Whiplash: Now FDA recommends Pfizer booster for older, sicker Americans only


After voting 16-2 to not recommend Covid-19 booster shots for those Americans 16 and older, the FDA advisory panel has voted to recommend the boosters for those who are 65 or older, and those who are at risk for severe effects of Covid-19.

Earlier in the meeting, the FDA panel had voted 16-2 against the booster for most Americans.

The meeting participants today went through a 23-page FDA presentation where there was a lot of support for a booster shot, but panelist did not agree with some of the presentation conclusions, and said more data is needed before it can recommend the third shot.

The FDA does not need to heed the advice of the panel, however, but so far it has followed this group’s advice concerning vaccines.

“In particular, there is a lack of data on effectiveness and duration,” said Dr. Michael Carome, who serves on the panel and is the director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group. “Current evidence does not appear to show a need for boosting.”

The advisory panel said that the two initial doses of the Pfizer shot is highly effective against the Delta variant of Covid-19, and said boosters are not needed at this time.

Later, they said that they would be advisable for the older and sicker Americans.

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  1. Vaccines SO safe and EFFECTIVE that they just can’t seem to do the job the first 2 times.
    You know what is effective? Taking care of yourself.

    Wonder when people will understand that personal health will never come from empty promises, but only through personal responsibility.

    • Other vaccines require multiple doses, Dear Peasant. You can take care of yourself all you want, but if you catch this bug it won’t matter much. And by the way, the viruses mutate, so vaccines work great against the original one, but unvaccinated Peasants like you let it mutate as it likes. This is the fault of the unvaccinated pure and simple. They are to blame, and society will eventually hold them to account.

      My sleeve is rolled up and ready to accept the needle again. Is your throat ready to accept the breathing tube?

        • Greg, you realize that the study in Israel concluded that for every life ” saved” by the jab, two lives were lost, did you get that part? That was one reason why the advisory group at FDA voted 16 to 2 against the third jab. I mean in the U.S. alone we are pushing 15,000 deaths due to the Jab. Oh, and that it’s effectiveness against the last mutation was below 39%. Also in case you didn’t see this on CNN, Covid is highly treatable too. There are treatments available , being used worldwide with success. So why the jackbooted nonsense about mandatory jabbing with a product that is not effective and is dangerous? Greg, you and that Commie Whidbey have every right to your opinion, however you do not have the right to make my healthcare choices. Got that? Good!
          Now shut up with the logorrhea and focus on that Bryce fellow you loathe and leave other’s health choices alone. Your welcome!
          See how easy that was Greg? Someday you will thank me for that advice.

      • <And by the way, the viruses mutate, so vaccines work great against the original one, but unvaccinated Peasants like you let it mutate as it likes.<

        Bassackwards. #justsayin'

  2. I watched the whole presentation and the reason as far as I could tell that the booster was not approved for younger than 65 was that the risk of serious side effects in the younger group was not yet proven to be low enough vs. The benefits the shots give in resistance to the virus. In the elderly they are much more at risk from complications from the new sars so the side effects were an acceptable risk vs possible infection. They went over phizer’s data, the info comming out of Israel, and even some personal experence at length. Overall seemed to be a well informed and reasonable group of perfesionals.

  3. Follow the money… Pfizer and other producers stand to make billions, and in turn donate to demonrat politicians and causes. The FDA will make a case for a larger budget from this also. The truth is, they just don’t know whether a booster is needed or not. The truth is, “they” have done a terrible job of explaining just what this vax does and doesn’t do. My body, my choice – no mandates. I think the vax is a good idea (I got the poke…), but don’t demand that I have to – nor will I demand that of anyone else. Where is the research and government statements on natural immunity gained from having survived the disease? Know anyone who’ve had it twice (same variant)?

  4. Then there’s monoclonal antibodies, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and whatever else is out there that works well but the government is hiding.

  5. They have finally realized what a lot of folks on the Kenai Peninsula have been seeing with their own eyes lately – recently vaccinated people infecting the unvaccinated! Hard for them to deny it now.

  6. Where are the studies on natural immunity? In Europe they accept natural immunity, however, not in the USA. Son decided not to get vaccinated. Took Ivermectin , had covid, with few symptoms. He had the antibody test. Dr. says he had highest immunity he had seen so far in his testing. Company dismisses natural immunity. Get vaccine or get fired. . Doesn’t matter as Dr. Fauci and those who run the government for Biden dictate our lives They recommend the vaccine for pregnant women without long term studies. . You bet it is all about money. Criminal.

  7. Rich Thorne, I appreciate your honesty! And yes, there has been a complete lack of transparency surrounding this “poke” !

  8. Maybe their thinking about the novel Corona virus sarscov 2 may change. I don’t have an opinion about philosophy. One thing they may want to know the +RNA virus actively collapses lung and blood cells.It invades the t-cells thecother virus that invades the t-cell is HIV. Sarscov-2 doesn’t hide in the t-cells. But if their was a vaccine for HIV would these people get it? As a part of their jobs? They are required to be vaccinated against the other hep vaccines, it seems hypocritical to me.

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