COVID fallout by the numbers: More heart disease, fewer homicides


The sum total of the cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus diagnosed in Alaska in the last 123 days is 1,063 as of Friday’s tally.

And while the media focus is on the total number of infected and the 15 Alaska deaths associated with the virus, there are other deaths to consider around the state since January. Checking with the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics, it appears the overall death rate is about the same as usual.

Through May, homicide deaths in Alaska were down 39 percent, from an average of 28 over the past four years to just 17 this year in the first five months.

On the other hand, heart disease deaths went up by 4 percent this year compared to the four-year average. Doctors consulted by MRAK say that this is likely because the government shutdown discouraged people from going to the doctor when they needed to. 13 more people have died of heart disease this year than the average over the past four years.

On the other hand, Alaska has seen an inexplicable 7 percent fewer cancer deaths this year so far compared to the last four-year average for the same five-month period.

For flu and pneumonia, there has been a 23 percent decrease in deaths, likely due to people washing their hands, working from home, and not socializing.

Motor vehicle accident deaths are down dramatically, from 35 to 23, a reduction in road deaths by more than one third, year over year. People spent a lot less time on the road since the coronavirus hit.

According to the Bureau of Vital Statistics, death by all causes this year through May show a net of three deaths over the average, or a .15 percent increase — statistically insignificant.


  1. And for this, we are …paupers.
    Liberty swapped for “Safety”
    Ask Ben
    I pray he is not able to see this.

  2. Why don’t we just get down to the absolute truth of this resurgent COVID-19 scare. The numbers are being grossly inflated so we have to shut everything down again. This will happen come fall and guess what? No voting at the polls, just mail in votes. There won’t be enough time to set up any kind of real system or safeguards so fraud will run rampant. Guess who benefits from this?

    • Democrats. Certainly not Trump. This entire pandemic had been opportunistically set to defeat Trump.

        • Yeah. Alaska is small potatoes compared to what is happening down here. It’s like the small dog that comes ripping out Everytime somebody walks buy, gets yelled at and it goes sulking back into the darkness pretty insignificant. The numbers don’t compare because Alaska and it’s vastness and lack of population is unique. Might as well be on quadulent island.

        • Thats just it, each year the flu death rate is RESET after the year.
          Covid death counts have not been reset.
          This shows swollen numbers and fans the flames of pandemic and hysteria.

      • When a person or a party hates a man so much to sacrifice mankind, those values may be so out of kilter as to make a reasonable person, even a reasonable Democrat, choose to distance themselves from their own party.
        To choose Trump does not mean you love and approve all he is. THAT is what is being sold to us. A vote for Trump could very well be a vote against more of what we have seen these last few months.
        Ironically, I have heard the lie phrased like this: “Don’t vote for Trump if you don’t want FOUR more years of THIS!” Really? It has been four MONTHS. But it is already being parlayed into years by the Left. THAT alone is enough for me to say, “Enough.” What else are you lying to me about?

        • Unfortunately there are plenty of voters taking these lies hook line and sinker.

          Just like when Pelosi stood behind the podium the other day and exclaimed “The Republicans will not get away with George Floyds death!”

  3. Good straight facts. Thank you for sharing. I afraid some will say, “See? A society that stays home, gets checks, and doesn’t work as much is a better thing,” All because some causes of death, including homicide and car accidents are down. A free country is allowed to take chances. A great country is one that does and changes the world for good.

  4. The do-called experts no longer talk about herd immunity, only antisocial distancing and marks (which have marginal effect).

    A very high percentage of people have mild symptoms or NO symptoms. Perfect situation to achieve herd immunity. That’s the best bet. A vaccine is highly unlikely, and IF one is developed, it will be of low efficacy for the few who trust it enough to receive it. M

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