Berkowitz meltdown: ‘A long, eventful week’


Mayor Ethan Berkowitz tried to explain his leadership decisions during his press briefing on COVID-19 on Friday. He seesawed between calm and reassuring to emotional and angry.

He pleaded. He seethed. He broke down and cried. He said it was a “long eventful week.” There had been protests against his administration. There had been civil disobedience against his mandates.

Berkowitz said the number of coronavirus cases is still too high in Anchorage, and that the city is in a “precarious” place with the virus.

People need to cooperate with the city’s mandates to shut down restaurants. But he could not explain why he didn’t shut down gyms and seafood processing plants, even though he was asked by reporters. He deflected the question to his chief health officer Natasha Pineda, who dodged the question and moved on. It was her last day, anyway, and no reporter would hold the mayor’s feet to the fire on the question of why some businesses are getting special treatment, and why bingo halls are on the shutdown list.

One bright spot for him for the week: Pineda revealed that University of Alaska Anchorage polling shows most Anchorage residents agree with masks and shutdowns.

Berkowitz said he was glad to see that masks are now normal in Anchorage. He said that some people chaffed at first, but now it’s just a normal thing to put a mask on.

“Substantially, almost everybody has started to wear masks,” he said. “That’s making a real difference. That’s making us safer.”

The mayor said more help is on the way financially from the federal government, but failed to explain why his administration is sitting on 85 percent of the CARES Act funds it has already received.

Rather than dispersing it to businesses that are being crushed by regulation, the Berkowitz Administration is hoping to hold onto much of the funds in order to roll out a massive plan for the city’s vagrant population, which will use a combination of federal funds, the new alcohol tax, and proceeds from the sale of the city’s electric utility.

The mayor acknowledged the restaurant/tourism industry has borne the brunt of his closures and that this Tuesday the Assembly would meet to discuss a relief package for the hospitality and tourism sector.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure that the CARES funds that have been released to the municipality will be disbursed to places where they can do the most good,” he said. The municipality must spend the money before the end of the year or return it, and it cannot receive more funds from the federal government until is begins to let go of what it has. But to date, only 15 percent has been released to help people in Anchorage.

“We’ve already put out more than $1 million to rental and mortgage assistance,” Berkowitz said. The municipality has received over $156 million in CARES funding. “We’ve disbursed already $1 million in business assistance.”

He mentioned another $10 million of assistance for child care providers, for which applications have already started to come in.

Berkowitz also showed anger at misinformation about his relationships with restaurants that seem to receive special favors with street closures so they could set up outdoor dining, and advance notice that restaurant closures were coming, so they could clear out their inventory. His voice shook as he said that his restaurants — Snow City, South, and Spenard Roadhouse — had no special information about the closures.

Must Read Alaska reported last week that Berkowitz has shared business interests with one of the owners of Crush. While he doesn’t own Crush, one of his business partners of his other restaurant entities does own a portion of the wine bar, for whom the city blocked off G Street to set up tents for dining. The city has also blocked off parking next to Snow City Cafe so it could have outdoor seating on Fourth Avenue.

[Read: Berkowitz hands out favors to business associates, while his competition is crushed]

He said it is false that his restaurants had advance notice and that those spreading that information were leaping to the wrong conclusions. He said he was not angry, but disappointed, and that those discussing it online had turned it into a partisan issue.

“What I am gratified by is how much compliance there has been. How the overwhelming number of businesses in this community are doing what’s necessary. I know it’s easy to follow the outliers. They have received a disproportionate amount of publicity for what they are doing,” he said.

He said it has become partisan and that science should matter.

“Those who are politicizing a response to a pandemic are really jeopardizing public health, and they’re also putting our economic wellbeing at great risk. And they ought to be held accountable for it,” he said.

Then he expressed anger at the nation:

“You look across the world and we are a laggard in terms of our ability to deal with this pandemic. You know, this is the United States of America, and we’re supposed to be a leader. We put a man on the moon. We solved all kinds of problems. And we’re behaving almost like a a failed state here. And that is the result of people injecting politics into what should be a rational decision.”

Almost all of the businesses are complying with AO-15, the mayor said. As for Kriner’s Diner and other restaurants who are defying him, he said it was a heavy day for him, but the law has to apply to everybody.

“There is no joy in this decision,” he said. “I’m hoping with concerted effort this community can work harder to bring the numbers down so we can get to a position where we can relax some of these restrictions.”

Berkowitz didn’t say what the acceptable target is for allowing restaurants and bars to reopen, and no reporter asked him to be more specific on how many cases of COVID-19 are acceptable.

As for next steps on Kriner’s Diner, he turned that question over to Kate Vogel, his municipal attorney, who indicated the city will take a harsh position against Kriner’s, should the restaurant persist in remaining open.

One reporter pitched a softball question to Berkowitz about how his children are doing. He paused for a long time, and worked to compose himself as he said it has been hard to have his children hear things about him that are not true. His voice broke.

“The virus poses a lethal threat to all of us,” Berkowitz said.


  1. I listened to Berkowitz on Bob Lester’s show and he sounded positively unhinged. It’s Trump’s fault, it is Dunleavy’s fault, I am trying to save the world on my own! What a complete waste of oxygen. This guy has more problems than a pregnant nun and he blames them all on other people. He is a disaster of his own making and he is trying to drag us into hell with him.

  2. What an absolute self serving piece of you know what. Science matters? Really? How about the numbers and percentages, how about the science that the docs are saying? How about the economic and mental effects of continuing to keep ANC shut down yet *not* specifically targeting many businesses? What about positives in the big box stores, and the GOV offices? What about *every other* business out there with indoor stuff going on? What about the facts that have even been stated by Dunleavy and the health website? Why isn’t Dunleavy putting a stop to this abuse of power?

  3. The Cares Act is to help businesses out. Let’s use the $156 million give it to local diners such as Kriners.

    Misappropriations for other than COVID is wrong.

      • … in Kalifornia. Soon.
        Anchorage, please don’t let this commie ladder his way to senator or governor! Please, o please.

        • Keep your eyes and friends close, this mayor may become governor? No, I think he cooked his goose by the way he thinks. Let’s hope.

  4. Poor little Lord Farquaad. He’s the worst mayor Anchorage has ever had, and that’s saying a lot. He can see the end of his term approaching and he has yet to get us to the liberal utopia of San Francisco. Lots more work to be done… There is more homeless people we need to import, more honest working residents we need to drive out, higher taxes need to be imposed, more family values need to be destroyed…. time to double down on stupid to get things done. In the future, no self respecting liberal progressive will vote for him if he can’t destroy capitalism and freedom now.

  5. The Communistic, “good for thee but not for me” is strong with Berky.
    Democrats AND Republicans have sold their souls to the destruction of America, and the desecration of our beloved Alaska.
    Regardless of political affiliation, please be careful for whom you vote. Don’t be a useful idiot.

    • Oh good grief, the first thing that came to mind was how did this guy become mayor? And what ‘science’ is he referring to? The ‘science’…. really? Most ‘science’ , albeit really statistics, is now showing that social distancing, masks when distancing not possible, is working well. A sit down restaurant allows for distancing and so far very little tracing has lead to sit down restaurants if any. Bars yes, but not simply dining at a table. The mayor is milking every angle for all it is worth to cover for his very bad decision, and to get away with pushing more government control, and now he will go to every length to ‘punish’ those that do not meekly fall in line with his baseless But Marxist leaning decisions.

      • In Anchorage I see masks everywhere. So, if one looks at the cases and dates of mask mandates… it seems hard to support, if one is only looking at the data.

  6. When are we going to get a fiscal conservative in the mayor’s office.

    This mayor of anchorage is a joke. I hope he looses in next election.
    We have such terrible, greedy politicians, example 1, receives $156 million dollars through CARES act and has dispersed only 1 million to residents and 10 to local businesses,
    I can’t eat in a restaurant because he’s scared of the boogie man. Pretty pissed off citizen.

    • The last fiscal conservative Mayor left us with a $80 million bill for a new flawed accounting system purchased with inadequate vetting. I am quite happy with what the Mayor is doing to protect the public. There are plenty of restaurants open that follow CDC and Public Health guidelines

      • Nice try… but the truth of the matter is that Mayor Begich and his administration failed to buy the required updates to allow the previous system to continue to function, that failure caused the incoming administration to have to act to either update the old system or pursue a new one… either option was going to be costly. The Berky administration is also very guilty of continued mismanagement associated with implementing the new system costing the tax payers $$$ in fines. Bottom line- is that this whole fiasco was started by Begich-a liberal democrat.

  7. So, Anchorage folks have been compliant with wearing masks but the case numbers are still too high? It would then seem that… gasp…masks don’t work! The Governor says our numbers are pretty good. Very low… so why is the mayor screaming the sky is falling?

  8. “…he said it was a heavy day for him, but the law has to apply to everybody.” … except the homeless vagrant population… they get a pass on law enforcement from Berky and the other libs on the assembly. I don’t feel bad for him at all… this is all his own doing.

  9. Compliance. He demands compliance. No answers for his actions, just compliance on our part. We are to become comrades, tow the line, obey. He is authority and we are to be subservient to his edicts.

  10. “Those who are politicizing a response to a pandemic are really jeopardizing public health, and they’re also putting our economic wellbeing at great risk. And they ought to be held accountable for it.”

    Excellent quote from Mayor Berkowitz, who has politicized his response to the pandemic and is putting our economic wellbeing at great risk. Hold him and his Assembly accountable. He is corrupt beyond control and his abuse of power is unprecedented for Anchorage.

    • Absolutely correct. There is nothing about these shutdowns that is not blatantly political. The virus is clearly not a threat to the healthcare system, and it is about 1/3rd as deadly as the seasonal flu.

      Yet, because only a measly 96.7% of the tests are coming back negative, we have to shut down businesses, and cause a severe economic impact to tens of thousands of Anchorage residents. Oh…. sorry, I meant a minor inconvenience.

  11. Kenai’s mayor has said everyone’s essential and that all should be responsible regarding masks.

    Anchorage’s mayor has ripped the economy apart and cast competing restauranteurs into the initial sequence of a Ch7 filing. Note that this is a core focus as he’s not applied the same mandates to many other facilities that offer greater potential exposure.

    Expressed objectively, which town’s population is less healthy than the other and to what degree?

    Do you believe a mayor is qualified to make sweeping choices as the ultimate healthcare provider? Ethan believes he’s clearly qualified to make your medical choices. By assuming this role he’s underscoring a curious perspective; that he thinks you’re too stupid to make decisions regarding your own health even if you are a qualified healthcare provider.

    There have been multiple protests against him and all are forgotten shortly afterward. Bumper stickers are not forgotten though. They express your perspective every day, all day, everywhere you go. I hate them with a passion but I’d put one in my back window for this goofball.

  12. From the Treasury Department website:

    “The CARES Act provides fast and direct economic assistance for American workers and families, small businesses, and preserves jobs for American industries.”

    Why is a mayor in the 69th most populous city in the US openly defying the law? The CARES Act doesn’t allow Berkowitz to buy hotels for homeless people. The fact that such a large percentage of these funds haven’t been spent to offset the mandates he puts forward is very telling. Why there isn’t an offsetting provision for shutting businesses down is nothing less than a failure.

    • Report it to the Federal Government.

      Every agency has a Fraud Waste and Abuse hotline. The GAO also acts as a clearing house for these complaints. If they are using CARES Act funding for the homeless, it is (if I remember correctly) a HHS complaint.

  13. If the masks work why did the number of infections rise after he mandated everyone wear them?

  14. No one will forget what he has done to our economy. 22 deaths in 750,000 people in 5 months. He needs to read a box of masks they say right on it that they won’t protect your from Corona or any virus. Its all a power trip for him. The fear he and his lies are instilling in people is appalling.

  15. Hopefully we will start hearing news of the help offered to the venues that have closed. We all are hearing what’s happening with the ones not in compliance. Is the closer making a difference in the virus curve? Haven’t heard any news on your school district closer?

  16. By failing to establish clear and objective criteria for steps taken under his decrees the Mayor is exposing the MOA to claims of arbitrary and capricious action. Government must state reasons for doing things. The Mayor seems to want to answer the question “Why?” by saying “Because.” It isn’t very convincing.

  17. The next step if not in compliance is to revoke their business license. Pretty sure there is a cockroach or two somewhere around there. Down here, people have masked up and tables inside are limited to 50 percent. Alaska is about a month or two behind the times of the rest of the country though.

  18. Folks, this will all be over after the November elections–if, and only if Hiden Biden wins. Duh.

  19. So, no answer from the mayor as to what is considered a safe level of cases for restaurants to re-open. No answer to why some places like gyms and hair salons were allowed to stay open while others were forced to close under the heavy hand of government. That means these are arbitrary decisions with no basis in logic or defined standards.

    Only $1 million out of $156 million for helping the hundreds of businesses that are struggling or have closed permanently. My business alone is out hundreds of thousands in revenue, but nobody ever provided proof the we or any of the others that were shut down, were in any way unsafe. But, $22 million to buy hotels and other buildings to shoehorn the homeless population into, which was not the intent of the federal money.

    He’s never asked nor does he present the data about terrible social consequences when people lose their jobs, their business, and educational opportunities. The increase in depression, suicide, child abuse, domestic violence, and crime is well documented. LIves are literally being destroyed. We are truly at the point where the cure is worse than the disease.

    Looking at just one statistic is telling. To date, out of 700,000 Alaskans, 25 have died with Covid. Note, I did not say FROM Covid, because we know that there were previously terminal or extremely sick patients among the 25. One percent of 700,000 us 7,000. One tenth of one percent is 700. One one hundreth of one percent is 70. The morbidity rate of this virus is extremely small. While every death of a loved one is tragic, the numbers simply do not justify the over reaction.

    The mayor attempts to deflect the blame for his draconian measures to the national leaders. He’s partly right. When the president shut down flights from China, presidential hopeful Joe Biden called him racist and xenophobic. This was echoed by many other Democrat leaders and media talking heads, thus downplaying the disease. Nancy Pelosi is galavanting in China Town in late February, hugging people and urging folks to come on down. Meanwhile, New York, New Jersey, California, etc., Democrat governors are jamming infected people into nursing homes creating a death total that could easily have been much smaller.

    As for President Trump, his Operation Warp Speed is on the brink of bringing a vaccine to the people at literally, “warp speed”. I know, I know, many folks are skeptical of vaccines. Personal choice. In sixty days, more ventilators were produced than can be used domestically so we’re sending them around the world. We’ve tested more people by far than other nation. And, as is true locally, many of the recorded deaths were patients that had severe underlying conditions.

    It’s a nasty virus, do doubt, but it’s time to open our economy and let our businesses operate safely and let people make informed choices. Wash your hands, stay home you’re sick, quarantine the vulnerable, but let’s get back to work and save our jobs and our economy.

    • Gyms and hair salons are safe. There are none competing against others of their sort which are owned by the politically connected and enjoying special privileges.

    • Who does not think that all of Miss Information and Over Reaction to the China Flu would be occurring if It was not a Presidential Election involving President Trump?
      So far nobody has disagreed with that statement.
      This is an Organized effort by the extreme left, the fringe of Society.
      After all Why let crisis go to waste?
      America is Right where Berky and the Democrats Want it, In a State of Fear.

      • The only caution I have to that statement (It is about the upcoming Presidential election) is that it does not explain the overreacting and general power grab in other countries. Yes, the US may have a lot of influence, but that does not explain Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, etc…

    • My sentiment exactly. If the masses wear masks, then the fear is real. If you look at the numbers the counts went up when everyone masked up.

    • Thank you Mayor Dan. Ya, know…. I hear there is soon to be a job opening over at City Hall in the not too distant future… just sayin…

  20. Next week MRAK will be attacking our judicial system. What happened to the law and order party? Contempt of court could be a jail sentence.

  21. Berky the Jerky is going to spend the rest of the CARES money on a palace for the homeless. If there is enough left over, which I’m sure there will be, maybe a little vacation to Portland for the himself and his poor over stressed family so he can so he can refresh his liberal ideals to save the world. Still looking for his “Hero Of The Cause” medal. Maybe a trip to Moscow would be more appropriate.

  22. It has become obvious that masks don’t work & neither do shut downs. Will there be consequences for those who continue to push these failed policies? One can only hope.

  23. Where is the federal and or state over site of CARES Act monies? Our dictator needs to be reined in and told how to disperse these funds to those in need. It’s not his personal account to deal with the homeless problem, and or enrich his family and friends with. ?‍♂️

  24. Anchorage: This is your mayor. Dunbar will be even worse. Take your city back while you still can.

  25. If Berkowitz was a real leader he would adopt the strategy of President Trump. First, say that most people who get the virus don’t get sick at all. At worst, it’s like having the flu. Second, he would blame China. Third, he would proclaim the virus will soon disappear. Berkowitz would say that the local economy is coming back stronger than anyone could have imagined; businesses and schools must open safely. Fourth, he would attack, belittle and criticize people who disagreed with him or raised concerns about the big spike in cases. Fifth, whenever asked about the increasing number of people who died or became incapacitated by covid, Berkowitz would say, “It is what it is.” He would never express any empathy or concern about people who are suffering because of the pandemic. Finally, regardless of the truth, Berkowitz would regularly say that he has done a fantastic job dealing with the virus and that Anchorage has done better than any city in America. It’s sad that our Mayor hasn’t adopted this strategy.

    • I would have a lot more respect for him if he did. I mean, the numbers do not lie. 98.7% of the tests come back negative for the virus, and of the people tested, 99.95% require no hospitalization.

      Focusing solely on the “new cases” (read that as a positive for COVID test result) while ignoring the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people testing positive are not in any way a burden on the health care system is a poor excuse to ruin tens of thousands of people’s economic lives and mental health.

      The rest of your anti-Trump rant is just you being childish.

  26. This what happens when you elect, or allow to be elected by not voting, children to adult positions of responsibility. That is true of most of those on the Assembly who continue to enable and encourage this abject stupidly as well.

  27. So what happens when the “flu season” hits this year? Do we shut down again? This Liberal fool, AKA Mayor, is all about compliance with his edicts and has little to do with the health of Alaska. Let him have his way and Alaska will be bankrupt and shut down permanently?!!
    More civil disobedience is needed to keep him crying and send him back to SF – they deserve him.

  28. Just a note to thank Mayor Dan, a real mayor, for supporting the resistance to this tyrannical little man. Anchorage is finally “woke” to what he is about and we will keep up the pressure to get rid of him.

  29. This is how a nation can unify to stop the virus.
    New Zealand has not had any cases in the last 100 days. Certainly being an island nation helped, but they identified the risk, took action to reduce transmission, recovered. They are getting back to normal. It is just like your yard and dandelions, if you keep pulling them up before they put out seeds eventually you don’t have dandelions. We as a nation can’t sacrifice, can’t be inconvenienced, can’t control ourselves and instead just bicker and our yard is full of dandelions.

  30. Looks like there is no longer a dress code in the Anchorage Mayors office. I guess we should be happy he is not wearing shorts and sandals and a sleeveless t-shirt. Maybe he was just coming from a family picnic or just off the boat from a fishing trip or gardening and didn’t have time to dress like the most important public servant of the City. Maybe it was casual Friday and yesterdays jeans looked do-able. Maybe he had to spring to action and this is what it looks like. Can you polish your favorite running shoes? Am I out of date and out of touch?

  31. He cried when asked about his children. So hard, when they hear lies about me. Welcome to Trump’s world. At least we didn’t have an over the hill comedian hold up a severed head. This guy is a real tyrant and has been bought off by the far globalist left. He needs to go before he destroys this city.

  32. As the hard working people of Anchorage struggle, spending money on the vagrant population solves nothing and will cost even more to repair in any aftermath. Unless… the mayor wishes everyone to wind up on the street… then his plan may partially work. Again… who is really running the show? The mayor or the DNC?

  33. There IS a bright side to all this!

    San Francisco’s favorite export to Alaska will NEVER be governor.

    His (pipe? No, that was Slick Willie Walker) dream can never come true.

  34. For the record, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz had absolutely nothing to do with putting a man on the Moon. What a foolish statement.

  35. Mayor B and Ms. Vogel.

    What is your plan for these unfortunate, hard-working businesses owners with families & employees after your mandate levels their complete existence and livlihoods ? In other words, when they lose everything? Your plan ?
    Alaska has some of the lowest cases in the entire nation and yet you’re going down this road ! Dismantling lives in the process.

    We need to know the answer to this significant question. And please, do not say Unemployment insurance and homeless shelters… and please do not say Cares act funds….which has no assurance or certainties. If you take these extreme measures, knowing full well the devastation that will follow- then what ” reliable and reasonable ” plan have you both prepared for these people ?

    • Let’s put the emergency in perspective…

      If you collected every single person in AK that tested positive for the virus, and…
      1. Put them all into the Sullivan Arena, they would barely fill 2/3rd of the seats
      2. Had a special day for them at the AK State Fair, it would look like it was empty (the State Fair averages around 30K visitors a day)
      3. Had them line the edges of RW 7R/25L (The main east/west runway) at Anchorage International Airport, they would be able to maintain social distancing, and allow a fully loaded 747 to operate. (yes, on person every six feet would fit in a single file along the runway edge.)

      So, where exactly is this emergency? Exactly what is so horrific about this disease that any of these restrictions are warranted?

  36. Where’s the science in all this stupidity?
    Maybe next election Anchorage people will get a bit more motivated to vote.

    • The problem, Ronald, is Anchorage’s Assembly forced an easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme on residents to assure this sort of thing stays in place as long as the Ruling Class wish.

  37. “This is the United States of America, and we’re supposed to be a leader. We put a man on the moon. We solved all kinds of problems. And we’re behaving almost like a a failed state here. And that is the result of people injecting politics into what should be a rational decision.” -EB

    He obviously believes anyone who disagrees with his directive is an ignorant, right wing Trumpist dope. Not so. Some of us believe that shutting down (destroying) businesses while waiting for a magic vaccine is shortsighted. The vaccine might not arrive for many months, might be only marginally effective, might protect only against a limited number of ever-mutating strains and could be associated with significant complications. Pinning all your hopes on it is a mistake.

    We need to have policies that allow us to function economically while the virus works its way through. Protect the old. Let the kids go to school – put teachers in a bubble mask if they want – but STOP destroying businesses. And stop telling us to “trust the science” while the city implements thoughtless policies.

  38. “He said it has become partisan and that science should matter.”

    Two things.
    1. Partisan? Really, in his world, if you disagree with him it must be because you are some kind of evil right win nutjob? Sounds like the words of a tin-pot dictator to me.
    2. Science should matter. And, if the Mayor is actually using the science, he should be able to tell that 98.7% of the tests are coming back negative for the virus, and more than 99.94% of the people tested require no hospitalization. Oh, wait, maybe it is percent of people tested who survive the virus without dying, a meager 99.9906%

    I for one, am tired of being told this virus will overwhelm the medical system. It does not make scientific sense.

  39. “You know, this is the United States of America, and we’re supposed to be a leader. We put a man on the moon. We solved all kinds of problems. And we’re behaving almost like a failed state here. And that is the result of people injecting politics into what should be a rational decision.” -EB

    He seems to think that anyone who disagrees with his order is a ignorant, extremist, Trumpist dope. Not so. Some of us think it’s shortsighted to destroy businesses while pinning your hopes on a magic vaccine that may not be available for months, might be only marginally effective, may work against only a few ever-mutating strains of virus, and may have serious side effects.

    We object to a ruling that depends on pie in the sky and demands that we simply “trust the science” -whatever that means- while it crushes our businesses, forces some into bankruptcy, and wrecks our city.

    We need realistic policies that protect our economy, while allowing the virus to work its way through. We can’t escape or hide from it. So, protect the old, send the kids back to school (put the teachers in bubble outfits if they want), stop picking on the little guys, stop the thoughtless edicts and let our city get back to work. We will figure it out and we don’t need a king.

  40. There’s no law to fit the crime Mayor B. and Buddies committed.
    But… the article and comments on this page certainly look like an indictment.
    No other “pandemic” made previous Anchorage mayors do what Mayor B. is doing.
    Nobody knows what Miraculous Thing will make Mayor B. stop doing it.
    Ask what’s different about China flu compared to every other viral outbreak, why Swedes or South Dakotans, for example, aren’t dropping like flies why they don’t have this problem, why they’re living well without a Berkowitzian dictatorship to protect them from this problem…
    and you start to wonder what the hell’s going on here, why productive residents should continue to allow their lives, livelihoods, freedoms to be wrecked for the foreseeable future by elected and unelected officials who lost the respect of those they’re supposed to serve.
    Now, what are residents going to do about it?

  41. First our maniac Marxist mayor comes for our statue, and now he’s hell-bent on destroying the restaurants. Where does this idiot get off?

  42. The bad news is he is destroying these small businesses for zero net gain in fighting ‘The Corona’.
    The good news, stick a fork in him he’ll never hold another serious political position again in Alaska.

  43. Hello all! Please consider that there is a bigger picture here, one the mayor may or may not be fully aware of. (However he and others will still be held responsible for what is happening now, and for other things–such as for helping to push Anchorage as a “smart city,” including with the deployment of smart meters, 5G, and most likely for vaccinations.)

    It’s not a partisan thing. The political parties are all being pulled by the same strings, the technocrats.

    The even bigger picture is that those who have been in power for eons (now often called the global elite) are on the way out because people are waking up to truths, and so “they” are retaliating and fighting with all they have left. But they won’t win–IF we don’t play their games of fear, scarcity, and division. That’s what they want (because that’s how they get and keep their power).

    You think that you and others are angry now…just wait until the truth comes out full-force about the massive deception and truly criminal behavior. This is why we need to speak with love.

    At the same time, we need to stand up and serve them (as individual men and women) with notices of liability in the system of commerce that they are using against us — so that they have the facts and have chance to do the right thing. If they don’t do the right thing, then they could lose everything.

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