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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Vaccine rollout public comment meeting Monday


The State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services will hold a public comment meeting on the plans for the the next phase of the vaccine rollout, on Monday, Dec. 28 from 4-5 pm.

Link to the meeting through the State of Alaska website. This meeting will be held via Zoom Webinar, Facebook Live via the DHSS Facebook page, and by telephone. 

More information about the 1b rollout plan at this State of Alaska link.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Anchorage Assembly members should be the very last to receive the vaccine. After all, since they are such experts that they can tell everyone else what to do to prevent getting or spreading the virus, they should be at zero risk if they are following their own advice..

    • 👍👍👍👍

    • The ruling public sector should be the first ones. Why is it the ruling class isnt the first ones to get this vaccine but were the first ones jumping into the Titanic’s lifeboats. Because of fear we been led believing this virus is so deadly, the world would want to vaccinate every legislature, every governor, every mayor, every local elect so to avoid more chaos if these rulers sickened and faced death needing replacement.

      • Vaccinate the leaders elect!

  • My only comment on the vaccine(s) would be, “Don’t make it mandatory!” That includes not just direct mandates from the government, but most especially more insidious and less direct ‘backdoor mandates” from corporate entities (our real rulers nowadays).

    • Corporations have domain over everything that pertains to them and their employees during which time the employee is on company property. They can do dress codes, background checks and anything else they deem important to the business. If you don’t like those rules then don’t work there.

      • The Department of Labor would beg to differ.


        The totalitarians among us are getting less shy ALL the time.

    • Why not? I work offshore and if anyone comes on my boat next summer they better have proof of vaccination — I am not going to have an expensive shutdown around taking them to shore or a USCG medevac to save their ignorant self, or perhaps them infecting someone who legitimately can’t get a vaccine due to allergic issues.

      • My medical records are none of your business. HIPPA, remember?

        • That’s fair. At-will employment, remember? Then no job, it’s simple. They can go get their government check and watch Netflix instead.

  • Access Via Zoom (CCP) Website, How Stupid Can We Be

  • Do the math on vaccines
    If you believe they will be 95% effective it will not change a thing.
    Divide the population of alaska by the total cases!
    5% positive as a total!
    Just simple math vaccines wont change a thing.

    • That’s not how the math here works.


      If the vaccine is 95% effective (which I doubt) and 100% of the population is vaccinated (which I wont). Then 5% of the total population of Alaska would be affected by the Wu-flu instead of 100%.


      If 0.5% of the total population dies we’re looking at: 638,000 x 0.005 = 3190 deaths. If 0.5% of 5% dies we’re looking at: 638,000 x 0.05 = 31,900 x 0.005 = 160 deaths.


      I’m still not getting vaccinated. My figures don’t account for the deaths and illness caused by the vaccines. Or the lying that the leftist governments and media can’t help but do.

  • Should be interesting to see what happens when the conversation starts to include words like “mandatory” and “vaccine cards”…

    • And like so many violations of our rights lately, it will likely come in “through the back door”, i.e., via mandates from companies and corporations (our real overlords nowadays). First, one will need to show “your papers” in order to fly …. then, in order to cross a national border … then, in order to enter any public building …. then, in order to buy groceries, enter a bank, or buy gas …. until it becomes effectively impossible to live without proof of vaccination. But it will all be “voluntary”, because it won’t be the government (directly) imposing the mandates.

  • Sounds just like a country in Europe around 1939 to 1945. Show me your papers.

  • Despite all the happy talk, I expect that the distribution of the vaccines to be heavily influenced by identity politics. I may be old but my gender, skin color and location will ensure that I am not offered the vaccine until the summer solstice. Every CHOP activist in Seattle and every Antifa scumbag in Portland will be vaccinated before I am.

  • Nav – a word from the editor – we don’t do links in comments. And if comments are too long, they go in the trash because there are hundreds of comments to read and edit every day, and it is becoming quite a time-consuming task. – sd

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