While we are loathe to tell you how to vote as the mayoral runoff election wraps up Tuesday, we are not bashful at all about sharing who we plan to vote for.

Our vote goes to Dave Bronson.

His opponent, Forrest Dunbar, a sitting assemblyman, has contributed to the year-long lockdown of Anchorage. He voted eight times to keep the mayoral lockdown in place.

He voted April 12 with five other Assembly members to extend the lockdown for the eighth consecutive time. Only days later, on April 27, Dunbar co-sponsored an ordinance that lifted the restrictions at midnight May 3, just before the election and our liberal-leaning Assembly opted to go along to boost Dunbar’s runoff chances.

Add that to his being a liberal’s liberal and a guy who espouses some of the most leftist drivel we have heard from a politician in years – not to mention his spend, spend, spend view of government – and his election would be a disaster for Anchorage.

Bronson promises to lead the city in a new direction. It truly needs one.

We’re voting for Bronson.


  1. I liked the 50’s. I could walk to the store, all by myself, buy a candy bar, and live to tell about it. I hope Bronson takes us as close to back to the 50’s as he can.

  2. I’ll take back to the ’50’s if that means 180 degrees away from the “Progressive road to H3LL” the current mayor and most of the a$$-embly have been heading the city down for the past few years. My vote has already been cast for Dave Bronson.

  3. Re: Greg R.: I suspect that the writer has absolutely no idea what Anchorage was like in the 1950’s. I do. There was strong community pride, respect, progress and a sense of optimism perhaps unmatched anywhere in the country. Dave Bronson, I hope, will restore rationality to city government at the expense of the “woke” crowd. His opponent is inexperienced, a Leftist and demonstrates bad judgment. The choice is easy.

  4. The fifties were fine, landing at Merrill field parking across from Peggy’s and having a great meal. I lived in ANC until 67 and the sixties were great also. ANC needs Bronson.

  5. Greg R go soak your head. We could only wish to have an Anchorage as community minded, prosperous and eager as it was in the 50’s. Talk about a shot and a miss……you really don’t belong here.

  6. Not just a woke city if Dunbar wins
    Masks for ever
    Homeless just like Portland
    You name it.
    Just a bunch of power hungry losers
    Greg I’m ok if you move, as far away from Alaska as you can. Go crawl back under on your rock in your bunker.
    Vote Bronson

  7. My morning peep: the malice of the Anchorage Assembly toward the Anchorage population is inappropriate and a significant deviation from reasonable norms. How can one “represent” those whom one views as social lepers. All those on the conservative side consider if your circumstances permit a term at Assembly service. Prerequisite: empathy for Anchorage residents and knowledge of the US Constitution they take an oath to “defend” from all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC.

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