‘Antifa Alyse’ has you covered with this bail list for Black Lives Matter rioters


Alyse Galvin’s campaign communication director has recently published a list of Black Lives Matter-related websites where people can donate funds to bail out rioters who have been arrested across the nation.

Bridget Galvin, who goes by Bridget Claire online, shared the list in a Google document. It’s called “Dismantling Racism Resources.” It has bail information for cities across America, from Seattle and Portland to Orlando.

See the Google Document “Dismantling Racism Resources” here.

Bridget’s mom, Alyse, is running against Congressman Don Young, a known friend of public safety professionals.

As rioters burn down neighborhoods, terrorize drivers and cafe patrons, set fire to churches, deface statues of George Washington, and assassinate police officers in cold blood, Galvin’s campaign communication lead professional promotes groups that will bail out Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists and put them back on the street.

Congressman Young was recently endorsed by the Alaska Public Safety Employees Association.


  1. Recall that the official “line” of the Left is that ANTIFA does not exist. So I guess that will not be a problem, particularly in Portland. Actually, I sense things are changing fairly rapidly right now and it is only a matter of time before BLM does not “officially” exist either. Something to do with violence and use of force against law enforcement officers.

    Message to conservatives and many other Americans: The United States of America is a good place. It is not perfect. Time to find a backbone against those that want to destroy this country. Let’s work together so that ALL can be judged based on the content of their character.

    Message to the Left: Critical Race Theory is a complete fraud. Time to find another gig.

  2. You do realize that when President Trump wins re-election all hell is going to break loose right? They are organizing for this. I hope everybody is locked and loaded. Reminds me of that one TV commercial where this old woman was on there kind of like that woman back in the 70s or 80s who kept saying where’s the beef? Anyway the old woman said that if Hillary didn’t get elected we were going to burn this mother f***** down. Well it took them just a little bit to get up enough courage but they’re getting their torches ready. I suggest you get whatever means you have to defend yourself, your family and your country at your disposal.

  3. Yeah, no. This is such bull! Her campaign adds show how many jobs she’s had…ostensibly to raise her children?
    Wow, did a great job with that didn’t she…bail for criminals.

    But Alyse did get her roots done, heard same time as Screechy Pelosi…
    Birds of a feather.

    • Yup, she claims all those jobs, coming off as a working woman. I think she got fired a lot. Also she goes on about getting $200 million from congress to fund “Great Alaska Schools”. Well, where did that money get used? Did it make schools better? Test scores say no. This woman is a fraud.

    • I noticed the list of jobs she had, too! My thought was, “Holy crap, you can’t hold a job very long, can you??!!

    • It sounds like Alyse listened to Crosby Stills and Nash as she was raising her children and took their message to heart. – Teach Your Children. Another one of her favorites was probably – Wasted On The Way. She probably listened to Buffalo Springfield also – For What It’s Worth.

  4. Ms. Galvin must not win! She personifies everything that is evil and wrong in our country at this time. Have y’all heard her campaign ad listing the multitude of jobs she’s had? Obviously, she sucked at them all, jumping around like that. What makes her think she can fill Don’s boots? Never lose sight of her mission. Like Berkowitz, she aims to go in to destroy all that is good. Her support of the domestic terrorist group BLM certainly proves it.

    • “Personifies everything that is evil and wrong in our country at this time?” Approximately 50% of voters agree with her. That is, half our neighbors, co-workers and politicians and 95% of teachers, professors and those in entertainment. The problem is insidious.

  5. Her mother must be so proud for personally raising a foot soldier for the resistance and helping create the educational environment for these intellectual viruses to nurtured.

  6. The strategy of the left is to make institutions fail, as articulated by Saul Alinsky and his acolytes, Cloward and Piven. We are seeing these strategies play out across the US with the Public Safety catch and release strategy. Prosecutors, many supported by George Soros, won’t prosecute and the criminals are released by the misguided dupes who provide the bail money and funding to help destroy the rule of law. As law enforcement becomes demoralized and retreats from our streets chaos will enter and allow the “revolutionaries” to seize power over more and more of our geography. Well intended dupes like Galvin have not learned from history. If their “revolution” succeeds these well meaning dupes will become the first victims of the new regime..

  7. People like you would have kept Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lewis in jail. (93% of protests have been peaceful, btw.) Also, going after candidates children? Very low.

    • No kidding, M. Like all you Left-wing radicals who go after Trump’s kids. More double standard speak. Republicans know the games and lies of the Lefties. Your game book is open for all to see. btw, R M and B both 1?

    • Peaceful????

      Prior to 2020, the costliest civil disorder event in U.S. was the 1992 Los Angeles riots, according to PCS, the insurance industry’s primary source for compiling and reporting insured losses resulting from catastrophes, from hurricanes to wildfires.

      That five-day event caused about $1.4 billion in 2020 dollars, according to PCS. Two days of riots following the funeral of Freddie Gray caused $26 million in losses in Baltimore alone.
      Protests for police reform, racial injustice continue to spread across the USVideo

      But losses stemming from the Floyd protests are likely to far exceed that. In Minneapolis, where some 400 businesses were damaged, owners and insurance experts estimate costs of the damage to exceed $500 million, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

      Nationwide, it may reach 2 Billion dollars…………….

      • Korean shop owners stayed mounted on their roofs as sharp shooters during the 92 riots in Southcentral LA. Cops left them alone.

    • What’s your point? 95% of the KKK rallies have been peaceful. 95% of the Nazi rallies in the 1930s were peaceful. King was found by the FBI as a domestic terrorist through all their bugged phone conversations and hotel bugs. I wouldn’t put him to high up on the pedestal if I were you. This country has a bad habit of placing people who got killed on pedestals and overlooking their real lives. For example Kennedy and his 18 affairs while in office, King and Jessie with hookers in the hotel room the night before. King on a hidden Mic using racial slurs against Jackie O. You want me to continue?

  8. People like you would have kept Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lewis in jail. (93% of protests have been peaceful, btw). Also going after candidates children?? Very low.

    • You mean a paid campaign employee? Do you think it is ethical for a campaign to pay a family member to be a member of the campaign? You understand that would be an ethics violation if serving in Federal office.

    • Either you can’t read or can’t think. Her “child” is an adult who happens to be her campaign’s communication director. She’s openly supportive of BLM CRIMINALS who have been charged with felonies. She represents the campaign. Which purportedly is the candidate.

      The riots aren’t peaceful. Hundreds of businesses have been destroyed. Dozens beaten to inches of death and some others killed. MLK knew how to do peaceful protests. These are anything but peaceful. But go ahead and keep repeating your BS. That’s in your manual right? I dare you to bring this kind of “peaceful protest” to my doorstep. I’ll respond “peacefully”

      PS – Private blog. Not public. Why don’t you talk to Twitter about censorship you triggered toddler.

  9. Not just Alyse, Pay attention to the dangers of Ballot # 2

    In the end, it may not be Susan Collins’ vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh that costs her the election

    Matthew Chapman
    SalonSeptember 15, 2020, 5:21 AM AKDT

    Susan Collins and Brett Kavanaugh Getty Images/Salon

    On Tuesday, The Daily Beast broke down the biggest threat to re-election for Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). And it isn’t her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, or her vote against convicting President Donald Trump at the impeachment trial — it’s the way the election itself will be held.

    “This fall, Maine is set to be the only state in the country to choose its president and members of Congress using a process called ranked choice voting,” wrote congressional reporter Sam Brodey. “Under that system, voters are instructed to list their candidate preferences in order, effectively offering up a first choice, a second choice, and so on. Those backup picks only come into play if no candidate cracks a majority of votes on the first ballot: that sparks what is essentially an instant runoff election, in which the lowest-performing candidates drop and their supporters’ second choices receive their votes.”

    The problem for Collins is that, while a recent poll showed her Democratic challenger, Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon, only leading her by one point, the third most popular candidate is the Green Party’s Lisa Savage, with 6 points. In any other state the Green Party would risk being a spoiler. But in a ranked-choice election, if neither Collins nor Gideon win a majority, Savage voters will be added to their count based on who their second choice is — and Gideon is likely to pick up more votes.

    “Maine Republicans loathe this system and have fought it tooth-and-nail since voters in the state approved its use for federal elections in 2016,” wrote Brodey. “But an ongoing legal effort to overturn the system is losing steam, and time, with the November election fast approaching . . . Earlier this month, Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson devoted an entire segment to the evils of ranked choice voting, declaring that Maine Democrats were ‘trying to rig the outcome’ of the 2020 election through the system. His guest was Dale Crafts, GOP nominee for U.S. House in Maine’s 2nd District” — a district which flipped to Democrats in 2018 thanks largely to ranked-choice voting.

    Moreover, Brodey wrote, “it’s not just Collins who could suffer as a result of the way the system plays out this year; Trump could, too. Maine, as Carlson noted in his Fox segment, is one of two states that awards its electoral votes by congressional district. In a tight Electoral College race, even the swingy 2nd District’s lone electoral vote could make a big difference for Trump, or for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, both of whom are targeting the district.”

  10. That is aiding and abetting the conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States. Outstanding. Another communist useful idiot declares herself for what she is. A traitor.
    I would direct her to RICO, to 18 USC Secs 2381-2386 and 18 USC Sec. 241, which is under used, but I bet Trump puts the hammer down upon his reelection. Won’t have anything stopping him from ending this insurrection by these traitors.
    Those charged and found guilty will face long prison sentences in federal prisons, not state, and some of the worst may live out their days at GITMO.
    Why did Soros make BLM and ANTIFA largely LGBTQ?
    These people are the most vicious and hateful of any group, they just hate, especially, Christians. Cannon fodder. Useful idiots. Use them and they throw them away, they would have to were the ‘revolution’ successful.
    Nice to know the Dem candidates are promoting insurrection and violence. Traitors.

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