m honored to know we are on the same page for a better Anchorage.”


  1. The religious cult of Woke is spreading like the plague in the municipal government.

    It’s an ideology that looks at the world through only the flaws, using those flaws to move society toward their visions of utopia.

    Maybe this isn’t the only shot we’ll get at repelling the invading ideology but it is certainly an important opportunity.

  2. The glaring difference between the Valley and Anchorage is stark.
    The Valley has never stopped educating their kids with in school participation, the restaurants and bars are wide open, youth sports have continued unabated, and most important you don’t have this insufferable “mask nazi mentality”, pitting neighbor against neighbor and alienating customers from retail stores. And guess what – we aren’t dying in the streets in the Valley – our way of life really hasn’t changed. If you want to practice “feel good” rituals, wear a mask – if you haven’t fallen prey to the MSM control mask propaganda – don’t wear a mask.
    My body – my choice.

  3. Seems like a decent gesture from Robbins…
    Who knows, Bronson and Robbins might make a great mayor/city manager team.
    Let us remember the difference between “police” and Anchorage’s policemen’s union.
    One we love and support, the other we do not love, but are forced to support.

  4. That’s great. All, what 3000 votes Mike got? What did he come in, line 7th or something? Good thing almost all the local pundits abs personalities endorsed that guy. I mean, it wouldn’t have been any fun if they just rallied around the guy who was the only conservative and ended up taking first.. why then he would have maybe won by enough there wouldn’t have been a run off and more time for the Dems to steal it..

    As long as you have establishment republicans, you really don’t need democrats; they are redundant. The RINOs will always do a better, more effective job of hurting conservatives. It’s all they do.

  5. Dunbar, in his high heels, needs to go to San Francisco and run for poodle catcher. Toy poodle.

  6. I live in Anchorage and for the last two summers I’ve been making all my large instate purchases in Wasilla and Palmer.
    In Wasilla, over $2,000 for a Nordic stove and $1,200 for a Honda 2200 generator. In Palmer, $1,800 for tires, in example.
    That’s not a lot of money by itself, but I’m not the only one who mostly quit shopping in Anchorage.
    I have friends in Sutton who I visit regularly, and I buy my gas there at the Hilltop Tesoro station.
    Actually, soon as my gas gauge gets down to around a hundred miles left, it’s my excuse to go visit. I haven’t bought gas hardly at all in Anchorage for quite a while, even though I have Freddies and Costco cards.

  7. It’s telling that your poll is on Facebook. where you control your page to block any and all disagreement with your views. No surprise you got the result you wanted.

  8. This is the sort of thing that is going to help stem the tide of madness. I’ve begun attempting to separate myself from the big tech monopolies as much as possible (Deleted FB, use Amazon for e-books only, switched from Google to DuckDuckGo for searches, etc.). Large corporations have too much management that sit in too many meetings chasing the next insane PC. They develop a “god complex” and think they have some sort of right to dictate our freedoms to us (i.e. mask mandates) and influence our elections by deciding who gets to be heard. Give that money to smaller and more local options whenever possible to reduce the voice of corporate nonsense. I look at higher prices as the cost of defending freedom. And just because we might not be able to cut our flow of dollars entirely does not mean that we can’t reduce the flow significantly. Let’s cut off the oxygen to these tyrants as much as possible. And we don’t have to wait for the next election to make our voice heard. Use your dollars to vote every day on behalf of those who value freedom!

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