Mothers Day: A non-rioting ‘Wall of Moms’ walk neighborhoods for Bronson for Mayor


Over 20 Anchorage moms will be going door to door for Dave Bronson for Mayor on Sunday afternoon, Mothers Day. They’ll have flyers and lists and after meeting at campaign headquarters at 1 pm, will be mainly walking in South Anchorage neighborhoods for two to four hours.

The moms will be led by Deb Bronson, the wife of Dave Bronson, who is one of two candidates on the May 11 ballot.

This is not the same “Wall of Moms” that mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar’s sister and cousin participated in last summer in Portland, Ore., when a group of women and others locked arms to prevent police from stopping rioting Antifa members from vandalizing and burning down buildings. Dunbar proudly noted then that the women in his family were in full support of the Portland riot.

These Bronson for Mayor moms will be more like Iscah Miles, pictured below, who was honored by Bronson last week as the volunteer who made the 50,000th voter connect from the Bronson campaign while going door-to-door on Saturday. Miles and Bronson served together in the National Guard.

Every week, dozens of volunteers have turned out for Bronson walking and talking events with a passion for change not seen in Anchorage for many years.

Iscah Miles and Dave Bronson.


  1. Mothers who don’t want to see their children’s future and freedom slowly eroding away!

  2. Proud of his family who are accomplices for domestic terrorists, hates the Constitution, and yet RETAINS HIS NATIONAL GUARD RANK. How can that even be? This man has no real scruples.

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