Update: Sanders aide fired after report on ‘Jew money’ tweets made public


A recent hire on the Bernie Sanders campaign has lost his job after reports were published detailing his history of racists, misogyenistic, and homophobic social media posts.

Darius Khalil Gordon, who also has a history in Alaska as a trainer of leftists during the weeks leading up to the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, had been hired as the deputy director of constituency organizing for the Sanders campaign.

The Republican Jewish Coalition on Friday called on Sen. Sanders to fire Gordon from his presidential campaign after Twitter posts were published from Gordon’s account showing he referred to “Jew money.”

Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

“Darius Khalil Gordon’s tweets traffic in a base, anti-Semitic slur. It is outrageous that Bernie Sanders would hire him, given Gordon’s history of posting blatantly anti-Semitic comments on social media. The Sanders campaign should fire him immediately.”

Sanders’ campaign was already in trouble with the Jewish community because he proposes withholding military aid to Israel, and he appointed Linda Sarsour as a campaign surrogate.

The Washington Free Beacon first documented and reported the tweets. Must Read Alaska has followed the activities of Gordon since he came to Alaska in 2018 to train protesters on how to get arrested and how to harass lawmakers when they went to Washington, D.C. to protest Kavanaugh.

Some of Gordon’s supporters and friends defended him on social media, saying that his posts from years earlier should be disregarded, as people can change.


  1. Would they say the same thing to defend a white guy? NO they would not. What about a white guy in blackface 30 or more years ago?

  2. I’m a Sanders supporter and this is typical of his style. When his campaign has problems he corrects them quickly and that’s why I believe his presidency will be an ethical one.

  3. What a load of garbage from Darius’ supporters. Like they would believe he could change if he was organizing for any conservative candidate. They would want his job and future crushed.
    We also know if he hadn’t been pressured Bernie wouldn’t have fired him.

  4. Some of Kavanaugh’s supporters and friends defended him on social media, saying that his behavior from years earlier should be disregarded, as people can change.

  5. Oh I see. You must be referring to the hate we see every day and night on CNN, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, Free Speech TV, Democracy Now, Democratic Underground, The daily COS, SPLC, IGD, DSA, CPUSA, ANTFA? Or maybe the hate driving the impeachment of President Trump, or the recall of Governor Dunleavy. Do you mean that hate? Or maybe the hate the world witnessed from the Bolsheviks, Nazis, Marxist or Socialists? I’m not sure what hate you are referring to? But what I see is we are running out of political solutions to dealing with these hate groups that have infested our country and state, and I want a divorce from them before we have to relive more bloodied history. I can smell the hypocrisy all the way to Talkeetna. How about you? Can you smell it?

    • Divorce is applicable to marriage, not social systems. What exactly are you proposing here, or is it all just bluster? Let’s hear what you want. Spell it out, please. “Divorce” is meaningless in this context.

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