Trump rally draws hundreds


As many as 200 Alaskans gathered in the parking lot of Cabela’s in Anchorage on Saturday afternoon, unfurling their American flags and Trump flags for the most boisterous rally in Alaska so far for president Donald Trump.

Other rallies have been held in Homer, Big Lake, and Wasilla.

Organizers, who passed a hat to raise money to cover the costs, had brought in a DJ and sound system that blared favorite energetic tunes, such as “YMCA,” and the crowd bounced and danced to the music. Speakers included former Gov. Sarah Palin, Anchorage Assembly member Jamie Allard, and candidate for mayor Dave Bronson.

No mainstream media covered the event, but participants took plenty of photos and posted them around Facebook.

After two hours at the parking lot, speeches and songs, the Pledge of Allegiance, the festively decorated trucks and cars lined up and headed for Big Lake Lions Club, flags flapping and lights flashing all the way. The line of cars stretched for over a mile.


  1. “No mainstream media“ attended the event. That pretty much sums up
    how we should view ADN: mainstream
    media! Many people hoped that when Alice Rogoff threw in the towel and the Binkley’s purchased the paper, that we would get fair and balanced news. But it has yet to happen. ADN publishes news by first buying it from
    The Washington Post, AP, and the NY Times and then printing it. These three grossly left wing radical outlets are the epitome of “mainstream media”. Hardly fair and certainly not balanced.
    I encourage everyone who would like to get unfiltered news to cancel
    their ADN subscriptions and look
    elsewhere. Many have and more will do the same.

  2. Trump2020

    We haven’t won this yet , everyone needs to get out and vote. They are going to lie, cheat and steal.
    The only way to counter that is getting up and getting out there bring as many people as you can.

  3. I mean ADN didn’t report on this story & you guys aren’t going to report on Trump’s federal tax leaks. So… which side is supposed to be fair and balanced here? Look like neither.

    • You are free to stay at home. If you are terrified then don’t be around people. Order in, work from home, and forget travel for the next two years or indefinitely, really, to prevent your risk. The rest of us will live our lives and enjoy the freedom that God, not government, has given us.

    • GJ if you are fragile, stay home. The rest of us will gather due the fact, that even those of us over 65, have a 95% chance of surviving the COVID 19 if we become infected. The younger you are the higher the survival rate. People from age 0 through 19 have a 99.97% survival rate.

  4. I was listening to a former journalist (not in AK) and he said news organisations want to make money …….how not Woke is that!

    He said he was asked to slant the story to the readers & subscribers politics
    And, unfortunately, in ANC today that is a liberal readership (this is why the Binkley’s do this)

    Example he gave: Antifa starts a fight & people are hurt and, or arrested. He got the story back from his boss & was required to leave something out to appease the news consumers

    rewritten story was: Fight broke out and people from Antifa were beat up

    When he complained it was dishonest reporting he was given a bonus (look this is good $ if you get on the team) …..He resigned months later when his contract ran out

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