Who adjudicates ballots in Anchorage? There’s a commission for that


The Anchorage Election Commission will take a second look at ballots that have been initially rejected by election officials after polls close on May 11 in Anchorage. The process is sometimes called the “election canvass.”

Anchorage residents have until 8 pm to get their ballots into a drop box or to vote in person on Tuesday. If they mail their ballots later than Sunday, they’ll want to get a hand cancellation done at the Post Office to ensure the ballot has been received in time.

Unofficial results are usually available by 9:30 pm on election night. To receive a text alert when the Results webpage at www.muni.org is updated, text “start” to 1-907-312-1012.

The Election Commission’s canvass will on occur either on Friday, May 16 or as late as Friday, May 21. The election is certified by the Assembly on Tuesday, May 25. A new mayor is sworn in on July 1, with the month of June designated by the Municipal Charter as a transition period.

The Election Commission’s Friday May 16 agenda is at this link.

Voters whose ballot have been challenged have received cure letters and must return the requested information before the canvass for their ballot to be counted. The cure-letter response must be mailed or taken in person to the election center at Ship Creek.

As the Election Commission members are appointed by the mayor, the current members were all appointed by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. They include:

  • Joyce Anderson, nonpartisan. President, Anchorage League of Women Voters. Appointed October, 2018, expires October, 2021.
  • Glennis Ireland, nonpartisan, appointed October, 2020, expires October 2023.
  • Cynthia Hawkins, nonpartisan, appointed October, 2018, expires October 2021.
  • Patricia Abney, Democrat, Candidate, Alaska State House of Representatives, District 32, 2002, 2006, Assembly Person, Municipality of Anchorage, 1991-2001. Appointed October, 2018, expires October, 2021.
  • Elaine Nelson, nonpartisan, appointed July, 2020, expires October 2022.

There are numerous boards and commissions that are opportunities for Anchorage residents to shape their city’s future. Apply at this link.

If the election for Anchorage mayor is close, within one-half percent, an automatic recount will be conducted at no cost to the candidates.

Information about voting locations and drop boxes is at this link.


  1. Canvass board pres, League of Women voters? Isn’t that about as left as you can get? No conservatives?

  2. Still don’t like the drop boxes unless they can prove and show the public the chain of custody receipts. Drop boxes were used in the Battleground States to stuff ballot boxes and had no chain of custody. I believe Alaska was attacked in the 2020 Presidential Election as were the majority of States in the union. We must hold our election officials accountable for all receipts in the election and verify if Dominion Machines are being used and who has direct control over those machines. Arizona just found out that State election officials had no control over their own elections as far as the Dominion Machines. Dominion had full authority over their machines and the passwords to get into them. State officials had no control as to what they were doing with citizens votes and never saw any receipts for the voting process. This is a huge revelation and shows that corrupt election officials are handing election authority over to Dominion against State law! Do not think this can’t happen here in Alaska. We need to secure our elections and end any contracts with Dominion. Any elections handled by them should be considered null and void ejecting any fraudulently elected official out of office.

  3. No one wants to be on the Arts Advisory committee. Not enough power? The Arts is where communities can influence and change the culture faster, because of people have to look at an image, person, idea everyday.

  4. The old cliche “it’s not the voters, it’s those that count the votes, that have the power”. Many of us want to rein in government. When we go to vote we ask government to count our votes.

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