Tuesday is ‘black business only’ day, according to Alaska Black Caucus



On July 7, across the nation, people are being asked to only shop in stores owned by blacks. Not Hispanics, Asian-Americans, Indigenous people or single moms. Not gays or transgenders.

The Alaska Black Caucus reminds Alaskans that Tuesday is #BlackOutDay2020Alaska, “an opportunity to stand in solidarity with Black people as we work to eradicate racism by using our economic power.”

“We’re asking everyone to not spend even a penny on July 7 unless it is with a Black-owned business. This is an opportunity to make a statement in support of Black-owned businesses and Black lives.”

According to Investopedia, there were over 2 million African-American-owned firms in the United States in 2017.

Alaska black-owned businesses are listed at the Alaska Black Business Directory.


    • PURE racism. I will not get involved in this brand of racism. Black people did not invent this kind of stuff. White liberals invented it.

      • White liberals haven’t invented much of anything.

        If you’d like to expand your world view consider including Japan where though their population is monochromatic you will find around US military property that bar owners will commonly put up a sign that disallows entry to negroes. Or go on a trip to the middle east where it doesn’t have to be a bar at all and signage states a similar preference with greater specificity and clarity.

        At some point it doesn’t hurt to ask why such a small percentage of the US population (and a smaller percentage by far of the Asian community) has had such a polarizing effect on those around them. Could it all be simple confusion?

        That answer is ‘no’. The question then would be yours to ask.

        • I think the post was referring to the idea and others like it. The creators of black-business-only-day.

  1. Leftists always have these weird “Buy Nothing Day” type campaigns that never amount to anything.

  2. This is an interesting racist initiative .

    I stand against racist racists initiatives and policies.

  3. Seems like basing action or inaction solely on a persons race is by definition racist.
    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” MLK

    • Think of it as sort of reverse MLK – turning your quote that race shouldn’t matter to the only thing that matters. Why is it that democrats always default to this? David Duke would be very proud. Cheers –

  4. So who are the members of the Alaska Black Caucus? It’d be nice to put names to such blatant racism, eh?

    • Ah, interesting. So here are their sponsors, according to the Alaska Black Caucus website:

      Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
      Alaska Airlines
      Alaska Senate Democratic Caucus
      Alaska Children’s Trust
      The Kobuk
      Anchorage School District
      IBEW 1547
      Anchorage Symphony
      Alpha Kappa Alpha
      Delta Sigma Theta
      Arctic Ques
      Teamsters Local 959
      Chugach Electric
      Business and Professional Women – NTTF
      Northern Compass Group
      Municipality of Anchorage
      The Planning Group of the Northwest
      Skinny Raven Sports
      Alaska State Legislature
      Providence Health & Services Alaska
      ​Anchorage Park Foundation
      M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Alaska
      Office Tech
      Rasmuson Foundation
      Running Against Racism
      Jocasta Consulting
      Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
      United Way

  5. I was taught that the color Black is all colors and White is lack of colors. I think the blind fold of Justice is in order for Alaska’s Black Caucus, being Black is all colors including the color white. ?????? We need to quit dividing.

    • Actually, you were taught wrong. White is all colors and black is the absence of color. This is according to the “light spectrum”. Of course if you are discussing the mixing of paint…

      • “People of color” is another misnomer. Every person’s skin has color, some darker, some lighter. As you mentioned, the color white includes all colors of the light spectrum, while black is the absence of light and color.
        However, there are NO absolute black skinned people or absolute white skinned people. Not even Africans are truly black, nor are albinos truly white.
        That being said, each person (made in the image and likeness of God) ought to celebrate the unique individual characteristics that HE Himself bestowed on them at the time of conception, as well as appreciate the distinctiveness of their fellow human beings.

  6. This is the biggest bunch of horses*** I’ve ever heard of. How about we boycott black-owned businesses altogether for long enough that the Alaska Black Caucus gets their heads out of their backsides and stop promoting racism?

    • P.S. I highly encourage people with common sense to write to each and every business listed to let them know their sponsorship of such BS is damaging to their reputations and they are acting like morons.

  7. Racism is racism. What would happen if everyone boycotted black businesses? Riots, protests, blame of racism, tearing down monuments to all but Lenin and Mao and entire cities destroyed, paralyzed and ‘boycotted’ in protest. Non black citizens, including business owners, deserve equal treatment by virtue of being Americans. Not black. The “big” sponsors of this outrage are, for many, supposedly ‘representatives’ of the people, not blacks specifically. If someone is half black, half any other race, does that qualify them for special treatment, like this BS? How about those non-blacks that support black racism against others? Are they really American, or just racists?

  8. You know, what race or color the owner is has absolutely nothing to do with where I shop or do business. If a place provides goods or services that I want, of good quality and a fair price, and provides good customer service then I will shop there. To say that I should shop at a particular place because the owner is of a particular race implies that there is no other reason to shop there. We have to quit separating ourselves by the color of our skins and start separating ourselves by our integrity and our works.

  9. Hey, everyone! There are a few facebook pages that list black-owned businesses in Alaska…in case you want to boycott them…or shop there, either one.

    • If I was a black business owner I would feel this kind of exposure as insulting, whether my business was wealthy or not. As a business owner you desire recognition based on your product or service quality not by systematic sympathy based on skin color. Very intrusive and insulting. Shameful.

  10. What a great idea to further the divide between Blacks and other races. Who thinks these things up? Can you imagine the uproar if anyone not of color suggested this? I’m all for everyone being equal but unfortunately that’s not what Liberals and democrats want.
    If you are Black please tell me how this is going to help bring everyone together.

    • Why was my comment edited? Part that was edited…I and my family will not be supporting as many of the companies supporting this racist day as possible!

      • Because when you write in all caps, I often just delete huge portions so I don’t have to retype it all. -sd

  11. Talk about racism! If systemic racism exists locally or nationally, it is because of crap like this. BLM is nothing more than a homegrown terrorist organization that is responsible for the burning down of more black businesses than any other group. Black on black crime is what they should be trying to deal with. This edict won’t result in any change in my life on Tuesday. I don’t buy anything because of the race of the business owner.

      • And yet, BLM has not condemned the violence against their own people by their own people (not to mention any other unfortunate souls caught in their wave of destruction), during the riots or day-to-day living and sometimes surviving. However, they do condemn the KKK, which has hardly a whisper of influence today. Ironic.

      • Wrong, B. During the 92 riots in LA Blacks rampaged Black businesses. Koreans defended their stores on rooftops. Rodney King, a career criminal like George Floyd, got his big bod in the way of a video camera. The press played only the most graphic portions of the tape that would spawn racial outrage. Democrats!

  12. Get real! I don’t hear the word “racist” used by anyone other than Whites. We minorities are amused by the White guilt seemingly everywhere, but mostly by Democrats and Liberals. What is it with you folks? Minorites are insulted by your strange behavior to appease and accomodate minorities to the point that we are getting uncomfortable. Not all Whites are rolling with this either. Can we just stand aside and watch you White people beat each other up in the name of being called a racist?

    • Don’t worry, Jose. The big fistfight will between Liberal Whites and Conservative Whites. I probably don’t need to tell you who will receive the bigger blackeyes.

    • Jose, we are just afraid of being called racist. As you have observed, not hardly a single white racist exists in the US. It is highly unprofitable and unpopular. Now, us white unknowingly do racist things…all in the hope we won’t be called racist. Like telling folks to choose where to spend their money based on the skin color of the owner. Or promote affirmative action, thinking that absolves past sins people we have never met committed.
      Oh, and it is generally a left and right thing. The Left declares they are not racist and labels the Right racist. The Right rarely accuses anyone of being racist but feels it has to somehow defend itself and ends up sounding racist for speaking against it.
      It is strange how white people beat each other up all to save black people’s feelings.
      Soon black people may perceive rightly the paternal position the Left loves to be in over their culture.

    • This whole BS with minorities/majorities/skin color/ethnicity is a bunch of crap that’s pushed by individuals and organizations that have a vested interest (read that as $$$$$) in keeping folks pissed off at one another.

      Divide and conquer, and there you go.

      We have two basic types of folks – those that like to be taken care of, and those that just want to be left alone. Americans in past generations wanted to be part of a great country, but also wanted to be left alone to be successful on their own, without handouts. It seems for many folks handouts are expected now, and if they don’t come, well hell, then it’s time to tear crap down and have a tantrum.

      At this time, the ones that want to be taken care of are on the ascendency, and have figured out that this is the time to become ever squeakier wheels.

      The helluva thing is – it’s working.

      Sad times indeed.

  13. I will make double sure that I don’t shop at any store on that list, this has gone far enough

  14. I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss out on this. I’m pledged to support only Native Alaska businesses on Tuesday.

  15. As far as I’m concerned we’ve already paid “reparations,” given all the taxpayer money required to repair the damage, destruction and violence we’ve witnessed during the so-called “peaceful protests.” I’ve had it. I’m boycotting every business that is not Pro-USA. I refuse to even “click” on anything that comes out of the ADN commie “newspaper paper site.” I refuse to pay money to watch movies leftists are in. I refuse to shop in Anchorage because it leftist. I refuse to watch the NFL or MLB. I’m done.

  16. Let me try this again.
    I refuse to support any business that is not pro-USA. I will not participate in what I define as racism, spending money based on skin color. I’ve had it. Forget reparations—Given all the destruction and violence we’ve witnessed in the lower 48, our taxpayer money will be pumped into repairs. In fact, my family is so fed up, we refuse to even click on the commie “newspaper” site at ADN. We refuse to spend any money, including gas, in Anchorage because we refuse to support with our dollars leftism. We are boycotting the NFL, MLB, Chinese products, Hollywood, and any company we see supporting this nonsense. We are fed up.

  17. double standard. A double standard is a code or policy that favors one group or person over another. Double standards are unfair. … A standard is a way of evaluating someone, and a double standard is two-faced. It’s like having a rule that applies to some people one way and another way to others.

    PS Suzanne, I like the way you snuck in double pictures,

    • I don’t know how those double pics got in there. I’ll have someone take a look at that. Odd. – sd

  18. The true ‘non-racist’ would shop at and recommend the best business model, diversity of inventory, ambience, ease of access and a host of other attributes that will make any business a roaring success. Not an ambivalent choice made on the basis of skin color. The true description of racism is standing right in front of the accusers when they look in the mirror. Their own inadequacy, ineptitude, acidic personalities and the true meaning of the word, “racism” is the cheerleader for the actual racists that either propose or accept this trash. America will not survive on garbage like this. I think Bruce Springsteen said it all, “get a job”. Too lazy, incompetent or illiterate? Cry racism. The new way.

  19. The list of black owned businesses includes every publicly traded company because with thousands or even millions of shareholders there’s got to be at least some that are black.

    And it seems harmful to the cause of blacks to boycott, even for a day, businesses that employ blacks because what hurts the business hurts the employees.

    And if the business doesn’t directly employ any black people maybe the suppliers to that business do…heck, it might even be a black owned business downstream of the business boycotted.

    The interesting thing about liberals is they never seem to look past the obvious and this is a good example. Promoting some black people, but only those who directly own a business, by boycotting most other businesses probably hurts more black people than it helps.

    Of course then there’s the whole unbelievably racist aspect to this idiotic idea…

  20. This kind of thing divides us, not uniting. I will be at work on Tuesday serving the public as I have since the beginning of all this craziness.

  21. Eradicate racism by engaging in systemic economic racism. Sounds like Orwellian Newspeak.

  22. I’m all for it. Let’s do it !! Then we can have a Whites only day, and a Hispanic only day, and also an Indigenous Peoples only Day, and an Asian only Day, and a Muslim only Day, and a Christian only Day, and a Hindu only Day, and a . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. .. .

    Otherwise it’s just RACISM by another name. (as Shakespeare might say).

  23. So we end systematic racism by boycotting any business not owned by a black? Hmm, very odd. I wonder how Asians and Hispanics feel about this. I will shop where…they have fair prices, quality products, friendly and helpful staff with knowledge of their product. This is called customer service and it knows no color.

  24. What would the Alaska Black Caucus think if there is “white business only” day.
    The ABC would probably would say that was racist and claim it as a hate crime. The ABC just want to spread the hate.

  25. Ridiculous!

    Systemic Racism does not exist.

    I will shop where I like, regardless of who owns the store.

    What a joke!

  26. I am shopping at a white store then a brown store then a red store and then a blue store and then a pink store and then a yellow store

  27. How’s it going for ya, “black out” promoters and supporters? I have read many articles about your day. It has generated a tremendous ‘shopping’ day for non-black Americans. They weren’t boycotting every color except black, either. The consensus is, these American shoppers were supporting the ‘racist’ businesses that happen to be ‘other than black’ and actually depend on their business model to bring customers in, not racism. Shoot yourself in the foot, did you? Scream racism against every “non-bro” and see where people with any common sense take their business.

  28. If the Alaska Black Caucus wants to play that game, then I choose to only spend money at White operated establishments.

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