What was the winning time? Nenana River Classic tripod clock stopped


The alarm went off on the Nenana River tripod on May 8, and the clock stopped at 4:01.17 pm, marking the end of this year’s Nenana Ice Classic.

The Nenana Ice Classic is an annual ice pool contest held in Nenana, in which people buy tickets and guess the exact time the Tanana River ice will break up at Nenana.  The proceeds of the charitable gaming event go to nonprofit organizations.

The ice usually breaks up between April 20 and May 20, and as it flows downstream, it tips the tripod, which is tethered to a clock. When the clock stops, the winning time is set.

The Ice Classic is Alaska’s greatest guessing game, the organization says. “In 1917 a group of engineers surveying for the Alaska Railroad bet $800 putting in their guesses when the river would break up. This fun little guessing game has turned into an incredible tradition that has now continued for over 106 years!”

Find out more at Nenana Ice Classics.


  1. So close!!! Most of my picks were already spent. With global warming there have only been 28 years when the ice went out after the time this year (and more than half of those were before 1950) the remaining 79 times the ice went out before the time this year.

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