USA Boxing’s new rule allows transgenders to fight women


Women boxers had better hang onto their mouth guards. Starting Monday USA Boxing will allow biological men who have completed castration and chemical enhancements to look like women to get into the ring and compete in the women’s amateur division.

The new rule applies to those transgenders over the age of 18, according to the policy.

Women’s athletics champion Riley Gaines said grave harm to women may be the result. Gaines became a vocal advocate for women after losing a medal to trans swimmer Lia Thomas while competing in college.

“USA boxing @USABoxing to allow men who merely say they are women to fight against women. Mark my words, it will take a woman getting killed before these misogynistic fools wake up,” she wrote.

Former world champion Ebanie Bridges is unequivocally opposed to the decision:

“This is wrong on so many levels. I will never agree to this… it’s bad enough having trans women breaking records in other sports like track and field, swimming and power lifting but it’s a bit different to them breaking our skulls in combat sports where the aim is to HURT YOU not just break a record…however I think it’s wrong in ALL SPORT… I have nothing against trans but can’t be skewing the line in sport…. You don’t see reference or debates for transmen in sport… cos it’s not a threat,” Bridges wrote on social media in response to USA Boxing’s new rule.

Former super middleweight champion Carl Frochtold the New York Post, “It should never happen on anybody’s watch. It’s a man, basically, beating up a woman. Don’t care if they’ve transgendered into a woman, and they now think they’re a woman, and they’re taking drugs to lower their testosterone intake. They’re stronger, they’re more powerful. Not all of them, you get some masculine women, that’s fine. If you get some feminine men, that’s fine.”


  1. Women need to start their own leagues and get away from this ridiculous stuff.
    Big money wants to allow this to happen. Women control their own destiny so it’s up to them to change it or live with it.

  2. Where in the hell are all of the women’s rights advocates?????? All I hear is crickets. Riley Gaines is the only voice I hear.

  3. Here we go again. The writer says, “USA Boxing will allow biological men… … to compete with women…” The writer’s phraseology implies the new competitors are not truly men; rather they are only “biological men.” The writer’s choice of terms is contradictory. She is apparently fearful of using the correct term (men) with no adjective. She is thereby submitting to the prevailing cultural lies.
    Let me correct the writer as follows. “Starting Monday USA Boxing will allow men, who have been castrated and taken certain hormones, to fight against women in violent combat sports.” Full stop.
    Remember, if you speak weakly, and sugar-coat the truth, and avoid speaking truth boldly and unequivocally, you are doing more damage than good. It would be better to say nothing. Strike fear from your heart.

  4. Are you going to complain about trans men fighting cis men in boxing too for the sake of fairness? Because that’s already been going on.

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