Was Antifa Alyse’s comms director raising cash for riot management activities?


Candidate Alyse Galvin’s communication director this year was providing pro-bono publicity for the Bail Project, a consortium of groups that are bailing out rioters across the country.

On Instagram, Bridget Galvin shared the helpful list of where to send bail money for rioters in violence-torn cities across America.

Now, it appears that the Bail Project, which appears in several places on the list, is associated with actual riot management activities. It was exposed last week after one of its “bail disruptors” was found to have rented a U-Haul that contained supplies for protesters in Louisville, Kentucky.

As the truck is unloaded, the symbols for Antifa are clear in the protest signs that say Abolish the Police, as shown in the video above.

“So the Bail Project is funding the riots that are destroying our cities,” said Tucker Carlson, on Fox. “The question is, who is funding the bail project?”

While some have pointed to George Soros, it’s clear that people like Galvin, who have supported the project, are actively spreading lists of where people can give to associated groups that are bailing out rioters. The Bail Project claims it has thousands of donors.

Influence Watch lists several liberal/progressive foundations as cornerstone donors:

  1. Blue Meridian Partners (Non-profit)
  2. Bohemian Foundation (Non-profit)
  3. Borealis Philanthropy (Non-profit)
  4. Cloud Mountain Foundation (Non-profit)
  5. Leaves of Grass Fund (Non-profit)
  6. NEO Philanthropy (Non-profit)
  7. Propel Capital Network (For-profit)
  8. Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Non-profit)
  9. Vital Projects Fund (Non-profit)

According to PolitiFact, Holly Zeller, founder of the Louisville Bail Project, had rented the truck on her own time to help with the protests.

“Holly rented the truck in her personal capacity, during her time off, and did not use funds from The Bail Project,” Camilo Ramirez, director of communications for the Bail Project, told PolitiFact. “I watched the video and saw painted signs and water, but of course some people are exploiting the clip to create misinformation and attack our organization.”

None of this would have come to light, but for a reporter from the Daily Caller, who was on the scene, watching as shields, signs, and water were unloaded from the truck near the scene of riots.

PolitiFact describes the social media posts around this incident as “Mostly False,” while at the same time confirming that Zeller rented the truck, and not denying that supplies were unloaded for rioters. Social Media censors at Facebook have taken down posts that refer to the incident, declaring them false.

The organization’s bail fund treasury now stands at $27 million.

Galvin’s mother, Alyse Galvin, is running for Congress with the support of the Alaska Democratic Party, the DNCC, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


  1. So, “riot management” is what they call domestic terror support and logistics these days?


    • I know he must be bank rolled nicely. I cannot view even one youtube video without his advertisement at least once every 10 minutes in the conservative video I am watching.
      I think “Antifa Alyse” has a nice ring.

  2. The statute is detailed and complex and subject to application by an appropriate US Attorney, but if I was one of these folks or organizations I might be concerned that the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) could be enforced against me. Federal prisons are not nice places; very UN-“woke”. Finding a place to hide would be increasingly high on the “to do” list. Other federal laws, as administered under the authority of Attorney General William Barr may also come into play.

    (Note for conservatives: If Joe and Kamala win, all if this will be forgotten and even underwritten.)

  3. Antifa is like witches and goblins. Although they have a bad reputation and many people fear them, they are mysterious. No one knows who they are. They don’t wear a black polo shirt with gold trim like the Proud Boys. How do you know whether or not your plumber is Antifa. These people should make it easier to identify them.

    • ANTIFA is the ‘boogieman’ used by the informed/educated to scare the ignorant/uneducated. Just like we’d tell the granddaughter there were kangaroos in the woods to keep her from wandering away from the homestead. Whenever someone, left or right, invokes ANTIFA, they’re trying to control you by playing to your base emotions. I don’t know about you Eric, but I’m not a sheep to be herded.

      • Right. I’ve heard that one before. Right up there with “I’m with the government and I’m here to help you” and “I’ll respect you in the morning”. History and track records go hand in hand. There are those that survived what the left is capable of. I have a friend who walked out of the Ukraine to escape from communism. To him, they were not story-book boogie men. They were very real monsters that killed 3/4’s of his extended family.

    • Eric, the fascist and Bolscheviks alike used fear to intimidate their opponents. These punk fascists who disdain free speech and call themselves antifa are readily identifiable, especially at their riots.
      I look forward to turning the tables upon these goblins and instilling a healthy respect for the rights of others within them. Yeah , perhaps a little fear too.

  4. As we all already know, Alyse Galvin teaches her children to be good little Leftist hooligans and terrorists. Lessons resume around the dinner table.

  5. 100% despicable! These “mostly peaceful” protestors burn, riot, loot, rape, pillage, kill, and a host of other malicious acts. They want to destroy this country from the inside out. Alyse Galvin thinks this is acceptable? No condemnation? No remorse? No decency? An evil, evil person.

  6. If you want to know what’s really going on and why, read this essay “Revolution 2020” from the Claremont Institute’s Angelo Codevilla about how the “Master’s of the Universe”, the un-elected “deep state”, big international businesses and other oligarchies are putting big money in both overt and sneaky ways to preserve their interests at the expense of our unique American democratic republic.


    It’s one of the most comprehensive explanations of the crisis we are in that I have read.

  7. My GOD these people really do hate our country, our flag, and us. If they ever manage to gain any more power than they already have, we will all have a terrible price to pay…

  8. Alyse, honey, your dirty skirts are showing!

    Pretty sure there will be a well thought out, perfectly composed response when (or even if) she’s called out on her progeny’s activities. But it’s an sordid glimpse into the family, isn’t it?

  9. Crickets….crickets….Has anyone heard a word from Alyse on this issue? Her silence truly is golden – like that blazer she won’t stop wearing.

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