War on children continues in Mat-Su schools with permissive transgender bathroom policy


New guidance from the Mat-Su Borough School District says transgender students may use whichever bathroom matches what they consistently present themselves to be at school, as far as their gender identity goes.

“For the purposes of these guidelines, a student will be considered transgender if, at school, he/she consistently asserts a gender identity or expression different from the gender assigned at birth. This involves more than a casual declaration of gender identity or expression, but it does not necessarily require a medical diagnosis,” the new district policy states.

As the contagion of gender identity confusion rages through the public schools across the nations, districts are having to come up with policies that protect all students, including those who are insisting they are a different gender than what their biological reality is. Thus, it is part of a trend for students to change their names to something either more boyish or more girlish. Many schools are keeping these changes secret for parents.

The Mat-Su Borough School District appears ready to honor transgendering, regardless of what parents may say:

“To the extent that the school is not required to use a student’s legal name or gender on school records or other documents, the school should use the name and gender identified in the student’s plan.
“Names/Pronouns: A student who has been identified as transgender under these guidelines should be addressed by school staff and other students by the name and pronoun corresponding to their gender identity that is consistently asserted at school.
“Restrooms: A student who has been identified as transgender under these guidelines should be permitted to use the restrooms assigned to the gender, which the student consistently asserts at school. A transgender student who expresses a need for privacy will be provided with reasonable alternative facilities or accommodations such as using a separate stall or a staff facility. However, a student shall not be required to use a separate gender-neutral facility over his/her objection.”

The district is especially concerned about accommodating the students’ preferences, protecting student privacy and the comfort of students in using locker rooms:

“Generally, transgender students will be permitted to use the locker room assigned to the gender the student consistently asserts at school. A transgender student will not be required to use a locker room that conflicts with the gender identity consistently asserted at school,” the policy reads.


  1. 25 years ago, these LGBTQ policy bafoons would be arrested for aiding and abetting child abuse, grooming children, fostering pornography of minors, immoral conduct by adults in public schools, etc. What the hell are these people doing to our children?

    • So a male can go to school at the beginning of the year and clam to be transgender jump through all the hoop so he can hang out in the girls locker room all year great hope the district is going to pay child support for all the lockeroom/bathroom babies. That will be conceived

  2. Sounds like the school board is in need of a change, this is not Anchorage, common sense rules in the valley.

    • This was written by district personnel a few years ago, not the school board. The current school board will be working on this right away, no doubt. The Board is currently a conservative majority, so show them support. They get threatened and hatred thrown at them when they tackle these tough issues. Recently they passed the policy keeping males out of female sports. We need to show up and support them because it’s usually he other side showing up and being the loudest.

  3. This is the conservative heart of Alaska?

    A-get your kids out of public school
    B-vote to remove every sitting member of the school board
    C-get your kids out of public school.

  4. If I had a kid that consistently insisted unrelentingly he was a she and felt trapped in the wrong body, I wouldn’t want my kid to go to either bathroom. I don’t know why a parent would insist on their kid being thrust into the most awkward and difficult situation like that. Being a kid is hard enough. This should be a very rare circumstance and if and when it occurs (if it ever really needs to happen ever at early ages of course), let the kid use a single faculty bathroom or something and even keep it discrete from the kids but never, of course, from the parents.

    Shocking, of course, that this is the valley. Conservatives need to pay attention to local elections. And liberals need conservatives to pay attention to local elections so they don’t go totally off the rails like this. Liberals are children and conservatives are the adults. The adults need to learn more about how to deal with their wild kids before they totally run away from us. They are liable to get hit by a car.

  5. They never learn. Young girls have been raped in school bathrooms with zero attention from our corrupt mainstream media. I still have a hard time believing this is really happening. Right now public schools are the most dangerous place for our young children. Defund the public schools.

    • Respectfully, it’s not they don’t learn. They don’t care.

      Todays left is happy to sacrifice children (which they don’t value) to their god Progressive.

  6. Over 20 years ago when we were first in Alaska, that district was always referred to as the mat zoo because it’s always been a zoo in there. I’ve always been just a half a bubble off a plum and now it seems like they’ve gone full bubble. The problems currently infecting Alaska are contagious and have spread to the valley.

  7. Voting not enough. Every conservative needs to be vocal at all times . No more quietly resisting. See a mask speak up, hear a public conversation speak up, a booth at a fair speak up. Drive them out of the community. Make them feel unwelcome. Its the only way this changes. Otherwise you will watch as it takes over your community and you finally decide to move. Most of these people are transplants from the lower 49 over the past 10 to 20 years. I would like to see them go back to where they came from. Harsh truth.

  8. “As the contagion of gender identity confusion rages through the public schools across the nations.” I couldn’t say it better myself.

  9. Every time a transgender goes into the bathroom all the kids that would fit into the bathroom should go in and protest.

    • They need to have just a simple marked handicapped bathroom and that would be the bathroom that these folks use. These people are mentally handicapped and definitely qualify to use that bathroom. Is the gay boy who thinks he’s transgender going to go into a girls bathroom with other girls and unzip is fly and start using the urinal? Do you want your daughter in that same bathroom as the guy standing there pain in a urinal and then shaking it off?

  10. When children do not who they are, they become prey. Period. That is exactly why these poor children are being actively confused about their identity -because groomers are seeking easy access to an array of victims.

  11. “Names/Pronouns: A student who has been identified as transgender under these guidelines should be addressed by school staff and other students by the name and pronoun corresponding to their gender identity”
    I don’t use “pronouns” for the same reason I don’t talk to people’s imaginary friends.

    • George, they are not deleted, but they do go into the moderation file until I get to them. That’s just the way it is here. Thank you for your comments! – sd

  12. I thought this whole transgender thing was in the process of being reversed. Didn’t the swimming people say that that guy couldn’t compete against the girls and their verbiage was something like you have to compete against the same people as the sex you were born with, something like that. I don’t see why the same thing shouldn’t apply to people going to the bathroom. I guess they’re going to have to start putting urinals in the girls bathroom in schools now or Force the boy to squat like a girl. Maybe they already do who the hell knows I certainly don’t. But by rule, they have to act like a girl the whole time not just when they want to go to the bathroom so apparently they’re going to follow this guy around to the grocery store the gas station and every place making sure he continues to act like a girl. Perhaps he’s even going to wait by the door for some man to open the door for him. This whole thing is getting confusing.

  13. Then to reverse things, is that Butch girl who identifies as a boy I’m going to go into the boys bathroom between classroom breaks and do her thing in there? If I understand them right she may not think there’s anything wrong with that cuz she’s in there with a bunch of boys and she’s a boy but I guarantee those boys that are in there with her are going to think something’s off.

    • Does anyone care about their rights being infringed upon about wanting to go to the bathroom with someone of the same sex? Are they making the shemale officers in the Marine corps use the same bathroom as the guys?

  14. To be Transgender, one cannot simply take meds and say they are a man or woman. It means you literally have what you were born with removed to accommodate your idiocy.
    What this bs currently is doing is confusing that so if a boy decides to be a girl that day they can use a female bathroom. (BUZZER NOISE)
    NO. YOU MAY NOT. I hope MatSu is fixing this as we speak..it must be stopped.

  15. Homeschool or send to Christian school!Btw also put together a class action suit against the school board if that is possible.

  16. Seems like it would be a good use of money to add more bathrooms to a school and make them for one at a time with no gender designation. Kind of like at the airport where a father can take his little girl to potty. And no group showers if they still have that. Certainly all these children don’t need to potty as a group. When I was in school, nothing good ever happened in a crowded bathroom between classes, so I just held it so I wouldn’t get mugged out of my lunch money.

  17. I didn’t see a date on this policy. Are we certain that this is a current/new policy, or maybe one that was written in the past and never followed. Need more info.

  18. Sal, it is current and my daughters do not use the restrooms at school because of it and being followed into the bathroom by males during class when they were alone. I have been in the girl’s restroom at Wasilla High and saw a young man standing in there the whole lunch period. I did talk with security, but they only action they were willing to take was to add my girls to a list of students who were approved to use a private restroom.

  19. Title IX, they are proposing to have all federal funded schools allow this and more, and have a Title IX Coordinator on site. Scarey.? Here are two sites:
    comments and responses not accepted after Sept 12 and they hope to have all of this in all federal funded schools January… not that it isn’t already there.

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