Voter sentiment: Most give U.S. economy dismal grade, but Democrats grade it higher than others


Maybe it’s grade inflation with the Democrats: The gap between how Democrats see the U.S. economy and how Republicans and independents grade may be one of the best clues to how Americans will vote on Tuesday.

According to Morning Consult polling, 70% of Democrats polled give the current U.S. economy an A, B, or C grade. Some 45% of Democrats award the economy a C grade, and only 11% of Democrats give it an F.

That compares to the grade that other voters give the economy — only 22% of Republicans give it a C or better, and only 34% of independents do. 45% of Republicans say the economy gets an F grade right now and another 34% give it a D.

Calculated as a whole, 56% of all voters give the economy a D or F grade.

When asked what influenced the grade, some 80% told the polling company that food prices were a major driving factor for their grade, followed by inflation (79%) and gas prices (75).

Morning Consult’s Consumer Confidence Index shows that consumer worries are up and sentiment down — even lower than it was during the Covid-19 lockdown policies of 2020, when the economy went into a tailspin with high unemployment, and an actual recession.

“In a survey conducted in the week leading up to the midterm elections, voters were most likely to give the current economy a bad grade, with 56% assigning a D or F, including about 4 in 5 Republicans, 2 in 3 independents and 3 in 10 Democrats,” Morning Consult reports.

“Though Democrats were the most generous group when it came to grading the economy, only 6% of Democrats awarded the economy an A, and those voters have expressed an increasingly dismal outlook in the past year,” Morning Consult reports.

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  1. And how were the Democrats supposed to know what an F is? I mean, they answered the phone, isnt that at least a C+ ???

  2. As I told a friend, Anchorage could literally be on fire, wide spread looting, cars on fire, people getting robbed live on tv. Democrats would say everything is fine, so what we going to do about abortion???. They truly live in a alternate world.. I know people even with 4.50-5.00 gas high food prices, that say they would vote for Biden over trump again. Stuff like that is absolutely mind boggling. But that gives you look into the mind of a liberal/progressive/democrat.

  3. We live in two different worlds.

    It would be helpful to know the socioeconomic background of the people they spoke to. The most ardent supporters of our current president tend to be very well to do/rich liberals who live lives isolated from the rest of us.

    Our tech overlords, the beautiful people of Manhattan, and the idle rich in Vail don’t have the same issues as the rest of us. They have the money to not have to give a damn.

    • Many liberals have those cushy, for life, well paying, unionized, Government jobs w/ cost of living adjustments & good benefits, BUT even they are seeing their retirement accounts shrinking.

  4. “Deny, deny, deny” that’s been the democrat playbook for the last 70 years why should this be any different?

  5. In recent years, I keep seeing this strange and nonsensical ranking of grades from C, to D, to F. What the heck is “F”? LESS than an “E”? Since “E” is a failing grade, how can you get lower than that?

  6. Com’On Man!!! Did you really think the Dems would be honest and forthright about the State of our Country, recognize the dire conditions this current Administration has put us into, and ultimately realizing that it falls squarely upon the Dems as being solely responsible for this mess? What we have to understand is that there’s a large portion of the Democratic Party incapable of self-reflection and humble retribution, will never acknowledge and ask for forgiveness, only seeking to place blame elsewhere, and will never accept accountability.
    Honestly, we have a few over in the Republican camp too. The leading candidate is Lisa-M. And, she’s gotta go! Do the right thing and Vote-Kelly-B!

  7. Biden made a big mistake running away from the economy discussion, nothing threatens Democracy more than bread lines.

    • Is this the Frank Rast who we’ve been reading for years now, who knee-jerkedly supported and supports every policy and every action by radical leftists in office?
      Who are you, and what have you done with the ADN’s Frank Rast?

      • Sounds like Frank went grocery shopping had two chickens, two apples, 1 banana, bag of rice, 1/2 gallon of rice milk. Total price $250 dollars. He’s like good golly this Inflation is for real..

        • Upset cause he can’t afford rice milk no mo. Now he’s slumming it like the rest of us drinking 1% milk cause it’s all we can afford.

  8. Biden ripped me off for a half mil and you even bother to ask? Retiring is no longer an option creepy joe – and all your democrat co-partiers are equally at fault. Your Chi-com buddies are laughing all the way to world domination while we become their slaves.

    • How exactly did Biden rip you off? The stock market is still higher than it ever was under Trumper! Did you make that genius move and invest in crypto?

      • You’re reading to many comics. The stock market is not as high or is preforming like it did when Trump was the President. Your a prime example of disinformation.

    • Don’t even get me going on our 401K’s. But majority of democrats think we should give that to the poor. You know redistribute it, cause in their eyes we earned that off the backs of the poor working class.

  9. I remember when I looked forward to retirement so I could finish school and write. Since then, I retired, went back to work to help administer a global business network, retired, went back to clean up a legacy database, retired, back to administer the global business network, and then finally said that was it. Each time I used the extra income to clean up my bills. Also completed my Business Administration degree. I was making real progress under Trump, even if I didn’t appreciate his “bull in the china shop” demeanor. Then along came Biden. Now I am just trying to get enough money to meet my tax payments and keep up with my bills. And now the guy says he wants to shut down all the oil and natural gas plants that produce more than 80% of our energy. And they suggested we all lower our grocery bills by eating Chef Boyardee. I knew the democrats had lost it, but this takes the cake. Have they checked the price of Chef Boyardee? It is around $1.98/can. Too much for most retirees on Social Security.

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