Jamie Allard: Our girls shall not be erased by Hershey



Have you seen the recent Hershey commercial celebrating Women’s History Month?

The “She” bar is intended to uplift women, and “shine a light on the women and girls who inspire us every day.” 

The ad features a biological male dressed as a woman — transgender activist Fae Johnstone. This year the company’s initiative to celebrate and uplift women will feature the pictures of five inspiring women on the candy bar wrappers. One of them is Johnstone. Immediately the ad received harsh criticism and backlash on social media: “Hershey is erasing women.” 

Hershey features a trans-activist for Women’s History Month.

​I am extremely concerned about the future for my daughters. How will they thrive in a world where if a woman can do it, a man can do it better? In a world where a biological male can take their crown in a beauty pageant, or take their gold in a swim meet? In a world where a man can be a mother? The woke mob is erasing women.

Feminism is no longer helping women. We have fought long and hard to achieve the freedom of equality with men. And now an angry mob that denies God and defies science is trying to make us inferior again by stripping us of the very definition of what it means to be a woman. I will not sit idly by and watch as we are stripped of womanhood. Like the brave women before us who changed history, we have a voice and it’s time to use it. 

As a Junior Olympic track athlete in California, I was grateful for the women ahead of me who paved the way so I could compete at that level. My two daughters are depending on me to fight for their futures and pass them the baton. I will fight to keep the path open for them. If men are allowed to be women and enter into physical competition with women, women will lose. Our grandmothers did not stand on the front lines for women’s suffrage just so men could claim to be women and take trophies from females.

What people choose to do with their sexuality is their private business, but a small percentage of the world seems hell-bent on forcing the rest of us to approve of something that is none of our business in the first place. 

March is National Women’s History Month. The idea was birthed in Sonoma County in 1978 with the development of a Women’s Week to address the problem that women’s history was unknown in the curriculum. The idea was popular and quickly garnered support as it spread across the country.

By 1980 President Carter issued the first presidential proclamation declaring the week of March 8th as National Women’s History Week. President Carter said, “From the first settlers who came to our shores, from the first American Indian families who befriended them, men and women have worked together to build this nation. Too often the women were unsung and sometimes their contributions went unnoticed. But the achievements, leadership, courage, strength and love of the women who build America was as vital as that of the men whose names we know so well.” 

The Women’s History Week initiative was an effective way to achieve equity goals in the classroom. There were parades and essay contests and public-school curriculum developed to highlight women in history. By 1986, 14 states had adopted March as Women’s History Month followed by Congress establishing National Women’s History Month in 1987. 

On March 3, 1913, the first Alaska Territorial Legislature convened in the Elks Lodge building in Juneau. 110 years ago, the first act of the 23-member, all-male legislature was to unanimously grant Alaska women the right to vote. Within a decade, Alaskan Natives were given the right to vote. 

It was in very recent history that women earned the right to own property, the right to vote, the right to divorce, or the right to equal pay. We fought for the right to be in the Olympics, attend medical school, or buy a house. This month as we focus on how far we have come, let us not forget what makes us women. We are equal but different. Feminism is supposed to empower women, not erase them. How can we tout a Women’s History Month if we deny that women are biologically unique? How can we honor the women who had the courage to stand up to men making arbitrary rules over us if we allow men to be us?

Femininity and masculinity are sacred and different and good. This March, let’s honor the women who came before us by protecting the women after us. We must embrace and defend those sacred spaces of womanhood. Our daughters will not be erased. 

Rep. Jamie Allard serves in the Alaska Legislature on behalf of Eagle River.


    • That is not equality. I fought hard in the 70s and 80s to be erased in the next century by men.

      • here here. This is what happens when we stray from traditional family roles. The destruction of men, and the mockery of women. If we pushed men back to the traditional role of sole money earner, he won’t have time to play dress up and wear skirts and makeup. Having women in the workforce is a distraction as well and teaches men that if women can do work in a dress maybe they can do. It’s madness. Return the nuclear family and traditional american values. Stop confusing men and mocking women.

        • You sound like you are agreeing, yet your comment is actually insulting to women. Calling women in the workforce distracting and wanting them to return to the June Cleaver fantasy is mocking the achievements Jamie referred to. Furthermore to imply that ANY hot-blooded American man, seeing a woman in a dress at work, will want to wear one too is ridiculous. To blame working women for the depravity of men, is a convenient scapegoat to avoid the issue. This is about men cheating women out of their rewards for their accomplishments and speaks greatly to the character of these men and all those, who support this farce.

          • I am agreeing. It’s ridiculous that men are able to put on a dress and walk in a women’s dressing room, bathroom, or even shelter! What I’m saying is in the last several decades we have seen traditional family values and roles disappear, and the workforce become mixed with both men and women spread throughout most full time salaried work. These gender confused people don’t have any examples of a real man or real women to point to to exemplify. How do we expect people to conform to gender norms if the norm in the world is any gender will do for any job. When it was a man at work and a woman at home we didn’t have this issue. Daughters grew up with examples of what a woman is, and sons grew up knowing the role of a man. Of course nowadays these people are getting confused, because now we are saying it doesn’t matter what gender you are you can do ANYTHING. It’s a spit in the eye to American culture and it’s regression. We have lost our way. America used to be great; I hope it can be great again one day.

          • Really? So you want women to return to the “barefoot and pregnant, seen but not heard” status?? That’s despicable and a waste of talent all around. To blame women for the gender confusion of men is just ridiculous. American culture was always predicated of the achievement of the individual. It did not matter who your parents were or where you came from. You had a good idea, a dream or a plan, you had the opportunity to bring it to reality. Everyone had the same chance to do something great….or not.
            Today’s equity discussion demands that all are given the same thing, the same prize regardless of their effort. Those, who are perceived to be “disadvantaged” supposedly deserve all. So individuals are riding the wave for accolades they would normally never attain.(A man receiving an achievement award for women) The real para-dime shift is this assertion that it no longer depends on the individual’s effort, but only on external factors like race or assumed gender to have any worth. In essence they are erasing the individualism that made this country what it is and manipulate the narrative to exclude group of people BECAUSE they achieve without their “betters more enlightens” help.

    • This has nothing to do with “equality”. This is the new form of chauvinism. Now men attempt to show women that they are the “better perfect woman” and if you object to their new norms you get marginalized and shut down.
      This organization should create a “transgender category”. Fake (wo)men competing against other fake (wo)men and if you are too confused to decide what you are, go back to your biology.

      • Ugh! Clearly I am responding to two article posted at once. The bottom paragraph was meant for the power-lifting post. Sorry!

  1. I just sent an email to Hershey telling them why I won’t be buying their products anymore. Women need to push back or we will indeed be fully displaced!

  2. “This year the company’s initiative to celebrate and uplift women will feature the pictures of five inspiring women on the candy bar wrappers. One of them is Johnstone.”

    Surely, you did not mean to say this.

    It may’ve sounded clunky, but “four inspiring women and one man pretending to be a woman” would’ve been both truthful and consonant with the rest of your article.

  3. I don’t pine for another June Cleaver era but given the current state of affairs I’d say that a lot of you ladies botched this one up pretty good and it’s not going to be fixed by some feel good BS about protecting women’s rights in March.

    If you want not to have your daughters impacted by this nonsense make sure you’ve done the absolute best you can to make them the best they can be.

    Latchkey, neighborhood roaming commodity spawn are doomed to argue made up issues like this until they’re dead but those kids that have had parents focused on building a better version of themselves and the next generation of achievers won’t hear any of this noise at all.

  4. Something has gone terribly wrong with our society. Men wanting to be women, and women wanting to be men. Marital unions with the same sex. Reaffirming gender swapping as though a freak of Nature assembled us incorrectly at the onset. How did this happen in such magnitude? Have we become that mentally ill? This is really disturbing.

  5. The “woke” mob is intent on destroying American families by destroying culture and rewriting history. Indoctrination and infiltration are now in our face. Corporations that choose to follow wokeism, should learn the power of the people that have a choice in where and when they spend their money. Vote NO via your wallet. Boycott wokeism! Remove your children from public schools, aka indoctrination camps. Disney has been the leader of covert wokeism for decades. Disney cartoons are teaching kids to make decisions without parental knowledge and listen to indoctrinators. Ask, why is human trafficking, drug abuse and mental illness so rampant these days. We must restore God (morals and ethics), family and country back into all institutions especially education and government. People/children before profits. Time to push back against the mass slaughter of humanity. Evil World Economic Forum (WEF) leaders like Klaus Schwab and their minions, the W.H.O, United Nations, etc. must be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity. Plandemics, social justice, green ugly deal, climate hoax, and good for thee and not for me must end. Time to show them GAME OVER! Stand up people for what you know is right. No more going along to get along as they will never give up as long as they are able to move forward with their plans to destroy humanity. We can’t let every American city turn into places like Seattle and San Francisco.

  6. AMEN! Men are men and women are women. Two genders with different chromosomes. I am a male and will stay a male. This is God’s plan and we should not be messing with that

  7. Another WOKE company pushing the LGBTQ agenda to make us all believe the insanity.
    Women stand up and fight. Men will NEVER be women.. Ever.
    Pretty simple. Do not by anymore Hershey products!
    See if we lived in a normal world like we all used to, companies would never do something blasphemous like this. It would kill their businesses.
    Fast forward to today, they all have sold out to the freaks that think this garbage is “ok”.
    Wasnt ok then, not ok now.
    Ban them from your pocket book!

  8. As the author states above: “What people choose to do with their sexuality is their private business”…but that’s demonstrably false, isn’t it? Society disallows all manner of private expressions of individual sexuality. Even to the point of criminalizing some. Incest and sex with the underage are just two obvious examples. But deviant sex is A-OK for some reason. The tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality was just the first step on the path that now has men dressing up as women and demanding that we accept that unnatural behavior as the new normal. It’s not normal and it never will be and the only solution is to cram the sexually deviant back into the closet where they belong. Stop accepting abnormal behavior or you’re just part of the problem.

  9. This all started in the schools. We all wanted our children learn social skills only available in a public school environment. We need to rethink this as our schools have become a spawning ground for dysfunctional ideals. Nothing we can do at home can prepare our children for this daily indoctrination. There’s many ways that a child can gain social skills in smaller doses that will prepare them for the future. If you could be a fly on your child’s shoulder for a day, most people would be horrified. Public participation is highly discouraged and your inputs will be totally disregarded. It takes many years for a person to unlearn their “education “, some never do. They run for office.

  10. A worthy column. A suggestion to Rep. Allard: One way to empower and value women could be to resist and speak out against those in our society that attack, demean, devalue and blame men for all of our problems. It is no secret that the educational and professional fortunes of men are in a complete nosedive. Suicide rates among young men vastly exceed that of young women. When was the last time you saw a positive portrayal of a male, particularly a young (white!) male in a television commercial? It happens but it is rare. Almost always men are depicted as morons or aggressors or benign/worthless characters. Does that make life better for women? If so, someone needs to explain how that works. Life is not a “zero-sum” deal. We cannot empower women by castrating, demeaning and “disappearing” men or only addressing men in a foolish “woke” LGBTQ context.

  11. These men posing as women can get back to me when they decide to bleed out once a month for 30 years, suffer excruciating cramps during that time, deal with hormones that turn their brains to mush, put up with doctors telling them the pain is all in their heads (that’s not my head…), and then pull a basketball through their left nostril. And still take care of the kids, drive everyone everywhere, run the household budget, clean everything including puke, and take on a job outside the home. Until they do these things, they aren’t women and can’t possibly imagine what it feels like to be one.

    • Your comment is appreciated. If transgender “women” face “MEN”struation and “MEN”opause, they asked for it. Snicker. Been there, done that. Glad it’s over – best years of my life, physically.

      • I should clarify the best years of my life are now – I’m done with 40+ years of menstruation and menopause while working, showing up on time, and doing my job through thick or thin without whining about my “personal” condition. Let’s see how the transgender females respond to that challenge. Ha!

  12. Yep, more idiotic framing from Republicans.
    ‘Its perfectly OK to encourage transsexual nonsense – as long as carve-outs for women are not impacted.’

    Would be nice to see our ‘right wing’ politicians tackle this issue without having to pander to Democratic voting blocs. Indulging transsexuals in their fantasy is wrong for plenty of scientific and social reasons – way beyond how it impacts the naturally dickless in sporting events or in advertising campaigns.

    Should the mentally ill be allowed to serve in the military?
    Should the mentally ill be allowed access to children in public libraries?
    Should the mentally ill be promoted to the top of our federal health bureaucracies during a pandemic?
    Should the mentally ill be allowed to be involved in policy-making regarding handling of nuclear waste – when they aren’t stealing women’s luggage from airports?

  13. Here’s a novel idea, why don’t candy companies stick to making candy. We’re fine with boycotting you but rest assured we don’t come back. Good luck with that.

  14. When one believes themselves to be a gender they are not, it is not a physical issue, but a mental issue, as an individual, and always shall be.

    When an entity or governmental agency supports said mental issue within a forceful and power mongering construct so as to control a populace, or population, it is a fascist institution.

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