Video: Biden takes a tumble


President Joe Biden, at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado Springs, Colo., tripped and fell to the stage today, where he had to be lifted to his feet by three Air Force officials nearby.

Biden has had other trips, at times on the stairs up to Air Force One, and once when he tipped over on his bike, but none has been as public or as spectacular as this one.

The president shook it off, pointed at a black sandbag on the stage that had been in his way, and stayed through the end of the graduation ceremony.

Biden is 80 years old and would be 82 at the start of his second term in January of 2025. In 2020, he set a record for the oldest person to ever be sworn in as president.

In 2020, when Donald Trump was running for his second term, the mainstream media wrote extensively with great speculation about the 74-year-old president’s careful gait as he descended a ramp from an aircraft, and the New York Times wrote with glee that he had difficulty lifting a glass of water to his mouth during a speech at West Point.

But for Biden’s fall today, the New York Times played down the incident. The newspaper quoted White House Communications Director Ben LaBold saying, “He’s fine. There was a sandbag on stage while he was shaking hands.”

In fact, Biden had shaken the hand of a graduate, who then walked off the stage, and moments later Biden simply tripped on a sandbag near his feet as he was preparing to walk away.


  1. Oh. The horror. It just… it just sat there on the stage, holding it down, and then, all of a sudden… It was all over…

    BSM – Black Sandbags Matter.

    Queue Mr. Sandman…

  2. His physical impairments, as real as they are, are not nearly as serious as his mental ones, which are nearly ubiquitous and continuous. But the corporate-controlled quasi-state media will predictably downplay both.

    • Do you remember, not many years ago, when the left was all over themselves demanding tests on Trumps physical and mental acuity?

      Same people are awfully quiet now.

    • Would you like some more Whaaaahhh with your Whine Jefferson? Guess who’s still not President, lol

      • Does your gratuitous ad hominem attack have ANY point behind it, RINO, other than being a childish and desperate diversion from the truth?

        • I know it’s really bad that Trump is a delusional mentally unstable traitor to our nation, sometimes the truth does hurt.

          • How is he a traitor? No really…fill us all in. There has been no substantive evidence produced, EVER. Whereas the incumbent now has, digital footprints leading to China through his son, as well as tax returns that do not accurately reflect his income AT ALL(just the tip of the proverbial iceberg…). That is all a matter of legal record. Where are the records that President Trump committed anything remotely similar to what the incumbent has done??? Trump has been under the microscope for the past 6 years, folks haven’t found anything that shows he is anything else but an American Patriot. Biden’s allegiances are all up for sale to the highest bidder….disprove me, I’ll wait….

  3. Must be a day ending in Y.

    And there’s a 50-50 shot this impaired geriatric is re elected.

  4. Its a no brainer why he doesnt want to be seen on the campaign trail. Maybe they should prop him up in one of those “electric mobility chairs”…

  5. The real question is which one of those graduates placed that black sand bag there? We need a full investigation by the DOJ. I would suggest FBI raids on the graduates and their families and confiscate any and all patriotic content as well as MAGA hats. There must be consequences for domestic terrorism. someone has to be at fault! Where is Jussie Smollets gang? Lots of questions needing answers.

  6. Now imagine how much he’s falling in private. Probably being strapped for hours into his Acorn stair lift for safe keeping.

  7. Just put the puppet in a nursing home already!!! He can’t speak, stand or walk without direction!!

  8. Rino, is the truth really so jarring that’s all you can come up with? Please tell us what a wonderful family the Biden are. Come on Rino tell us all about the Bidens.

  9. If I could visit the White House, I’d bring a new walker and leave it with the guide, saying this is for Mr. president biden so he doesn’t fall and trip anymore. Please get it to him.

  10. The article correctly stated that he’s the oldest to be “sworn in”
    Good to see some truth in journalism.
    It would have been incorrect to have said “ oldest to be Elected “ I don’t think even rino is that ignorant…….. but chances are it will prove me wrong.

  11. It’s elder abuse to keep him in office. If Jill really cares about him she’ll have him quit at 1 term.

  12. It’s 5:00pm somewhere. Joe looks like an unsteady old drunk getting ready to head down to the Officers Club for martini number #9. Pretty pathetic.

      • FDR was an effective leader. Like his politics or not, he got them through a reluctant congress.

        Plus he did a lot to help people with Polio.

        I’m not sure what Biden has done for anyone not named Biden.

  13. Everyone in congress pretends he is a president. Openly mocking us and pretending we are in a democracy. This is surreal. Our own leaders are destroying our society, economy and military more effectively than any enemy could short of nuclear war. For Russia, China and 80 % of the world not in our puppet control status, this is very alarming. A nuclear armed, aggressive, unstable, utterly corrupt, ruthless nuclear armed one party regime with a weak and subdued citizenry.

  14. Just imagine Slow Joe taking a fall like that coming down the Air Force One stairway. There is never anyone with Him, completely on His own. So irresponsible. Stair Master? Fall protection harness? Of course if Slow Joe did fall and break His unpresidential neck, they could always pin it on President Trump.

  15. Just a preview of what lies ahead for the old fool when He faces his maker. Karma shows up in many different ways. Hunter and the BIG GUYS travels together are just beginning.

  16. This isn’t new. The media helped minimize coverage of FDR’s disability, usually at the request of FDR< the family and the WH. Cheers –

  17. “Cause I understand you’ve been running from the man
    That goes by the name of the Sandman
    He flies the sky like an eagle in the eye
    Of a hurricane that’s abandoned”

  18. An investigation found that the bag was manufactured by ACME novelty products under the product line “MAGAbag”

  19. It appears the resident might benefit from Don Batemen’s Ground Proximity Early Warning System!

  20. I remember during the Political debates back in 2015-6, He was always joking and the other candidates played it up as his “jokes” and his dementia was showing even then…Have you noticed Kamala isn’t around any more to cover up for his dubious mistakes. We all know SOMEONE else is behind his facade..

  21. Lol. Man you guys will desperately grab at any straw won’t you. You can’t intelligently attack him on any of his policies or his many many accomplishments since he became President (by receiving more votes than anyone in history incase you forgot), including just preventing us from committing economic suicide over the debt ceiling nonsense, so you have to cling to dumb things like this. Oh no, he tripped! What a scandal!

    It’s sad really.

  22. So exactly why was a sandbag there and where was his secret service clowns. ??? Has anyone ever seen a sandbag on a stage before. I can’t say I have. Let alone at an Airforce Academy function. This guy Biden is down more than he is up. The poor sap that put that sandbag in that geographical location is probably flying Rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong today.

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