UPenn transgender swimmer nominated for ‘Woman of the Year,’ NCAA’s top award for female athletes


The University of Pennsylvania has doubled down on men dominating women’s sports by allowing a biological male, who swam in the men’s division prior to this season, to represent the school as its woman nominee for the NCAA Woman of the Year award.

Schools may nominate up to two female athletes, and there are 577 nominees from eligible schools this year.

Lia Thomas competed with UPenn’s men’s team and was a middle-ranked swimmer, but now has set records for the women’s team, and dominated in the Ivy League and NCAA championships.

Thomas’ switch to the women’s division drew intense national criticism, and 16 of Thomas’ teammates wrote an anonymous letter to UPenn and to the Ivy League, asking the institutions to defend women’s right to compete on a level field, without transgenders like Thomas taking their trophies.

“Biologically, Lia holds an unfair advantage over competition in the women’s category, as evidenced by her rankings that have bounced from #462 as a male to #1 as a female,” the women wrote. Their pleas fell on deaf ears.

The Woman of the Year award is an honor given to “female student-athletes who have exhausted their eligibility and distinguished themselves in their community, in athletics and in academics throughout their college careers.”

Earlier this year, the 22-year-old Thomas told Sports Illustrated that “I just want to show trans kids and younger trans athletes that they’re not alone. They don’t have to choose between who they are and the sport they love. I don’t know exactly what the future of my swimming will look like after this year, but I would love to continue doing it. I want to swim and compete as who I am.”

The international federation that governs the elite swimming competitions has since made a rule that says transgenders may compete as women only if they begin taking puberty blockers before puberty begins. Thomas began transitioning to present as a woman just two years ago, after having competed for years as a male. UPenn is clearly going a different direction, and making waves by doubling down in its war on women athletes.


  1. Amazing that there is no limit on what can be stolen from women by people who pretend to be women. Cultural appropriation, marginalization, & sexual discrimination at its finest!

    • Would now be a good time to rethink women’s lib platitudes?

      …I am woman, hear me roar!

      …I must be treated as an equal!

      …Don’t hold that door for me you patronizing creep!

      …Ma’am? Did you just assume my gender?

      Mr. Thomas is clearly a roach but really, who cut the path for this guy?

      • ……I am identifying as a black female bi-sexual non-binary lesbian with PTSD from the Civil War from this point forward. I want reparations, and my civil war pension back dated and adjusted for inflation!!!

    • The guy, Lia, did not steal anything from women. The administrators, coaches, families and the young women he competed with, all gave it to him on a silver platter. With their ridiculous woke ideology, they all stupidly invited him to beat them at their own game. I believe it is currently illegal to leave the keys in your car; its seen as basically handing them to a would-be thief. Such a basic concept.

  2. SICK!! Is this a bad joke, or does this show that normal society has actually caved-in to the LGBTQ sickness?

    • Society has caved.
      It only took good people remaining silent for this BS to grow to this point. It has gone from acceptance, to celebration. What is next? Mandatory participation?

  3. Looking at that photo at the top, I could swear that Lia Thomas has the bulge of male genitalia. But then again, the guy has balls to compete as a woman.

  4. It’s like watching a South Park cartoon. Academia with it’s progressive idiocy are marching further and deeper into folly. You think U Penn has a biology department? Huh?

  5. To use von imof expressive exclamation “the entitlement of some! the Pride of these guys is astounding!!!!” sin has no boundries when it
    says it goes too far.

  6. So, straight-up question: who does “it” date?

    1. A woman?
    2. A man?
    3. Another Transexual?
    4. All of the above?
    5. New, emerging category?

  7. The left hates women unless they are having abortions.

    They are also clearly the misogynists here. Their ideal woman is a confused man.

    • In some instances it might depend on if he’s right handed or left but in all seriousness Mr Thomas is simply a queer and his primary requirement in a date would be that they have a working johnson.. I don’t have a preconceived notion of how others must get their jollies and leave such wisdom to religious people however, it’s pretty clear that Mr. Thomas has gotten the thumpers riled up and attention is what he wanted.

      Expect to see more from him and a string of copy cats in his wake.

  8. I have frequented Twitter more than usual lately and it’s getting weird, real weird. I had some girl telling me transgender men can have children. Essentially saying men can have children. There is no boundary now between male and female.

    • Stay off Twitter. When Jesus cast demons into the pigs, once the pigs died they went to Twitter.

      Dwarf porn is less damaging to your soul.

  9. There is no mistaking the current war on the female gender and its’ attributes will eventually see the coin flip as the male gender comes under the scope of those bent on reducing the population to less than 500 million.

  10. I pray this comes back to bite UPenn. Travesty.

    “ The Woman of the Year award is an honor given to “female student-athletes who have exhausted their eligibility and distinguished themselves in their community, in athletics and in academics throughout their college careers.”.

    So what has this male swimmer done as a ‘faux woman’ that fits this requirement? Our daughter was an NCAA swimmer for four years and worked so hard, graduating with honors as an NCAA scholar athlete. I cannot imagine how discouraging such antics would have been for her and her teammates. The camaraderie was an essential component during those years and something like what has occurred at UPenn definitely would disrupt that. Truly this is like a twilight zone episode. If I were a female swimmer I would be looking only at colleges that are avoiding such foolishness, if there are any left.

  11. It went from “women are equal to men” to “women are men” in only a few short years.
    Thanks leftists.

  12. Absolutely disgusting. It’s not a woman it’s a man with junk in his pants. That gets applauded as a female winning something??
    No. A gender confused idiot swam. That is how this should be titled.
    Women all over that are concerned with their “rights” better be all over this and get it stopped.
    Now let me say this. All those people out there saying the LGBTQ is not a problem here is why it IS A PROBLEM. They are pushing this and shoving it down our throats at every turn. Using intimiation on business and private sectors. BULLYING.
    This guy and others like him USE that entity like a gun. Hidden in their pockets till needed. Like a baby not getting their way.
    Defund them, make it clear their bullying with their lifestyle will not be tolerated anywhere and see the problem start going away.
    Do not give them an inch.

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