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Mayor Berkowitz tries ‘bar shaming’ to slow down virus

The mayor of Anchorage has been warning people to stay away from crowds. But now, he’s naming names — of bars where people have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

In a list issued today, he not only names Anchorage bars, but even goes so far as to sweep in Seward and Palmer watering holes, expanding his jurisdiction, as it were, to other municipalities in the state.

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What’s fascinating about the Berkowitz Bar Shaming Initiative is that far more people visit grocery stores, gyms, pot shops, and the Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport every day than visit bars.

And restaurants are also open for service, but none of those categories of businesses are included in the list of where people may have come into contact with the coronavirus. Just liquor establishments.

Some critics are theorizing that Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is preparing to shut down bars again. This week, his medical officer said that people working in bars are at risk.

“I have great concern of people who work n the bars,” said Dr. Bruce Chandler. “They are really working in the danger zone, with people singing, dancing, lots of respiratory droplets.”

The bar shaming list was issued by the Anchorage Office of Emergency Management, which lists the Anchorage Moose Lodge as the place where over a period of five days, a person who was COVID-19 positive had visited eight times. But the Panhandle Bar and JJ’s Lounge were also hot spots, as it were.

Since the mayor’s mask mandate went into effect in Anchorage, the cases of COVID-19 have continued to climb. Berkowitz said earlier this week that enforcement could include civil penalties, criminal charges, and business closures if businesses did not comply with the mask mandate.

Anchorage has had over 541 cases of the virus reported, and seven of the state’s 15 deaths from COVID-19 have been Anchorage residents.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. If I were the owners of these establishments I would sue the — out of him for slander. Berkowitz should be removed.

    • Berkowitz has gone lower then low by naming bars and I agree with you Steven. There are so many other places that are worse they are not naming and singling one area of business is or should be against the law.

      • Your willful ingnorance is astonishing. Little Tyrant put businesses that aren’t even under the control of Municipality if a ything the State government should publicly shame him.

    • Do you really think the municipal attorney didn’t look into the legality of this? I suggest you look up Ms Vogel’s resume on linkedin.

    • Carl,
      Remember that movie “Schindler’s list”? The ones in favor and advancing “the cause” didn’t get put on the “list”. The others, who disagreed, went to the gas chambers. The situation ‘devolving’ today is similar in many ways to that deadly list. If one doesn’t ‘toe the line’, they may find themselves on various ‘lists’. Like ‘boycott’, deface, destroy, intimidate, attack, besmirch, etc. When the time comes for whites and conservatives in general, to fight back, it will be short lived for the socialist “tough guys”. They are always tough when it’s 30, 40, even 100 or more, to one. When it starts becoming more even odds, the idiots pack it up and go back home to mom and dad’s basement. All mouth and no spine, no brain. The black militants in Georgia are a perfect example. All mouth, no action. Challenge white people to a contest of idiocy. When it really counts, you can count on the “tough guy” imbeciles to disappear.
      What doesn’t make sense to me is what are all these unhappy, ‘under privileged’ fools still doing in America. America created a country and guaranteed free passage back to where the previously enslaved blacks came from, after the civil war. The country in Africa is called “Liberia”. Very few takers. Give them time and maybe the idiots will see the error in their ways. Doubt it, but you never know. Until they do, grow a pair, Americans. It’s time to push back. It won’t get any better unless we do. Violence is always a last resort. Socialists seem to use it as a primary resource to advance socialism and the anti-American agenda.

  2. Anyone notice that NONE of Mayor Little Nugget’s establishments are to be found on the list?! Hmmmmmm….. It’s a miracle!

    Also, who’s aware that contact tracers are not to ask those interviewed, if they had attended any of the demonstrations….. And that’s nationwide, especially in NYC….. Anyone else throwing the flag on the field and calling a foul? I am…… Not one single positive case for those who were packed like sardines, yelling their little chants, and not one popped positive for the ‘rona….. Now I know this is all bullshit.

    • The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, just did something similar. He’s closed all the wine tasting rooms in 19 central and southern CA counties, as well as bars, restaurants, movie theaters, etc., even beach parking lots. Yet Napa Valley wineries are not required to close. Surprise! That’s where the winery Newsom owns keeps its indoor wine tasting rooms open!

  3. I appreciate a list as they cannot do all the contact tracing. If I was in one of these establishments, the. I know to take care and maybe stay home. If there are other places, then I’d like to know those as well.

    • If you are afraid, STAY HOME!!! Meanwhile the rest of us are using common sense methods of prevention and continuing to live our lives! You pansies don’t have the right to make everyone else miserable in order to advance your destructive agenda. Bye-bye Berkowitz.

  4. Mayor ” Lord Farquaad” Taxowitz conducts himself just like a little Tyrant.
    No consideration for the majorities thoughts. Thank God he won’t be our mayor much longer.
    The Assembly needs a thorough lib cleansing….. SOON !
    BTW: Our property taxes just went up again. I just received the mortgage escrow notice of a shortage.
    I can pay $710 now and pay $55 more each month OR I do nothing and my mortgage increases by $110.

    Thank you Mayor “LORD FARQUAAD-Taxowitz !!!

  5. At what point is a government official abusing his power? When should a mayor use the power of his office against private citizens directly and publicly?

    While it’s not likely illegal, it’s certainly an ethics question.

  6. Just so Anchorage businesses are aware, myself and family refuse to go into Anchorage retailers until the mask nonsense is over. We were thinking of purchasing a canoe, but we refuse to wear a mask, so we’ll wait until one is available in the valley. Stop allowing this little tyrant to run your business.

  7. Don’t see any after-hours joints on The List.
    Means they’re all China-flu free or all paid up.
    No Democrat’s dumb enough to “shame” those worthy citizens.
    Maybe they should be the ones in charge.

  8. People can only catch viruses in places that serve food and alcohol and directly compete with the Tiny Tyrant’s restaurants. They can’t catch viruses in supermarkets, coffee shops or other liberal hangouts and CERTAINLY not at riots/protests while screaming spittle in cops’ faces. Goodness no.

    I’m just surprised this fool didn’t list ALL of his competitors and thereby sic all his mindless goons on them and drive them all out of business.

    Excitedly awaiting round 2 for the next targets who will also be utterly unable to defend themselves from scurrilous accusations of COVID/racism/witchcraft/whatever.

  9. Not unusual. Even in very conservative states (Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri) information is being released to the public in situations where it is impossible to contact everyone who came into contact with a person who tested positive. As you are aware, many states that reopened early are scaling back on bars being opened. If this keeps Alaska’s bars open and the public safe (and informed) it seems like a good solution.

    • I think you’re one of the only good minded and right minded people on this column
      These people are blaming the mayor and all he’s trying to do is save peoples lives
      If you don’t wanna wear a mask inside of a store then stay home we don’t want you in the public anyway

  10. Maybe its time to break out the UVC lights and install them in the ceilings of the bars, pointing them sideways. Couple with a ceiling fan to move the air and you can sterilize it pretty quickly.

    If Ethan is really concerned, he can propose a property tax break to match the cost of purchase, installation and operation of the UVC lights. They will also work against cold (more Corona) and influenza viruses. Cheers –

  11. @projectveritas We’ll see what city hall and its public employees have been up to soon hopefully!

  12. I guess spineless people will never grow one, just cower before the Little Fascist dictator Berkashits, Harvard indoctrinated, George Sorros funded. What could go wrong? Another example of how Demorats know what’s best for everyone excluding themselves of course. Every American has a RIGHT to provide for himself and take care of his family. Makes no difference if you are an employer or employee, people depend on you for their lively hood and well being. Patrick Henery said it best “give me liberty or give me death”. Take a stand, not a knee. Don’t let these Commies take away our rights!

  13. The king of England (George) who pushed “The American colonists” hard enough to start the revolution that made us free. The independence we are (somewhat) celebrating this weekend. THAT George was ultimately certified insane. How do we start the process for the new, SanFranciscan “George” who is pushing Alaskans in the same way? Is there a court process or do we have to wait for a new “Boston Massacre” to make us say “enough” in the way our founders found necessary?

  14. There is one lawsuit started….so walk in the attorney’s office and donate a few dollars to the cause..If someone goes to a bar for a drink… what….I really don’t care. Lots of infected in Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and Carr’s and all grocery and stations. So What?

  15. A number of recent comments suggest that some of you are ignorant of, or willfully refusing to follow, the “unwritten” rules when referring to the mayor of Anchorage. Rule one: make note of his length disability, early and often. Rule two: call him names like demon, evil, pervert, crazy, or something worse. Rule three: attack whatever he says or does. Let me repeat: attack everything. Rule number four: if anyone is foolish enough to agree with the mayor on anything, they will feel the pain. Rule five: if the governor agrees with the mayor about safety measures, keep silent about Dunleavy. Same for the War President. And if Senator Sullivan wears a mask or says that we should, blame the mayor. The final rule: if you are overweight, or your wonderful American spouse is, Rule one does not apply to your comments. Please follow the rules.

  16. Each business that was outed, should sue outed by Mayor B, in small claims court for business lost. Mayor B should be personally named so he is required to show up in court personally.

  17. This is just plain wrong. So people tested positive, I’ve tested positive and I blamed no one. Contact tracing is not a science, its guesswork. I would sue the Mayor personally, the city should not be liable for him as he is clearly abusing his power. Enough of this idiocy, just because you’re positive doesn’t mean you’re sick. Our hospitals are empty.

  18. Provide for your family…..grow a garden. Protect your family, buy a gun. Words don’t hurt much. Mostly just a waste of time. Action is what counts.

  19. Not one life will be saved with this totally illogical response to a VIRUS. It is a virus folks, an airborne virus, which is virtually an unstoppable product of nature when it spreads through a population. There is NO WAY to stop the spread unless the population moves to where the virus isn’t, which is off the planet. So all the “experts” are lying to you, for what reason you can decide. The only net effect of “slowing” the spread of this virus is the population is going to be dealing with it and the flu virus in a couple of months and doctors are going to have a little trouble figuring out what the hell they are treating. The best solution is for this virus to go through the population as fast as possible. That is logical, based on all the facts we have before us. Berkowitz is full of crap and is on a power trip of epic proportions.

  20. lumping in bars outside the Muni is over reach on doubt. yet no list for infections from Lowes , Home Depot , Freddies or Carrs , ect. ect. Property tax increase helps pay for the panic spending such as $1.25 million to put beds in Alaska Airlines Center . never got used. are those beds still there ? Sullivan and Boeke housing costs $$$ can anyone explain why pot stores remained open ? thinking taxes or keep the public stoned.

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