Video: Senators say Biden has created largest child-trafficking ring in history



U.S. Senate Republicans launched a video claiming that President Joe Biden has “created the largest child trafficking ring in U.S. history.”

The video quotes Republican senators at hearings expressing concern about the extraordinary number of unaccompanied minors being trafficked to and through the U.S. southern border.

In one clip, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, says “Biden does not care about the 300,000 plus unaccompanied children that have been placed with sponsors since he became president.”

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, says, “the Biden administration has utterly failed to secure the border and has encouraged parents to send their minor alien children on dangerous trips to the United States unaccompanied. It’s failed to protect these children after they’ve been let into the United States.”

The video points to reports that reveal at least 85,000 children have gone missing because the federal agencies tasked with caring for them can’t account for where they are. After the children were smuggled into the U.S., the Biden administration released them to sponsors under the oversight of the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Refugee Resettlement.

The Biden administration says the children are coming to live with family members. But reports show many weren’t placed with family members or anyone else they knew.

Initial reports indicated more than 45,000 children, in just a few months evaluated in an Axios investigation, were missing by early 2022. Since then, that number has more than doubled. Unaccompanied minors using falsified papers have been working in meat processing plants, prompting federal investigations over alleged child labor law violations. They’ve also been involved in encouraging others to participate in organized crime at a public school by soliciting funds to pay their human smuggler, or coyote, who helped them illegally enter the U.S.

Last year, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called for an investigation and asked the Florida Supreme Court to empanel a grand jury to investigate trafficking of children into Florida. It did, and the grand jury found the federal government’s management of unaccompanied children’s release and transport resulted in “facilitating the forced migration, sale, and abuse of foreign children.”

The process “exposes children to horrifying health conditions, constant criminal threat, labor and sex trafficking, robbery, rape and other experiences not done justice by mere words,” Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said when announcing the findings in April. She also called on Congress to investigate and take action.

Since then, Congress has held several hearings, and clips from those hearings are highlighted in the Senate GOP video. The video also highlights information from New York Times investigations into child trafficking of children from the border.

In January, The New York Times reported that unaccompanied minors were placed with human traffickers by the Biden administration. In February, it reported “exploited” migrant children were working in “brutal jobs across the US” in violation of child labor laws. In August, it reported “the White House and federal agencies were repeatedly warned of risks” to children and the “warnings were either ignored or missed.”

Moody and many others have called on Congress to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, claiming he’s violated federal law, lied multiple times under oath before Congress, and is endangering American and unaccompanied children’s lives.

Border Patrol Union Vice President Art Del Cueto has also said that the majority of Border Patrol officers want Mayorkas impeached.

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, says he’s written to the FBI asking it “to find out where the 80,000-plus children are that this administration has lost. They don’t know.

“The kids are in danger. The kids are in slavery. They are being exploited. And it should not happen in the United States of America.”

The Biden administration has maintained that the border is closed and that after the children are placed in homes with sponsors, HHS is no longer responsible for them.

While saying the border is closed, the administration created another parole program inviting millions more people from four countries to come to the U.S. to “unify families.” It did so after on May 31, it ended DNA testing to determine if family units were really family units arriving at the border. Border Patrol agents have told The Center Square the policy is incentivizing crime.

Prior to apprehensions declining last month between ports of entry and increasing at ports of entry, the Border Patrol union warned, “[Mexican] cartels are still running the border. That hasn’t changed. They control the flow of illegal aliens coming in. Period.”

Since Biden’s been in office, more than 8 million people have illegally entered the U.S. – totaling more than the individual populations of 38 states.


    • Has nothing to do with any of that. So now anyone who talks about what is actually happening is involved with Q?

  1. Allowing the borders to be kept open has allowed a proliferation of crimes. And not just illegal entry into the Untied States.
    There are a group of children that have been used multiple times to gain benefits and gentle handling when illegally crossing the southern boarder. These kids have been documented as crossing the border, heading north, multiple times. Each time they are with different adults who claim to be their ‘parents’. Since biden allows ‘families’ to be handled more gently than the usual law breakers, these kids are the ticket that allows the accompanying adults to enter the U.S. under the pretense of being a family, which in turn, gives them a pass to stay in the U.S. and social welfare benefits. Later, these same kids are shipped south to be paired up with other adults who will again claim to be their ‘parents’. This cycle just repeats.
    All the Trump haters complained when adults with children were interred long enough to verify DNA of parents/children. At least that program would filter out the most highly trafficked children. But if anyone was the least interested in completely STOPPING child trafficking into our country, they would be in favor of a secure border. When only legal aliens are allowed into our country, the chances of them trafficking in children falls to nearly nothing.
    Child trafficking is one of those crimes where the only acceptable number is zero.

    • Wait, Paul, are the children being trafficked or are they the coyotes? Why would a trafficked child enter the country multiple times? But, yes, close down the border to all movement and if someone tries to cross, send them to Gitmo!

      • To move drugs or data for the cartels. To finesse a broken system.

        Literally dozens if not hundreds of reasons.

  2. The cartels know where these kids are. And, because they know where their family members are back back home, they can force them to do whatever they want.

  3. He doesn’t care. He’s getting his 10% and perks for life now.

    Liberals really don’t give a damn about people.

      • My commentary is on point as usual. It’s quite easy to follow and to the point.

        The inability to grasp that is your failing, not mine.

  4. Keep the spotlight on these evil men and women. Don’t stop reporting on these atrocities and support the men and women who are working to hold the traffickers and their client’s accountable!

  5. Me and KornPop appreciate youth. Prepubescent sounds a lot better than what the press calls it. The closer the bone the sweeter the meat and all that. Shame about Epstein, really. Back after a bit. I’ve gotta do a couple rails w/ my kid. You know he’s been living in a rehab facility you’re paying for, right? Government paid crack security team and the works. Apparently the facility is another California failure though as the damn kid is still taking bumps left and right. Hell, he gets so wired he loses his stuff all the time. Lost some over at my place the other day. What do you do? They’re all our kids you know. Gimme a break, man.

    If you’re in the Military though it’s time to sack up. SniiiiIIIIFFF! (dang that burns, man).
    Yeah, what were we talking about? Time to rattle some sabers, man. SnoooooOORT!! (whew, baby that’s tough). Yeah, an old man’s war and a young man’s fight. Sack up, boys! You’re off to Europe next! Nobody F’s w/ a Biden!

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        Off the sidewalk, kids! The big guy’s driving now!

    • Do you work for Rep Matt Gaetz and are you included in his House Ethics Committed investigation?

  6. Child trafficking has been a major issue since I been made aware of it in 2002 when Sitka’s-SJC showed a child trafficking film to students. I know though it been happening longer than 2002. You know if our leaderships spanning the last thirty years of our 20-century history really cared they’d all had done something to decline men and women porn addiction and decline the global trafficking ring . They didn’t. Sound of Freedom film is just another noise maker. 2040 someone else will make make another “ground breaking” film about trafficking promoting it also as they are uncovering a hidden topic. Our leaders, all, they all knew and know about the trafficking that has been occurring under their leadership and watch for forty years. Do something that surprises me, that says oh wow! The U.s senate, the U.s house, the local legislators, the mayors, the assemblies, the council members, they doing something to criminalize these criminals stealing, buying , and selling children and young adults. Instead of just saying we have a big problem. For forty years and since 2002 our 2000 leaders been saying this statement. of course we do we know that. Now what ARE our community leaders going to do about it. Go eat your icecream, it’s a hot day.

  7. The people running Joe don’t give a damn about kids. Just like they don’t give a damn about the virtual slavery most of said kids are thrust into.

    Unless we are part of Bush 41s “new world order” we’re disposable tools. Nothing more.

      • You’ll like this one. You are capable of making cogent, thoughtful, worthwhile commentary.

        That is seriously dystopian.

        I’ve told you before. You are nowhere near smart enough to joust with me.

        • Haha. I’ll give you one thing, Mask; you’re the most self important windbag on this site for certain and that’s saying quite a bit.

          As full of sh*t as a Christmas turkey but a self important turkey none the less. If you’ll step away from the mirror for a moment you’ll notice that none us think of you as highly as you do… particularly when it comes to intellect. If you have to suggest to someone else that you’re their intellectual superior it’s a clear indication that not even you believe it. I certainly don’t.

  8. What was it that Joey Biden said way back when he was a senator a century or two ago?
    “I will be damned if MY kids will be going to school in a zoo!”

    • I think you might be referring to his remark about how he didn’t want his kids attending school in a racial jungle in the 70’s. What was it he said when he was Senator Biden back in 1985?

      According to Breitbart, Biden used the N-word – twice – on the morning of June 4, 1985.
      Later that day he used the derogatory term five more times, Senate transcripts reveal.
      The following day, he used the derogatory term twice – which is on published video.
      Approximately two weeks later, on June 18, 1985, Biden quoted the same document and repeated the N-word in a follow-up hearing. Now he goes out of his way to select them for judgeships, running mates and special consideration all in an effort to apologize for his own past and to draft a false current narrative. Shame the idiot never learned how to balance a checkbook as he’s erasing the potential prosperity for future generations with his childish spending habits.

        • I do think that’s it. He’s trying to atone for something but were that the case it would seem the same logic should apply to the LGBMentally-Ill and I don’t recall him saying a bunch of crap about them years ago… or defaming women, etc. The more you attempt to identify the logic behind his actions the less it appears there is one.

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