Americans trust armed citizens more than law enforcement, according to new poll



Americans trust armed citizens more than law enforcement to stop mass shooters, according to a new poll.

Convention of States Action, along with the Trafalgar Group, released the poll Monday, which showed that 41.8% of surveyed voters “believe that an armed citizen would be their best protection if they were caught in a mass shooting event.”

Only 25.1% say local police would be their best protection while 10.3% said federal agents. About a quarter of those surveyed said “none of the above.”

The poll found that 62.2% of those surveyed “are not confident their local law enforcement and government officials could identify and and stop a violent person before they started a mass shooting.”

The survey comes on the heels of the tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where law enforcement has been heavily criticized for taking more than an hour to confront the shooter inside an elementary school.

“Americans watched in horror as an active shooter was permitted to rampage through a school while the police stood outside and did absolutely nothing,” said Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action. “Over and over again, citizens are given the clear message that – when it comes to protecting loved ones – you’re on your own. At the same time, we’re told guns are the problem and we should give up our right to self-defense.”

The survey queried more than 1,000 likely 2022 voter July 7-10.

Meanwhile, a shooting at an Indiana shopping mall over the weekend left at least three dead and 2 wounded but was cut short when what authorities called an armed “good samaritan” killed the gunman. Other instances like these have also ended mass shootings around the country.

“We do know that someone we are calling the “Good Samaritan” was able to shoot the assailant and stop further bloodshed,” Greenwood Mayor Mark Meyers said. “This person saved lives tonight. On behalf of the city of Greenwood, I am grateful for his quick action and heroism in this situation.”

This story appeared first at The Center Square, a conservative news service, and is used with permission.


  1. Once we unionized the Police and Fire Departments their focus changed and they both became different forces….they kinda followed the teachers….

  2. One word: Uvalde.

    Since law enforcement won’t protect us, we need to do it ourselves.

  3. Police response times to violent incidents vary in length, and the quality of officers are mixed (Uvalde is an illustrative example), whereas good Samaritan armed citizens are individuals who happen to be at the scene.
    The model for a constitutional republic is a society of free, and armed citizens, not a society of government dependents.
    Of course the public is safer in an environment where the lawful minded citizens are often armed.

  4. The armed citizen may lack all the fancy training the PD and Swat teams have but he possess the will and the initiative to defend himself, his neighbor and his fellow citizens because he realizes at times a personal involvement is the most appropriate deterrent to an armed threat. And he doesn’t want to; A) loss his life prematurely B.) Live with the thought that he let his neighbor down big time or C.) allow his city to be overtaken by lawlessnesss. Those few towns where the local government required every home to possess a firearm SAW A DRAMATIC DECREASE IN CRIME AND MURDER !!

  5. If you’re going to carry, please train. Please train with a school who knows how to train. We have a good one in ANC, and there are others, for sure.

    I honestly am more concerned about the helpful citizen behind me than I would be with the “bad guy” in front of me, for the lack of good training most people receive. We live in Alaska, therefore we know about firearms, right? Unfortunately, most people operating weapons systems (and vehicles) are significantly less capable than they think they are.

    Go get training – if you don’t know where to go, ping me and I’ll let you know. It’s for the good of all of us, because “the police are there in minutes when seconds count”.

  6. I read a study years ago about what happened in Florida after the law was changed to allow concealed carry.
    What was striking about the study was that the armed citizen shot the threatening or guilty party almost 100% of the time whereas the Police Officer arriving at the scene later was greatly disadvantaged and often the guilty party escaped.

    Banning firearms is not the answer. Arming Free Men and Women is the answer.

  7. The results of the poll are no surprise. The two groups behind it – the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action are both far right leaning interests. They are political and agenda driven. Like MRAK. No surprise Suzanne posted this.

    • Perhaps You can supply a poll paid for by Soros to counter the poll You feel does not have a conclusion to Your liking…

    • It is amusing how, to you radical leftist extremists, nobody is just “right leaning”, or “moderately conservative”, or some such attribute — no, they are all “far right”. But I guess from the perspective of the extreme (so-called) left, EVERYONE else is “far right”.

    • You’d be drinking crappy tea, and paying 54.3% (combined income & VAT) tax, on that (readjusted for British commonwealth rule) $24K public sector job you hold “if it weren’t for an armed citizenry”– learn your history LaLucinda!!!! #1776

    • If you cannot refute the results of the poll, try to discredit the source.

      Next time, point out a problem with the methodology, the questions, or the people surveyed. It might help you make a valid point.

    • So what you are saying is, that the political ideology of the group tallying the results directly affects the results. But this doesn’t apply to elections, right? Where is your evidence?

  8. We have no right to live in a safe society, but we do have the responsibility to make society as safe as possible. I carry a gun not to make me feel tough, or to make feel safe, only to give me a fighting chance. History has shown this to be true.
    Hearing the reaction from the far left concerning the Indiana and Minneapolis shootings I cannot help but conclude the “gun safety mob” is very disappointed more innocent lives were not lost. So sad.

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  10. When i go to a church
    i feel better when the ushers are armed, especially these
    days so many religion
    haters. They hate religion so much that they created their own religion of hate. Hahahaha

  11. The police by and large are a crime solving and crime deterring force, they are not a crime stopping force. They cannot be everywhere at all times so they show up after the crime has occurred and try and solve it, or they have a presence that deters. It’s rare that police actually stop a crime in process. If you are an active victim of a crime your best bet is to do whatever you or need to do to stop the crime from continuing, then let the police try and resolve the case after you’ve stopped the crime.

  12. Go easy on the cops. There are many brave, committed law enforcement officers willing to put their life on the line at any given moment. The problem? One slip or miscalculation and the media mob will be all over them. Blue state city councils and assemblies treat them like the enemy. Many feel no one has their back. Yes, carry a gun to protect yourself.

  13. 2 latest examples: Uvalde on the bad side, where there were more police on site than defended the Alamo from Santa Ana. Good side was the armed citizen who stopped the Indy mall shooter a couple days ago even though the mall was a gun free zone. Cheers –

  14. So what’s your point?

    This is just more anti-police rhetoric from the far right “party of law and order”.

    You’re being played by the left.

  15. An armed society is a polite society. There really is no better response that by an armed person at the scene of a crime. The police are never going to be able to be there in the instant and shouldn’t be criticized for not being able to be everywhere. That is why every citizen that wants to carry a gun is afforded that right in our constitutional republic.

  16. I used to at least keep a little something under the seat in the truck.
    I never liked packing….. just another anchor to drag about.
    So I quit.
    But, the reason I figured it was ok to do so is that I have so many buddies packing around town, just the guys I know… Plus, the potential of somebody stealing the danged thing.
    I figure one will be close to hand in most instances.

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