Video emerges: Rep. Cal Schrage says Gov. Dunleavy bungled response to Covid because of no mask mandate


In a newly uncovered video of a meeting with Alaska Democratic leaders, Rep. Cal Schrage had harsh words for the governor’s management of the Covid-19 viral outbreak in Alaska.

The event was an online meeting of the Democrat Bartlett Club. Schrage is a non-party candidate who aligns with Democrats and is part of the Democrat-led caucus in Juneau.

Schrage criticized the governor for not enacting a statewide mask mandate and said this was an example of the need to elect strong progressives leaders who would take more stringent measures.

“We’re trying to think of something we can do to force the governor to take action,” said Rep. Harriet Drummond, who was interviewing Schrage for the Bartlett Club. “And there really isn’t anything. That’s the tough part.”

Schrage responded:

“Yeah, and there are certain things that are under the purview of the Legislature, and governor,” Schrage said. “I don’t know that I have an immediate solution to that other than just to be strong advocate for common sense public health and safety measures like wearing a mask. How hard is it? You know we really should have a mask mandate from the governor. We know that it’s effective in stopping the spread of the virus and so there is absolutely no reason we should not have a statewide mask mandate. From the start the governor bungled this entire situation.”

There have been about 280,000 reported cases of Covid-19 in Alaska, but an unknown number of people have had Covid, but have not had it catalogued by the government. Some 1,280 deaths of Alaskans have been attributed to the illness. Alaska has one of the lowest death rates from Covid, with only Washington, Utah, Hawaii, and Vermont having fewer Covid-attributed deaths.

Schrage, shown above without a mask with Democrat Rep. Grier Hopkins just two months after the video was recorded, is running for reelection for what is now called House District 12, where he is challenged from the Republican side by Jay McDonald. This is the district formerly known as D-25.


  1. I have yet to see any demonstrable evidence that mask mandates have had any positive impact anywhere they were implemented.

    • CBMTTek, I have seen a vast amount of demonstrable evidence that mask mandates have NOT had any positive impact anywhere they were implemented, and indeed have had much NEGATIVE impact on the individuals wearing them. As of course ALL the scientific and medical consensus prior to the (largely non-)pandemic would have indicated.

  2. Do these fools really think that we care about what they have to say, about anything? If you want to wear a mask then wear one but last I checked, this was still a free country and we can make those decisions for ourselves. Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

  3. The wearing of masks have actually caused more harm than good. The detrimental evidence is overwhelming, especially for children. I personally have never worn a mask from day one, nor had a test, a shot or a booster, and never will. The idea of all of it is absurd. I’ve gone everywhere I wanted too, and never had so much as a sniffle or a cough. Natural immunity and healthy living is best. The statistics are now proving and reporting that those who are wearing the masks, having the tests and shots are the ones that are depressed, having suicide thoughts and are injured and dying. And the non-vaccinated are not the ones causing their health problems.

  4. He obviously hasn’t done his research. All of us who have, know that the masks do zero good unless they are N95 and properly fitted. States who have had mask mandates were worse off in terms of numbers of infections from covid than those who did not. The man needs to be honest in his interpretations of what takes place in our state and not just depend upon people to take his word for everything. Duh!!

  5. Cal Schrage is young and dumb and Harriet Drummond is old and dumb. No evidence that masks work. And plenty of evidence that deaths were attributed to COVID that were actually caused by another pre-existing ailment and/or medical malpractice, for example; using ventilators that shattered COVID patients’ lungs causing massive bleeding (not the disease, the ventilators caused the bleeding), the forced use of drugs that destroyed patients’ livers, the attempts to force vaccinations, the firing of employees who did not accept experimental and now proven dangerous vaccines, the prevention of the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and other early treatment solutions that would have saved thousands of lives. Democrat idiots. Fauci idiot.

  6. He bungled it, true.
    But not forcing us to wear an ineffective face diaper wasn’t how.

    At least he’s honest they want to rule us.

    • Yes, he was honest. He revealed how he would “rule.” He wants control over every breath. That helps us all know how to vote. I mean, if you want a politician to control all aspects of your life, he is your man.

  7. Alaska’s Hero of Hypocrisy. Not one, but two images of Cal Unmasked.
    Nothing better illustrates why “social distancing” is not entirely bad.
    Maybe Cal has a point, he’d look so much better masked… and muffled if it’s not asking too much.
    When Cal bets his life and fortune that forced masking protects everyone from China flu, we’ll listen if only for entertainment value.
    Since that’s unlikely, good samaritans might be forgiven for helping Cal stick his mandate where the sun doesn’t shine.

  8. If we have one of the lowest number of cases…why do we need a mask? This is simply the Democratic party continuing to show their ignorance!!
    Red wave in November!!

  9. ‘

    My friend William Topel was forced to wear a mask 8 hours per day on a Wednesday night and as a substitute teacher. He was diagnosed with Covid on a Wednesday night and the next day when he went in for a monoclonal treatment, he was tested having 48% oxygen and rushed to the hospital. 5 days later he was dead. I firmly believe the regulation to wear a mask contributed substantially to his diminished oxygen supply and may have contributed to his death. Calvin Schrage is making medical claims he can’t back up. Typical left wing dogma.

  10. What a couple ignoramuses. US Constitution anyone? You do not have a pile of extra special privileges to force medical interventions on your countrymen. Did you each swear an oath to defend the constitutional RIGHTS of the people? The Constitution did not give you privilege of commanding health edicts. That is PRIVATE. No authority. Dr. Zonk doesn’t know anything about the US Law of the land, the US Constitution and niether do either of you.

  11. If the US Constitution is not satisfactory to you elected servants why run for office and swear an oath to defend the Constitution. Were you just cheerfully joking?

  12. Cal your an oath breaker. Hand on our Bible so help you GOD yet you mocked GOD the citizens and now our governor. Put your money where your mouth is sir fix your teeth cal.

  13. What a A, hole sides with Dems that is all I need to hear , just another cheep shot , I do not believe that the pandemic was anything but a control measure to control the country,. The Dems Cheated in the election count, and needed something to occupy the people to move their focus away from their crooked politics, the Corvid BS did that just fine. Voters remember China Walker on election day, I have no respect for a sneak,

  14. EXPOSED!
    A wanna-be commissar who would imprison ykou and all your family your home and require a government issued passport to step out the door.

    Camps waiting to re-educate you if you stray.

    So few “out” themselves – a shameful deficiency in American politics.

  15. About half the Alaska adults I know have had Covid at least once. A few died from it. Dr. Zink did a remarkable job so far as Covid and the muddled Alaska political landscape. Now she has pretty much moved away from leading on Covid. I would not be surprised if she writes a book. At this time it looks like some time later this year we will see the pandemic flare up again in some fashion across the US. There will be fewer deaths than in the past for two reasons: (1) Symptoms are less severe among the vaccinated, and we have more vaccinated now. (2) The one million Americans most vulnerable to this disease, in all its variants and with the variants to come, have been killed by existing variants already. They cannot die a second time. Long Covid will grow in importance as its symptoms increase each time someone gets Covid, and by the time we see many people have Covid three or more times we will see some people unable to ever work again. The unvaccinated will continue to be the main source of new variants. Variants will continue to outsmart vaccines so far as immunity but hopefully vaccines can continue to make symptoms less severe. The West will continue to be intimidated by Red China, and our sissified responses to Red China will continue to characterize our response to Covid.

    • Kayak – you sure have swallowed the Covid “vaccination” narrative hook, line and sinker! The vast majority of new Covid hospitalizations are in the “vaccinated”, something the health authorities are trying to frantically hide. The “vaccines” don’t work & they very well could be the cause of the surge in all cause excess deaths around the world. At the very least they are probably dooming the vaccinated to a life of Long Covid!

    • Wow, you are very knowledgeable on political science/gaslighting/propaganda! No one should take the poisonous jabs! Have you read the articles on the vaccinated causing the variants? Masks don’t work and actually contribute to disease. There are more side effects from the COVID jabs than all other vaccines combined. Maybe you should investigate why mortality has increased by more than 40% and it isn’t from COVID deaths. Cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases have increased markedly after mass COVID jabs. Why is that?

    • I only know 4 people who got Covid. 2 never knew they had it. All survived.

      It’s not lost on me the places that locked down the hardest (China for one) still have major Covid problems.
      Florida? Texas? Doing just fine.

  16. vid?
    Is that still a thing? Masks do nothing to prevent it, aside of catching droplets.
    The Vaccine is worse that getting the bug.

  17. Typical Democrat. Power and control over our lives. The best information I heard recently was from Charlie Pierce who is running for Governor. He stated that in his office, he had masks if clients chose to wear one.
    He stated that we are all Adults and have freedom of choice.If you want Anne Zink to exit vote for Charlie Pearce for Governor, I am Also it will take the oceans 450 years to get rid of all the masks dumped in them. Go figure.

  18. Time to start holding all the tyrants accountable for their inappropriate actions. Follow the money! The plandemic/scamdemic/great reset/build back better tyrants should all be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Red Wave is coming or metaphorically speaking a blood bath for the demoncrats/libtards/puppets/RINOs. God/Family and Country! Time to vanquish evil from this planet! Time for Biden and all of his puppets to go to permanent retirement homes!

  19. If we take their masks away how will they virtue signal to the rest of us? I mean it’s been proven over and over the masks did no good so Dems are either to dumb to read or just can’t stand to let go of power they never should have had anyway.

  20. In Anchorage, the mayor & Assembly, all progressives had a mask mandate. Many small businesses failed due to their mishandled response to Covid-19. The Sullivan arena has major damage from housing the homeless there for multiple years. Looks like the tax payers will be on the hook for fixing the Sullivan & the cost of housing that FEMA will not be reimbursing. The damage is on going with the Assembly still trying to dictate to the people. We don’t need anymore legislator’s like that!

  21. Is he , him referring to the mask that are proven to NOT do anything? Or another type that apparently only he ,him knows of?
    These imbeciles without a pittance of real news is astounding

  22. Everyone I know has had Covid, some wore masks, some did not, some were vaccinated, some were not, none died. It’s a free country, do as you please, but please leave me alone.

  23. Civil rights are like muscles; if you do not exercise them they wither away. Beware of people like this.

  24. It’s difficult to take these democrats and democrat wannabees seriously, but they really do want the power to call all the shots on our lives. Alaska is the largest state in the union, with so many miles of territory that are free of everything but animals and flora. Governor Dunleavy did it right when he let the boroughs call their own shots, according to what they elected, but saved the state from any type of state-wide edict. Good for him! I remember reading all of the tweets to him by those democrats demanding he issue an edict and he stood up to them and refused, time and time again. They were also mad at him when he let the emergency order run out. But it was time. People forget that Dunleavy and his administration had to go with what they were given. He did his best to keep Covid out of Alaska, but workers from out of state brought it in, so he fought it the best way he could without giving in to those who wanted a total lock-down. Take a look at the public calendar of Dunleavy sometime; the June edition showed about 3 1/2 total days off for the entire month, and that was without campaigning. When you go to vote for governor, start to think about how hard the governor is going to have to work for you, and ask yourself how many will really put in the hours it is required, and are they physically and mentally capable of doing so. As for those two democrat schmucks that think they know how to do things, people like that should be turned out to pasture and kept there, for their own good and everyone else’s.

  25. No Cal, Covid response has been blown because no Alaska official has come out telling our citizens about the dangers of these shots. More evidence comes out regularly about the many deaths and severe injuries caused by them and the elected and nonelected are either hiding it or too stupid to be in the positions they hold. Either way they are traitors to Alaska’s citizens for not disclosing it. Wake up folks and hold these clowns accountable!

  26. How many Dems have we seen out partying and having fun with no masks. Nancy, Gavin, Obama, Dr Fauci himself. It’s do as I say, not as I do. Masks to the Democrats are like Burkas to ISIS.

  27. Any politician that advocates for mandates that impose demands that are counter to the freedoms outlined in the US Constitution should be summarily removed from office and thrown out of the government building where they have an office. The COVID response is a shining example of how much damage government can do to a free society when the Constitutional freedoms we enjoy are violated.

  28. ‘

    The astonishing data that may prove masks DON’T work as Covid cases in Singapore and New Zealand
    OVERTAKE Australia despite SUPER strict mandates: ‘They don’t matter’
    Covid cases in Singapore and New Zealand have overtaken Australia per capita
    Both still have very strict mandates in place unlike Australia where rules eased
    Death rates in New Zealand are also higher than in Australia despite masks
    Data shared by infectious diseases professor in post saying masks ‘don’t matter’
    It’s the latest damning data to counter calls for a Covid clampdown in Australia

  29. I like the picture.
    Idiot is grinning, other guy is pointing at him like….
    You gotta be kidding me. This idiot?


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