Voting is slightly up in Anchorage, conservatives are starting to get their ballots in

Campaign supports for Mayor Dave Bronson waved to commuters in Eagle River on Monday morning, starting at 6 a.m.

It may be an election where every vote counts, and so far the count is up slightly from three years ago in the Anchorage municipal election.

By Friday, 36,569 ballots had been received at the Anchorage election center. That compares to 34,149 on the same date, four days before the election ended in 2021.

The conservative-leaning voters have been coming in stronger, with an aggregate of conservative voters’ ballots trending nearly 8% more than liberal ballots, according to an analysis of voter data by Must Read Alaska.

This bodes well for Mayor Dave Bronson’s reelection and possibly for one or more school board seats being flipped to members who won’t support radical ideological agendas being pushed in the Anchorage public schools.

Learn more about how to vote in person on Election Day, April 2, at this link.


  1. I’m genuinely curious how you know that “conservative voters’ ballots trending nearly 8% more than liberal ballots”

    What data are you using? How are you calculating that? Or is it the city who is releasing this data?

    Is it based on where the ballots are coming in from?

  2. How do you know if ballots being returned are from conservative-leaning or liberal-leaning voters? Just wondering.

  3. Suzanne, how do you know if the ballots are red or blue?
    Are they counting the ballots as they come in?
    And is that info given to the press?
    Do liberals cheat? (rhetorical)

    • GD- The names of those who have voted is publicly available and an analysis can be done of those names with various data tools that look at propensity to be liberal or conservative. This is how campaigns typically chase voters who haven’t voted — they know who has, because they get the list, and then go knock on the doors of those who have not voted. – sd

  4. Now if we could only get conservative voters to come out during city elections maybe we could balance out the assembly.

    • This is a city election.

      The issue there is areas in town are more left leaning, and to overcome that you need to ramp up the vote from conservatives.

      Constant 65% 3803 votes
      Trueblood 23% 1398
      Danger 11% 663

      All told that district had 6164 votes last year, or 17% turnout. Double the turnout and have someone who has more broad appeal and it’s a win.

      Across town in 2022 Weddleton vs Sulte had 40.48% turnout.
      Both Weddleton, and Sulte are republicans. That race had a 4% spread between the two.

  5. It’s annoying conservatives flatly refuse to play the game by its established rules.

    Once again, conservatives decide to ignore the passing game in favor of 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

    Like it or not, early voting has been around awhile and will not go anywhere anytime soon. Especially considering the rights disinterest in bothering to vote.

    Just vote. Early. Yes mail in sucks and early voting is stupid, but the left wins with it. Stop handing them that advantage.

  6. Voter turnout is typically low with only a small percentage voting. What drives more out to vote are deteriorating living conditions. Crime, inflation, increasing government intrusion, loss in quality of life. Some will wake up and want change.

  7. Hahahaha. Voting up? To what. Either conservatives stayed home or…….there are none to speak of. If Anch is not bad enough for you to run to the polls to vote conservative, good riddance, let it burn like Portland. Don’t move to my community either, your lazy do nothing attitude is not welcome. Go down with the ship you built by your inaction.

    • Which begs the question…are you certain you haven’t “already voted”…? If you have seen 2000 Mules you’ll understand…if you haven’t then go watch it and see how they use mail in voting to control and manipulate the outcome. I for one, will ALWAYS go and vote in person, so I know it was my vote cast and not someone taking the MIB and changing or losing my vote.

  8. Need to return to in person voting, no mail in ballots unless requested for specific purposes. So many holes and room for corruption with mass mail in voting. Anchorage voters need to get a proposition on the ballot to get rid of mail in. If they can.

  9. Majority of Chugiak and Eagle River area voters didn’t receive ballots. Nobody is listening. Not the muni elections. Not our news sources.
    How can the people vote if their ballot never showed up and they think that is the only way to vote?!?


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