We are better than this, but we are also a weary nation


An indelible image of the Seattle riots of 2020 is tattooed on my brain:

As the camera panned the chaotic street protest and as the cameraman tried to capture the scene, a young man, with all his white privilege in full display, jumped into the picture and waved at the viewers, saying “Hi, Grandma!” Another day at the CHAZ/CHOP riots in Seattle.

Grandma has some explaining to do. The wreckage this wilding generation has created isn’t the America of exceptionalism that patriots spoke of lovingly, hopefully, and reverently — even last year. It is not the America that Grandma was thinking she would leave for her grandchildren. And the last thing she expected was to see her grandson on a wilding.

In our cities, human waste is now smeared on our streets, graffiti defaces our buildings, historic monuments are toppled, in scenes from Mogadishu. Protesters, as though possessed, scream into the faces of our public safety officers, spitting invectives at them, as rioters break windows, loot stores, and burn buildings. Mayors call it the Summer of Love, the act of democracy. The media has told us that these are peaceful protests as though we cannot interpret what we are seeing.

One year ago, the Left was indignant at the KOMO-TV hourlong documentary called Seattle Is Dying. It’s not dying, they argued. That’s just Tucker Carlson talking, they said. Seattle is vibrant, and everyone wants to move there.

[Read: Seattle is not dying]

Today, the Seattle Is Dying documentary seems prophetic for America. The descent into lawlessness and addiction, and the lack of urban leadership had set the stage for revolution, even during the greatest phase of prosperity the country had ever experienced. Cities from Seattle to New York are now peppered with burned-out carcasses of neighborhoods on a scale not seen since Sherman’s “March to the Sea.”

General Sherman torched everything in his path on his way from Atlanta to Savannah. His incendiary purpose was to dishearten and frighten southerners from continuing the Confederate cause. It was, in fact, a form of terrorism, and it worked.

The Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 are having a similar effect on American families, driving them into their cocoons. White families are especially worried that they will be attacked by the mob or their neighborhoods targeted for destruction. They are terrified they will lose their jobs because they once said that all lives matter. The terrorism has had its intended effect of making people afraid.

Most of the rioters have now dispersed. Some will protest on this Independence Day against a country that will never be enough for them. It is expected.

Others will go home to mom and dad. They’ll head to grandma’s house and take a shower, sit under the picnic umbrella and eat kale chips and vegan hot dogs, and drink the kombucha they packed for the day.

What will families talk about with these rioters who have come home for a snack at the table of normal life?

This festive day for picnics, parades, and fireworks is, for many Americans, a momentary retreat from their shellshocked lives in a country whose values have been ripped from its heart. And for thousands of families, it’s their own children who have wrought the destruction. Awkward.

The discussions that could have taken place a year ago cannot be broached, as loved ones are divided on the very worthiness of the American experiment. A younger generation — at least some of it — sees the fatal flaws and believes it must be torn down and refashioned from the ground up, while the older generation still holds on to the promise of opportunity and hope.

Arguably, we are more fractured as a nation now than at any time since the Civil War. More so than during the Vietnam War. The division within families is deeply cleaved between those who believe the best about us, and those who see the worst. Families have simply stopped talking to each other.

The American middle and working class has tolerated the invectives thrown at us, because we are a tolerant people. We know we are not racist or fascist. We love our country and we are unapologetic about our faith. Some of us don’t think Trump is the perfect president, but is the right president for the times.

But we are weary now, exhausted by the endless complaints, tantrums, and demands of the Left. We brace ourselves for the next unfair accusation or public humiliation.

Americans feel they have given and given to help level the playing field for 100 years or more, and now they just want to be left alone. Engaging with black Americans comes with a lot more risk these days, as they have the power to destroy careers and lives by uttering one word: “Racist.”

And so, here we are: Working class Americans have retreated from the field of ideas and left it to the angry Bernie Leftists, the media, and the celebrity class to determine the future of our nation.

These working and would-be-working Americans know that there’s a playbook being used, and that the ugliness will not end until Joe Biden becomes president.

And if for some reason President Trump prevails in 2020, an outcome that is tenuous at this writing, average Americans have already gotten the picture: The riots, the name calling, and the collective insanity will continue for another four years.

Americans who believe that we are better than what the Left has envisioned for us really have only one choice, and that is to plant our feet and fight for America as if our lives depend on it.


  1. Crisply written, essay, Suzanne. Full of insight and perception of how America 2020 has come to be. In pure irony of the demise of our cities, Donald Trump had encouraged us to make our country great. But the actual result is a culmination of how Leftists want this country and our president to fail. We’ve never seen such hate from Democrats, and the sore losers of the 2016 election.
    On another note, all of Seattle has not sunk. The Capital Hill district is full of nuts and queer people, quite literally. That is east of the downtown commercial district, on the other side of Interstate 5. Unfortunately, all of Seattle has been painted by these non-employed young people who have been brainwashed by the Left. Seattle is still one of the most geographically beautiful cities in the world.
    Happy Independence Day, and keep up the great work that you do.

  2. Of all the doc videos on homelessness the Seattle is Dying is by far the best made so more by their confidential police survey that fully reveiled the root causes. Liberal mayors and council members underwritten by IT billionaires in residence. And all based on white guilt

  3. Suzanne, thanks for your insightful thoughts and writing. The other day I called into Dan Fagan’s radio show on KENI-650 AM. The premise was what can we do about today’s civil unrest, most particularly the left’s ability to drown out the right’s position, whether in voice or words. My solution was, and your last sentence in your piece was/is to, “… plant our feet and fight for America as if our lives depend on it.” I know no better way than to stand up for our faith in God, our values that we’ve cultivated and our desires to see what is right be continued without fear or intimidation. If we don’t have a presence when Left-leaning liberals shower a board meeting with signs, slogans and/or antics, then we will deserve what we get down the road. There has to be a bulwark thrown into the faces of these ignoramus idiots. Show up with our own signs and slogans to let them know we won’t back down, thanks Tom Petty. If nothing’s done, then I believe there’ll be a lot more destruction and upheaval on the rise. Just sayin’ folks …

  4. People need to wake up, especially freedom minded conservatives. There is the only one defense left. These progressive (marxist) centrally controlled huge population “states” within a state, like Seattle, Portland, Anchorage, Los Angeles and San Francisco (the list is quite long) rule mercilessly over the socio-economic destinies of their host states, like Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and California, etc. Regardless of the suburban and rural ideological differences in their states and the direction their political winds blow, the Left will lie, cheat, steal from and murder their constituencies to maintain power and control. There is only one defense left. Eaglexit.

  5. Perceptive and cogent editorial!

    The left is committed to destroying all this country is and it’s potential to be even greater in a berserker rage against the imperfections in our history and violent assault on all virtue and personal achievement.

    In a word, ‘evil’ stalks our streets in the guise of ignorant, selfish, and self-disenfranchised wokeness.

    Jesus weeps.

  6. Thomas Jefferson once said words to the effect that liberty occasionally has to be renewed in blood. We’re almost to that point.

    • the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure. Thomas Jefferson to William Smith

      However, we would all be advised to read Jeffersons entire letter. He was speaking of citizens rising against leaders, not random citizens against each other.

      • Regardless, it applies to the mobs. Know what Andrew Jackson was doing during the American Revolution? He was 14 and fighting for our country. Now, 14 year olds want to tear down his statue. We have ruined a generation or 2 of Americans.

      • Exactly what I was referring to. If we do not push back with words and action, then surely we will be forced to push back with arms.

    • The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants.


  7. One way to get the Nation to reverse course is to reinstate the draft. The military will instill in today’s youth the values of America. Young men and women are needed for a number of National service projects.
    Discipline is badly needed.

    • Hank, I disagree with your premise that we need a draft. But, discipline?
      Yes. The public school system and the commie teacher’s unions need to be strangled. That’s where the problem lies. We have become a permissive and perverted society because of the lack of discipline in the public schools.
      The direction needs to be reversed for the next generation. Trump in 2020 -24 will do just that. Biden will make it worse than today.

      • One way to undo what the progressive education system is teaching is a draft for military or public service.
        If we continue doing what we’ve been doing, we will have the same results.

        • Brilliant. Public service mandatory, I love it. Instilling the idea that we help keep the peace, recover after a hurricane/earthquake/flood, etc. because, we are Americans. And it is an awesome privilege to be an American.

    • Discipline should have been applied when they were children. All that drafting these cowardly whiny adult babies would do would be to traumatize them so much, they’d be claiming VA benefits for their trauma. I don’t want to count on any of them to defend me and mine…they’d roll over and give the win to our enemies.

    • Yeah, I remember what a unifying and socializing force the draft was in the Vietnam Era. The modern US military doesn’t want a bunch of illiterate, spoiled slugs.

  8. The Seattle is Dying Videos are so right on about what was happening and let’s hope the people of Anchorage awaken before they make Videos like those about us..all the elements are certainly being put in place for just that to happen..

  9. Fairly accurate assessment but much too overshadowed with doom and gloom!! Also don’t think your pessimistic evaluation of POTUS re-election prospects are valid!!

  10. This is excellent writing, Suzanne, and mostly the truth. I only object to what you said about Trump vs Biden. Yes, if Trump wins, he will continue to be attacked by leftists in Congress, and others. As for the riots, I think they probably have been arranged by other leftists in hopes of defeating Trump. But if Biden wins, we are sunk as a free country! I know someone who thinks we’ll have peace if Trump loses, and it may appear to be so, but if Biden wins, and we don’t have but one or both parts of Congress, we will be going Socialist! And that is certainly not peace!
    Just look at Venezuela, they don’t even have the ability to elect and install a leader. They have a dictator, and not much else that people need to survive. No freedom, no peace!
    Damn, people, we gotta wake up and vote!

  11. Thanks you Suzanne, couldn’t agree more. It is time to get loud. To stand up and fight back. We need to litigate corporations and universities who terminate conservatives for voicing their opinions peacefully. Frankly we should have a conservative not for profit legal foundation that will take these cases on as their primary mission. There should be nothing less controversial than reminding one another that all lives matter. Yet the Dean of Nursing at UMASS was fired this week for saying just that. And she is not the only one. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a unified way we could support her and all others like her so that these radical institutions think twice before canceling someone because they dare say that they believe all mankind is created equal.

    We must stop being silenced. We must not tolerate rioting and looting. We must collectively meet force with stronger force; so strong as to send these uneducated fools back to their parents’ basements. No mercy. It is time to replace any politicians at any level of government who supports the violent destruction of our constitutional freedoms and our communities; and to likewise replace those who do nothing to prevent it.

    The average left wing of today is nothing like the blue dog democrats of our childhood. They are terrorists aimed at shutting down peaceful public discourse, free speech, and to make any opposing voice unable to participate in society or earn a living, unable to attend places of higher education. They will burn your businesses down from behind their masks to prove they can. They are not producers, by in large, they do not work nor having anything saved. They have nothing to lose. They have installed mayors, DAs and judges who will bankrupt you for daring to defend yourself in your own home, car or business. No one who dares stand in their way is immune, they will eat their own. The now famous couple in St Louis learned the the hard way this week.

    Think Anchorage is different? It is not. Mayor Berkowitz has openly supported this violent movement, lying to our faces that it is peaceful as if our eyes and ears deceive us. He, like the rest of his tribe, play us for fools. Because if we publicly disagree, their FB / Twitter mob will try to ruin us.

    Some ask if civil war is coming. I believe it has already come, just not in Alaska yet. In the farthest left places around the country there is now open warfare. The locations of the battles are ironic, they are the places where the radicals have already installed like minded officials, where their ideology is written into local laws and places where the courts refuse to honor our constitution. But it doesn’t look like a war because the strongest side, the huge silent majority, the most heavily armed, and the most strongly heeled are not on the battlefield…. yet. The left is waging open war on private citizens, private property, free speech and our shared history. Destroying buildings and monuments they literally know nothing about. They are restricting the movement and employment.

    So far we have been restrained, refusing to be baited, letting the Marxists drool and spit, scream and riot. But our patience and tolerance is wearing thin, very thin. We are largely hard workers, business owners, craftsman, tradesman, dedicated to an honorable life that we make on our own. We know that to meet them in the streets would mean not gong to work. So we wait in our homes and places of business, hoping the looters will burn themselves out. After all, they are simple people, mostly uneducated idiots, failures of our broken educational system and the worst parenting in the history of civilization. Most couldn’t write a paragraph on American history if offered a million dollars to do so. They know nothing of our heroes or great successes. The dilators and tyrants we have defeated, the freedom we have spread around the world. The scientific advancements, medical advancements. Most don’t even know what July 4th means. Most don’t know a thing about the history of slavery over the last few thousand years, nor of the hundreds of thousand of lives in America that were slain to end it here once and for all. Most don’t have a clue how quickly their right to protest would be smashed in most other places around the world. They are still alive after looting because we are a tolerant people, the most tolerant people in the world. But as Winston Churchill once so poignantly put it, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.” We have tried everything else, we are about to answer tyranny with such incredible force that the tyrants will wish they’d learned life necessary life skills when they had the chance.

    Long live the Republic.

  12. I agree on the awkwardness of the holidays with these wannabe revolutionaries, but as I’ve personally seen, most have likely already ‘distanced themselves from their toxic/problematic family’ that expose pro-America values.

    Additionally, who the heck is looking at opinion polls? They are almost always wrong. They over sample dems and under sample Reps, as seen with almost every republican presidential win since at least the 80s. Dukakis vs Bush Sr had Dukakis up 20 points. The 2016 election polls were an abomination! Every poll had Hillary in the lead.

    If you look at the primary votes so far, Trump has been getting more votes as the only candidate than all dem candidates combined. (At least in the states I’ve seen so far)
    The voter enthusiasm for Trump is far higher than for Biden currently. My one concern will be Biden’s VP. His VP will be the real candidate.

    Lastly, this is not a normal election. As Suzanne Benson mentioned, this is very much a fight for our normal American way of life, versus a descent into communism. The rioters, actions of the left, and the attempts to totally destroy US history and heritage seem to follow the marks of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. A vote for Biden may be for “peace”, but it would be the same peace as Obama, where the media was complicit in covering up his actions in dismantling our individual freedoms.

    If you need some encouragement, Dr. Steve Turley on YouTube has great daily videos on the changing trends of the US political parties to reflect Civic Nationalism versus Global Marxist Nationalism. Stay encouraged, and get out to vote like your life depends on it!

  13. Outstanding Suzanne for stating exactly what is going on in our country by the powerful forces that are trying to destroy of democracy with false narratives and twisted facts.

    It was unfortunate that another black career criminal died because he resisted a lawful arrest and fought with police.
    When fighting with violent or high offenders of any color the police are trained to subdue the offender quickly and protect both the offender and themselves including the public from injury. That was why the “choke hold was originally adopted and used by police agencies. It allowed the often lone officer to quickly subdue the violent offender by rendering them unconscious. However it was determined to be too dangerous to use because it is too risky to determine an unconscious from fatal use so it has been banned or used as a last resort tactic. As in the chokehold, officers are trained to get the fighting offender to the ground as quickly as possible by using overwhelming force and numbers of officers when available so that the resistance ends and the offender doesn’t get an officers firearm. So it amounts essentially to the pile-on tactic that normally works very well. You see officers leaning and kneeling on offenders that are placed face down on the ground. They don’t do it because they are racist bastards but if the offender is face up they have greater ability to bit, kick break free and punch officers or grab their weapons. It is also impossible to put an offenders hands behind their back and cuff them. If you don’t believe it have your family members try to stop you from fighting to free yourself in both positions and see how successful you are face down if they are holding your legs and kneeling on your back and someone is holding but not kneeling on your head turned to the side and flat on the floor. I was trained to use both techniques and several other disabling techniques as a Federal Officer. When you are involved in any fight that could cost you your life you should use all the appropriate tactics your are trained to use to save you. By appropriate I mean you disable before killing, you disable so as not to be permanent or temporarily. Examples are use a chokehold a temporary measure or snapping the neck of the offender, spray chemicals in their eyes or push a sharp article or finger in their eye to blind them, strike or kick a persons knee area, from the back of the knee a temporary injury or hit or kick from the side destroying the knee joint a very permanent injury, and finally a sharp blow to the throat, only enough force to temporarily disable of strongly enough to crush the throat killing the person. No civilian police agency has trained, adopted the permanent techniques for use but several safe techniques improperly used intentionally or by accident can be fatal. Any law enforcement officer that intentionally takes a life when it was not required should be held accountable. But an officer attempts to what is trained to do but for unintentional reasons results in a fatal outcome should be investigated but not fired, lynched and publicly condemned without due process and trial as required by our Constitution as any other citizen! One picture or one frame of a video does not justify destroying a person and their family without a full and complete investigation and trial. We are destroying the very persons that we so badly need to protect our life’s and our property. If you think it is hard to get teachers, nurses and farm workers to take their jobs you are about to learn how when you call for help no one comes to your aid or when someone eventually arrives and it is a dangerous situation decide to watch or just drive away. Do you really want to live in Seattle’s CHOP during a permanent “Summer of Love”?

    Unfortunately in two widely publicized cases this resulted in the offender dying by the tactic. These are not racists actions where the officers saw an opportunity to kill a black man but an accident during high emotion and personal fear of their own and the publics possible harm.
    The facts are that if you compare the actual statistics of offenders killed by police officers it clearly proves it has nothing to do with racism or targeting of Blacks. But facts never matter to News Media, Hollywood or racist groups who only aim is to destroy our country.

    Wake up and check the full facts and circumstances of these allegations and distortions. The country has come a long way since slavery improving the welfare and opportunities for all minorities including Blacks. No other country in the world has the opportunities for minorities to improve and prosper. The proof is evident in the millions of legal and illegal immigrants that risk their lives to live in this country. Why is just Blacks and not all minorities that live in our Country experience the quote “Systemic Racism” Why do they believe that working taxpayers should pay for their every need and reparations for hardships they never experienced. If that principle is true the only residents that deserve reparations are the Native Americans that we took their liberties and land from them. We have supported them but how much should we pay them for everything they have lost and the way we as a nation treated them. They to are better off that in 1700 and 1800’s. But we can never make it right but remember the Americans of today are not the ones that took their land and we and many of them has made this Nation the best in the current world.

    The real racism in our country was created by the Democrats Great Society which paid black families to have children without a father in the home. Destroying the American family. From that beginning with the help of courts, ACLU, foreign governments meddling and abortion industry that profits by killing black babies in a much higher percentage of any other race. The corruption of our educational system the war on the Christian religion. The ridicule of Patriotism, our flag and national history.
    The results of a man not involved in the life of their children prove that these children have less education, are involved in more violence and crime, and are more likely to end up in prison or dead. Dead not by police officers but by other black men. If “Black Lives Matter” they would be attacking the problems of Black families without out fathers, improving black education in public schools and stopping black crime. Demand and work to end Black on Black killings and violence that kills far more Blacks than a racist or any police officer. Work to end the drug infestation that pays black children and families more in a day then they can make working in a year. However they don’t do that, because they are a terrorist organization conning the uniformed and fearful to emotionalLy support them while they separate us and destroy our democracy. Look at their demands! Does any American business support doing away with capitalism and letting the party leadership run their businesses? Do Americans really want to live in a country without law enforcement or property ownership? Do you really believe that we should rewrite our Constitution and Bill of Rights to give all power and governance to the Central Party leaders appointed by the ruling party leaders? Do you want to live in a country where you have to live in fear of the “knock on the door at night” because someone overheard you grumbling about your work conditions or pay”

    If you do just stay silent and watch them takeover our country or think, by learning about these organizations and their allegations. Look at the plight of people living in countries that are ruled by socialist Party’s and dictatorships. Don’t believe every slogans, news media story or politician. Don’t believe me but do your own research and fact checking. Read their aims, objectives, funding and leaders yourself. Also check every thing I have written. Don’t just dismiss this by listening to hate and biased commenters that attack me with name calling and talking points they have heard or seen on social media.

    Evil triumphs when good people watch and do nothing! (Paraphrased from a historic figure) But still very true!

  14. My goodness, what bunch of screeds! “Everything that’s bad is due completely to leftist commies.”
    Look around folks. Everything you are complaining about has taken place under the guidance of our current leader, who wants to be king, and his GOP enablers.
    If their incompetent rulership continues another four years, the scenario you describe will be with us for the foreseeable future.

    • It was Obama, the worst president in the history of the US that promoted division and did his best to reverse natural selection. Mr. Trump was saddled with the fallout from that disaster.

      Where protesters effectively remove police responses all future mid-level infractions become capital offenses. On the spot. Is this all bad?

      • Natural selection? Hmm, how does that compare to might makes right?
        Or, survival of the fittest?
        Maybe the virus is onto something.

      • Mr. Obama the worst? You might want to check the biographies of previous Presidents.
        Obama got health care for 23 million Americans. Trump got huge tax breaks for the upper 0.01 per cent. His only real accomplishment.

        • I’m guessing you were one of the 23mm as his plan sucked. He didn’t find a way to pay for anything he just said “ok, now all these people that don’t participate in the economy get free health care and the rest of you are going to pay for it”. That is a catastrophic failure and contrasts vividly with the prior Clinton administrations efforts to actually figure out a way that would work. Obama didn’t figure out anything… he simply put a program in place that would be rightfully euthanized by any future president with a business mind.

          Recall what the Alaska health insurance monthly premium was for a fit family through Costco (or any other)?

          Of course you don’t but it was horrific.

          He gave tons of money to the self- disenfranchised, health care as well, and then for the first time since LBJ he made clear racially derisive remarks as Commander in Chief. His legacy is a pissed off group of ne’er-do-wells with health care and no incentive to invest in themselves. Now, it doesn’t really change things much as that group is low self investment anyway so yeah, there’s that.

          Amongst employers Obama’s legacy will be waste, misdirected assets and derision. Now we have pissed off societal leaches masquerading as protesters, armed and publicly looking for a fight as a result of Obama’s hairball leadership skills. Don’t believe me? Google: twitter “Black Panthers Calls out red necks – “We here, where the (f) you at?”

          With low discipline in the group, military fatigues, significant weaponry and walking directly down the middle of the street there’s a very high likelihood that one of those gentlemen they’re looking to irritate (you know, the kind that will sit in a tree stand all day for the chance to kill one animal) will fire up the old flatbed and run right through the pile.

          At that point it will be game on and who will have started that? Well that would be your buddies with the free health care, Greg. Oh, and Mr. Obama.

          Hurry up and google that. You’ll dig the video. I’ll wait.

          • So your argument is for health care for all, sorta like Medicare, which has been pretty popular with those who are on it?
            And which exists in every (other) civilized country on the planet, as well as a few who aren’t civilized.

          • Greg, you need to get educated some more and learn to process truthful data. Obama enslaved millions and made them further dependent on handouts from the government. Which planet do you reside upon, Greggy Boy?

    • Donald John Trump is the much needed antidote to 8 years of King Barry. DJT saved our country!

    • And so Greg brings the lie of a narrative: “If you want FOUR more years of THIS…!” indicating the last four MONTHS have been a long four years. Nope. Things have been quite magnificent in most places in our country until this election year. The bad places where trash and graffiti and violent protesting took place? Wasn’t right-wing folks. And economic and employment numbers don’t lie. Feelings? Yes, they lie. And telling people how to feel in the face of numbers is certainly rather paternal.
      We have had many years of this in the making with literally DECADES of some of our Left friends in power making laws and directing judicial judgments. Yet, a man is in power less than 4 years, and you, Greg, and others feel Trump should bear the brunt and blame of this? He FORCED this bad behavior? He APPROVED it? No, actually, it was the local Leftist mayors who stated things like, “Seattle’s summer of love.”
      Again, this is the quite the shift of blame. And honestly, the Right is getting tired of it. No one is more tolerant than the right. Remember? Tolerance is “tolerating:” something or someone you don’t approve of. The right does this. They even FUND it sometimes! The Left? They brag how tolerant they are of gays, et al. YET, they completely approve and force funding of all manner of behavior. That is NOT tolerance. But hey, feelings, right? Words and facts be dammed.

      • Scott,

        This is the very meaning of the word gaslighting that the left has taken to using the last few years. In typical leftist fashion they accuse those they disagree with of doing exactly what they are doing. The left enjoys using buzzwords and they cycle through them as if they all share the same playbook. A couple years ago it was all the rage for leftists to call any argument they could not counter a strawman argument, now they talk about dogwhistles and gaslighting. The old standby of calling people they disagree with racist hasn’t yet gone out of fashion but it is getting close. We are nearing the point where the racists on the left are being shown for what they are, they can only further their deception by gaslighting, using dogwhistles, and strawman arguments. The reason the left uses these buzz words is because they have studied them to use to their advantage, even though most of them don’t know how to properly use them, nor do they understand the blatant hypocrisy inherent in their use of these words.

        • That’s the standard Leftist’s operate on. It’s so predictable now, and so obvious too, that I hardly pay attention anymore. Countering their accusations with facts, works quite nicely. Leftists are peabrains with the mentality of herd animals. Psychiatric clinics are running to overflow with Lefties

  15. I am done.
    I for one have already begun to stand my ground. I will counter the bankrupt arguments of the Left whenever I see fit and on my terms.
    I have been called “racist” because they had no argument to counter my position except ad hominem.
    If I ever set foot in Seattle again, it will be too soon. I am asking Alaska Airlines to provide different routing that does not include Seattle because Seattle does not have a government that can provide peace, tranquility and safety for residents and visitors.

    • Mr. Obama the worst? You might want to check the biographies of previous Presidents.
      Obama got health care for 23 million Americans. Trump got huge tax breaks for the upper 0.01 per cent. His only real accomplishment.

      • Yeah, 23 million Americans who don’t pay taxes, use food stamps to buy their junk food, drink and drug to excess, and are on never ending welfare. These are the Americans who get sick often and overuse free medical care by the government because of their lifestyles. Thanks loads, Obama.

  16. …”only one choice, and that is to plant our feet and fight for America as if our lives depend on it.”

  17. I would be happy to sit at my end of the video streamed church service I attend and not be expressly or implicitly called a racist after spending tens of thousands of dollars of my own money on social justice projects. Or have the toil and accomplishments of my dirt-poor, illiterate, immigrant grandfather and his son dismissed as being rooted in “white privilege,” by a righteous and fundamentally ignorant millennial pastor bleeding her guilt all over the floor.

    I have heard not a peep from the pulpit condemning or even explaining why countless stores have been looted and burned in Seattle, Portland, New York or Minneapolis. Apparently this is all good and necessary and oh so very moral.

    I am waiting for a “community activist” or someone from BLM or ANTIFA to explain to me why a statute of AN ELK in Portland must be destroyed. AN ELK? Or how the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen deserves to be branded a “racist fish.” Somehow this is appropriate behavior? Strong hint: This is not rational.

    Our local leaders are completely spineless and even mendacious. Except when it comes to demanding the people wear ineffective cotton masks. Forrest Dunbar? Is that a joke?

    Just think: If Hillary had been elected none of this would be happening; Covid 19 would not have occurred; BLM would be running the public schools based on Howard Zinn’s grotesque textbook (this is already happening in large part); many of us would be in re-education camps and Bubba would still be making twice-monthly visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s island.

    Today, no one mentions Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his idea that people should be judged not by the color of their skin but on the content of their character. This is easy to move past: People do not have CHARACTER today. They only have grievances and demands.

    We are not far from the breaking point. I have prepared for some things. I am ready to make some changes; it will not take much. Perhaps the party will get really started by the year’s end. I have suggested to some that when that happens, there will eventually be order. The order may not look the way that order has looked in the past and many may not like it. But there will be order.

    I weep for what this country has become.

    • An update. I attended my streaming church service this morning and had the pleasure of being implicitly called a racist and a white supremicist on multiple occasions. With a smile, I was reminded of how my grandfather, the “stupid Swede,” and his son benefited from their “white privilege.” (I am quite curious – how could anyone conceive of a way to be more insulting..?)

      I am done with these people. It will take a few weeks or months to get there but I am done. Time to start fighting back.

      Still waiting on an explanation for destroying the ELK. AN ELK.

      • Your church was telling you that you and your family is racist, based upon nothing but the color of your skin?

        • I am still working through things but I think that I am being impliedly called a racist because everyone is a racist. Some sort of Orwellian double speak like that. It is all so very fashionable and “woke.” Very.

    • Here’s another prescient gem from Dr. MLK: “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King Jr.

  18. To be right is to be perfect, we are never wrong, we don’t tell people how to live, but they must agree with us and worship our God or will take them out.
    Big talk for small minds.

  19. As Shelby Steele, black author, wrote a few years back: It is not in fashion to be racist in America. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find more than a few true white racists in any town in America. What white America is really afraid of is being called racist. That is the main reason why trillions of dollars have been spent and racist policies against whites (and Asians) such as affirmative action have been codified into law. Whites aren’t racist. They are afraid of being called racist.
    Good words from an honest black man.

  20. It’s past time for the so-called “silent majority” to grow a pair and stand up to Black Lives Matter and Antifa. If black lives truly mattered, BLM would have been campaigning to end the rampant black-on-black murder in the inner city. NO ONE should have to fear saying ALL LIVES MATTER, because truly…all lives DO matter…even those of the whiney, self-centered, mindless brats who are incapable of thinking for themselves. Do NOT stick your head in the sand and hide in your safe little space hoping that you aren’t targeted! Stand UP for goodness sake! I can guarantee you that if I ever found out one of my family members were ever a part of this protesting/rioting mess, they would NEVER be allowed through my door again. The time for tolerance of bad behavior is long over. It should never have been allowed in the first place. These brats weren’t disciplined as children, so now they are terrorizing the rest of us and we need to do whatever is needed to discipline and stop them now. America, you reap what you sow. Remember…”united we stand, divided we fall”.

  21. Well done. However, this quote I disagree with: “And if for some reason President Trump prevails in 2020, an outcome that is tenuous at this writing, average Americans have already gotten the picture: The riots, the name calling, and the collective insanity will continue for another four years.”
    I fully expect that Nov 4, will see even more rioting than when he won in 16. This time though, he is in charge, the National Guard will be leaning forward and the riots will be stopped, cold! The President is doing all he can to keep the lid on, without force or “Martial Law”. However, once he is re-elected (and I do think strongly that will happen), those options will no longer be “options” Any Governor or Mayor that opposes will be stopped as well, all legally and by the Rule of Law!
    Can we hold out until Nov 4th? I sure hope so because if not, a Civil War of proportions unlike seen in 1862 will happen and it will not go well for the radical left! I want to do this right, election and then move on from there, peacefully if at all possible. We’ll see.

    • I used to think “Patriotism is the last refugee of scoundrels” was the summation for despots, but now I’m guessing “Rule of law”may have taken its place.

    • Recommending open rebellion, are you? I recommend caution. How do you think you will do against the military might of the nation’s armed forces?

      • Oh Greg, not worried about my brother and sister in the military! They support freedom and this Commander in Chief like no other I saw in my 20 years in the USAF, and I served with Reagan and GW Bush!
        No, I’m stating a fact that when BLM/ANTIFA and other socialists fire the first shot, we will take care of them and we will end the violence.

      • Greg, the REAL question is:. How do you think YOU will do when Conservatives have had enough of your cowardly BS?

  22. Weary might come from trying to do God’s work without God’s help.
    One thing to raise rafters with bellicose badinage, quite another to fill churches, mosques, temples to capacity and ask our Maker for help
    …China flu, social distancing, governments, mayors, masked avengers, rioters, social-justice junkies, the lot be double damned to (expl del).
    Psalm 23’s outta style now… church fillers so afraid of getting shamed, jailed, pooped on by social-media cretins… they won’t go to, much less fill, places of worship unless proper authorities approve, then only under carefully controlled conditions and not too often?
    The same Americans who pledge their allegiance to one nation under God…
    Probably haven’t seen weary yet… nobody guaranteed America 244 years of easy… now it’s our turn to keep her going
    Can’t imagine doing it without God’s help.

  23. “…cameraman tried to capture the scene, a young man, with all his white privilege in full display…”

    You can stop right there. I won’t read the rest of this garbage because of that line right there.

    Systemic racism doesn’t exist.

    Moving on

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