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Friday, May 14, 2021
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Tight mayor’s race: ‘Good government Bronson’ widens gap again, margin tight


Mayoral candidate Dave Bronson widened the gap between him and Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar in the latest vote tally from the Anchorage Division of Elections.

For Saturday’s count, Bronson now has 522 more votes than Dunbar. Bronson has 19,334 votes, and Dunbar has 18,812, as of the end of the Saturday counting session. That’s 32.56% for Bronson, and 31.68 for Dunbar.

Bronson gained a little over 100 votes, or 5 percent more than Dunbar gained, in the batch that was counted on Saturday.

“We’re happy with the direction that these late ballots are trending. It shows that the majority of Anchorage residents are ready to take our city in a new direction,” Bronson said Saturday.

Bill Falsey made a good third-place showing with 7,826 votes so far.

A total of 59,374 votes have been counted, and another possible 5,000 to 10,000 votes remain to be counted, and some of those may not have yet arrived. The mailed ballot deadline is April 16.

The runoff is set for May 11.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Call me at 0200, when the Democrat votes get counted.

    You’re being played, and it’s embarrassing! Fist Grade shenanigans!

  • Dunbar can only lose if the election is rigged! I will not recognize Bronson as the legitimate Mayor of Anchorage! Fraud is rampant in the election system. Dead people are voting! The voting machines have been compromised! To arms Patriots! Storm the vote counting rooms! STOP THE STEAL.

    Sounds silly, now doesn’t it, when a Conservative is winning…

    So what about your allegations of election fraud and integrity now, Conservatives? The silence is deafening. Seems as though your “concerns” only exist when your guy is losing.


    • You are hilarious. You know darn well there is no election fraud when it comes to Forrest Dunbar. The majority of people in this city are sick and tired of the Democratic/Liberal stance on everything from wearing masks, shutting down the Anchorage economy, illegal spending of CARES funds on hotels, the cry to defund police, and the list goes on and on . Time for conservatives to take back the city for the well-being of all of its citizens. And yes if someone thinks there is fraud, the conservatives would be the first to say to go ahead and do an audit of the ballots – unlike the Democrats/Liberals who went out of their way during the recent presidential election to see that ballots were “lost”, voting machines went missing, and audits weren’t done.

  • Watch out for late night white vans with votes from who knows. The libs cheat so we need to be ready to challenge any foolishness from the left.

  • Not true Mutt, Many conservative voters refused to use the Mail out ballots for fear of a fraudulent use of their returned ballots. Instead they chose to go to city hall and vote in person with a new ballot the ‘traditional ‘ way. Also the conservative side had observers carefully watching the counting. Also, I don’t believe corruption is as ingrained in Alaska elections as it is in the lower 48 where they’ve had more time and forces to implement election fraud.

  • WHIDBEY THE DOG, does your master really allow you to use the computer? Get thee back to the dog house and your kibble. (The fake name totally undercuts anything you have to say).

  • Whitney The Dog. You are amazing. You claim fraud because Bronson leads. Fraud from the Municipal Clerks office, that works for the nine Leftists on the Assembly. I mean, are you saying the Clerks office would fraudulently rig the election to favor the mayoral candidate the Assembly does not want elected? Your logic is completely irrational. If there is any fraud, it’s padding the votes for Dunbar, the Lefts sweetheart choice for mayor, and he is still behind. Stop fabricating misinformation to push your candidate Dunbar. If I should believe Democrats that there is no voter fraud, you should accept the fact that Bronson actually is in the lead🇺🇸

  • Good one Whidbey, The entire BIG LIE was insane. If the Democrats could have pulled off what Trump was lying about why didn’t they get rid of McConnell ? The actually lost seat in the house.

    You can not fix stupid with the maga people.

  • Now Anchorage voters must work together to elect Dave Bronson in the run-off on (or before) May 11st. I voted for Mike Robbins, but now ask everybody who also voted for Mike to cast their ballots for Bronson in the run-off. Let’s do this!

  • Whidbey, the votes are being counted by muni employees who are mostly libs, like you. They only are cheating when it benefits them. For some odd reason they seem to be afraid to cheat so far. But there are votes still to count!!!

  • Hypocrisy much WHIDBEY? After the 2020 election shenanigans of course all eyes are on every election now. Makes it a little harder to get away with cheating nowadays don’t you think? 4 years with non stop Russian collusion, Russian hacking the election from the democrats and now your president is installed in office because of the most suspect election ever and conservative actually have real concern about election integrity all you can do is continue to push the narrative that now since a conservative is in the lead that the voter fraud allegations that have been pushed by conservatives have no standing. No the fact that conservative might have a chance to take back their city is not because voter fraud doesn’t exist but it’s because folks are now more engage than ever. We are demanding more from the election officials regarding election integrity.

  • If your referring to the presidential election, thats a separate issue.
    Trumps vote was so overwhelming 5 states had to shut down on election night to adjust. While you think everyone has moved on , many Patriots are exposing the fraud. Much of the truth is coming out and most is yet to be exposed. All the court action to stop what is supposed to be a transparent process, is more proof of something to hide. Because Trump won the legal votes, the biden administration is illegitimate.
    Now the Anchorage election for the mayor will go to a run off as was expected.

  • Woody the dog is a certified leftist, you can’t talk or reason with them and trying is a waste of time.

  • Satire, Mr. Campbell, satire.

  • Dear Karen, Whidbey would love to use her real name instead of a nom de plume. But being the wise old pup that she is, and especially after seeing the videos of 6 January, she choses to remain anonymous.

  • Don’t hold your breath on this one. There are a lot of votes left to count and if this is like the Georgia elections, I expect Dunbar to squeak by at the very end as I’m sure he has a crew ballot harvesting. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  • But the videos of rioting all last summer didn’t bother you, eh?

    The reason it sounds silly that conservatives are stealing the election is because conservatives don’t do stuff like that. We are by nature law abiding citizens.

  • And it isn’t conservatives harassing liberals for their political views. The harassment goes only one direction. No conservative is going to protest in front of your house if you reveal your identity.

  • Dear Lord in heaven please support the effort to elect Bronson as Anchorage Mayor. The punishment Anchorage has suffered from evil leftists is not just wrong, it is unamerican! Anchorage, I will be praying for and supporting you in spirit. I do not live in Anchorage but enjoy my trips there for various needs. I enjoy supporting your businesses and meeting my fellow Alaskan’s! Anchorage needs an injection of life and hopefully Bronson is the answer. I know Dunbar would just drive a stake through your heart. Rise up and take your city back! Freedom!

  • I hope you’re wrong, too, but with mail drop boxes you may be in trouble. If you don’t demand to see the chain of custody receipts from the city, they will use this system against you. Like Project Veritas, you need to watch those drop boxes and see what truck stops in the middle of the night to fill it. Go-Pro cameras would be nice to plant near the boxes. Anchorage needs to tell the city you want all the voter rolls and receipts to verify the election if it goes south.

  • Whidbey the mutt must be having vaccine reactions.

  • Whidbey
    Your probably mad too, that Georgia changed there voting laws to have a legal ID to vote. Wait that’s racist.
    Your Boy Dunbar is going down. Your just spreading more Fake news.
    No cheating going no with mail in voting are you F – – – ing kidding me.

  • Love to hear the Marxist folks try and mock those who want fair elections. The same people that spent 4 years tearing the country apart with ZERO evidence and no testimony of any wrong doing in a bogus Russian witch hunt- yeah THOSE people, want to marginalize and discredit actual sworn testimony of fraud. Sounds about right. Dems consistency in hating their Neighbors and wanting to disenfranchise them, is almost as consistent as their bigotry and lust for power..


  • Whidbey, demand a full forensic audit, do it, go write to the muni clerk, the fake mayor and the gov. Do it, write the muni, tell them you want a forensic audit. That way you can’t say it was fraud. Do it. Do it. Do it

  • I loved Charles Bronson as the vigilante. Maybe this Bronson can get into office and be “The Mechanic.”

  • Troll….McConnell is a useless conservative, why would the dems bother getting rid of him, he’s just as good as a Democrat, like Murkowski and few others of them.

  • A Concerned Citizen: Hello! What part of MRAK being a conservative news and comment zone have you failed to understand?
    You’re welcome to comment here as we like to hear all views, agreeable or not. We’re trying not to chase different views away. We don’t want to become an echo chamber.
    By the way, have you noticed that almost all of the progressive news has eliminated their comment sections? They may not want to hear conservative views, but most likely they just can’t afford to host their comment sections anymore. Seems like propaganda doesn’t sell very well in America.

  • The city of Anchorage couldn’t do better in this race than electing Bronson to get control of the financial crisis that plaques Anchorage because of the civil liberties violation against the people of Anchorage that truly reflects the entire state.

  • I voted for Mr. Robbins but had a hard time choosing him over Mr. Bronson. I will be proud to cast my vote for Mr. Bronson in May. It’s time to get the Socialists off the Assembly and out of the Mayors office.

  • As Joseph Stalin once said…”Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” The Marxists knew this was headed to a runoff. All they had to do was be in the top two. The real shenanigans will be in the runoff as election integrity ended with mail-in ballots. The Marxists will now never cede control of the assembly or the mayor’s office and they won’t hesitate to resort to election fraud to remain in power. Anchorage is pretty much screwed now. And it will only get worse as more and more conservatives flee to the Valley or Kenai Peninsula.

  • If fraud includes judges changing election laws, then there is fraud. I’ve worked elections for 6 years and have now seen judges change laws 3 times. None of the laws they changed did anything to make elections more secure; quite the opposite.

  • If Bronson wins, I hope he gets together with Dunleavy and that they agree to follow N. Carolina’s lead, and not accept any undocumented children into our foster home system. it’s already overloaded, and federal funding can’t fix that.

  • “Dunbar’s campaign is raising allegations of “sloppy and inaccurate accounting, deliberate obfuscation of campaign activity, and potentially tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions,” according to a press release from (Dunbar’s) the campaign.
    The complaint claims that Bronson’s campaign has more than $170,000 in non-compliant financial activity.
    Among the complaint’s claims are that the Bronson campaign accepted, and did not refund or report as debt, a total of $1,400 in contributions from five individuals that exceeded the maximum contribution limit allowed by state statute.”

    If there’s any substance to these allegations, I would suspect that some of Dunbar’s minions have much to do with it. Too easy to donate too much, under a false name, and then file a complaint before Bronson has a chance to discover it in the normal course of business.

    This underscores my distrust of Dunbar. It’s something which I would automatically suspect, based solely on my personal estimate of Dunbar’s character.

  • Dunbar is already playing the loser card and whining about some stupid election issue.

  • Whatever the outcome in May, I hope to see all those thousands supporting one another shaking up the city councils reminding those liberal council members there are other neighbors besides those like their liberal self sharing the same district. Regardless if there is a conservative mayor, he will still need the conservative representation helping him while peoples district council meetings occur.

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