Walker-Begich group weaponizes Bree’s death to savage Mike Dunleavy



When Bree Moore, the Anchorage 20-year-old, was dying at the hands of her abusive boyfriend, the last thing she could have imagined was having union thugs and oil attorney Robin Brena use her death as a political battering ram.

But the poor girl didn’t know just how low the left would go.

[Read about Bree’s Law here]

Unions and Sealaska Corporation would weaponize her death with help from a Florida consulting company.

Unite Alaska for Walker-Mallott, which now just refers to itself as Unite Alaska, began running ads accusing gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy of blocking legislation called “Bree’s Law,” which relates to teaching teens about dating violence and how to not be victims.

The video ad is nothing short of vicious, insensitive to the family and survivors, and is a falsehood from beginning to end.

Bree’s parents, Butch and Cindy Moore, don’t approve of the ad.

But they know that they can’t demand that the ads come down, because the footage used in the ad is from news reels. All they can do is ask nicely.

Butch Moore wrote on Facebook: “Unite Alaska, The public thinks this is our ad and it is not. Please post ASAP in your TV ad and attached video description, the following: ‘Bree’s Law, Butch and Cindy Moore are not affiliated with Unite Alaska. This ad was created by Unite Alaska using public domain news footage and this is not the Moore’s ad’. Thank you, Butch Moore.”


Unite Alaska was not moved by Butch and Cindy Moore. The group responded on Facebook that they felt their ad was accurate, and they continued to run the ad without the disclaimer.

But it didn’t go well on social media. The public is appalled.

Christian Hartley, an administrator of the Stop Alaska Crime Facebook page, wrote:

“Unite Alaska, do you often re-victimize people who have suffered tremendous loss for your personal benefit, or is it only when it’s a kid [who] is murdered? You never asked the Moore’s, and they’ve asked you to retract or amend your advertisement, and yet… no action.

“So much for uniting Alaska,” he continued.

“Stop Alaska Crime calls on Unite Alaska to respect the wishes of the family victims of this horrendous murder, and fix it immediately. We can’t wait to read your apology for misrepresenting the cover photo of your website to suggest that the Moore’s support your campaign. Psst – they don’t and certainly won’t now.

“Right now, they get to see their faces and the face of their murdered love one advertising a campaign they never authorized and were never told was coming. I don’t understand how you don’t think that might be an issue.”

Vicki Walner, the founder of that Facebook page, also wrote:

Unite Alaska had no problem creating a Anti-Dunleavy ad using Butch & Cindy Moore along with Bree’s Law to deliberating create the impression the Moore’s supported Gov. Walker’s reelection and were behind the ad. The reality is Moores had no knowledge of the ad & all pictures where taken from a story on Channel 11. To use someone’s image and cause to create any ad w/o their knowledge and permission is wrong on so many levels.”

Unite Alaska’s core team and wall of shame is:
  • Barbara Donatelli, Anchorage, Vice President of CIRI Native Corporation
  • Gail Schubert, Anchorage, president of Bering Straits Native Corporation
  • Tim Navarre of Kenai, a city councilman who was once charged with domestic violence against a child
  • Joe Thomas, Fairbanks, a labor union official
  • Sheri Buretta, Eagle River, a University of Alaska Regent appointed in 2015 by Governor Walker and Chairman of the Chugach Alaska Corporation
  • Jim Sampson, Fairbanks, a labor official and former mayor
  • Jennifer Marie Stryker, Anchorage, employed by the municipality of Anchorage


Unite Alaska’s major donors include:
  • Sealaska Corporation – $150,000 of what should be shareholder money
  • Working Families of Alaska, Joey Merrick chair – $200,000 of union dues from working men and women
  • NEA – Alaska – $30,000 from teachers, aides, and janitors
  • Chugach Alaska, a Native Corporation – $50,000
  • International Union of Operating Engineers/Engineers PAC – $50,000 of union dues
  • Robin Brena – anti-oil lawyer who bought Gov. Walker’s law firm – $125,000
  • Bradley Tusk – Michael Bloomberg’s former campaign manager – $10,000
  • IBEW – $100,000 of union dues
  • AFSCME – $25,000 of public employee union dues
  • And other unions. AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami is behind it all
Unite America’s senior strategist Joel Searby is Unite Alaska’s campaign consultant.
Searby describes himself as a “movement leader and consultant in the realms of politics, faith, leadership and business. My mission is to lead people and movements who bring truth, light, life and goodness into the world, to help people see and discover purpose in their lives and the world, to be an expert craftsman in all I do and to look not only to my own interests but also to the interests of others.”
Searby was originally brought into the fold by the Walker-Mallott campaign, as they had received money from the Unite America group, and were obligated to funnel that money back to Searby, one of the group’s consultants, who has his own company in Archer, Florida.

Now, the million-dollar super-PAC is allowing Searby to inflict ads on Alaskans that include using the body of a beloved dead Alaska teenager as a political weapon.


Mark Begich ran a similar ad in 2014, using the deaths of the victims of Jerry Active to inflict political damage on Dan Sullivan, who had been Alaska’s attorney general. Begich tied Sullivan to those murders and his ad was so offensive, he had to take it down.

[Read: Sen. Begich wrongly ties Republican opponent to horrific murder]

This is exactly what Begich is known for, and what will ultimately backfire on him once again. He can thank his buddies listed above for the favor.


  1. I have seen the ad. Frankly, do not think that it works very well. Most people that I know will recognize that the claim that Mike Dunleavy’s actions were “politically motivated” does not amount to much. It is a dramatic build-up to a big, fat nothing.

    Desperation never looks good.

  2. Suzanne, Ms. Downing, I’m an original Sealaska Sharholder, I know you could argue that Sealaska Shareholders donated money to Unite Alaska. However, you and I both know it was actually the board who approved this donation. Many ANC’s formed Facebook group pages and many expressed our disappointment when we found out about this controversial donation. Now, I’d imagine from this disturbing predicament, these 12 board members who acted on our behalf, are feeling just how awful and embarrassing, dabbling in politics can be.

    • If you and the others did not condone this AD then you should go to the Public and pronounce so along with the Board of 12 you speak of by not doing so you are advocating for the AD to move forward.

      • Exactly. I know of many, many shareholders disgusted with a bunch of things that Sealaska has done lately. Not only this ad, but the large donation to the Walker/Mallott campaign as well. Especially since Byron’s kid is the CEO of Sealaska Corp. They are not pleased. They need to stand up to this and, while they are at it, all the perverts.

      • Not necessarily Steve… This artical is a misprint. Its excepted nationally that the board alone has the authority to donate any amount to any political group they choose. Its in their bylaws.

  3. Truth is not something they care about. I’m sure Nancy Pelosi is their patron saint.

    They are all law abiding citizens…NOT.

    Tim Navarre was not only once charged with DV against a child, he is the proud recipient of being convicted for 5 DUI/DWI’s, 10 Speeding tickets, and 1 DWLR in Alaska and STILL holds a DL.

    • You are confused- Democrats dont worship or idolize leaders; that is a Republican trait. They believe in equality and a level playing field whereas Republicans value strictly controlled hierarchy and patriarchal flow.

      • Equality and a level playing field? Right, that’s why Democrats manipulate elections and pose as Independents. They preach tolerance but never practice it with whom they disagree. They idolize and worship Hillary. How else could such a flagrant violator of so many laws still be endorsed? Tim Navarre would be a political pariah were it not for the Democrats and their backroom deals.

      • Really? I haven’t spoken with my old friend Cal Williams in many years. However, I seem to recall that he ran for state House a few years back and that the Alaska Democratic Party sandbagged his candidacy when it was revealed that his views weren’t 100 percent in lockstep with the party’s dogma, allowing Geran Tarr to go from underdog to winning the election. Perhaps you know differently?

      • Now that is FUNNY! Ridiculous; nowhere near true; but so darned funny!??? I love how all the dems stick to the same narrative of projection.

    • What about the former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert who was caught paying out over $1million to keep a hidden rape scandal that he committed with a then teenage boy? Every Republican in Congress hear and knew about the offense but chose to keep it quiet until the victim went public with how much money Dennis gave him to keep quiet. There’s far more Republican sex vandals going on across the nation than the media can keep up with. That’s where the Corrupt Badtards Club originated.

  4. Hey is this another fraud Corrupt Bastards Club news outlet? You only print comments that support your phony website? LMAO. Get ready for the blue wave suckers.

    • You’re in for a rude awakening on November 7th, you might as well get use to more losing (winning for team red). lol

  5. This piece seems like a counter weapon from a Dunleavy supporter; not someone advocating for justice for Bree and her family. She assumes to take ownership of both Bree’s alleged injustice as well as Sealaska’s Shareholders in a disingenuous rant to support Dunleavy. Take note how it shifts gears several times to become more of a campaign smear quickly losing it’s message regarding Bree’s victimization. To me this opinion piece is more of an injustice than what she is alleging.

    • Note the author’s history of supporting Right wing campaigns. She’s completely biased. No real credibility here.

    • Actually if you read the title this article was not written about the actual murder. In her opinion the ad was unethical because it implies the family supports it which they don’t. It does not purport to advocate for justice for Bree and her family. There is nothing disingenuous about it.

  6. Fact Check: It is illegal to use union dues for political purposes. AFSCME political donations are made from PAC funds that are built up voluntarily. Each contribution is made by members in addition to dues used for collective bargaining purposes and they are not required to contribute a single penny to the PAC fund. I understand your anti-union stance but you are wrong to classify this contribution as union dues, when in fact it comes from voluntary PAC funds. Furthermore, donations are only made once the donation is approved by vote of dues paying members.

    • As a dues paying member of one of the unions listed above, I didn’t get to vote on where my dues were donated, can you please let me know which laws my union broke so when I talk to them about this I can cite the laws they’ve broken. I pay my monthly dues and my working due, I haven’t opted out because if I do I surrender the right to voice my opinion in my union and I cannot talk about or vote on anything union related.

      • Union Brother Steve-O: I too am a paying member of one of the unions listed and I sure didn’t get a ballot to vote on where my dues were donated. Never have. Hmmmm.

  7. The big itch and union contributions are all dried up! Alaskans need more than inflated contracts to gain political stature, just as he did to gain his one term senate seat that’s why he and his Obama loving lies about keeping your insurance and every vote for Obama got him ouststed from the senate in one term. Alaskans deserve far better than liberal Walker or the DEMONRAT Begich!!!

  8. It’s becoming quite clear this a Extremist Right Wing Hater page. No journalism here– just biased angry White people bangin on about their hate.

    • Little Willy, Willy won’t go home
      But you can’t push Willy round
      Willy won’t go, try tellin’ everybody but, oh no
      Little Willy, Willy won’t go home

      Go back home under the bridge Willy!

    • Seems to be a rather racist statement, with absolutely zero evidence to support it. Take your hate elsewhere, racist.

  9. “WOW” Suzanne you sure brought out the union goons from the unemployment bench. They can’t bring forth a discussion without the obama talking points.
    Angry White people, jr your an idiot!

  10. To be fair, the Moores have been featured in ads supporting Scott Kawasaki against Pete. Kelly using their daughter’s murder as the launching point, So it is somewhat disingenuous for them to be surprised when their daughter is in other political ads.

    In regard to union contributions, the NEA takes PAC contributions as part of the ‘dues package’ unless a member specifically requests otherwise.

  11. The way that AFSCME / ASEA local 52 operates is that members can voluntarily contribute funds (in addition to dues paid for collective bargaining purposes) that will be used by the Political Action Committee (PAC) to support qualified labor supporting candidates in elections. The PAC is made up of members that become directors by committee election for their district. The directors are the ones that vote on contributions. Any member in good standing can participate in the PAC and this is highly encouraged by staff and other members of this union. For more information about how your union collective bargaining dues benefit you, I would encourage you to speak to the shop steward or business agent designated to you. Your voice should always be heard, but to have it heard politically would involve you engaging with the PAC independently.

    • I’m the shop steward for my department and have never been briefed regarding anything about our union’s involvement with any PAC nor, for that matter, our union’s involvement with anything political whatsoever. All I know about this is what I’ve read about this in the news and other public sources.

  12. Dear Ms. Downing,

    I have tried to remain neutral during this Gubernatorial Campaign, as Bree’s Law and the lifesaving education it provides is for everyone no matter the political affiliation.

    That being said, I wish you would have contacted me before writing your article, “Walker-Begich group weaponizes Bree’s death to Savage Mike Dunleavy,” dated Oct 22, 2018, which I just saw today, 11/4/18, I can now set the record straight.

    First off, many people thought the Unite Alaska ad was ours, that we made or funded it, we did not. We did not like it that it was made to look like our ad, because if we would have been responsible, we would have produced it in a much different way.

    Let me be clear, the content of the ad is true and was pulled off accurate historical news footage, a mini-documentary was produced because of Sen. Dunleavy’s attempts to stop Bree’s Law.

    It is misleading for you to say Sen. Dunleavy supported Bree’s Law when in fact he did not. He, as Chair of Senate Education, tried to stop, water-down, and kill the bill by adding three of his own controversial bills, which he couldn’t move otherwise.

    Only after Gov. Walker made it part of his priority legislation during both Special Sessions, which dragged into June of 2015, was a deal made within the Caucus; Sen. Dunleavy would get support for one of his bills in exchange for his yes vote on Bree’s Law.

    History is history and fact is fact.

    We cannot change the past, we can only go forward, so I’m hoping if Mr. Dunleavy is elected, he support Bree’s Law education, because nothing is more important than saving lives.

    Thank you,

    Cindy Moore,
    Bree’s Mom

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