Secret Services closes investigation with no answers on cocaine found in West Wing



Congressional oRepublicans raised questions about the security of the White House on Thursday after a U.S. Secret Service probe failed to find out how cocaine ended up in the White House. 

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., said he expected better from the Secret Service.

“The White House is supposed to be the most secure residence in the world, but today Secret Service officials failed to answer basic questions or provide any meaningful information related to security failures and cocaine being found at the White House,” he said in a statement. 

Comer said the Secret Service must “reassess their security operations to prevent illegal substances from entering the White House.”

The U.S. Secret Service said Thursday it closed its investigation into cocaine found at the White House because of a “lack of physical evidence” 11 days after the illegal drug was found in one of the nation’s most secure buildings.

“There was no surveillance video footage found that provided investigative leads or any other means for investigators to identify who may have deposited the found substance in this area,” the U.S. Secret Service said in a statement. “Without physical evidence, the investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered. At this time, the Secret Service’s investigation is closed due to a lack of physical evidence.”

Officers from the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division discovered what later turned out to be cocaine July 2 inside a vestibule leading to the lobby area of the West Executive Avenue entrance to the White House. The stash was located inside a receptacle used to store electronic and personal devices before entering the West Wing. After finding what was then an unknown white powder, the Secret Service temporarily closed down the White House as a precaution.

Last week, the White House declined to provide additional information about the matter, but said the cocaine was found in a “heavily traveled area.”

“We have confidence that the Secret Service will get to the bottom of this,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters at the time.

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, said the White House is supposed to be the “most secure location on the planet.”

“You better damn well believe that if [the Biden administration] wanted to go figure out where that cocaine came from, the Secret Service of the United States in the White House could figure it out,” Roy said during an interview with Fox News


  1. The most secure building in America, one of its most monitored areas, and they pull a Sargent Schultz.


    The best way to not learn uncomfortable things is to not ask at all.

  2. And once again, the most sophisticated investigative agency in the United States government, authorized to protect the most secure building in the United States and its occupants, is outwitted by some coke-head bringing an illegal substance into the White House. Worse yet, the government expects citizens to believe the official story?

  3. Turns out this is the third time they’ve found drugs in the Biden Whitehouse.
    Of course there’s no cover up going on. Why would you think that?

  4. What an embarrassment to the SS. They have to take one for the team. Biden no doubt ordered the response.

  5. This is no different than doc right here in this corrupt pos state of Alaska under all its previous and present leadership including dunleavy.! The practice of the criminal investigating itself and finding no faults is the norm.! Where the hell are the investigating journalist Susanne? Huh? Hit too close to home didn’t it!

  6. (With apologies to Eric Clapton)

    If you work for the big guy, you need to get high, cocaine.

  7. If it wasn’t Hunter, then it shows how vulnerable the White House is to “powdery white stuff.” When fentanyl and terrorists are constantly crossing the open border, who is to say the next bag left will be benign? Why isn’t the Secret Service more concerned?

  8. There is a big difference between the Deep State under the Biden Regime (Democrats, Attorney General, FBI, IRS, CIA, Secret Service) and the white powder found in the West Wing. The difference was captured in the 70’s in a song by Eric Clapton regarding Cocaine which stated “She don’t lie!” Too bad the same can’t be said about those in control of the Federal Government under Biden…

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