Anchorage-based USA Powerlifting ordered to allow trans-women to compete in Minnesota meets


Men are almost always stronger than women and can out-lift them any day of the week. But it’s Women’s History Month, and a judge has just decided that a transgender male-to-female must be allowed to compete in women’s powerlifting competitions.

JayCee Cooper, a transgender weightlifter, won a discrimination lawsuit last month against Alaska-based USA Powerlifting, after being banned from competing in the women’s powerlifting division in Minnesota due to the fact he is a biological male.

USA Powerlifting, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is headquartered in Anchorage and offers over 400 events nationwide each year through independent directors. It was established in 1981 as the American Drug Free Powerlifting Association and is the leading drug-tested powerlifting organization in the country.

Cooper was born male and up until 2015 he participated in competitive sports as a male. He had been a member of the U.S. Junior National curling team and competed in the the World Junior Curling Championships in 2007. Cooper then changed his name from Joel to JayCee and started presenting as a female. In 2016, in his mid-20s, Cooper started competing in women’s roller derby, and in 2017 or 2018, he started powerlifting.

Cooper, now a 35-year-old Minneapolis transgender, filed a discrimination lawsuit in 2021 against USA Powerlifting, after the organization said Cooper could not compete in the women’s division.

On Feb. 27, a District Judge Patrick Diamond in Minneapolis ordered USA Powerlifting to cease its “unfair discriminatory practice” and to revise its policies. USA Powerlifting officials contended that male-to-female transgenders have an advantage. But Judge Diamond said that is not a reason to discriminate.

Diamond wrote that Cooper has a “protected status as a transgender woman.” Diamond said, “USAPL did not find Cooper too big, too small, or too just right. The only consideration in USAPL’s policy was Cooper’s protected status as a transgender woman.”

Already, the International Olympic Committee, the NCAA and the Minnesota State High School League adopted policies that allow men to compete in women’s sports, so long as they say they identify as women.

USA Powerlifting has an anti-doping policy on its website, which can be viewed here.

“USA Powerlifting has not banned transgender athletes. There are rules surrounding requirements for membership as with any organization.  Policy is set for the most fundamental of all of the rules, drug testing and secondly fairness in competition,” the organization writes in a published question-and-answer section on its website.

“Take sports such as curling, equestrian, shooting and archery, these sports are more sport of skill, whereas powerlifting is a sport of strength. Men naturally have a larger bone structure, higher bone density, stronger connective tissue and higher muscle density than women. These traits, even with reduced levels of testosterone do not go away.  While MTF [male to female] may be weaker and less muscle than they once were, the biological benefits given them at birth still remain over than of a female,” the organization contends.

A second phase of this trial, relating to damages that USA Powerlifting will be required to pay to Cooper, starts on May 1.

Cooper is represented by an advocacy group known as Gender Justice, which filed the lawsuit in June of 2021, saying that USA Powerlifting had violated Minnesota’s Human Rights Act. You can listen to the Gender Justice podcast with Cooper at this link.

The attorneys for USA Powerlifting may appeal the ruling.


  1. When I was growing up it was a man’s world. We made progress ladies. Now they are taking away our place in sports! We must stop this or on woman will ever again win a sport competition!

    • So, you’re against transsexuals – but only when they negatively affect women?
      Because this goes way beyond just feminists getting terfed out of their safe spaces, pun intended.

      I don’t want to be forced to make believe with some tubby FTM ‘they/them’, just to keep a job and avoid fines or jailtime. Yes, government punishment. This is actually happening in the UK right now, under their interpretation of ‘hate speech’ – and is eventually intended for the USA as well.

  2. Congratulations Jaycee, Now all you have to do is win the powerlifting title and then go on to capture the gold at the Olympics to top of your settlement cash for “damages” incurred. If that crown isn’t shiny enough there is always the “Special Olympics”

  3. Just wait till Felix Chrissy and Forrest hear about this Alaska based group doing dirty deeds against the trans people.I am sure they will be kickin rocks down the road with Mr Crawford.

    • Yes! Intentional feminization of men—yet, the poor blokes participating in this charade are hurting themselves far more than their initial rebellion and star-status when they ‘win’ against a true female.

      And yet, biological women seem to be the main target. What will this scenario look like in a few years?

    • Yawn. “Democrats are the ‘real’ racists.” Stupid moderate frame that encourages dumb Republicans to accept left wing concepts and embrace ‘feminism and diversity’ over meritocracy.

      Why not try this:
      Men pretending to be women shouldn’t be in women’s sports.
      Not because of how it ‘impacts’ women – I don’t especially care if trannies are taking bread out of Title IX collegiate athletes’ mouths.
      But because – You can’t change your sex!
      Women pretending to be men shouldn’t be crossing over into men’s sports/bathrooms either – on the same principal. You is what you is.

      As amusing as it is to play games and turn one favored Democrat voting bloc (femmes) against another (sexual degenerates), sometimes it it pays just to embrace truth and cut to the chase.

  4. A male to female Transgender is a MAN all day long.
    Disturbing that the delusional mental cases think they are a female just because they take hormones. Why are we placating this garbage!?!
    If it’s women’s month, then HONOR ALL WOMEN by not allowing any of this!! They are discriminating to REAL WOMEN out there doing this. Good job!

  5. Gender Justice? Justice for whom? Certainly not the actual gender this biological man is hijacking. Gender Injustice.

  6. It’s a legal fiction to say that transgendered women are considered females for the purpose of admittance into female competitive sports. It’s a further legal fiction to announce this order as discriminatory of a protected class. We now have judges who obviously are extremists of the far Left-wing culture, and who obviously have not passed a 7th grade biology class. They should also be withdrawn from the bench for not being able to pass a reasonable legal sniff test. The only solution now is to reclassify all American sports into three categories: male, female, and trans. Brainwashing has been effective. The result is mass mental illness throughout the broad spectrum of our society. Joe Biden’s agenda has accelerated this mental illness.

    • I agree and have stated this before. Have male, female, and trans divisions, if they really want to be fair. But I suspect that this is just one more attempt to ruin society and unless we all call a halt to it, it will succeed.

  7. The women who support this transgender farce are so obviously mentally ill, that’s the only way one can quantify this ridiculous cultural charade and ignorance of scientific fact. #followthescience

  8. Lies don’t last. If one is born a man nothing changes that also birth gender female. Some are born defected with physical defect of ambiguity. Those people are unique and need kindness and medical support for gender issues. Those people can pursue sports of interest in which they excel perhaps an intersex competition but not in female competition. Not too hard to figure out.

  9. District Judge Patrick Diamond i
    Of Minneapolis is discriminating against biological women. What bothers me is that the majority of women say nothing. Do they support this insanity?

    • The judiciary is quickly approaching a time where the proper reaction to one of these idiotic opinions is to tell them to pound sand. They need to be careful. Cheers –

  10. Every woman in this competition must refuse to compete against a male. Otherwise, nothing will change.

    • Every woman in the competition continues competing because they are dishonorable. They even refer to the guy as “she.” They cling to the hope they may still profit from the game while the guy trounces them. Their integrity is for sale.
      Furthermore, anyone uttering the terms “biological male” or “biological female” is also dishonorable. They add the unnecessary adjective to contend males or females exist other than biologically. Its just another dishonorable, ridiculous, lie.

  11. They should all stop the event and have a unsanctioned event where they can control who gets to compete. They could have trophy’s and prizes but it’s private by invite only. Woman’s sports is going to half to do the same thing. Get rid of sanctioned sports and have a neighborhood event.

  12. I’m not veterinarian but i do know what a dog is. A man pretending to be a woman competing in women’s sports is just stupid.

  13. Great stuff. My daughters are old enough to be on the otherside of this so I don’t have a dog in the fight…Hey, maybe dogs should be allowed. Once we are desensitized to this abhorrent behavior we can move from transexual to transspecies…I identify as a spruce tree.

  14. Upon one side, there is mental illness, whereas one individual of a certain biological and certified sex or gender believes themselves to be another sex or gender regardless of what they actually are, biologically.

    Within that side, are those within power, and circumstance, that push and dictate the response unto said mental illness as somehow normal, though it is anything but that.

    Why is this, one may wonder?

    The ones with said illness matter not, as they, individually, have never been much of anything, other than an individual that has no idea what, or who they are.

    The danger lies within the support, officially, and governmentally, of said illness, so as to force the citizenry to accept the unacceptable, inclusive of those that are most harmed by said support.

    Why cannot females stand up for themselves and end this fallacy once and for all?

  15. What we have here is a man who can’t be competitive in mens sports so he pretends to be a woman. Hooray for me, now I can win.

  16. Trann*es on roids. It’s arms are thicker than my legs and it’s neck is lost somewhere between the
    delts, traps, and bi’s. Wonder what it benches? Squats?

    • I bet this person pops steroids like M&Ms. Breasts grow on men. Balding occurs. Liver and heart failure. Ligaments and tendons get injured. Does the “it” have health insurance, or will Joe Biden pay for her to get well?

  17. Like many sports already have, establish a handicap system. Make it based on chromosomes, everyone normally has one pair of (sex) chromosomes in each cell. Make the “Y” chromosome a higher multiplier than the “X” and establish an additional weight factor to equalize the completion. Some Olympic sports required athletes to wear additional weight to equalize starting points, leaving it to skill. Let the Courts stumble around with that, or an athlete argue they really don’t want a level playing field. NASCAR, Formula 1, Golf, the NBA and NFL all have equalization factors. What’s wrong with these people.

  18. If the trans are mutilating their own means of reproduction, why haven’t they been bred out of society by now? The answer is they are placed with us by the devil himself.

  19. Mamma mia! This is where we are. Who would have known that the closet was packed with freaks? And the judges….My, oh, my! This country–damned or blessed–is on a wild ride.

  20. There is no such thing as a trans-gender. It’s make believe, hormones and outer appearance cosmetics only. To believe otherwise is mental illness. Science. Try it out!

  21. If he wants to be transgender, that’s fine, he can be whatever sensibilities he wants. But his choice does not make him a woman. There is no way anyone can justify males competing with females in competition of strength. Period. Anyone knows that male and female bodies are not the same physically and competition between the two are NOT a level playingfield.
    The MN judge can go pound it. No laws were broken by not competing males against females. There is nothing unfair going on here.
    How do you solve this? You can’t finagle any reason to allow males to compete in strength competition with females fairly. So don’t. It’s just another column on the spreadsheet, have a transgender class and be done with it.

  22. HE is only saying he’s a female and competing in women’s sports because he was too lame to win against other men. How can HE be proud of a win against a biological female??? Until he grows a uterus and ovaries, HE IS A MALE.

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