West Coast blues: With Alaska going to Peltola, all House districts touching the Pacific Ocean have gone Democrat


Until this general election, only two congressional districts touching the Pacific Ocean remained represented by Republicans. Alaska and Southwest Washington.

That has changed in 2022.

Now, every district that has the Pacific Ocean as a border, including Hawaii, is represented by a Democrat, with the flipping of Alaska and the Third Congressional District of Washington, where Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler lost in the primary. Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez won in the general election over Trump-backed Joe Kent to represent southwest Washington, the last 38-mile Pacific Coast stretch in the continental USA that was represented by a Republican, albeit a liberal one who voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

Now, there’s a stripe of blue down the entire coastline. In other states across the country, the trend has been red, according to congressional maps going back more than a decade.

Maps from 2009, 2018, and 2022 show Florida getting more red, while the far West Coast has become a blue line. While big cities are still voting for Democrats, most of Florida has now voted for Republicans, with 20 congressional seats going GOP and just 8 seats won by Democrats. In Texas, 25 congressional seats went to Republican, and 13 seats went to Democrats.

Alaska is an outlier. While Congresswoman Mary Peltola prevailed in ranked-choice voting over two Republicans and a Libertarian, she still is a member of a party that represents less than 13% of registered voters; only 77,137 Alaska voters are enrolled with the Alaska Democratic Party, while 144,000 are registered Republican (24%).

Although Alaska can no longer be considered a bright red state, without ranked choice voting, it’s clear Peltola would not have won election to the temporary seat to replace Congressman Don Young, or the two-year seat that begins in January, and the blue stripe on the West Coast may be stopped short by Republicans in 2024. Young died in March, while being run too hard by his campaign handlers and staff. He was 88 years old and had hoped to run one last time to see Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, retired from the speakership, he told Must Read Alaska in January.


  1. Yes I am all for higher taxes gun control and being told what I can say and do by our politicians. I can’t wait to see the USA collapse and all the free money is gone. All the people getting free stuff will wake up and say what happened and the reply will be you voted for it. The dumbing down and reliance on handouts will come back and bite them all in the behind and I can’t wait to see the outcome. 3rd word anybody?

    • Mark: Its the Republicans and Christians that are telling you what you can say and do, not democrats. Can’t say gay in FL; book banning in Homer; the 9 month birth mandate, no gay marriage. The free money was given to corporations and the rich under the Trump debacle (Wealthiest Americans pay just 3.4% of income in taxes).

        • Genius, only every Alaskan Native Corporation and every other tax paying corporation had their tax rate lowered from 34 percent to 21 percent. How’s that for a list! Probably not the Trump organization, they have been engaged in an ongoing tax fraud scheme so they most likely didn’t benefit.

      • Do you make this crap up or does somebody taking Soros money write if for you? Nobody with a brain could believe the crap that comes off your fingers.

      • Sorry Lucinda, The Top 50% of Taxpayers pay 97% of the taxes collected by the IRS. The TOP !% paid 38.8% of TAXES COLLECTED. Who cares about the % of income as opposed to % of TAXES COLLECTED? Do you think the IRS should collect more money from people actually paying the bulk of the national budget? Give me a break!!!

        • Mark 12:17 And Jesus answering said unto them, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to *od what is *od’s.”

          • You apparently think that your response here is clever, Maureen, but it is merely inane.
            PS: Jesus’ famous quote that you repeat there was nothing but disingenuous and meaningless sophistry, as he does not attempt to explain or define just what exactly is, and is not, “Caesar’s” in the first place.

      • What you said about taxes is a bald-faced lie. Everything else is just democrat talking points and propaganda.
        The wealthiest Americans pay just 88% of income taxes. At least according to the IRS.

      • Define your womanlessness Lucinda, and use scientific terms. Dingbat SCUTUS members won’t/can’t.

        You people really are tone deaf to your own stupidity.

      • Go back to school and learn about money and working for it is the way to live. If you agree to give money away to people who don’t work then I want all your money and I will quit working and paying taxes. You can handle paying for it.

      • Last I checked it was the left screaming hate speech whenever someone spoke the truth you people didn’t like to hear

      • I am stunned. Nice case of psychological projection. Whom is telling us we can’t say marriage is between a biological male and female? And now, will be allowed to quietly preach this within our churches or will we have fear the leftist thought police? Then social media – whom are being banned and silenced? Not the left – the conservatives. Whom is telling us what we can do and say with our businesses? We are forced to provide flowers or bake cakes for events we do not want to provide flowers or cakes for. Who is forcing CRT upon our kids in the schools and we are supposed to shut up and accept it. And then there are the pronouns ?‍?. We are also not aloud to say anything against live pornography via public drag shows in parks – all forced down our throats ….by conservatives? Christians? No one is telling you how to live your life. But we are being told how to live ours at every turn.

    • Shhh! Don’t say that out loud -We must choose life over death even when judgement looking more and more inevitable. Praise the americans around you for working cause they are paying their taxes to the government. Let them know how pleasing they are in front of your children and neighbors, so they be encouraged to work- anywhere and do good work or make an honest attempt toward improvement .

    • You are spot-on Mark. Could not agree more. I don’t understand how many GenZ and younger Millennials voters believe it’s OK to not to work, or to unionize when working ($tarbuck$) and/or live off the government dole (unquestioned universal income)?? It’s not sustainable.

      • Have you taken a look at all the corporate subsidizes the government hands out to corporations, and farmers. There’s an old joke about what is the fastest way to double a farmers income? Put a 2nd mailbox up on the other side of the road.

        • Give us a detailed list of those alleged subsidies. Most of the subsidies I see are to government parasites like the sainted “poor” and minorities. People who actually produce things don’t need subsidies. And, ignorant punk, you need to learn to spell.

          • Bill Barr in correspondence to a private loss prevention DOD contractor explained the flow of “subsidies” to agencies etc VERSUS to emoluments paid from public trust funds. So the well educated clearly and deeply understand such forensics but generally these not discussed incisively within the shards of severly curtailed domains ? of a public square currently. More is the pity. The clarity of distinctions among terms like subsidies, revenues, and other such terms is mind-blowing. They know exactly what they are doing.

          • Art not everybody can spell like you so quit the name calling and look in the mirror. You seam unhappy that others have different views on right and wrong but at least those of us here see right through your attempts to twist the truth. You must like government control of your life.

  2. We need to get back to traditional Republicans for example Lincoln, Teddy Rosevelt, Ronald Reagan and ones that don’t try and push their particular religions onto others. And more fiscal conservative, but have the common sense not to build a 185 square mile open pit into the middle of Red Salmon spawning grounds (Pebble) though Trump did not support that.

    • Speaking of common sense…Who is calling for building a 185 square mile open pit mine? The entirety of the Pebble mining operation is proposed to be about 5.3 square miles.

      • You better look at the pebble plan and disclaimer, airport, gas line from the Kenai, oh sure they will open up a little at a time however adjacent claims will go under Northern Dynasty’s operation.
        By the way, Northern Dynasty has never developed a mine before, you know, the parent company of pebble.
        Trump. Biden and now our entire congressional delegation reject the whole stupid idea 😉

      • Steve-O; I just did a recheck on Wiki P and its 186 square mile of mineral rights, also all mining partners and all investors have abandoned the project but now have a silent investor.
        I have done extensive research to verify my assertions., and for you.

        • Having mineral rights is not the same thing as an open pit mine, keep doing your extensive research…you obviously haven’t done much. And Wiki isn’t extensive research.

          • You are incorrect, I can tell you have not seen the pebble plan or disclaimer.
            And you have never worked or owned a hard rock or placer claim 😉

        • Mineral rights never equal the size of the hole in the ground. I’d get better sources than the Wiki, which regularly scrubs inconvenient facts. Cheers –

          • Joe, you can’t tell diddly. I’ve read both. Fun question: when or where did the size of the hole in the ground equal the area of the mineral rights? Please show your work. Cheers –

        • Joe,

          You realize that the largest open pit mine in the world is roughly 10 square miles in size and has been in operation since the 1800’s, right? You think that Northern Dynasty is going to make an open pit mine 18.5 times the size of the largest open pit mine on earth in 20 years?

          You clearly do not understand the difference between mineral rights and what an open pit mine is.

          • You are incorrect. They will dredge out every inch of filed claims they own, also they are in trouble with congress. Also president Trump denied Army Corps of engineers permits so pebble is not going to happen.
            You still have not read the pebble plan and you never were employed by a mining company, I have 😉

    • “ in the middle of salmon spawning grounds “ This rhetoric may work with those that get only KTUU or Anchorage daily news.
      Anything to keep the indigenous people down I see. Heaven for bid these families can have their kids grow up and actually have a job in the same time zone as grandma and grandpa.

      • MJD; You are incorrect, If you look at the pebble plan you see 2 major rivers, hundreds of small lakes and streams and all salmon bearing will be displaced by foreign owned Northern Dynasty who’s disclaimer absolves them from reparations of any sort.
        Bristol Bay salmon industry employees 14,000 jobs directly and thousand indirectly. All wet pit mines shut down in the winter. Use mechanized labor, you know, driverless earth movers, modern mining employees few people and the equipment they bring will come with already trained people.
        Summarize, your post lacks merit 😉

    • Joe, are you suggesting that Reagan was a fiscal conservative? The only president to triple the national debt in peace time? Really?

      • Anchor Point; Reagan proved that deficit spending did not matter, much of that spending was for defense(military), space shuttle, post Cold War handouts, NATO and on and on and on.,
        On Reagans 2nd run he won 49 of 50 states, an electoral college record, maybe the best president ever. FDR and Truman did well also winning WW11 😉

    • Well joe I wouldn’t give Reagan that higher of marks simply because the guy before him sucked. 1986 Labor Act solidified the healthcare business after Nixon began the transition. 1986 national children vaccination act initiated the big Pharma protections we see today. “Read my lips” followed by a tax increase was based in large part by the tremendous over spending in the NDAA’s of 1984-88 raising the national debt. That desire to spend the fruits of taxpayers’ labor has never died. BOTH PARTIES gave us 31t of debt, PREP Act, Patriot/Freedom Act, Infrastructure Bill, inflation Increasation Act, really crappy fishery management, 2.1m govt employees (active duty, BPA, coastwise excluded) and the list continues….

  3. So we won’t have any representation in the house, we’re supposed to have two Republicans in the senate, but they don’t represent Alaska about 80 % of the time. With RCV bullshit we will never be represented again.

  4. All part of the plan. Alaska is/was in the crosshairs and RCV brought our downfall. I remember a few years back a girl in glasses with blue hair asked me to sign a petition to end two party rule. I asked her for more details and if she was from Alaska. Didn’t have any details and said she was from the Bay Area. Yup, knew it was trouble.

      • Lucinda, such a decision would be only common-sensical — you know, the thing that you radical leftist extremists entirely lack.

        Show me a conservative or libertarian with that crazy neon blue or green hair, and I’ll show you a true unicorn.

        • Well… umm.. Jeff, don’t make this bet reference hair color and Libertarians. They’ll do it just in spite. Actually I know a few and we are a crazy bunch

      • Like I keep telling you elementary school would be a starting place for your education as it is easy to see your not able to see the truth. I feel sorry for you and your upbringing.

  5. I believe for alaskan conservatives not be discouraged to give up alaska can’t become the RED santa hat of the northwest. But ak gop can’t reap the benefits without Church growing here from barrow to ketchikan and without its leadership own repentance, obediance to God, then they’ll understand by
    His wisdom how to lead and work the people toward a desired outcome. Our churches are still not packed to the max, and some towns don’t even have a building for gather, conference, and fellowship to worship God. There is more than enough suffering our alaskan churches should never be closed. But i see it and believe alaskans are too close toward a breakhrough getting over our mountain for the Right thinking leaders give up. They give up now alaska will be cemented left until christ returns cause the people despaired at the height of “mountain” that before us whatever that personal struggle is.

  6. Voters have spoken. Peltola got nearly twice as many 1st place votes as her competitors, and will certainly win once 2nd choices are accounted for. Don’t blame the system, blame the crappy candidates the Republican Party foisted on you. With better candidates, these districts would still be red.

    • Let’s put some of that blame on a political diva that is slowly losing her mind. Hope she stays in AZ or NY or wherever. I have had in-depth conversations with NB3 and in a head-to-head election, he would have beaten MP like drum and been excellent on the job. RCV took care of that. So–yes, in a way–the voters have spoken–and they will speak with their feet, as they leave a state in decline…

      • It’s very possible Begich would have beaten Peltola if he had faced her in the general as the only Republican without RCV. But, it seems like Palin would have beaten him in a Republican-only primary, right? She got more votes than him in both primaries and in both the special election and the regular general election.

      • First, I agree with your assessment of the half-term governor. However, your prediction of a mass exodus is ridiculous. The vast majority of us will remain, knowing we get a chance to vote again in two years. It’s not the end of the world, despite what the pundits and campaign fund raisers tell you.

        • Where did a say ‘mass exodus’?? The point is, the state IS in decline. 20K have left in the last couple years, and there will be more–as some key sectors are being hit (energy, etc). But I never said ‘mass exodus’…

    • Here’s a fact:
      Peltola got less than half the votes…..48.6%

      That means 51.4% voted against her.

      Alaska is still red, but fractured.

      The fractures will be repaired in 2 years, and peltola can go back to her boat.

      • Here’s a fact: A significant number of R voters would rather have Peltola than Palin or Begich. Combined with independents and liberals, this coalition was more than enough to elect Peltola. I know you want Alaska to be red, but it’s gotten more and more purple over the last decade – and significantly so this last cycle. The shift towards supporting moderate candidates is really a shift away from extremism. I think the primary driver is culture war nonsense; it has nothing to do with traditional conservative values like fiscal responsibility and small government. Forcing women to give birth is not a winning strategy, but I’m guessing your plan is to double down. Good luck with that.

        • Forcing women to give birth? Really? More like expecting people to take responsibility for their personal behavior and corresponding actions. Stop killing babies.

          • I agree that people should take responsibility for their actions. Let’s start with owning how forced birth politics helped elect Ds across the country. Without Dobbs, Rs take the house and senate. You don’t want to hear this, but most Rs want abortion legal. They don’t share that opinion with you, because they know you are a radical, but plenty vote that way. Forced birth is the opposite of small government, fiscal responsibility, and individual agency. Sorry to rain on your parade, but your efforts to force your religion on others is going to alienate enough voters to thwart your other electoral goals. Voters know that the loudest voices, likely you included, engaged in risky behavior early in life. They know that not getting pregnant was part luck and part planning, and they resent your self righteous condemnation of the choices they made and the services they depended on. No one supports killing babies, but your rallying cry certainly reminds many of how religious fanatics would like to control their lives.

    • If you mean where is the fraud, your name supplies the answer. If you look hard, there are always a few knuckleheads that try to game the system, split evenly between Ds and Rs, but not enough to sway an election.

  7. Blame the establishment Republicans for the intercine fighting within the party – especially the PDS crowd.
    Instead of relentlessly spotlighting, on a daily basis, the shortcomings of Peltola’s policies – many opted to character assassinate Palin.
    One might draw the conclusion that the establishmentarians were in on “it” with the democrats by ignoring Peltola, relentlessly besmirching Palin – under the pretense that Begich was some noble conservative figure.
    You reap what you sow.
    Thanks Begich supporters – this is on you.
    Palin beat Begich – not once, but twice.
    He should have done the righteous thing and got out of the race when he finished in third place, the first time.

    • Chasing oil jobs from AK w/ her misguided ACES tax (exactly what Dems wanted)
      Signing a bill giving domestic partners State worker bennies (pre-gay marriage)
      Going against Sean Parnell & helping elect Bill Walker
      Going against Ted Stevens & saying he should resign after the East Coast attacked him.
      Using her power to go after her sisters ex, who was a State employee
      Using the money from ACES to expand State government
      Quitting when the going gets tough.

      We are not attacking her character, we are attacking her politics & policies.
      They were liberal ….right down the line

      Read “Deer in the Headlights” by Levi Johnson a good book about a 19 year old who was attacked by America’s most powerful “hockey mom”

  8. With good numbers of high quality candidates and proper strategy, ranked choice voting could be a very effective Republican weapon in Alaska. Why couldn’t it? The alternative is to continue to whine about RCV and continue to get beat by it, or we can be smart about it and use it to our advantage.

    • Sorry Wimie, the Republicans have no strategy beyond grousing. The left started planning RCV years ago, knowing it would be the only way to keep Collins and Murkowski elected. Alaska may be red, but with careful planning going back decades, the liberals dominate our education system, political offices, media, and courts. Can this be reversed? Well, the fact that Bronson was elected mayor suggests it can. It will require planning that goes beyond lamenting the last election.

    • Why it won’t work is because Kendall is 16 steps ahead of the GOP. One of the reasons he pushed this is exactly because he knew he would get this result.

      Lazy conservative’s whining instead of acting.

      Could it work? Possibly, but human nature works against the concept. Kinda the same way if you built yourself wings you ought be able to fly.

      Theory may be good but reality says otherwise

    • Yes but at least we can see that there are people who want to be controlled by their masters because they cannot live without a master telling them how to live live. We need to know who they are.

    • Art, this blog Must Read Alaska provides information and has comments’ sections. By title we are implored to read this. By the blog’s own design it asks for comments.

      Why do you want Alaskans to desert this blog?

    • Art; It would be very boring if we all sang together on Q but its more interesting when we have a back and forth, I like to see a real fight and get yet more opinions 😉
      I for one am a Ronald Reagan republican not ultra right wing extremist. Like Ted Stevens, I’m pro choice 😉

      • You’re just some lefty punk trying to act like you know something about conservative politics. President Reagan was the ultimate “ultra right wing extremist” of his time. He introduced Barry Goldwater at the ’64 Convention. Your lefty friends of that time hated him. Joan Baez sang about him as a,” drug-store truck driving man, the leader of the Ku Klux Klan.” He had stupid punks all over the World demonstrating against him as he brought down their idol, the Soviet Union.

        As to Stevens, and I’m not really a fan, he was just pro-choice enough to keep the pussy hat crowd off his back. Come back when you know something about history and politics.

        • Art; alright that is more like it and I do admire your defending what you believe in.
          Lisa Murkowski and Ted Stevens had a lot of similarities, like bringing home the bacon.
          Between Trump and DeSantis who would you choose? I do want that border shut down and deportations starting with the worst criminals.
          Did not know about the Goldwater introduction, or Baez, we are a diversified bunch, how boring it would be if we were all exactly the same 😉

          • Art; Just one more thing. I have been studying the pebble plan and to summarize, I’m trying to persuade more people to go against the pebble prospect as also Ted Stevens, Trump and our entire congressional delegation have and are against the foreign company that has never developed a mine and a company that has lost all its partners including Rio Tinto, Anglo American, First Quantum Metals and other major investors. I have made a project about my position on this issue., what say you? 😉

        • 1-you keeping bring up history. It confuses people with the worldview everything important happened once they were born.

          2-Uncle Ted was a frozen Dixiecrat. A foot in each world and a finger in the air. He deserved better than he got.

    • I wouldn’t mind it so much if they actually debated issues. But if they did, they wouldn’t be ADN readers.

      I just use the ignore function of my brain. Responding to them gives them attention and feeds the troll.

  9. Sarah Palin was the first person to sign an initiative to end RCV. Kudos to Sarah.

    Begich ran ad after ad attacking Palin. His job was to ensure Peltola won.

    • Nick was running for congress for about six months before palin declared, literally at the last minute. So M, your timeline is false, and your premise is inverted.

      Sweet sister Sarah ran to put her BFF in office.

      • Sorry Kenimike, but you fail to grasp this point. Begich attacked Palin over and over and over. It was as if he wanted the second choice votes to go to Peltola. And gosh, that’s what happened in the first round, when Begich finished in last place.

        The Democrat Begich family is proud of the predictable outcome- a Democrat ‘representing’ a Republican state.

  10. Funny how lib climate alarmist all flock to the coasts, where they tell us the oceans are toxic, there won’t be fish anymore & everyone will be flooded out.
    Is this a sign that they don’t believe there own rhetoric?

  11. PS, keep promoting the fake native lady and rino Begich who has been supporting his left wing family. I do hold you partially responsible for the rino spilt for US Rep who you supported Platola and loser Lisa. You need to shut down this site as all you support is the usual one world govt that made you who you are as a Bush person

  12. And which online publication aided and abetted this fiasco by demeaning the only real Republican front runner until that vote was sufficiently divided enough to guarantee the 3rd place candidate the win?

  13. Wait now. . . You’re saying that we need to learn to work within the rules of the game? That works just fine if the rules aren’t fixed. When they’re fixed so that the other guy always wins, then how would you expect us to ‘conform to the rules’. What a load of crap!
    Ranked choice is a rigged system. Period. It must be replaced with the primary election system with closed party elections. THEN, the primary winners meet and compete in the general election. This should be one of those magical issues that cut across all party lines. Anyone that claims ranked choice voting benefits any citizen or state, is being a willing dupe.

    • How are they always fixed? Are you also saying it was fixed for Dunleavy to win and Walker had the election stolen from him? Or are you saying it’s only fixed when your candidate loses?

  14. A pretty map that does not explain where the votes are. Wisconsin is a purple State with very close Statewide elections, gerrymandering makes it look like a Republican majority State. Florida is also similarily gerrymandered. Conservatives like this map because it shows how Federal elections could be decided by State legislatures , not the Electoral college.

    • Let’s talk about gerrymandering shall we? Here, in Alaska, the liberal urban core known as Anchorage is gerrymandered to a point that the liberal vote is over represented in comparison to the rural conservative vote. Each liberal district has near the bare minimum number of voters per representative, while the conservative areas have the near the maximum number of voters per representative. That means the liberal districts are overrepresented, while the conservative districts are underrepresented. This was done by liberal gerrymandering. Both parties do it, blaming one party over the other for doing the exact same thing shows a lack of awareness or hyperpartisanship.

    • Oh Frank,

      What color is the sky where you live?
      You have discovered water is wet.

      Gerrymandering is by no means the Providence of just one party. A very careful look at the map shows EVERY state, even the midnight blue ones, gerrymander.

      And maps like this do not, even in your fever dreams have any practical effect on the Electoral College. All this map shows is in matter of land mass, most of the country is red. But in matters of urbanization it’s heavily blue.

  15. Suzanne says: “Although Alaska can no longer be considered a bright red state, without ranked choice voting, it’s clear Peltola would not have won election to the temporary set to replace Congressman Don Young,”

    Respectfully disagree. As long as the Republican votes for US House were split between Begich and Palin, Peltola easily wins both the elections. As I remember the old system, there is no runoff (Lisa has been elected multiple times with less than 50%+1 votes). Peltola wins the special election for congress with 39.66%. She wins the election for the upcoming term with 48.68%. Interestingly, RCV may be the only way she gets defeated, which I don’t think will happen. Cheers –

  16. “Young was ran too hard by his campaign handlers”, come on. At 88 Old Young should have hung up his spurs 15 years ago. Young was the best representation of the DC swamp. Young put on his Republican coat while in Alaska only to discard it in DC for a Democratic cape. Tons of examples of Young in the blue camp, MRA has reported it on several occasions.
    I thank Nick Begich for having the courage to run against Young. This was After Nick worked for Young reelection campaign.
    Yes Rigged Choice Voting is an issue that needs revocation. That said Young could have set up and got behind his successor for a unified Republican ticket. Nope,Young like so many in DC just cannot let go of the power and perks. Don’t kid yourself, It is not about serving the public.

  17. I’ve noticed two female (not sure, they haven’t identified) provocateurs.

    They spout essentially the exact same lines, same positions, same bad attempts at exposing Christianity.

    But they never seem to post at the same time. Makes one wonder if, like the many faces of Frank, it’s a team (bot?) effort from ADN.

  18. It looks like the insanity of radical leftist extremism is washing in from both coasts. As they say, “there must be something in the water”.
    That still doesn’t explain the political Detroitification of New Mexico, though.

    • Same thing as happened to us. Californiacation.

      It’s happening in Georgia, Tennessee, and Utah. A buddy of mine teaches at BYU and says he hardly recognizes Salt Lake anymore. Bars everywhere. Idaho has its challenges, too.

      Montana isn’t far behind.

      Demography is not destiny. But the left is very good at overwhelming small population states. We lose these battles because conservatives are in their marrow lazy.

  19. Let me sum this up in two words that the mainstream media and most social media sites are continuing to hide or deny. ELECTION FRAUD! It is being used to place those under the control of their international crime syndicate in power. They do not care about your freedoms or your right to vote. They do not care about your values or the law. They care only about their plan to fundamentally change the USA into a despot 3rd world nation. The Cat is out of the bag but only a handful of Americans really understand the gravity of the situation our country is in. On Nov. 3rd, 2020, we experienced an insurrection, where they used enormous amounts of ballot trafficking and machine software algorithms to steal an election from the American people. Anyone that reveals evidence to the truth and exposes their system has been demonized and arrested. If the people continue to allow this violation of our Constitutional Republic, it will be lost forever. Your children and their children will be slaves to a China style social credit system. Your rights stripped away forever by tyrannical dictators.

  20. I am not so sure Peltola won only because of ranked-choice voting. Suppose we had gone back to party primaries for the 2-year-seat election. Peltola would have been the Democratic nominee. Seems to me that if Palin had been the Republican nominee, Peltola might well have beaten her, one-on-one. Fans of Begich need to remember that he has finished behind Palin 4 times.

  21. Lisa would not have won, if not for McConnell’s $7M. Lisa’s coattails were given to Peltola, as the two stood side by side in ads and signs to the point that Lisa supporting Republicans thought Peltola must be a Republican too. … AND THEN… Sarah joined 49 other opportunists in an OPEN primary but was not welcomed by the standard issue Republican, and Santa, who didn’t campaign but came a hair breath away from being in the top four finalists. And the single conservative Begich couldn’t shake his liberal family legacy… yeah. things are squirrely in Alaska.

    Those outside love to use this state as their sandbox. It’s like the “big box stores” of politics have invaded our land.

  22. Bill Barr in correspondence to a private loss prevention DOD contractor explained the flow of “subsidies” to agencies etc VERSUS to emoluments paid from public trust funds. So the well educated clearly and deeply understand such forensics but generally these not discussed incisively within the shards of severly curtailed domains ? of a public square currently. More is the pity. The clarity of distinctions among terms like subsidies, revenues, and other such terms is mind-blowing. They know exactly what they are doing.

    • “these not discussed incisively within the shards of severly curtailed domains ? of a public square currently.” You’ve outdone yourself there comrade.

  23. There are implications of financial flows from sanctioned industrial ? strength human trafficking accomplished by “dignitaries” and temporal “governments” on a Biblical scale the justice of which is TBD. May the Lord of Hosts be with thee.

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