Like Murkowski, Liz Cheney now stumps for Democrats


Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming who was trounced in the primary election and will not return to Congress in January, is now campaigning for Democrats across various states, where she has been telling voters that Republicans are an existential threat to America.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has taken on a similar role, campaigning now with Rep. Mary Peltola, a far-left Democrat who believes in packing the Supreme Court, gun restrictions, a larger role for the federal government in abortions, and prioritizing fish for tribes.

Both Murkowski and Cheney are open about their disrespect for former President Donald J. Trump. Murkowski, in her efforts to get Peltola elected, would empower Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which many see is contrary to Alaska’s best interest.

Cheney has also endorsed Murkowski, who is challenged from the right by newcomer Kelly Tshibaka, and weakly from the Democrats by Pat Chesbro, who is running a campaign that is friendly to Murkowski.

Cheney was in central Michigan last week to campaign for Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin, who authored gun legislation that passed the U.S. House, which would require gun owners to keep their guns in safes if there are children in the home. This is legislation that Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola would support, as she advocates for mandatory gun safes. The late Rep. Don Young would not have supported such legislation, which holds parents criminally liable if a child uses a gun and harms someone.

Cheney has also publicly endorsed Ohio Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan, who is running against Republican J.D. Vance for the open seat for Senate left by retiring Republican Sen. Rob Portman. Cheney has also endorsed Virginia Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger.

Cheney has been a leading voice as vice chair of the House Jan. 6 special committee investigating the events of Jan. 6, 2021, when election protestors took over the Senate in an attempt to block the certification of the Electoral College vote that ushered in the Biden era.


  1. Liz Cheney is a raging, unprincipled, warmongering, self-serving sociopath.
    She, along with her father, is the quintessence of political evil.
    Lisa is a slightly diluted version of the same.
    With an emphasis on “slightly”.

  2. What happened to these two women?

    1. Products since childhood of professional politicians. Frank Murkowski and Dick Cheney.
    2. Spoiled rotten as young girls. Private secondary schools. Over-privileged White girls, who were their daddy’s favorites.
    3. Under performers in post secondary schools.
    4. Did not do well in their own selected professions.
    5. Entered politics at the behest of their fathers.
    6. Loved the social life of being important in Washington, DC
    7. Heavily influenced by Democrat women, without an ability to stand up against liberalism.
    8. Severely affected in the pejorative by strong conservative men. Their own father’s were weak-kneed push-overs, while their mothers were very strong figures in the family.
    9. Both ended up with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDD) as a result of not being able to cope with a strong male figure of prominence.
    10. Both have weak spouses. (This was predictable).
    11. Both are rejects of their political party of origin.
    12. Both are angry and hateful for being rejected by the very people who initially put them into prominence in their political party.
    13. Both are useful fools and willing to be used by the opposition party because of their
    anger and blind hatred.
    Clinical Prognosis: will rapidly grow old and bitter.

    • Democracy is mob rule, and as a form of government it quickly dissolves into something else when there are more than a few dozen people involved. That is one of the reasons the Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic, NOT a democracy.
      Looking back at, for example, Democrat support of the BLM riots, I agree: Democrats appear to support democracy, i.e. mob rule.

    • Uh ok… Let me guess the old when democrats do it, it’s in the name of democracy. Republicans do it, it’s in the name of tyranny??

    • Hum, the word “democracy” is being thrown and kicked around a lot lately. Can you even describe democracy in simplest terms? Be careful…just say ‘in

        • That’s not a democracy, which is where each person gets one vote and the majority rules. You’re defining a democratic republic, sort of (not sure what you mean by “for government”), in which each person has a vote for the representatives who will make and administer the laws.
          Still, America was not founded to be a democratic republic, but rather a constitutional republic, in which both the people and their representatives are restrained by a constitution. In this way, the Founders tried to keep mob rule (and other dictatorial approaches to government) at from taking over.

    • The United States is a Republic.
      A democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for lunch.
      In a republic everyone has rights.

    • How, exactly… do Dems support democracy?
      Is it by removing any requirement to prove you are legally able to vote? Does that promote democracy?
      Or, maybe it is by allowing strangers to collect ballots and deliver them for counting, without any requirement for chain of custody, or proof all the ballots collected were delivered?
      Maybe it is by allowing non-citizens to vote.
      Please explain why you think the dems are promoting democracy, and by inference, the Republicans are not.
      Maury Suttman

    • No. Dems support election fraud. And Maureen, you are either undereducated or have a mental block for the truth. WE are a constitutional republic, with a representative form of government. Go back and take 8th grade civics.

      • It’s the Maga folks who support election fraud. NONE of which has proven true save for the the folks who believe without evidence. That we all vote for a representative government is why we are a democracy. That we allow others to run government as elected reps make it a republic as well.

        We are supposed to be working things out together, not winning by side.

    • Maureen, we reside in a Constitutional Republic and not a mobocracy, err, a Democracy. That’s because we value individual rights Maureen. In a Democracy 51% of voters could take away your rights and your money if you happen to be in the 49% minority.

      • We vote to elect reps to do our government tasks. THAT is a democracy.

        That we have a government of reps under the control of the voters make it a republic.

        • Wrong. The one, and only, thing that makes us a republic is our constitution which guarantees protection of our individual liberties and individual sovereignty. The terms republic and democracy are used very loosely across the world; example: Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. What a perversion of terms, right? Our American Constitution is the contract that uniquely binds us together like no other in history. It is a priceless birthright that should be protected at all cost.

  3. Do democrats actually support democracy? Then why has Biden sent the FBI after people, including a wheelchair-bound war veteran for advocating pro-life policies? No, he didn’t do any violence, just spoke out against abortion. There are other cases like this which lead me to ask if democrats really support democracy. And then there is the troubling Biden Administration habit of labeling anything that disagrees with it as “misinformation.” Are those who cancel out others not democrats? I too am a non-partisan, but reserve the right to back whom I choose. And with all of the news channels blocked that report anything but the NATO side of the war in the Ukraine, I am missing the old privilege of seeing both sides of the issue so I can make up my own mind. Americans used to have that right. That was democracy.

    • Oh Frank….

      Under Trump the GOP got more votes in a presidential race than almost ever. Historic gains in black and Hispanic support. Same with blue collar workers.

      Even the suburban housewives who found Trump icky are back to voting GOP because the progressives are bankrupting them and teaching sexual deviance to their kids.

      The political slaughter about to occur is gonna be glorious.

  4. It’s amazing to see them show off their true colors. Princess isn’t a surprise, she beat Joe Miller the same way.

    But Liz? A formerly reliable right of center vote 80+% of the time? This has been fascinating. Disturbing, but fascinating.

    This goes beyond Trump breaking her. Way beyond. Usually the only thing that makes someone burn down their own house like this is being a classic scorned woman.

    The country will be better for her being out of office. If her hatred for one person can drive her to this level of psychosis, she’s clearly unfit for office.

    But her MSNBC gig is waiting. Or maybe she can be on the View.

    One good thing. With her ouster from Congress, this mercifully marks the end of the blight of the Bush dynasty on America.

  5. This should be a surprise to no one. Lisa stands up for Alaska? Everything I need to know about that, I learned in the image of her being backed against the wall and crying while CA Sen. Dianne Feinstein was chewing her out before the Kavanaugh vote. She’s out RINOed even herself. No more Lisa.

  6. Com’On Man!!! Is anyone really surprised by this? It shouldn’t be any surprise to any Alaskan who pays any measure of attention to current events. Lisa-M really hasn’t accomplished anything of significance personally, or professionally. And, she has never stood for any of the Republican Party Platform issues, she never has and never will. Alaska and Alaskans deserve better!
    Now(!!!), is the time for real change!
    Do the right thing and vote Kelly-T.

  7. Edited:
    Sadly, Frank Murkowski, who is fundamentally an honorable and intelligent conservative, must resign to the reality that his most notable legacy is also his most notable failure. Hopefully she will be voted out so he can enjoy some peace in his retirement.

    • Frankie needs peace, believe me. He’s all freaked out by Tuesday the Eighth for his Murkowski Kingdom. We saw Nancy at the Petersburg store buying out the Excedrin. If Lisa loses, he and Nancy have tickets out on the first ferry Tuesday Night. He doesn’t want them to face the guillotine like Louis The Sixteenth and Marie Antoinette. They would have no place to put their crowns.

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