Muni looks to shut off power to Kriner’s Diner?


Must Read Alaska has learned from two sources that the mayor has directed Municipal Light and Power to shut down the power supply for Kriner’s Diner, the little cafe on C Street and Fireweed Way that has refused to shut down, despite Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’ Emergency Order 15.

MRAK reached Andy Kriner this afternoon, and he said the power was on, but that he learned that if he was not closed down by 4 pm, ML&P would shut off electricity, per the mayor’s direction.

Kriner’s court date was today, and Judge Eric Aarseth told him that he must obey the order of the mayor to close his inside dining operations. Outdoor dining and curbside pickup is still allowed in Anchorage, but indoor dining is forbidden under the mayor’s rules. The judge stated the order has the weight of law.

Kriner said his diner is not a good location for outdoor dining since it is on a busy, noisy intersection, and the food he serves is not a fit for take-out.

[Read: Judge says Kriner’s must close]

Kriner remained open long after the court hearing and closed by 3 pm because the cafe was running out of food.

The establishment has been popular since the mayor’s shutdown orders went into effect on Monday and has run out of inventory every day this week.

Kriner said he planned to open on Saturday morning, as usual. He also said that ML&P workers were spotted on his property today near his outdoor freezer. Friends of Kriner’s were rounding up generators on Friday and rumors were flying on Facebook.

Also today, Wings and Things had a stop-work order taped to its windows. That restaurant, too, has defied the mayor’s orders to shut down, as has The Red Chair, Jackie’s Place, and Little Dipper Diner. At the airport, restaurants continue to serve indoor dining, as they are on property owned by the state.

Jackie’s Place wrote on Facebook:

I have had conversation. I have my loyals that come every day. I have been on top of what it has taken to stay open. Open, close, 25%, 50%…..
I’ve had some days to think about this. I have spoke with folks, with Andy, and many others….this morning, my staff. 
Today we will take a stand with what we feel is fair …
Masks upon entering please….
We will be open for business 8-2 today.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy weighed in on the current status of Alaska hospitals and COVID-19, with this message on Twitter, in an apparent attempt to quash the fear-mongering about hospital capacity.


  1. Why is ML&P involved? If Kriner pays his bill I’d say they have no business shutting off the power.

      • The provision of electric power is not a governmental function by the MOA acting as a sovereign. Rather, it is the provision of a public utility service by the MOA acting as an enterprise. If there is a cut-off, a complaint should be filed with the Regulatory Commission. The RCA can adjudicate whether the cut-off is appropriate under the ML&P tariff.

      • I think the question is “what restaurant has been a hot spot?”
        Prove that there’s a reason to shut down the restaurants. I’ve seen no evidence or read anything that proves that what he’s doing is reasonable.

      • I’d say the reasoning here is a BS reason. I do not see a good outcome for the Muni on this one. And once again the taxpayer will be paying.

    • You know, I don’t say much about anything…but I’ve had it, I’m done and I’m fed up. There was a little guy in Germany a while back that used to do the same thing with his power. I think we all know who that was. I’m tired of people in power telling us what to do. I’m calling you out Mr. Berkowitz, because WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of you ruling us. You shouldn’t even BE in that office. Please resign, or WE THE PEOPLE can and will get you out of that office. WE THE PEOPLE voted you in, and we WILL vote you out! If you’re reading this.and agree with this, PLEASE let your voice be heard! WE THE PEOPLE own this city, NOT Berkowitz!

      • Unfortunately I think we’re heading into becoming a police state. When’s the national guard going to get involved? I understand about keeping people safe with covid 19; but ordering ML&P
        to get involved and cut their power is bullshit.
        If I was voting; sorry Berkowitz, you’ve lost my vote. Nuff said.

  2. I’ve never seen so much bs in my life. The mayor is in so much conflict with restaurants closing down it’s not even funny. How can he feel good about this? Well it could be that he is making money while he sits in office and he doesn’t give a flying f

  3. I wonder what may be next…to shut off the power of any identified supporters of this business, or any other business that chooses, rightly so within mine own mind, to defy this edict, at their location of business or personal property? With this power hungry and petty moron, it is not, within mine own mind, such a stretch to think it may actually come to that….sigh….

  4. No problem. Set up butane stoves and generators. Mini-frigerators. Customers can bring flashlights. Candlelight dinners.

  5. Best way to protest and stick it to him; rotate protesters through and occupy all spaces in restaurants he’s invested in and just order water. Don’t forget to call and reserve in advance.

    • That’s what I want to do too. Reserve tables if possible, sit down, order water. Hang out for an hour then leave. The tip to the waiter will be to work for someone else.

    • Completely agree. It is absolutely unacceptable to allow defiance of an emergency order and a court ruling. If you don’t like the law, change the law. This nation is on track to have 300,000 dead by year’s end and it’s because of this sort of reckless uneducated behavior.

    • While you’re watering that fire hydrant… just do it at the mayor’s office and remember it is the left that has started this year’s protests, violence, fear-mongering, and generalized endemic prevarication – all in an attempt to defeat Republicans and institute a communist America. Get over it – Alaskans and most Americans are smarter than to succumb to Alinsky’s battle plan.

  6. Mayor Berkowitz is beginning to remind me of “Cartman” from South Park… “Respect mah authoritah!!!” If you’re not familiar with the reference, take a moment to Google it, the resemblance is uncanny.

  7. So Kriner’s now gets to go off grid. Yes, legally the mayor can have ML&P shut off their power but is it right? The new restriction was wrong and is like throwing a bucket of water on a burning candle while it is really the house that is on fire. I would call Kriner’s actions a very peaceful protest, and if they can peacefully keep at it then they should! The road traffic should hopefully drown out the sound of the generators..

  8. Where is our Governor “AWOL Mike” while the Dictator of Anchorage uses his loyal Gestapo agents and Corrupt Judges to destroy small businesses and jobs while establishing conditions that are favorable for his and his cronies economic interests? Now is the time for AWOL Mike to take a stand…………but alas all he does is monitor empty hospital beds. Typical of weak kneed establishment Republicans. We need someone like David Eastman as Governor, who will fight the good fight.

  9. Berkowitz supporters should read the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kamph, and they will know what they are supporting.

  10. This is on-par with AT&T shutting off Trump’s phone because some piss-ant political employee does not like him. Comrade berky is way out of line. I’m waiting for Berkowitz to order APD to break out those 1700 M4 assault rifles the MOA picked up from the DOD giveaway program. Narcissists hate when people question their authority.

  11. Municipal* light and power. That’s how they are. He is the mayor over the municipality and can therefore have it shut off, unfortunately.

  12. I’ll loan a generator capable of running the restaurant. Probably could use the donated help of a good electrician.

  13. Berkowitz is trying very diligently to bring on violence to the city and businesses here in the borough. Remember he was the leader of the BLM and ANTIFA protests calling all of them “Revolutionaries” in his speech for protests. He is working every angle he can to bring on violence and crime so he can point fingers and use more of pandemic panic. He is working on his career and political involvement with Seattle and Portland. We had two BLM protestors here in our apartment building. One from OK City and one from Seattle. They left when the protests and marches were over but here specifically for the BLM movement. All of this protest issue and what Berkowitz is doing is for his personal and political gain is well planned ahead.. He is working hard to be at the center of everyone’s life to create misery. The rest of the boroughs are doing very well. People are busy and working and living. Social activity is normal and healthy. Here in Anchorage, panic because Berkowitz needs mental help. The bigger picture is, “What has happened to the COVID 19 funds from the feds? What has happened to the ,money on federal and state and COVID-19 monies for the schools and children”? Did you notice how quiet Berkowitz is about that and no information even from the Assembly members? Did you notice how he wants everyone to get excited over the druggies and drinkers while he uses the tax money and COVID 19 money any way he wants with the help of the Assembly? The eateries are only distractions. His are only distractions. They make very little money compared to the pocket full from the Feds and State on Covid 19 funds. Look at the wasted money to keep many unused beds in place in emergency shelters. Look at the crummy doctors that came to help him. Do you know any of them and do you go to any of them? If you don’t like their politics, change doctors. He is still the same idiot today as he was in Juneau. Every time he spoke, people would walk away. This little man is like “bad breath” and that is very difficult to be around or in the same room. Don’t buy into the crap Berkowitz projects.

  14. Sad state of affairs that a person can’t make a living without harassment. There’s no need for these mandates. Seems illogical and unconstitutional. I hope more restaurants follow.

  15. The city of Anchorage does not own the power grid and distribution facilities supplying the municipality, yet. The little Himmler is using unauthorized access to this non-municipally owned utility, operated in Anchorage, under federal and state law, to deny a private citizen, licensed business, and local resident, utility service. Retaliation against Kriner for disobeying him, the sole reason. Not health, not ‘social distancing’, not contagion related in any manner. Management and decisions to supply or suspend utility service are in the hands of ML&P, not the little mayor.
    Did you see that the mayor of L.A. recently ordered that citizens not obeying “social” distancing and his limits on group size in their homes, be immediately denied public utilities, namely water and power in their private residences? An international violation of human rights. This illegal tactic must be orchestrated by leftists to further subjugate Americans. I am not a firm believer in coincidence.
    Berkowitz’s judge will undoubtedly say ‘little guy’ is in charge, if given the chance. Loud voices will sway this issue if there are enough fed-up, speaking/shouting Alaskans protesting against having utility service used as a weapon, by this mayor or any other politician. Any law abiding, tax paying, Alaskan and American and or their business, must have the right to purchase basic necessities that are publicly provided. While at it, throw in protests against the rest of the issues that undermine our rights. Main one at this time is the leftist attempts to steal, by any means, the November elections.
    Of course I have dreams of Alaska and America like it was. That America is still there. It’s hidden under the pile of leftist trash that is littering our land and our children’s minds, like garbage, doing nothing for, and everything against, Alaska and America. Our President and our Governor are our best chance. They must be supported by common sense, freedom loving (see Constitution and Bill of Rights) Alaskan Americans, and voters, lots of voters.

  16. Can the Governor put the shrimp on restriction? Ethan is ruining Anchorage family futures and family businesses, he’s showing gross favoritism toward his own business interests, he’s intentionally attempting to misroute relief money in order to bolster his own special interests, he’s fostering and coddling Anchorage’s criminal homeless element and his unethical behavior has endangered Anchorage assy members chances of ever getting re-elected.

    That passive aggressive little bastard needs a time out and a sugar tit.

  17. Ethan’s stated before that revolutionaries make his heart glad. Perhaps he should be called on that stupid remark and exposed to them in a more appropriate light.

    Not the losers he addressed last time in his BS speech though. This time it should be a different sort of individual; organized, strategic, methodical, and composed of very poor losers focussed on tossing his duplicity, his strikingly poor management skills, and his California *ss out.

    The very definition of persona non grata.

  18. My suggestion to Andy Kriner:
    Spread the news that your restaurant will only serve food to protesters. Protesting is supposed to be an exempt activity. If his patrons show up with a sign condemning the little-man/tyrant Barfowitz, they might need refreshments. The Lord knows that protesting is hard work these days. Perhaps the courts know that, too. At the very least, it might force the courts to dance between the extreme left insurgency, the local politicians who fawn them, and the rest of us who are sick and tired of all of them.

  19. Offer above of a genset to run the diner. Knew someone would volunteer that. Probably others will as well. Also, a gratis connection I’ll bet.

    Many want to tell the diminutive dictator what to do to himself!

    • Wayne’s is a very generous offer but unlikely to be accepted without some adjustments

      The problem?

      There’s a low likelihood that that business location has an electrical service that would meet the requirements for a backup genset. Absent the correct service there would need to be a ton of cords running from the genset to individual loads inside the bldg and the main circuit breaker shut off. Unfortunately the neutral likely can’t be isolated so upgrading the service to current safety standards would require a permit.

      That permit comes from the muni. There’s nothing that says it couldn’t be applied for on Monday and installed immediately thereafter though.

  20. Using the pandemic emergency powers to further his agenda. Using the pandemic relief aid to further his agenda. Politicising an emergency and playing with peoples lives. Maybe he forgot that most homeless don’t vote.

    • Hi… Berkowitz… I’m understanding that you are closing Small business.. but keeping open big Carr’s, Freddy’s, Costco, the diamond mall. Car dealership’s… Etc… I’m very sure that you get the picture. Umm I interested why??? They all Walk in… Service food of sorts… And you are hell bent on suing, Kriner’s… You got a reason? Nope, just because… Great… You going to pay them back??? How about the wait staff… gonna be paying them back??? Doesn’t look like our demo’s are going to pony up unemployment benefits either… Wow,, are they supposed to be living on the street…. No rent money coming in and no food for any family members… You’re awesome.

      • Bullies never pick a scrap they might lose. He’d never think to mess with Costco, Home Depot, etc. Some little independent family business though?

        He’ll victimize them all day long.

  21. I’lll loan donate a generator large enough to run the business. may need donation of electrician services for hookup.

  22. If this Kriner’s persecution is all in the name of *public safety* I would image the dining rooms of the various *homeless shelters* are not inside the buildings, but outside in the streets too?
    Has anyone checked and reported on this?

    • It was recently reported that there’s no COVID issue within the homeless population. If they’re living on the edge with the whole maskless eating thing Berky will mandate that the rest of Anchorage be hammered and stealing all the time based on the prophylactic qualities that lifestyle provides. Toss in a little public defecation for good measure and maybe some sidewalk romance using the SFO method as is their want.

  23. Hey there… Berkowitz… take notes… Your time in office is limited… Maybe be the time to book a ticket back to where you came from… really appreciate your help in getting out of Anchorage…. Really… You’re a hindrance!

  24. Since the mayor has mandated outdoor dining only, he needs to fairly implement his order. All restaraunts will receive the benefit which was received by the Crush wine bar. All streets, roads and highways fronting eating establishments will be closed to vehicular traffic to facilitate outdoor dining. So it has been written, so it shall be done

  25. Some of you seem to be losing your respect for Mr. Berkowitz. Shame, really. Let’s get him back on the pedestal by considering some of his more inspiring quotes, this from an interview in an Anchorage talk radio show.

    “I support the idea of adults being able to choose who they have a relationship with,” he says. “Father and son should be allowed to marry, if they’re both consenting adults — if you’re defining marriage as the bundle of rights and privileges that’s now accrued to people, then yes.”

    Is condoned incest more or less controversial than forcing restauranteurs into bankruptcy and a city into revolt?

  26. Well I don’t live in Anchorage, but am agreeing this is a lot BS on the mayor’s part. I’m wondering why you all aren’t organizing and coming out in en masse to “peacefully” protest?

  27. Americans appear to be the only people on the planet that really struggle with this whole “wear the mask because we are currently experiencing a pandemic” ordeal. As a matter o’ fact, the word “ordeal” would be pretty spot-on noun illustrating how much we’ve blown this thing out of proportion

    You can carry the virus despite having no symptoms. Wearing masks as a courtesy to our fellow Americans so as not to further spread the virus.

    We don’t wear the masks to keep us from getting sick.

    We wear the masks to keep others from getting sick.

    So, when you say “Im not going to wear a mask”

    You might as well come out and say “I don’t care about you, or your family. I don’t care if I unknowingly get you and/or your family sick. I especially don’t care if they die, because chances are I don’t think this ”

    I feel for the service industry. I can only imagine how difficult life is for these business owners. Such tough decisions to be made. I totally understand why some of these restaurants are defying the shut down. It’s already an uphill battle just trying to get patrons in the door. What with COVID-19 taking a huge bite out of our tourism season, it’s already a struggle trying to keep the money coming in. I totally get why red chair, jackie’s place, and little dipper are challenging the shutdown.

    Kriner’s is a different story. The owner is a MAGA. His restaurant is a clubhouse for people who think COVID-19 and systemic racism are botll “liberal conspiracies”. You know the type all too well. These folks take medical advising from a reality television personality. I’m pretty sure this dude is protesting for very different reasons.

    Now I’m all for doing what you gotta do. I was homeless and strung out 6 years ago. The only job that would have me was as a busser. It was 3 months before I’d finally put enough together to get off the street into a one-bedroom apartment. I’m well-versed in the art of building something from. nothing. That being said, his argument that his restaurant isn’t in a fitting location for outdoor dining is bogus. Considering the seating in that place barely skims 100+ capacity, it wouldn’t be that hard to re-create in the parking lot/lots. I also call bullshit on his claim that their menu doesn’t work for to-go.

    You’re a f***ing diner for chrissakes ??. I fail to see how curbside service doesn’t fit for your scope of “burgers and all-day breakfast”.

    Kriner’s is going about it in a manner that’s downright ignorant and dangerous. All these goofy a** poduck white folks posing with the menu and no mask on. Too many people out here trying to treat facts like opinions. I know this by reading the comments.

    “Supporters of Berkowitz should read the communist manifesto and Mein Kampf” says one moron.

    “And of course the taxpayer pays” (there were alot of comments like this…except there’s no relevance in relation to the article)

    And then there’s the idiot who says “well if we have to dine outside then so should homeless people in homeless shelters”

    It is truly embarrassing to be an Alaskan today.


    Dunleavey was the one who turned down millions of dollars in COVID aid….not Berkowitz.


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