Wasilla mayor opens things back up for normal business


Wasilla Mayor Glenda Ledford is reopening Wasilla for normal business.

Beginning Monday, Jan. 4, the Menard Sports Complex will return to regular business hours, along with the Wasilla Public Library, the Wasilla Museum and Visitor Center, and City Hall.

Those facilities had been closed to the public under a Nov. 13 directive in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Face coverings are required in all City of Wasilla facilities. Walk-ins are once again permitted, but a distance of six feet between patrons is required.

The Menard Sport Complex: Open – returning to normal business hours and services. Please call (907)-357-9100 for more information regarding mitigation plans for scheduling events/room rentals. 

The Wasilla Public Library: Open – returning to normal business hours and services; continuing to provide curbside services.

The Wasilla Museum and Visitor Center: Open – returning to normal business hours and services.

City Hall – City Administrative Offices (City Hall, Public Works, Finance): City Hall will be open during regular business hours of 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Public Meetings (Council, Boards, and Commissions): Public meetings are open to the public; however, the number of people allowed in Council Chambers is limited to prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19. Attendees must maintain a distance of six feet between themselves and others and wearing a nose and mouth covering is required.

Ledford won in a runoff election this fall and has been mayor since late October. She ran on an “open for business” platform.


  1. Thank you, Mayor Ledford, for being a voice of reason in a time of absolute insanity! I am not a resident of Wasilla, but I applaud your common sense actions.

  2. It seems it takes a small town mayor to function as an independent, rational, down to earth human being. Thank you, Glenda, for depending upon us to take care of ourselves, to respect the needs of those vulnerable among us, and to begin to go about our lives as usual without the overreach of those elected to represent us who do not. I am grateful for you having the strength of character to make decisions based upon common sense and a respect for that of the people you represent. I hope that others will recognize the wisdom of your actions and behave rationally and respectfully as well.

    • Greg, enough already with the BS numbers of “cases”, in light of the scientifically unsound and invalid method being used to determine the number of so-called ‘cases’. Even the originator of that method has testified repeatedly that it is NOT a clinical test, and cannot be legitimately be used as one.
      Also, like all the other hair-on-fire hysterical Covidiots, you fail to put those deaths in any sort of context. Simply shrieking, emotionally and without any broader perspective, that
      “X number of people died!” is utterly meaningless and irrelevant. Vastly more people die from any number of largely preventable diseases and medical conditions. So where is your concern, hysteria and panic for those deaths? Your post reeks of the fallacy and idiocy of “safetyism”, having no concern or consideration for the costs, consequences and secondary effects caused by the extreme and unwarranted measures you and other Covidiots advocate in your wildly destructive, counterproductive, and mostly futile quest to eliminate all deaths from a very mild pandemic. Your ‘thinking’ and your policies are irrational and blind, and out of all proportion to the actual situation.
      If you desire to forgo life and live in a sheltered cocoon, avoiding all risks as well as all the pleasures and benefits of life, then that is your choice. But I’ll be damned if you and your irrational and hysterical ilk are going to force ME to exist in the same manner. And I use the word “exist” purposely, as merely surviving and existing is NOT living.

      • No what happened was, people went out over Christmas and then came home and now they’re starting to feel ill so they went out and got tested and found out they got the covid while they were gone. It doesn’t really matter how many positive tests there are out there if the same number of people get sick from it. What you propose and other idiots like you is people are going to get and getting tested and a few days later they get the results back saying they’re positive and that’s not true. Down here people are getting tested because they’re sick and finding out their positive that’s two different things. Be glad Alaska has a scant population spread out as far and wide as it is. That way your scenario has plausibility regardless of the facts but in the real world or real people are getting sick and real people are dying everyday by the hundreds it means something else.

    • Greg Forkner,
      Florida has a whole lot more people than Alaska. And we truly don’t know the actual number of people who “die” from the CCP Virus and ones who have died due to “complications” from it. Even our own state does not provide the actual numbers. How many people in Alaska are dying daily from the Wuhan Flu? Your statement makes no sense …
      I guess your correlation is that if you open up a city, even with CDC restrictions, more people will die … do you work for the main stream media? It sounds like it from your scare tactics …

    • Ohhhh Bull. blaming all disease on C-19 is the leftist ploy and anyone that thinks different is just silly. How many smokers are in the numbers?

    • You are obviously a msm propagandist. Force every two seconds of covid on media in your face plandeminc and only show the psy-op garbage and eventually the sheeple will swallow anything they are forced to see. By removing and removing what I write is proof itself.
      The star of david is on your mask.

        • You do not see the symbolism here? The star of David was FORCED on all Jews as a marker.
          All the mask is to the sheeple followers of the world, crosses your race identifier and places it on the mask of all those who swallow the hook, line and sinker of the covid 1984 plandemic.
          Do not be part of the psy-op. What is worse is those who get the covid 1984 vaccine and wear a mask willingly when even the WHO states the vaccine will not protect you from getting it and you can still pass it on to others. You want the mask and vaccine…….you can have them.

  3. An elected official doing what they said they would do ,,,,, I like it. Now can she do something about Parks traffic ? Prolly not. Making Anchorage look just plum silly.

  4. It is about time. Time to put the covid 1984 plandemic in the trash where it belongs!
    Masks do not work…..covid vaccine does not protect you from the “supposed” virus….paranoia seems to be the accepted norm….(Not me)

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