Biden says no to oil and coal: No more drilling, and he will shut down coal plants, force America into wind and solar


On his campaign swing to help Democrats, President Joe Biden has said he will close down coal plants and that he has already put an end to drilling for oil on American land.

“No one is building new coal plants, because they can’t rely on it, even if they have all the coal guaranteed for the rest of their existence of the plant,” Biden said in a speech in California. “So it’s going to become a wind generation. We’re going to be shutting these plants down all across America and having wind and solar.”

On Saturday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to walk the remarks back: “The president’s remarks yesterday have been twisted to suggest a meaning that was not intended; he regrets it if anyone hearing these remarks took offense.”

But that wasn’t the end of it. In New York, as he was stumping for Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul, he made an impromptu comment to a climate protester at Sarah Lawrence College, when the president said he had ended drilling for oil.

“No more drilling,” he said. When the protestor persisted, he shot back, “There is no more drilling. I haven’t formed any new drilling.” And when the protester raised off-shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, he doubled down on shutting down off-shore fields: “That was before I was president. We’re trying to work on that to get that done.”

When Biden became president, the average price of gas was $2.37 per gallon, a price that has jumped to over $5 a gallon and is now down to $3.80 a gallon on average in the Lower 48. That lower price is due to the draining of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve by Biden over the past year. Biden has blamed the rise of gas on oil company greed, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Last week he threatened to tax oil companies with a windfall profits tax if they don’t lower their prices. Oil is a commodity, the price of which is set by world markets in a free-market and highly volatile, highly regulated environment.

The Biden Administration has leased fewer acres for oil and gas drilling than at any time since World War II. Since he took office, Biden has also drained the National Petroleum Reserve, bringing it from 638 million barrels to 400 million barrels, a 37% decline and the lowest level since 1984.

Inventories of diesel are now below the accepted emergency levels, and the United States had just a 25 day supply of diesel three weeks ago, according to the Energy Information Agency, as reported by Business Insider. This is the lowest level of diesel supply since 2008, and the fuel is expected to be in short supply until at least summer, which may continue to put pressure on family budgets, as the cost of food and other goods will reflect higher shipping costs.


  1. You have to respect Joe Biden, first he cripples the Energy Sector in the U.S. following that he makes good on his promise to Blow Up Putin’s Nord Stream Pipeline in the Baltic, all to advance the Green Agenda while poking the Bear into a Nuclear WWIII. Between Joe’s decrease in Carbon Emissions and creating Nuclear Winter he singlehandedly will solve, Global Warming by bringing about Climate Change! Let that freeze in for a moment.
    is Joe Senile, or just Bat Sh*t crazy? What difference does it make?

  2. Thank you dominion voting systems and Lisa rank choice just imagine what Jesus will do to all our oath breakers for mocking our GOD, so help you GOD you swore of for & by the people mockers shame shame shame on you you you. Integrity is an honor & a duty.

  3. They should besetting up Eid turbines on every street corner in Washington DC. Just think about how much wind comes out of the white house and capitol building. All govt buildings covered with solar. Also any politician that advocates to eliminate fossil fuels should be disallowed from using fossil fuels for any transportation personally or for staff. And also be prohibited from utilizing anything that uses fossil fuels to generate whatever power they use. Such as batteries. They should go out and buy a carriage and a couple horses.

  4. “Let them use wind” says Marie Antionette.

    This kind of insanity leads to bloody revolutions.

  5. It is difficult to gauge whether the globalist, Davos-crowd handlers who control this usurper of a husk of a puppet president are more evil than stupid, or vice versa.

  6. Yet we have thousands of new mouths to feed and take care of coming across the boarder with no energy to help them.That takes some carful thinking to how this is going to work. No fuel no food. But Biden and his handlers don’t care who they throw to the curb in their hurry to have total control. Send Biden to South America or Cuba and let him live there.

  7. How is he going to have a military as they use tremendous amounts of fuel everyday and are major contributors to environmental damage. Stop all wars and get rid of all army’s and that will lower the waste of fuel.

  8. The US will always need high quality coal for steel and other precious metals smelting. Biden has been acting more like a moron every day.

    • Metal smelting has primarily moved overseas in the last 50 years, and uses overseas coal for smelting. The U.S. coal industry has been declining since the 1980s and has really tanked since the early 2000s, because of increased domestic natural gas production. The main use of coal in the U.S. is power generation and coal can’t compete economically with natural gas for power generation.

    • Frank, Biden isn’t acting like a moron, he is acting like a woke Democrat. I see where he is going though, first destroy the Oil and mining industry to “reduce” the national Carbon footprint. Next, he made good on his threat to Putin and blew the Nord Stream up. Both of those actions will result in less Carbon in the atmosphere. Woke Democrats like this.

      Biden and his genius handlers intend to stop Global Warming by way of poking the Russian Bear into a Nuclear War! An Atomic attack with it’s resulting Nuclear Winter and reduction in Carbon consumers is simply brilliant! Ending Global Warming through Anthropogenic Climate Change! True Genius!

  9. Actually find this pretty hilarious that a few days before a crucial election Biden gives Republicans this gem. Record inflation, sky high gas prices, begging Saudi’s, Venezuela, Iran for oil. Demanding oil companies drill more, we’ll tax your profits, increase regulations, pressure lenders to deny financing, and eventually shut you down. Don’t forget those evil mom and pop gas station owners gouging hard working Americans. The blatant hypocrisy is astounding! At this point we’re just relieved that Biden doesn’t communicate with ghosts, get lost on stage, fall asleep when asked if he’ll run in 2024, or speak alien language. Oh wait….shoot :[

  10. This complete moron of a president will go down as an illegitimate psychopath. Sounds like he wants civilization to die. The UAF just built a brand new $275 million dollar coal-fired power plant to run the entire university. I didn’t hear any of the wacko environmental community complain. Coal will run the UAF into the 22nd century.

    • This new coal plant despite the state lending hundreds of millions of dollars to the FNSB at zero interest, and no payments due for many years, to convert the Fairbanks and North Pole communities to natural gas trucked in from Cook Inlet! If the current European war ends with the collapse of Russia, and we see $35 oil as Russia floods the market with oil, the state will run a $2 billion annual deficit and this FNSB debt to the state will need to be accelerated (with or without interest). Meanwhile, last I checked hardly any Fairbanks and North Pole homeowners and landlords were converting to LNG even as the trucks keep rolling (burning diesel) northward. It’s a much bigger boondoggle than Jay Hammond’s barley experiment but no one talks about it!

      • Kubota2 is correct. LNG is another pipedream. Too expensive to convert over to. The idiots who ran the FNSB, mainly Luke Hopkins, put the brakes on wood burning stoves. Now, Hopkins is trying the LNG boondoggle, while saying nothing about UAF’s renewed 75-year reliance on coal.
        How do these idiots ascend into office?
        Hopkins was one of the biggest dumbf*cks ever to be an Alaska mayor.

        • A whole slew of environmental wackos, including Luke Hopkins, have a solar paneled building near the coal plant called the Environmental Center of the North or some such thing. It’s next to the new coal plant at the university in the Banks. Kind of funny. The railroad runs its coal cars right next to it, on the way to unload hundreds of tons of unburnt black soot. And these wackos can’t say a peep because their own little facility is backed-up with heat from the coal plant. They’e not only wackos, they have IQs that match Fairbanks winters.??

      • Nice fantasy. Russia is raking in the money as Biden energy starves the US and sends oil and gas to Europe. Odds of Russia collapse is zero. Meanwhile Biden kills drilling in the US and burns through our strategic reserve. Odds of > $100/barrel oil 100%. Time to get real. Once we’re past the election gas and diesel prices to the moon.

  11. AND(!!!), to think that Joe Biden is Lisa-M’s choice, only speaks volumes of the true character of Lisa-M.
    Com’On Man! Do the right thing and vote Kelly-T.
    Do it for the kids and future generations!

  12. Why our three brave reps in Congress aren’t hammering away on this administration and their attempt to neuter this Republic on energy issues every single day is a mystery . Or not

  13. He may not mean what he says because he is only reading of a script given to him but behind the scenes his administration is doing exactly that shutting down drilling. Proof in point is the three leases approved under President Trump that were cancelled by his Secretary of Interior.

  14. “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” – H.L. Mencken

    • Notice how they constantly like a bunch of birds say the same thing over and over? Our Democracy, Our Democracy! We are a Constitutional Republic and have never been a Democracy. They really mean to say, our corrupt system of government that we have built is in jeopardy and we can’t continue to milk the people of their hard-earned money, blood, sweat and tears unless we cheat again and steal it away from them and shred their Constitution. America is currently fighting a coordinated attack involving government agencies, non-government agencies, fake news agencies (propaganda) and foreign actors (China). We haven’t ever faced this big of an internal threat in our history and must show up tomorrow in big numbers to sweep in representatives of the people! We are at the precipice of forever falling off the cliff and must turn this thing around now or our children will not have a future. Time to get rid of the elite overlords and reclaim our America!

  15. There it is from the horse’s mouth and Lisa Murkowski has helped him every step of the way! A vote for Murkowski is a vote against every Alaskan and every American’s future. Do not allow this communist in sheep’s clothing to steal her seat for another 6 years! Wake-up Alaska, vote tomorrow like your lives depend on it. Vote smart!
    Kelly Tshibaka must win that seat, or you can say goodbye to Alaska’s future energy production that will destroy this State.

  16. Legitimate question here, SO…How do we go about recalling a president? If we can do it for a governor why not the president??? Why is there no effort being made or is it really too difficult or just not possible? Where do we have our voices heard how we disagree with his decisions. Isn’t the office of the president supposed to represent the will of the people, or has it been way too long since my last civics and US government class?

    • The first step is that you get a bunch of arguments in political arenas pertaining to the negative direction the country is taking. That has never accomplished anything as politicians mostly talk but they do stir up the nutbars. Then from a direction no one expects comes a nutbar like Lee Harvey Oswald.

    • I don’t think we have the time to recall him. I think oil companies and the American people need to take a page out of the Dem’s book and ignore Biden’s executive orders and just start drilling and building again.

  17. Per the total number of coal mines- either current or under construction in just eight other countries (China, Japan, S Korea, Turkey, EU, S Africa, Phillipines and India) equals 5,615. The USA has 15 with no new ones planned. Don’t we need coal for iron and steel? It won’t matter if Biden and his thugs wipe out all coal, iron, steel, oil, etc–turning us into the worst kind of third world country, they won’t meet any goals for climate change—the rest of the world is not playing by the left’s rules. They are bankrupting and destroying this country for an unrealistic goal that shows that the cure might be worse than the problem they perceive. Every replacement plan has side effects that negate the value of their goal. I’m voting for those who will stop them.

  18. I am sitting here wondering which Governor will be the first to declare independence from the United States if the demoncrats maintain control and Brandon follows through on his promise to close all petro use and development shoving the country into crisis.

    • Buck, it cannot happen soon enough!
      The satanic, pro-globalist death cult that is the ‘woke’ and the radical left have already destroyed this country. It would only be right, and make sense, for at least a few states to bail from the sinking ship that is the USA.

    • Did you just write all that in one sentence? You are the champion of the run-ons. But to sort of respond to your question, no one’s going to do that because that would be illegal.

      • Gregory, you are so funny!
        “because that would be illegal.” LOL!

        Like massive and systemic voting fraud, mass urban riots and arson, censorship, child sexual abuse, illegal alien ‘sanctuary cities’, and on and on, are NOT illegal?

  19. Nutcase Biden is just doing his Chinese owner’s bidding: First, Clinton put up the national forests as collateral for national debt owned by China – this is why we can’t log the Tongass. Then Obama put up the National Parks and more federal land – killing new resourced extraction. Trump said no, they still belong to us – and China so corrupted our system that we got their client creepy Joe. Biden then has given the Chinese our oil, coal, and fish – and if the succeed, Alaska is finished. I am really offbase? Of course all I have is anecdotal… But it sure looks like what is happening.

  20. Joe is not just a fool, he is an old useless evil fool, and those who support him are the same. The masters of Joe and his ilk have no intention of ending the use of oil, their intent is to take control of it and everything else. This is their folly , and will be their undoing, the folk will endure only so much. We have tasted the good life and will not surrender it, period. FFOHTL. Always remember, we outnumber them, the Constitution is the Law, and they cannot change it without our consent. In fact, they can not even govern without our consent. In the Old Testament , God commanded if a man come to kill you, arise quickly, an kill him. We today call that self defense. Never, ever let anyone tell you different.

  21. When is this sh#t show going to end? It is obvious seeing the garbage just keeps coming. What are they waiting for?

  22. Let’s face it – Sleepy Joe gives Octogenarians a bad name. Who is really running the country? The one I saw with the daily briefings was Dr. Jill. Uhmmmmmmmmmm?

  23. What’s with the hate towards a more environmentally friendly energy source? I mean at least they are trying… it’s pretty obvious things can’t continue the way they are going. What’s with the name calling and total disagreement of a greener energy source?

    • There is nothing “more environmentally friendly” about solar and wind power generation.
      Yes, they generate power without using conventional energy.
      But they require MASSIVE amounts of energy to be manufactured. It takes decades of wind/solar power generation to create a net positive result. Literally millions of tons of carbon equivalent are emitted into the atmosphere for every wind or solar farm.
      And, when you consider that wind/solar are not 100% reliable, and you need to ensure conventional power plants are there to take up the load, there is not really much of a savings at all. In fact, most of the time, when the wind is blowing, or the sun is shining, the conventional gas/coal fired power plant does not reduce power output one bit. Demand for reliable power is too important.
      Anyone telling you wind/solar is a viable replacement for even a small percentage of the US power needs is ignoring the energy cost to manufacture, and operate the wind/solar farms.

  24. Alaska wakeup especially Interior Alaska.
    The four power plants in the interior are coal fire power plants. No coal will ensure no electricity and no heat for the military families living on Wainwright and Eielson. No heat for the students at UAF.
    Usiebelli Coal, mined in Healy, Alaska, mines the one cleanest burning coal in the world.
    Shutting down the mining and petroleum industries will destroy Alaska and United States.
    VOTE NOVEMBER 8th time to take America back

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