Chuck Kopp hitches his wagon to Pelosi HEROES Act



Rep. Chuck Kopp, a Republican incumbent in District 24, says he supports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s HEROES Act, according to a recent communique from ASEA, the largest public employee union in Alaska.

The HEROES Act is the Democrats version of the next CARES Act relief package for Americans suffering from the economic impact of government and economic shutdowns.

“The HEROES Act is a critical piece of legislation that will better address the needs of local government and have provisions in there including hazard pay – [Public Employees] are certainly in high risk situations – we have hundreds of groups of employees on the frontline that are making sure our state is running during a very difficult time,” Kopp was quoted as saying in the union’s press release dated June 18.

Kopp was part of a group of seven Republicans who left the Republican House majority in 2019 to form up a coalition with Democrats. In doing so, they gave enormous power to House Democrats, a decision that played out when House Speaker Bryce Edgmon, a Democrat, made his appointment to the Redistricting Board earlier last month. The person making the appointment to the board should have been a Republican since the Republicans had a clear majority in the House before the seven gave away that authority.

The HEROES Act has a number of controversial provisions and, offered by the Democrats in the House, is more or less dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled Senate:

  • It bars Alaska Native Corporations from receiving aid.
  • The bill extends the $600-per-week unemployment “bonuses” through the end of January 2021. This provision is being blamed for employees refusing to return to work.
  • Another $1,200 check and up to $6,000 per family would be released.
  • Another $1 trillion wold go to state and local authorities.
  • The bill expedites green cards for migrant workers.
  • The bill overhauls banking for cannabis businesses.
  • $5 million is included for Congress’ tech equipment.
  • HEROES takes money back retroactively from the CARES Act.

The 1,800-page stimulus bill may have still more surprises in it.

McConnell called the bill an “unserious product from an unserious majority,” which was loaded with non-pandemic related pork spending. It passed with a nine-vote advantage, with 14 Democrats voting against it.

The HEALS Act is the Republican legislation for another rescue package, and negotiations are ongoing between Democrats and Republicans.

[Compare HEROES Act and HEALS Act here]

President Trump has said the HEROES Act was dead on arrival, which may force Democrats to the negotiating table.

The House of Representatives left Washington, D.C. for a five-week “campaigning” vacation. Senators left for a month beginning on Aug. 7.


  1. This is why were going to throw Kopp out on his a$$. Another imposter, trying to peddle his baloney.

  2. Look I understand child support taking your tax and stimulus check if you have made no effort to pay and even avoided working a job they could garnish your wages at but, they have took over 3000 from me in the last month my STIMULUS CHECK,my tax refund, and 840 out of my unemployment benefits a month and I was only ordered to pay from 2008 to 2011 and I had to support my children the first 8 months cause Patty wasn’t receiving any help she even wrote a letter stating that I supported them but child support didn’t care and I had them back 3 or 4 months and I never received any support for them from their father that was also ordered to pay then when they took my children again I ended up getting into trouble and going to prison so I was incarcerated from 2008 till 2014 and I worked as soon as I was released and they garnished my check the whole time then took all my other money when I shouldn’t even owe and everything they are taking from me isn’t even going to my kids the state is getting it and I don’t see how u could possibly owe them they knew I was going to prison and should’ve modified my payment to 0 cause I had no money or assets and had no was to pay, and now I’m struggling my bills or being turned off I have went without eating for days and it’s just getting worce they shouldn’t be taking my money under these circumstances and I never tried to keep from paying they should’ve never been able to keep taking from me and I know I have paid them for when to hey wasn’t helping with my kids I need someone to help me make them stop taking my money cause I couldn’t still owe them plus I should be able to see all the support they gave my kids and when it started and why they didn’t modify my payments while I was incarcerated I know if I could afford an attorney I would be able to get my money back but all I want is for it to stop now cause I need proof of all I paid and all I owe and make sure they wasn’t charging me interest while I was incarserated

    • Your only talking about yourself and your needs and your a feelings.
      The real victims are the children.
      They have no stable and Balanced (man and woman) two-parent home while the parent with sole custody has no help while trying to raise these children.
      As well as those children undoubtedly are attending a shoddy public school. A school that undoubtedly will not prepare them well enough to keep them away from ever experiencing the shackles you experience while their sole custody parent experiences Isolation.

      Psalm 34:17-19. “When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”

      As for the Division of Child Support withholding money away from the intended sole custody parent they are garnering it for. I.think that would be something for your district Legislator or any legislator looking into the matter what is the division of child Support employees are doing? Cause all money garnished through a third party Should be going all to the custodial parent. State Division of Child Support should be making no money. It is common sense.

      When a parent goes to prison they can still can work, even if its for a peanut wage, the state sets a non custodial parent child support payment at an all time low 50.00.

      Think about those children and the alone parent and what they have lost. Not so much what you lost. Do the best you can and know God is waiting in the wings to be on all people involved side.

  3. This’ll be awesome. Imagine what little Ethan could do with this money!

    Not spend it where it needs to go, for starters.

  4. Ladies and Gentleman, I know you are out there.

    I am disappointed by the tactics of misinformation which is what I see daily from the Left… you know the party of lie, cheat and steal and now… chaos and crime and homicides… all to improve their odds in the election. Disgraceful is a softball term for what we are seeing… so when I see similar tactics from the Right, I need to call out what I perceive to be a lie… being repeated.

    Per the Council on Good Government political Ad that I just received, it states, “Politician Chuck Kopp defended SB91 leading to a major crime spree” and I believe that to be not correct; that it is misinformation. If I am wrong, educate me on this one… otherwise lets keep the voters in the know with facts.

  5. The answer is to put Tom McKay in Kopp’s place. He is a real Republican and a man of his word. He will not disappoint.

    Kopp has to go. He let many of us down.

  6. Kopp just lost me…RINO for sure. Why should Americans bail out the democrat-controlled cities that have ran them into the ground… Kopp- see ya

  7. The worst part of the so-called HEROES Act is that it bails out the irresponsible States such as NY, IL, NJ. These states have huge liabilities in their government union pension plans. Guess Rep Kopp is backing this.

  8. No surprise that Senator Sullivan stopped running his TV ads claiming to bring home the bacon. His support of Trump who claimed to be the ultimte dealmaker but instead goes golfing during a pandemic is all we need to know on who to vote for Nov. 3rd.

  9. Another example of a politician willing to say anything to get elected. Once they convince the “useful idiots”, all bets are off. RINO indeed!

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