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Thursday, September 16, 2021
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What relief?

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While the battle over whether Anchorage restaurants can remain open under Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s Emergency Order 15 heats up, Berkowitz has submitted to the Assembly a resolution requesting funding for a $7 million tourism and hospitality industry relief program.

The state has allocated nearly $157 million in CARES Act funds to the city in three payments – $117 million, $20 million and third, $20 million. Each of the last two payments is contingent upon 80 percent spending of the previous payment.

Berkowitz, facing a sticky political wicket as some eateries have balked at obeying his order to shut down inside dining, is asking the Assembly, slated to meet today in a special session at 1:30 p.m., for $7 million “to be distributed to eligible small businesses and/or employees impacted
30 by COVID-19.”

The mayor is asking for a first CARES Act disbursement of $5 milllion, with another $2 million when the city receives its second payment from the federal funds. The disbursements would be distributed “either directly by the MOA or by a nonprofit partner,” the resolution stipulates.

The $7 million is a start, we suppose, in aiding industries crippled by COVID-19 and efforts to thwart the virus, but whether it will put out the economic and political fires Berkowitz’s emergency orders have ignited remains to be seen.

Read more at The Anchorage Daily Planet.

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  • No, No, No.. who is eligible? His interests? This needs oversight and it needs the citizens of Anchorage’s attention quickly. If any of us really care about the state in which we live in and you see what’s going on; what regulations? From where you can ride your 4-wheeler, to where you can fish, we honestly need to ensure that we and our neighbors get to the polls. W
    e are the only state left in the union with so much beautiful land and trust me when I say there are special interest groups that would love nothing more than to profiteer during an election season, and some will take advantage of that. We must look at the numbers..

    Ryan Miller

  • thelocal.se/20200310/timeline-how-the-coronavirus-has-developed-in-sweden

    Here is a direct link to a Swedish news outlet in Sweden printed in English. Unedited, uncensored news of how they have dealt with covid 19 with no lockdowns and no mandatory restrictions including wearing masks. Unlike the United States the Swedish people actually trust their government. Recommendations were made not mandated. Wearing masks is recommended only in areas where distancing is not possible. How many of you knew that the European Unions version of the CDC is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden? Or that only 1 child has died from the virus? Or that their borders remain open while we cant even travel within our own country in some cases? Or that Tuberculosis remains the most infectious disease on the planet with 2.5 million having died from it in 2018? (WHO website data on TB) enjoy the news from Sweden. You wont get it from our media. With the exception of this site of course. It’s nice to see true journalism for a change.

    [Live link removed by moderator]

    • Though you say their border is open it isn’t open into Norway or Denmark. Their neighbors do not share their tolerance for risk. Funny how facts can mislead but that’s where truth, the overall and balanced weighting of facts, shows reality.

      • No, that’s not true. The reality is that Denmark opened their borders to Sweden on July 31.

  • Mr. Ryan, of course the profiteers are out there. The question is, who are they? Is Mr. Kriner a profiteer because he wants to keep his restaurant open, Is Pebble a profiteer because they want to build a mine? Is Mr. Berkowitz a profiteer because he wants to save lives? He’s a lame duck, so he is out whatever the results of his efforts to control the spread of the virus. The others, they have long term stakes.
    Who profits. Follow the money. If Pebble happens, who profits? If Kriner’s stays open, who profits? If the virus is stanched because the mayor closes down inside dining, who profits?
    The greedy are everywhere, the altruistic are beleaguered. What side are you on? And why?

    • His so called science is a complete myth. Look at the numbers and you will see the mask mandate does not work. Where is the science behind the positive rate increase is in direct correlation to Restaurants and Bars. He isn’t trying to stop the spread he his trying top be a little Dictator which majority of the citizens agree with. Berkowitz is profiting from his many of is investments in the restaurants that have now taken over PUBLIC Streets for a private business.

    • First of all, a bunch of unanswered questions is where you start, not a conclusion.

      However, following the money (as you suggest) is a perfectly valid investigative technique.

      Does the Mayor actually want to save lives? Probably, I doubt he is pulling a Cuomo, but does he profit from it? No, not financially. But… profit is not always financial, it can be political as well. I have no doubt he wants the headlines to say he saved lives so he can run for Governor, Senate, House, whatever.

      The other question is about stopping the spread of the virus. What action did the Mayor actually take that stopped the spread? Most likely none of them. The numbers presented on the Muni website clearly indicate this virus is not spread rapidly, nor is it particularly dangerous. (some 97% of the tests are negative for the virus, and some 99.95% of the people tested require no hospitalization.)

      To be honest, the Mayor would likely have more good will and a better chance of a higher political office if he were to drop the restrictions, not increase them. But, he is reading scary headlines, and reacting without actually asking questions.

  • Selected businesses are ordered to shut down in spite of the mask mandate. If masks really work, there should be no need to shut businesses down. Why do both?

    • Wearing a mask to stop the spread of the virus is like putting up a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.

  • While I trust what I am told by “science” through the media about this Chinese virus to a point, the myths regarding climate change spread by the same machine give me some skepticism at all times. Of even greater concern to me is that no one – absolutely no one so far as I know – is talking about taking action against Red China now so they won’t do this to the world again. Obviously, I don’t expect a state government here in the US to take action but we are in a time when municipal assemblies pass resolutions on the Paris climate accord so I find the silence at all levels on the pandemic discussion that I think is needed to be worrisome; worrisome mostly because I think we don’t talk about it out of fear that Red China would trounce us. And if the world fears Red China that much then Red China is certain to start a fight, probably quite soon. One need only look at Seattle, Portland and Chicago to see how ill prepared we are for that.

  • I think it is hilarious how you all talk so terrible about Berkowitz when the biggest liar on the planet is running this country. The virus came from China? Are you insinuating they did this on purpose? Really? The pres says one thing and does the complete opposite the very next day. If anything Berkowitz is modeling his president’s behavior to a tee. Our government, a republic not a democracy, is being run into the ground by the people you elected. Everyone acts as if trump can do no wrong when in fact he is the reason our country is in the dumps. He is a horrible role model for our children and just an overall ugly from the inside out human being. The shenanigans will continue and all I can do is sit back and laugh.

    • Oh good grief, another Orange Man Bad argument. Try sticking to the subject, if that’s possible.

  • These three articles, selected from many others covering the issues about policies dealing with Covid-19, show that most policies are primarily based on fear, politics and power and very little on “science”, of which what is known is being suppressed. Certainly not enough “science” to be shutting down the world’s economy, let alone mandating draconian measures punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.




    Even if the “false alarm” information referenced in the article on Germany does get verified and publicized, irreparable damage has already been done to the civilized world.

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