Homer, Juneau, Chugiak, Anchorage unsanctioned Fourth of July celebrations


Towns across Alaska celebrated the Fourth of July with unofficial parades, after their leaders had canceled festivities due to an abundance of caution about the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. While some simply stayed home or headed for the great outdoors, others decided that parades were still in order.

In Juneau, a group of about 50 people paraded from the Douglas Bridge to downtown, and sang God Bless America around City Hall. Their signs were in the theme of supporting law enforcement.

In Homer, a parade of cars started at the school and went the length of the Homer Spit, flags unfurled.

In Chugiak, a group paraded through town and ended up at the Chugiak Cafe for hot dogs. The impromptu parade was instigated by the owner of the cafe.

Ken McCarty and a parade of patriots in Chugiak.

In Anchorage, a group of antique auto enthusiasts drove the downtown and West Anchorage, organized by Antique Auto Mushers and the Midnight Sun Street Rodders.


  1. God bless those patriots!

    God bless Alaska!

    God bless our leaders! Pray for ALL of our elected officials!

    God bless the USA!

    • Those Homer ‘patriots’ are flying the flag of the treasonous losers in the civil war.

      God isn’t blessing any of that.

  2. Why was it necessary to make the article racist?? Just one word that wasn’t needed. EVERYONE knows what coronavirus or COVID-19 is!! Makes me think the author is racist.

    • She most definitely is not. A bit moderate at times, but I don’t fault her. Jeb is moderate but still conservative. She didn’t call it the China virus which would have been correct. I think you Lefty’s are always picking a fight. Can’t finish one mind you but starters none the less. I just saw a black woman down here saying her family doesn’t support July 4th, saying her people were slaves in 1776. That may or may not be true. I don’t know if she was talking in general or her family. In this great country of ours, it is important to remember exactly where we came from, and to know our country’s history. I would like to tell the woman that black lives do matter. All lives matter. Police lives matter. Black lives mattered back during the slave trade. Blacks helped build our fledgling country. The slaves working the fields, picking cotton and tobacco amping other things. Black lives helped make America great. Helped vitalize the south. After the ear, blacks were cowboys. Nobody wanted the harder, meanial tasks but blacks were used to it. They worked for the big cattle barons. The drives lead to building railroads. The list goes on and on. Yes, black lives certainly mattered when making America great. Today, with riots, black on black killings, single mothers, ramped crime, I wish black lives mattered more to blacks. All lives matter, even blacks.

      • And Ninilchik held its annual rodeo. It was the 60 th anniversary of the local event. Horse races on the beach. Local bar b q. Gymkana. Flags and live of our country in much abundance

    • People who constantly call others “racist” are usually racist themselves. Are you a racist, GAYLE? Why, I believe that you are a racist and cover for yourself by calling others a racist. You are disgusting.

  3. I am pretty sure the virus isn’t racist. Good luck to those of you who think it won’t rock your world, whether you get it or not.

  4. Boom, boom, flash, bang, dazzle, sparkle, wow, woo, and entrancing citizens in the pride of celebrating the founding of America. That is the fireworks we didn’t have along with the parade we didn’t have and the celebration of America we didn’t have, due to the leftist ‘ban on America’, under the guise of ‘protecting’ citizens. A few ‘rebels’ shot guns, lit unauthorized fireworks and yelled “yahoo”, like every 4th of July. Something will bend, even break, in the war on America. It won’t be long. When it does, be glad you aren’t a leftist. I’m happy I’m not, every single day.

    • It will be hard for me to drop a hammer on another American. Not impossible mind you but hard. Spray paint George Washington again or change my KC Chiefs name and we may have a problem.

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