Voters have three days left to request absentee ballots


Alaskans wanting to vote by absentee ballot in the Aug. 16 primary and special general election have until Aug. 6 to request a ballot packet from the Division of Elections.

You may request an absentee ballot using the online absentee ballot system, which requires a valid Alaska driver’s license or state ID card number when applying, and that must match the information on file at the Division of Motor Vehicles. If you have no valid driver’s license or state ID, you may apply using the paper absentee ballot application form. Apply on line here. Apply using a fillable paper application here.

The special general election will determine who will serve in Congress until January, when the next congressional representative is sworn in. There are also numerous offices up for election: Governor, U.S. Senate, and 59 State House and Senate seats.

Other options include:

Early Voting locations and times are now available at this link.

Mailed ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day. Primary election ballots must be received by the division no later than 10 days after Election Day. General election and REAA election ballots must be received 10 days after Election Day when mailed from within the U.S. and from U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, The Virgin Islands and American Samoa. Ballots mailed from outside the U.S. must be received 15 days after Election Day.

The 15-day wait for overseas ballots is primarily to accommodate military voters.


  1. Postmarked on pr before election day? Oddly Juneau voters recently learned that many times the Post Office does not postmark mail…..And when that happens, you lose your vote.

  2. You won’t believe it.
    After Trump lost the fake Election I shot the Alaska division of Elections to have me completely opt-out of voting at all.
    My thinking was that since I could not guarantee, in any way, that my vote would go in as intended…
    It was better to kill it so nobody could steal it.
    Guess what.
    About three months later, what did I get in the mail?
    A voter Registration card.
    That is a Felony.

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